Thursday, December 13, 2007

"The beat goes on": Jupiter and Ketu aspect hard for US financials

The following was posted on the SAMVA list yesterday:

The aspect of Jupiter and Ketu draws closer by the day. Today Jupiter is at 4° 51' Sagittarius and Ketu at 6° 05' Leo. As Jupiter rules religious insitutions, the judiciary and financial institutions and Ketu rules sudden and even violent devleopments, this is an interesting time to keep a watchful eye on the affairs of religious, judicial and financial institutions. As we know, Jupiter is weakened by its combustion with the Sun, hence its indications are more vulnerable at this time. Today, the Sun is at 27° 20' Scorpioand thus in 'old age' where it is weak. This weakness of the Sun transitmits to Ketu, as it is located the sign Leo, which is owned by the Sun. This is important, because the impact of weak functional malefics is more harmful than when they are strong. As the Sun will be weak in transit until next week and at the same time combust Jupiter, which makes it weak, the aspect between Ketu and Jupiter will be creating some problems, even if they are both moving at normal speed; Ketu backwards (or retrograde) in the zodiac and Jupiter forward.

Some transit-to-transit aspects involving these two planets in the days or weeks ahead:
- Tuesday December 18th: exact aspect of Jupiter at 6° Sagittariusand Ketu at 6° Leo.
- Thursday December 20th: Mercury conjoins Jupiter at 7° Sagittarius.
- Friday December 21: Sun at 5° 40' Sagittarius is aspected by Ketuat 5° 40' Leo
- Sunday December 23: Sun conjoins Jupiter at 7° Sagittarius
- Thursday December 27: Jupiter at 8° Sagittarius is opposite Mars at8° Gemini.

In the 20° Cancer rising SAMVA USA chart, the simultaneous weakness or affliction of Jupiter as lord of the 6th house and Sun as the lord of the 2nd house in the 6th house by malefic Ketu in H2 suggests shortlived setbacks to their indications. In particular, the Sun is a co-indicator of banking institutions, with Jupiter. Given this, we would expect that the US banking sector to have its fair share of problems while this aspect is felt. This is especially so as transit L4 Venus becomes conjunct natal Ketu at 17° 46' Libra H4 around 15 December. Concerns over the sub-prime loan defaults might therefore again attract attention in the news (after having retreated from the front pages for some days now).

Interestingly, investment banks in the USA will be declaring their profits in the 4th quarter in coming days. It is likely the outcome will not be to the markets liking.
We could add to this SAMVA post of yesterday, that Lehman Bros (LEH) announced their profit for the 4th quarter this morning. While it exceeded the expectations of top analysts, this stock, like all other financial stocks, has taken a beating today - due to the strain from the aspect of Jupiter and Ketu.
Astrology works my friends, when you are lucky enough to have knowledge of the right system and rules for horoscope interpretation and prediction. It also helps to have a correct mundane chart for a country like the USA. The SAMVA USA chart is such a chart. Check it out below.

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