Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Down days ahead for the Dow

A number of adverse transits in the SAMVA USA chart suggest some sudden development that surprises the financial market in coming days. One such surprise would be that the US central bank, "the Fed", does not reduce its policy interest rate. As the financial market participants seem to have priced in a further rate cut, this could lead the stock market lower for some days. The reason that a sudden development, that negatively surprises the financial market, is expected is that in coming days an aspect between transit Ketu (the Moon´s south node) in Leo and House 2 of the chart and transit Jupiter in Sagittarius H6 will become closer, and become exact on December 18. Fortunately, both planets are traveling a normal speed and this reduces the impact.

Jupiter owns the Moolatrikona (MT) sign Sagittarius which falls in the 6th house of the chart. As it is presently transiting its own MT sign, where it becomes strong, its indications normally do well. As lord of the 6th house, Jupiter is the indicator for financial stability, opposition from others due to a fixity of views and health matters in the USA. These influences are highlighted in the USA as the sub-period of Jupiter is running in the chart. In view of this, it is possible the debt crisis that has plagued the US this year, while significant, may have been overblown as a threat to the financial system and the economy. The US economy may be doing better than many observers realise and the Fed could signal this when it annouces its decision. As Ketu is a functional malefic planet that brings sudden sometimes violent events when it makes contacts in a chart, this aspect suggests the announcement by the Fed would lead to a temporary disturbance in the financial market as they readjusted their sights going forward. In other words, the developments would be of the nature of one step back in coming days and two steps forward after that.

There are other transit placements in the chart at the present time which increase the likelihood of some unwelcome news for the markets in coming days. Of note is the passage of the Sun as lord of the 2nd house (wealth and status) over the natal placement of Saturn as lord of the 8th house (obstacles and endings). Natally, Saturn casts an aspect on Sun in the chart, which suggests difficult experiences for the stock market as well as the President.


Golden said...

Dear Thor

Keep up the good work. It will be most interesting to see what type of follow through for the next few days through 12/19 and days thereafter considering that the exact aspect of Ke and Ju still has to dissipate for a few days.

Cosmologer said...

Thanks Golden,

At the close on Friday 12/14 the market was down 388 points, or 2,8% from Monday's close 12/10. That's a sizable weekly drop by any measure. There has also been a great deal of intra-day volatility, with the Dow dropping well below the close some days.

We have a few more days to consider until the Ju-Ke aspect peaks on Tuesday 12/18 and then clears.

So far this prediction is spot on.