Monday, December 17, 2007

Little chance of a year-end rally in 2007

On the morning of 12/11, a prediction was published here of down days ahead for the US stock market. This prediction has now been realised.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average has continued to retreat under the disturbing influence of an aspect between Ketu in Leo and Jupiter in Sagittarius. The 'blue chip' index is now down more than 4% from its high point on 12/10, thereof declining 1.3% today. Fortunately, the aspect of Ketu and Jupiter becomes exact tomorrow and then begins to separate. During coming days the pressure is therefore expected to ease.

However, as several other challenging transit placements, albeit less difficult than the present one, will take place in the SAMVA USA chart in coming weeks, investor sentinments are expected to remain rather subdued.

Sorry to say, this puts a real damper on hopes for a year-end rally in the stock market. Maybe next year...

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