Friday, July 31, 2009

Financial markets ease as predicted

Since the discovery of the SAMVA USA chart on December 30, 2006, the developments in the US stock market have been accurately predicted, including the historic crisis in the Fall of 2008 and the recent recovery . Surely, this performance should attract attention to this national horoscope as well as the predictive methodology being applied to it, the vedic Systems' Approach to Interpreting Horoscopes, or SA.
The first graph shows the extent of the decline in the US stock market from the peak of the market in October 2007 to its nadir in March 2009, or -54%. Such a significant drop has not been experienced in recent history, or since the Great Depression of the 1930s. Since the March low, the market has gained 40%, but is still close to 35% below the market top. This indicates the market participants expect the economy, although on an improving trend, to be far less vibrant in coming months or years than what they were expecting at the height of the bubble economy.
The second graph shows the intra-day volatility in the stock market, which reflects the uncertainty and panic afflicting investors. The volatility, which is measured as the difference between the high and low price of each day as a proportion to the average value during that day, rose significantly in the Autumn of 2008. The significant panic recalls only a similar development at the beginning of the Great Depression in October 1929.
As the graph shows, we are now witnessing a recovery in the asset prices as predicted based on the SAMVA USA chart. Interestingly, this development is reminiscent of the bear market rally of early 1930. This rally was only to be followed by an even greater decline in share prices from late 1930 to mid 1933. While a recovery in share prices from the Spring of 2009 has been predicted based on this chart, further problems are seen in terms of the period and transit combinations, especially in mid 2010.
Before then, in the Autumn of 2009, transit Jupiter as 6th lord of financial stability, conflict and health matters, will become stationary on top of natal Sun as 2nd lord of wealth, status and political leadership at 24° Capricorn and in the 7th house of foreign matters. This contact is likely to trigger fresh concerns also affecting the stock market, possibly having to do with escalating foreign conflict, increased financial stability issues reflected in a rise in the long term interest rates or a drop in the value of the US dollar, or adverse international health developments.

In the words of V.K. Choudhry, author & astrologer, on the SAMVA discussion list on July 12, 2009:

"The transit influences in the SAMVA US chart indicate that while some amount of of economic upward trends start after August, 2009, it meets obstructions up to the end of 2009.

The apprehensions of the people are likely to persist and confidence generation is likely to take time. The countries exporting to US will also continue to face economic slow down.

In October and November, 2009, US is likely to take further tough decisions on terrorism and countries where such activities are originating/persisting. Health, financies and foreign relations remain key issue for the US. "

August 2, 2009:
"There is a possibility of threat to easy gains and setback to financial markets around first week of October, 2009."