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Predictions for the USA in 2022

While the transits remain challenging in 2022, a favourable trend shift is foreseen in the emphasis of US society from April. The impetus for greater power and affluence in the Sun period (April 2016 to April 2022) will likely give way to a greater focus on forging a new, more inclusive and upbeat national identity in the Moon period (April 2022 to April 2032). A pronounced shift away from corporate influence over the government and national affairs towards a greater focus on the interests of the American people is likely during this major planetary period.

During that time, more attention is expected to be placed on the economy generating a good income, boosting alliances with friendly nations and laying bold plans for the future. At the same time, progress demands that unjust arrangements be swept aside.

People's sense of what it means to be an American will find more common ground as many highly divisive issues like conservatism vs. socialism, orthodoxy vs. liberalism, patriotism vs. globalism, Christianity vs. Islam, Europe vs. Africa will slowly fade from the headlines as the year passes. 

In part, this increasingly shared vision may be linked to a change in the national leadership, such that a more dynamic and unifying figure emerges to lead the nation. External challenges, like the Covid-19 pandemic are also expected to finally cede ground as summer arrives, bringing long hoped for relief.

However, the transits also suggest significant financial problems are on the horizon for Americans and the world in 2022, especially in the fall. These transits could also be linked to an intensifying risk of conflict with Russia, China and/or Iran.

Analytical roadmap

A singular purpose of this blog is to offer detailed analysis of astrological developments for students of astrology to learn the reliable Systems' Approach method for interpreting horoscopes. Annual predictions for the USA are given due to its importance in the world, but also to showcase the Systems' Approach and the SAMVA USA chart. Indeed, repeat accurate predictions require both an authentic national horoscope and a reliable method of horoscopic analysis. Further, the underlying analysis may be seen to involve several levels. 

  1. The first level is the major period. The major period sets the trend in the national life for many years, running from six to twenty years. The condition of the respective planet in the natal chart, based on its house rulership, the sign and house placement and aspects influencing it, will determine this overarching theme. 
  2. The second level is the sub-period in operation at any given time. Every major period has nine sub-periods, involving all the planets. Each sub-period can run from a few months to a few years, depending on the length of the major period. The sub-periods impart a strong influence on the major period trend, for better or worse. This is either due to the strength of the planet involved by degree or sign/house placement, beneficial aspects and unafflicted state (very good results) or its weakness, bad placement and/or affliction (bad results).
  3. The third level is the transit influences involving the slower moving planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu), which can produce significant events in the national life, especially when they become stationary for two to three months at a time in aspect to each other or planets or houses in the chart. The effect depends critically on their functional nature as per the rising sign. In all charts, there are benefic houses with lords ruling one of the 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 9, 10, 11 houses and malefic  houses for the lords ruling one of the 6, 8 and 12 houses. Understandably, such influences can be remarkably good/easy or bad/difficult. 
  4. The fourth level is the transit influences of the fast moving planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars and Venus), which can serve as triggering influences for the timing of significant events. These are hard to identity over long stretches of time, and hence cannot be covered in detail in the annual prediction for the USA. 

In the 20° Cancer rising horoscope for the USA, Jupiter as 6th lord, Saturn as 8th lord and Rahu and Ketu become the functional malefic planets. Moreover, 1st lord Moon, 2nd lord Sun, 3rd lord Mercury, 4th lord Venus and 10th lord Mars become functional benefic planets in the SAMVA USA chart. 

An example is the USA, where from 2017 there was growing political controversy surrounding the counter-revolutionary Presidency of Donald Trump followed by waves of the Covid pandemic from late 2019. This was accompanied by a sequence of bad periods and adverse transits that brought tremendous difficulty lasting several years.

Shift from Sun to Moon major period  

Looking forward, we will again see a major period change in the year 2022. It is therefore helpful to take stock of history, to gauge the nature of the events that may manifest with the same change in major periods, from Sun to Moon. Of course, a lot depends on the transits, but at least the trend influences should become clearer.

In 1781 and 1782, as the first Sun major period in the SAMVA USA chart came to an end and the first Moon major period began, a significant political shift occurred in America. Thirteen colonies had become independent States and were united in repelling British rule. The States had also united in creating a new sovereign and democratic nation, the United States. This new nation embodied a clear shift from the rule by the British crown to a new American civilian form of government.

The first government of the USA, as a national entity, was the United States in Congress Assembled (USCA). It was created by the Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union, which was required to be ratified by all thirteen states. Maryland was the 13th and final State to do so on February 2, 1781. The Articles then came into force on March 1, 1781. Stipulated in the Articles, was that the USCA government began to formally operate on November 5, 1781. John Hanson, from Maryland, was elected to be the first President to serve for one year. His tenure was marred by his weak health.

This formal start of government operations under the USCA happened during the latter half of the first Sun-Venus period. A mere two weeks earlier, General George Washington proved victorious over British General Charles Cornwallis at Yorktown, on October 19, 1781, effectively ending open hostilities of the Revolutionary War with Britain.  Peace negotiations were conducted in Paris, France and these were concluded on November 30, 1782. The peace agreement was ratified by Britain a year later, by which time all British forces were removed from US territory. As a result, on December 23, 1783, in the Maryland State House in Annapolis, George Washington, finally assured that peace was at hand, resigned his commission as commander-in-chief of the Continental Army. The action was considered significant for establishing civilian authority over the military, a fundamental principle of American democracy.

In the second cycle of the Vimsottari dasas, from 1901 to 1902, an inspirational young leader took the helm as the second Sun major period came to a close, with the nascent Progressive Era taking firm hold during the second Moon major period. The Presidency of Theodore Roosevelt removed the influence of American monopolies over the government affairs as had been the case under William McKinley and his predecessors, in favour of a government for the people and by the people.

A dynamic shift took place as the second Sun major period was drawing to a close. On Sept. 6, 1901 in Buffalo, New York, President William McKinley was shot. McKinley  had, through war and diplomacy, acquired imperial territories in the Caribbean and Asia; embraced the gold standard; emphasised “reciprocity’’ in trade policy (evoking Trump’s “fair trade” policy), established the Open Door policy in China; and forged the U.S.-British “special relationship.” When he died on Sept. 14, Vice President Theodore Roosevelt became President. Roosevelt left a “larger than life” legacy as an inspirational figure, noted for his bonhomie, courage, being an outdoorsman and a “trust buster”. While his reforms institutionalised the new Progressive Era, they were to a large extent built upon the foundation established earlier by the more modest but equally effective President McKinley. 

In 2021, at the close of the third Sun major period, a generally well liked but weak leader replaced a dynamic but controversial one. A leadership change, bringing a more dynamic personality to the helm, is considered likely before 2022 is out. A political shift involving the removal of corporate control over the government and national affairs is likely.

While reversing a number of policies, Joe Biden has built on major accomplishments of his predecessor, Donald Trump, including tax reforms, deregulation, a rebuilt military with a greater focus on space, and a more pragmatic relationship with China. At the same time, Biden is emphasising a more inclusive national identity as the third Moon major period beckons. It has earlier been suggested that the Sun-Venus period will bring division about the national identity, what Joe Biden calls a "Battle for the soul of the Nation" by trying to bring more liberal values to the fore, reflecting also long neglected minorities. Meanwhile, Donald Trump is fighting to "Save America", based on more conservative values. On a more positive note, the conflict is expected to give way to a synthesis of the opposing views during the Moon period. If history is any guide, such a benign transformation may involve a leadership change, whereby a more dynamic and legitimate leader emerges.

Joe Biden's Libra rising horoscope

Given the above, it may be helpful to consider the horoscope of Joe Biden. A common view is that Joe Biden has a 10° Scorpio ascendant based on his own recollection. However, on the SAMVA discussion list on Io Groups, a better fit is found with a late Libra rising chart. 

This ascendant would explain his fairly charming personality as 1st lord Venus ruling self is conjunct 11th lord Sun ruling goals and friendships is in the 2nd house, where both receive an aspect from 3rd lord Jupiter, ruling communication and divine grace, in the 10th house of career. 

This ascendant and benign placement would also explain his generally confident personality that is "capable of getting out of difficult situations", including his documented plagiarism and lies on the campaign trail. The lies would, however, also be related to 12th lord Mercury being in the 1st house MEP, from where it afflicts the 7th house of spouse and others. Indeed. it explains his early struggle with stammering, a tendency for selfishness, as well as the loss of his first young wife and their daughter in December 1972. 

With Rahu, ruling manipulations, in the 11th house of income and friendships, in aspect to his 10th lord Moon, ruling career, in the 7th house of foreign relationships, the chart also explains the alleged corruption involving his family members profiting from deals with his foreign political connections. As 3rd lord Jupiter of communication and action, is placed in the 10th house of career, the influence of Rahu is also felt with regard to his enterprising efforts in the career. Finally, the Libra rising chart, with 5th lord Saturn in the 8th house of obstacles and endings, explains the tragedies involving his children, including the 2015 death of his eldest son, Beau, and the hurtful revelations involving his remaining son, Hunter, as well as the evident decline in his cognitive abilities in the summer of 2021, when transit Rahu stationed over his natal Saturn in the 8th house. 

A transit of functionally malefic planets, Rahu and Ketu, from April to July 2022 is of particular concern, when transit Ketu will become exactly conjunct Biden's 12th lord Mercury at 28° Libra in his 1st house MEP for three months. It is possible Joe Biden may suffer a sudden setback or loss involving his foreign connections, spouse or body, notably the nervous system. 

The second half of April 2022 looks especially difficult for him. Being removed as President due to failing health, as provided for in the 25th Amendment of the US Constitution, is one possible manifestation of this transit. In the event, Kamala Harris, the Vice President, would become President. 

By comparison, if Biden has 10° Scorpio rising, the possible setback would be less, involving a setback to his goals, income and friendships, but also nervous system. Let's hope the best for him.

Gemini rising horoscope of Kamala Harris
If the prediction of health problems for Joe Biden is realised in the summer of 2022, another scenario could also play out. It is possible Biden's failing health will be treated as a national secret (it has happened before). This might be done to facilitate another leader being able to take over, someone who has demonstrated good judgement, strong nerves and resonates with most Americans. Indeed, having been at the helm for just over one year, while working with Harris, it may have dawned on Joe Biden that Kamala Harris is not matched to the difficulty of the job. She may be better suited for a cabinet or top diplomatic post. 

Yet, Harris' horoscope shows no real difficulty for her until the Rahu-Ketu period begins in January 2023. This suggests the former scenario is more realistic for her. A difficulty during the dual nodal period would be related to her natal placement of Rahu in the 1st house MEP, which tends to give a manipulative tendency to the personality. On the campaign hustings, Trump picked up on this and nicknamed her "Phony Kamala". She also has Ketu in the 7th house, which may bring relationships, where the other is somehow separate. She had a relationship with future San Francisco Mayor, Willy Brown, whose public advice was for Harris to decline Biden's offer to become his Vice President, if elected. This is more so as Kamala's 7th lord Jupiter is placed in the 12th house of losses. Additionally. the nodes afflict her 3rd, 5th, 9th and 11th houses, bringing vulnerability to their indications. Kamala became step-mother to Doug Emhoff's two teenage children upon their marriage in 2013.

To be fair, her chart speaks of many talents, but they are all attended by some weakness. The conjunction of a debilitated 3rd lord Sun and combust 4th lord Mercury in the 5th house MEP suggests she has ability to speak in a harmonious way, but lacks confidence and nerves of steel. The placement of 5th lord Venus in Leo and the 3rd house gives intelligent actions. The aspect of 2nd lord Moon in the 11th house MEP to Sun and Mercury, adds status to her life. Moreover, 9th lord Saturn is in the MEP of the afflicted 9th house, from where it aspects the 11th house and 2nd lord Moon. Surely, she has taken many intelligent actions that combine with the support her mentors gave her, resulting in her speedy rise in life. After all, she has become the first woman to occupy the office of Vice President of the USA, a major milestone. With old age and debilitated 11th lord Mars in her 2nd house, there is weakness seen to her goals and status, making them vulnerable to setbacks. 

In any event, during this adverse period, a difficult transit will occur in the fall of 2023, when the transiting nodes become stationary in her 11th and 5th house MEPs, in aspect to their natal counterparts, suggesting a crisis involving manipulations and estrangements in her life. 

As 2022 begins...

In early 2022, the Sun-Venus period will be finishing its operation in the SAMVA USA horoscope, associated with weakness and division in the national life. This is more so as a few transits of functional malefic planets have been disturbing the good going further as the old year closes.

Since October 2021, transit Rahu has been stationary conjunct 1st lord Moon in the 11th house. This transit has brought confusion about the national identity of Americans, as well as their source of income, goals and international alliances.

Adding to the difficulty is the transit of 8th lord Saturn in the most effective point (MEP) of the 7th house (5° +/- the 20° rising degree in the chart), where it is in exact aspect to natal Ketu in the 4th house MEP as the year opens. This aspect has brought plenty of obstacles or endings, as well as some easy gains, to marginal populations, like undocumented or illegal immigrants. Saturn in that position also adds difficulty to the national identity and foreign policy.  

Transit 2nd lord Sun is in the 6th house of conflict and controversy, along with transit 4th lord Venus. As the Sun is under aspect from natal Rahu on New Years day, the President may be feeling strain, however, it would be an annual occurrence. With the sub-period lord there until end February 2022, the communal harmony is definitely not at ease.

Transit 6th lord Jupiter is in Aquarius and 8th house, adding further obstacles to the national life, in the form of an explosion of Covid infections as the year ended, however, with fewer deaths than before. This owes to more widespread use of the mRNA vaccines, better prophylactics and a milder variant, Omicron. 

Most importantly, as the year opens, Americans are undergoing a certain catharsis of identity, to expand their concept of what being an American is all about, in order to open the way for a brighter national future in the coming Moon major period.

With transit 8th lord Saturn moving through the 7th house MEP in January 2022, there will be plenty of tension involving foreign policy. However, as Saturn is moving at normal speed, the influence is not seen to produce a long lasting crisis.

In February, transit Ketu will move over 6th lord Jupiter in early Scorpio and 5th house, adding separative qualities to the national debate and conflictual matters. Meanwhile, transit 6th lord Jupiter in the 8th house MEP will be under the aspect of natal Ketu. Transit 8th lord Saturn will also pass over 2nd lord Sun at 24° Capricorn and 7H MEP, placing pressure on the President. On February 21, 2022, the latter two aspects become exact.

On April 14, 2022, transit Jupiter will emerge from Aquarius. While it will then enter a mutual aspect to its natal counterpart in early Scorpio peaking in early May, it is expected the Covid pandemic will have wound down by then.

The Moon major period

In mid April 2022, as the Sun major planetary period ends and the Moon major planetary period begins, a healing effect is expected to develop in the country. Even if political differences may remain, more agreement among Americans is likely about who they are as a people and what the focus of their activities should be. 

In the national horoscope of the USA, the Moon as 1st lord is at 7° 20 Taurus and the 11th house.  As the Moon is exalted in this sign, its indications should flourish in the national life.

This is gains more importance, if we recall that the Moon is lord of the sign Cancer in the ascendant. As such it is the ruler of the chart

In a general sense, the Moon rules "the public administration especially the management of food, hospitality and healing. The Moon also is an indicator of masses, 'Women’s Power', professions include training, public relations, administration and healers." 

In a functional sense, the Moon as 1st lord governs "the general conditions of the country as a whole, state of law and order, people and their general outlook, public health, government, reputation, valor and its position in the world. 

Moreover, the 1th house rules income, gains, and future plans. It also rules friendly international alliances. 

The Moon, as 1st lord, aspects 10th lord Mars in Scorpio and 5th house, giving fame to the USA, based on the progressive laws of the country, its legislature, government, military, industrial might and technical achievements.

Moon also aspects 6th lord Jupiter in the 5th house, giving a warrior like stance, whereby the nation does not back down from a provocation.

All of these areas should do especially well in the national life during this ten year long major period.

June and July should be mostly a peaceful time, with no major transit afflictions seen, aside from transit 6th lord Jupiter aspecting natal 10th lord Mars in Scorpio in early June, when some short-lived controversy may involve the police, military, foreign trade or the legislature.

In the first half of August, transit Rahu in Aries will cast an aspect to natal 4th lord Venus at 24° Sagittarius and the 6th house MEP. Some events are likely to arouse a short-lived disturbance to the communal harmony or a sense of unease. 

A crisis is likely in the fall

Rahu will proceed to become conjunct the MEP of the 10th house at 20° Aries on September 24, where it will become stationary until December 23, 2022. The peak of the stationary movement of transit Rahu will be at 19° Aries, where it will also be conjunct natal Rahu at 18° Aries. 

This stationary transit to natal aspect was earlier seen during the onset of the Great Depression in late 1929. However, at that time, the period was bad, the Rahu-Ketu period. Long standing manipulations of share prices on Wall Steet had propelled them into the stratosphere. When the Ketu sub-period began in mid October, a sudden bursting of the asset bubble took place. This shock ushered in a multi-year period of painful adjustment in the national life, characterised by a collapse of banks, mass unemployment and with poverty spreading throughout the land. As Rahu rules crisis and Ketu rules fear, a newly elected President Franklin D. Roosevelt said in his inaugural address in March 1933: 

 "So, first of all, let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself — nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance."

Earlier such stationary transits took place fleetingly in early 1967 and 1986, with limited influence. However, when they went stationary closer to the 1929 degree, the following effects registered:

- in the summer of 1948, during the Jupiter-Sun period, transit Rahu stationed at 21° Aries, when the "Red Scare" began to affect the employment of suspected communists and the Berlin airlift took place. An atmosphere of fear was doubtless created for those Americans of a liberal bent.

- in the summer of 2004, during the Venus-Rahu period, transit Rahu stationed at 17° Aries, when the Iraq war was being prosecuted and the Abu Ghraib prison abuses came to light, serving to spoil the reputation of the USA. As an act of revenge, islamic terrorists began the practice of releasing a videotape of a US citizens being beheaded, causing widespread revulsion and fear.

At the time of the upcoming transit to natal nodal conjunction at 19° Aries, the Moon-Moon period will still be operating, which is far preferable to the Rahu-Ketu period. As the crisis period of three months ends, the upbeat trend of the Moon period should therefore resume. Nevertheless, the transit to natal nodal conjunction is always difficult, especially when in a house MEP. 

"The tenth house rules executive, parliament, administration, foreign trade, law and order. The close afflictions to the tenth house or its lord by the malefic planets spoil the reputation and indicate setbacks for the international position of the country."

The crisis that could unfold would therefore be expected to reverberate through the national government, foreign trade, the national legislature, and communal harmony, with a fear inducing effect. Some manipulation is likely to come to light, that generates a crisis marked by panic or fear. 

In late September,  transit retrograde 6th lord Jupiter will also be aspecting natal 10th lord Mars, adding tension for the government, military or police. A riot, possibly involving identity issues, is possible at that time.

In early October, transit 8th lord Saturn in the 7th house MEP will become exactly conjunct 2nd lord Sun in the 7th house MEP, adding pressure for the President, asset prices and the US dollar. This challenging time will last until mid November. 

From early November to mid December 2022, transit Jupiter will go stationary at 4° Pisces and 9th house, where it will be in mutual aspect to natal Jupiter at 4° Scorpio and 5th house. This aspect suggest quite a bit of conflict in the national life, linked to the management of the country and the judiciary and foreign relations.


Today marks the 15th anniversary of the discovery of the SAMVA USA chart on December 31, 2006.

Happy New Year!


Thursday, December 30, 2021

Father of the nation

Credible information exists concerning the birth of George Washington, which offers a basis for the study of his life. 

By all accounts, George Washington was a commanding figure in the birth of the United States, and is the only man to be considered the "father of the nation".

The time from an early account is that he was born "about 10 in the morning" on February 22, 1732 in Westmoreland county, Virginia. There is the recognition by modern observers that "the problem of discovering the exact time remains." A tentative 13° Taurus rising horoscope is rectified for George Washington with a time of 10.50 a.m. The rectification is made with a view to influences in the horoscope explaining his reserved personality, tall height, strategic intelligence and dignified manner, as well as the periods and transits during major events in his life.


By profession, George Washington was an American soldier, military leader, statesman, a Founding Father and served as the first President of the United States from 1789 to 1797.

George Washington was appointed by the Continental Congress to serve as commander of the Continental Army in the Revolutionary War against Britain from 1775 to 1783. 

Washington led the Patriot forces to victory in the American Revolutionary War, and presided at the Constitutional Convention of 1787, which established the U.S. Constitution and a federal government. 

 Washington's first public office was serving as official Surveyor of Culpeper County, Virginia from 1749 to 1750. Subsequently, he received his initial military training (as well as a command with the Virginia Regiment) during the French and Indian War. He was later elected to the Virginia House of Burgesses and was named a delegate to the Continental Congress. Here he was appointed Commanding General of the Continental Army. With this title, he commanded American forces (allied with France) in the defeat and surrender of the British at the Siege of Yorktown during the American Revolutionary War. He resigned his commission after the Treaty of Paris was signed in 1783.

 Washington played an indispensable role in adopting and ratifying the Constitution of the United States. He was then twice elected president by the Electoral College unanimously. As president, he implemented a strong, well-financed national government while remaining impartial in a fierce rivalry between cabinet members Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton. During the French Revolution, he proclaimed a policy of neutrality while sanctioning the Jay Treaty. He set enduring precedents for the office of president, including the title "Mr. President", and his Farewell Address is widely regarded as a pre-eminent statement on republicanism.

 Washington owned over a hundred slaves, and he signed measures passed by Congress to protect slavery, as well as measures passed by Congress to curtail slavery. He become troubled with the institution of slavery during the 1770s, and in his will he stipulated that one of his slaves, William Lee, should be freed upon his death, along with 33 more slaves that he acquired in a prior debt agreement with his brother-in-law. He also stipulated that the other 123 slaves that he owned should be freed upon the death of his wife, Martha Washington. She decided to respect her husband's wishes and freed these slaves on January 1, 1801, before her death.

 He endeavored to assimilate Native Americans into the Anglo-American culture but fought indigenous resistance during instances of violent conflict. He was a member of the Anglican Church and the Freemasons, and he urged broad religious freedom in his roles as general and president. Upon his death, he was eulogized as "first in war, first in peace, and first in the hearts of his countrymen".

 Washington has been memorialized by monuments, a federal holiday, various media, geographical locations, including the national capital, the State of Washington, stamps, and currency, and many scholars and polls rank him among the greatest U.S. presidents. In 1976, as part of commemorations for the U.S. Bicentennial, Washington was posthumously promoted to the rank of General of the Armies of the United States.

Horoscope of George Washington

The 13th degree of Taurus is rising. This earthy sign usually gives caution, prudence, stability, endurance, fixity but also adaptability and gentleness. It is associated with good planners and communicators and those carrying a deep conviction of being always correct. 

Venus, that rules this sign, is the significator for pleasures, materialistic pursuits and comforts. It is well placed and strong as the exalted 6th lord in the 11th house of goals, friendships and income. 

Importantly, Venus is conjunct a strong 10th lord Saturn in the most effective point of the 11th house. This placement involved Washington's career in long standing conflict to establish thirteen disparate colonies as a fully fledged nation.

In this position, Saturn aspects 

  • 1st house of self, explaining his tall height, international fame and prestige in later life as well as giving a dignified, reserved manner, 
  • 5th house of intelligence and creativity, and 
  • 8th house of obstacles and easy gains.

The Moon, the general significator for caring, tenderness and affluence, rules the 3rd house of communication and action. As such it is a sun-like planet, giving it more strength. It is badly placed in the 8th house, suggesting his actions were embroiled in obstacles and endings. It may also contribute to explain his reserved nature.

As 4th lord of inclinations, the Sun determined his approach to life. As it is placed in the sign Aquarius and the MEP of the 10th house, Washington was a technical person, beginning his career as a land surveyor. In this place, the Sun brings a calming influence, which made Washington a well liked and contented man. The Sun also gave him a high status and a top position in the government. 

Washington was analytical in his approach. His Mercury, as 5th lord, was well placed in the MEP of the 9th house, aspecting the 3rd house, giving support from others in the field of management. Washington was given the weighty responsibility of being Commander of the Continental Army, on which the fate of the new republic rested.

The functional malefic planets are Rahu and Ketu,  6th lord Venus, 8th lord Jupiter, and 12th lord Mars. Only Jupiter aspects Mercury, but it has an orb over 2° rendering the malefic aspect harmless, while imparting some energy of obstacles and easy gains for the management and creative efforts of George Washington. 

As Jupiter, ruling easy gains, was well placed and strong in the 5th house, along with it's dispositor being in the 9th house of fortune and 4th lord Sun in the 10th house MEP aspecting its own house, George Washington inherited the famous Mount Vernon estate. 

The placement of 12th lord Mars in Scorpio and 7th house, made it natural for Washington to lead a military against foreign forces.

The fact that the Moon's nodes were not afflicting in his chart, suggests Washington was a fair and square dealer in his life. He freed his many slaves upon his death and that of his wife.

On July 3, 1775, when Washington was given command of the American army, his Jupiter-Saturn period was operating with transit 10th lord Saturn in the MEP of the 5th house of management in aspect to its natal placement in the 11th house.

On December 23, 1783, when Washington resigned his commission, after Britain had ratified the peace agreement and removed its forces from America, his Jupiter-Sun period was operating, with natal placements suggestive of retirement from public life.

On January 10, 1789, when he was unanimously elected by the Electoral College to become the first President of the federal government, his Saturn major period had begun, with transit 10th lord Saturn placed in full strength in the MEP of the 10th house. 

George Washington was not only a giant of a man in his time, he was a giant in the history of his country. 



Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Hero of Two Worlds

A hero of the American Revolutionary War and the French Revolution was the Marquis de La Fayette, whose real name was Gilbert du Motier. His name was later Americanised by Hamilton, to Lafayette.

He was a French aristocrat, honorary American citizen, and military officer who fought in the American Revolutionary War. He commanded American troops in several battles, including the siege of Yorktown. After returning to France, even if an aristocrat, he was a key figure in the French Revolution of 1789 and the July Revolution of 1830. 

Lafayette was a contemporary of George Washington and Napoleon Bonaparte, and knew both men. In his time, monarchies ruled the world. Even if an aristocrat, he aligned with Washington on the creation of a democratic nation-state in the USA, involving the violent overthrow of British colonial rule. Later, he supported the French revolution and opposed the autocracy of Napoleon, who sought a reversal to monarchic rule in his own name.

Lafayette's legacy as a national hero survives to this day in both countries.

From an astrological perspective, the history of this man, involving significant progress from a young age, suggests a horoscope with a powerful personality, including ample natal strength of planets to explain the propitious periods in the early life. At the same time, setbacks to the life, such as his 5 year imprisonment in a foreign country, and loss of his beloved wife in middle age, should be explained by the otherwise auspicious chart.


Hero of the American Revolutionary War
Lafayette was born in 1857 into a wealthy land-owning family in south central France. 

Raised by his grandmother until the age of 11, he moved in 1868 to Paris to live with his widowed mother. He followed the family's martial tradition and was commissioned an officer at the young age of 13. 

At 14, it was arranged that he betroth a young aristocratic woman, Adrienne, that later resulted in them falling in love and marrying. The couple had four children, including a son, Georges Washington de La Fayette. They remained married until her death in 1807, at the age of 48. 

Only 18 years old in 1775, Lafayette became convinced that the American revolutionary cause was noble.

Two years later, after much opposition, he traveled to the New World seeking glory in the war. Likely, fighting the British was not anathema to the French in the late 18th century, or to him, as his father had been killed by a cannonball while fighting a British-led coalition in Westphalia, during the Seven Years' War, when Gilbert was only 2 years old. 

War hero and saviour

Unlike many French military men who traveled to America, Lafayette's membership in the enlightenment-inspired order of the Masons helped him make his way into the top leadership at the time. However, while being made a major general, he was initially not given American troops to command. Lafayette was wounded during the Battle of Brandywine but still managed to organize an orderly retreat, and he served with distinction in the Battle of Rhode Island.

Americans have kept Lafayette's memory alive
In the middle of the war, he departed for home to lobby for an increase in French support. He returned to America in 1780 and was given senior positions in the Continental Army. 

In 1781, troops under his command in Virginia blocked forces led by Cornwallis until other American and French forces could position themselves for the decisive siege of Yorktown. 

A little known fact is that the troops he brought from France amounted to half the fighting force at Yorktown. Lafayette's instrumental role in the positive outcome of this momentous fight is therefore all the more impressive. It is little wonder why American's have a fond memory of his contribution to the Republic, issuing a stamp in his honour at his bicentennial in 1957. General George Washington was so enamoured with Lafayette, 25 years his junior, that he effectively adopted him into his family at Mt. Vernon.

A hero's welcome

Lafayette's rousing reception in Philadelphia in 1824

At the invitation of President James Monroe, Lafayette arrived in the United States on July 13, 1824 as the nation's guest, where he visited all 24 states in the union and met a rapturous reception. He departed for France on on September 7, 1825, having been showered with untold honours, including citizenship, honorary degrees and a land grant in his name in Florida. 

One sign of Lafayette's immortal greatness was his early advocacy for the end of slavery, in keeping with the philosophy of natural rights. In this way he transcended even Thomas Jefferson and George Washington, who also advocated the new philosophy and led the fight for America's liberty and democracy, but retained their ownership of hundreds of black slaves.

A leader of the French revolution

Lafayette's story does not end with the American Revolutionary War. After the fighting ended, he returned to France and was appointed to the Assembly of Notables in 1787, convened in response to the fiscal crisis. He was elected a member of the Estates General of 1789, where representatives met from the three traditional orders of French society: the clergy, the nobility, and the commoners. After forming the National Constituent Assembly, he helped to write the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen with Thomas Jefferson's assistance. This document was inspired by the United States Declaration of Independence and invoked natural law to establish basic principles of the democratic nation-state.

After the storming of the Bastille, Lafayette was appointed commander-in-chief of France's National Guard and tried to steer a middle course through the years of revolution. 


In a foreign jail
The French revolution is famed for killing its own. On August 14, 1792, the French revolutionary leader Danton ordered Marquis de Lafayette arrested. The reign of terror had begun, where moderate voices were quickly silenced. Upon hearing news of his impending arrest, Lafayette fled to the Austrian Netherlands (now Belgium). Lafayette was captured by Austrian troops and after he was recognised as a revolutionary figure and a threat to monarchies, Lafayette spent more than five years in foreign prisons, or until his release on September 19, 1797, at the demand of Napoleon Bonaparte. During Lafayette's imprisonment, Danton was beheaded in 1793, and a year later, Robespierre was put to the guillottine. Even if enduring the ordeal of imprisonment, Lafayette may be considered lucky to have been spared a more grim fate.

Later years

Hero of France's revolutions

Bonaparte was removed from power in the Bourbon Restoration of 1814. Upon Napoleon's return in 1815 from Elba, Lafayette refused a seat in his new government, but became a liberal member of the Chamber of Deputies, a position he held for the remainder of his life. Rather than support Napoleon after his fall, Lafayette saw fit to regret the three million French lives lost in the Napoleonic wars. Nevertheless, he arranged for his exile to the USA, but the British prevented it, and imprisoned Napoleon on the isle of St. Helene, where he died.

During France's July Revolution of 1830, he declined an offer to become the French dictator. In this he recalled Washington handing in his commission after the Revolutionary War. Instead, Lafayette supported Louis-Philippe as king. However, he turned against him when the monarch became autocratic.

Lafayette died on 20 May 1834, at the age of 76, and is buried in Picpus Cemetery in Paris, under soil from Bunker Hill sprinkled on his casket by his son, George Washington Lafayette.

John Quincy Adams gave a eulogy of Lafayette that lasted three hours, calling him "high on the list of the pure and disinterested benefactors of mankind".

The Marquis de Lafayette is known as "The Hero of the Two Worlds" for his accomplishments in the service of both France and the United States.


The time of Lafayette's birth is not known down to the hour or minute. However, there is a report that he was "born in the morning" of September 6, 1857 in Chavaniac-Lafayette in the province of Auvergne. 

Two astrologers have proposed birth times, 3:34 a.m. and 4:00 a.m., respectively, placing the sign Leo in the ascendant. This ascendant gives a ruling temperament, that seems to fit. The time 5:00 a.m., giving 18° Leo rising, however, is used here for a better fit with events in his life.

The first thing to note in this chart is his moderately strong but well placed Sun, as 1st lord in the 1st house of self, giving a royal personality. 

The second thing to notice is his powerful and well placed 9th lord of luck and general indicator of bravery in the 11th house of aspirations, aspecting also the 2nd house of status, wealth and family, the 5th house of creativity and management, and 6th house of conflict and competition. Indeed, Lafayette, had grand aspirations that he had the good fortune and wherewithal to realise. 

Third, is the strong 2nd lord Mercury in the 2nd house of wealth, status and family. Lafayette had it all, in spades. With 3rd lord Venus also well placed in the 2nd house, he would have been a master of the humorous repartee, ingratiating himself in good company. 

Georges Washington
Additionally, with 5th lord Jupiter in the 3rd house of enterprise, courage and action, he was bold and clever at the same time in pursuing any course of action. The aspect of 9th lord Mars to his 5th house, along with this good placement of Jupiter, gave Lafayette a son, he named Georges Washington, as "a tribute of respect and love for my dear friend". With such placements, Lafayette's enjoyment from his son, must have been great.

Moreover, as 7th lord Saturn is in the 6th house, there is conflict involving others seen. Indeed, Lafayette defied not only the wishes of the King of France to join the American Revolutionary War, but he also turned down the offer of Napoleon, then Emperor of France, to join his ill-fated cabinet. As such, he showed great loyalty to his principles, but managed to please Napoleon anyway, by joining the elected assembly.

Finally, the difficult placements are seen in Rahu being placed in the MEP of the 12th house of losses and conjugal bliss, with 12th lord Moon placed in the 11th house of aspirations, while Ketu is in the 6th house of conflict and competition. It is these planets that brought Lafayette, the early loss of father, danger abroad, imprisonment in a foreign country, exile abroad, and loss of his wife in middle age. 

Loss of father

On July 9, 1759, his father, Michel Louis Christophe Roch Gilbert Motier, Marquis de La Fayette, a colonel in the French Grenadiers, was killed. 

The Mars-Moon period was operating. Mars as 9th lord rules the father, along with the Sun. Moon is 12th lord of losses, and is placed in the 11th house of income, aspirations and older brothers. At the time of death, transit Rahu was stationary in the most effective point (MEP) of the 11th house, while transit Ketu was stationary conjunct transit 12th lord Moon in the 5th house MEP, from where it also afflicted the 9th house of father. Transit 1st lord Sun, general indicator of father, was in the transit afflicted 11th house. 

Indeed, while his Mars has full strength in this house, his father passed out of the world at that time, leaving him in the hands of a noble family to oversee his education. Moreover, with his father gone, he was now the Marquis, freeing him up with ample resources from a young age to pursue his ideals and goals. Even the king, while formally trying to restrain his adventurous ambitions, felt compelled to applaud his accomplishments after the fact.

Danton issues arrest warrant

In August 1792, Jacques Danton issued an arrest warrant for Lafayette, resulting his capture by Austrian royalists who held him in captivity for five years. He was running Jupiter-Rahu and Saturn-Saturn periods. Rahu is in his 12th house of imprisonment and Saturn is in his 6th house of enmity, where it is conjunct Ketu, the lord of isolation.

 Lafayette walked out of prison in September 1797, when his strong sub-period of Mercury had begun. His status, seen by Napoleon's threat, compelled his captors to release him.

Loss of wife

His beloved wife, Adrienne, Marquise de Lafayette, died on December 24, 1807, when Gilbert, Marquis de Lafayette, was 50 years old. There had been long separations in their marriage, but it was believed to be a happy one. 

The separations are explained by 7th lord Saturn being in the 6th house where it is conjunct Ketu, which aspects his 2nd house of family and 10th house of career. Rahu is also in the 12th house, aspecting his 8th house of marital tie and 4th house of home, hearth and happiness. Indeed, the captivity imposed a great burden on Lafayette. He was running Saturn-Rahu period when his wife passed.


The ruling disposition of Lafayette's Leo ascendant, with the strong placements in his chart show an ability, resourcefulness and principle to leave a great mark on the world. 

At the same time, his life was burdened by losses of freedom and loved ones. 

The late 17th century saw great personalities on the world stage, when the Enlightenment ideals were implemented against fierce resistance by the privileged classes.

Such examples speak to our time, when the world is yet again faced with the privileges of the few and the needs of the many. 

As ever, there is scope for solutions, where freedom and equity are balanced, to bring positive change. It may involve pushing the existential envelope of humanity a bit, as was the case back then.

Strong personalities, have emerged and will emerge, that seek to lead society in enacting changes that improve the lives of multitudes. 

It is up to all of us, as citizens of democratic states in a globalising and spatially expanding world, to ensure that the right solutions are identified and enacted, that bring greater freedom and opportunity for all.

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Pivot to fame

In the early days of the Beatles, the year 1962 turned out to be transformative for the group. That is when their final line-up was decided on and their first hits emerged. 

A significant but rather unobtrusive event took place surrounding the stellium of eight planets in Capricorn in early February 1962. It seems to have been the touchstone for their rise to fame. 

From August 1960, the Beatles with Pete Best on the drums had been plying their trade and honing their skills in Hamburg. However, by 1962, they were increasingly focused on being back in England. Their concert promotions there even stated "Direct from Hamburg". Their first record came out on January 5, 1962. It contained the song My Bonnie, which had been credited to Tony Sheridan. It had been recorded in Hamburg in June 1961 and was released by Polydor.

A few days earlier, on January 1, 1962, the Beatles had recorded "Like Dreamers Do", a song written by Paul McCartney in 1959, but later credited to Lennon-McCartney, at their unsuccessful audition for Decca Records.

However, the decisive event came a month later. Just hours before the Beatles were scheduled to play at the Cavern Club on February 5, 1962, Pete Best told his fellow musicians that he was ill and couldn’t appear with them. Determined not to cancel the show, the group called around for a replacement drummer and Ringo Starr, whose group had the day off, appeared in Best's place. 

Ringo says this was the first time he played for them. While they knew each other playing in their respective bands in Hamburg, Ringo never played with them there. Paul McCartney is said to have observed that the first time Ringo Starr played with them in the Cavern Club, he and John Lennon just looked at each other, like "What's this?" They instantly recognised how good Ringo was! Ringo has also said he went on to fill in a few more times for Pete Best in the weeks that followed, further cementing his image as a professional musician in the eyes of the other band members. In fact, he adds, the Beatles began that summer to drop hints to him about joining. He says he just mumbled back, ok.

While the Beatles went back to Hamburg during the early summer, things were heating up for them in England. EMI's Parlophone publishing arm, Ardmore & Beechwood, is reported to have supported signing the group to secure the rights to the song Like Dreamers Do. However, the decisive event was the meeting of George Martin, EMI's record producer, with Brian Epstein on May 6, 1962. After witnessing Brian's enthusiasm for The Beatles and hearing their Decca tapes, he decided to sign them.

As a result, in early June 1962, the Beatles, with Pete Best on drums, were hurriedly called back from Hamburg to play their first session at Abbey Road Studios. On June 6, with George Martin at the controls, they recorded Besame Mucho, Love Me Do, PS I Love You and Ask Me Why. Martin would soon alert Brian Epstein, the Beatles manager, that Pete was not a good enough drummer to be used in the studio. 

Back in Liverpool Epstein then called Pete into his office on August 16, 1962, where he informed him that the Beatles had decided to fire him as their drummer. At the same time, he told him he was being replaced by Ringo Starr.

Two days later, on August 18, 1962, Ringo Starr made his first appearance as a full member of the Beatles, at a Horticultural Society dance at Port Sunlight.

A few weeks later, on September 4, 1962, the Beatles, with Ringo as their new drummer headed into the  Abbey Road Studios to record Love Me Do. The song was issued by EMI Parlophone on October 5, 1962. It was the first single of the new and final line-up of the Beatles in their own right. On October 17, 1962, Love Me Do went to #17 on the UK charts, where it stayed on the charts for 18 weeks.

Love Me Do was followed by Please Please Me, which went to #2 on the UK charts on January 21, 1963, and on April 24, 1963, From Me To You went to #1 on the UK charts. The British Invasion took place in early February 1964 and the rest is music history. 

As the Beatles story transcends the lives of mere individuals, and has world-wide significance, we may consider the events in terms of the national chart of the United Kingdom. Indeed, when introducing this chart, the phenomenon of the Beatles was mentioned in relation to the natal Venus as ruler of the arts, and as 2nd lord of status, being in the 5th house of entertainment.  

On February 5, 1962, when Ringo first played with the other Beatles, the major period of Mercury and the sub-period of Saturn was operating. Of the eight planets in Capricorn, five were closely conjunct natal 2nd lord Venus. 

Transit 4th lord Jupiter was closely conjunct natal and transit 2nd lord Venus. Ketu was also conjunct these planets, signifying sudden change. Transit Ketu in the 1st house was aspecting these planets, including transit 12th lord Sun, closely conjunct tr 1L Mercury. 

Meanwhile, transit 6th lord Saturn, the sub period lord, and transit 8th lord Mars were mutually aspecting natal exalted 4L Jupiter in the 11H.

The story of the Beatles is not complete without acknowledging the contribution of Pete Best. Indeed, he went all-in with them and devoted two years of his life to their intensive effort of honing their craft. The time of his birth is presently unknown. However, it is known that Pete Best was born on 24 November 1941 in Chennai, India. 

After he was dismissed from the group in 1962, he started his own band, the Pete Best Four, and later joined many other bands over the years. He is one of several people who have been referred to as the Fifth Beatle. After working in a number of commercially unsuccessful groups, Best gave up the music industry to work as a civil servant for 20 years before starting the Pete Best Band.

Here is a speculative Capricorn rising horoscope for him, with 8th lord Sun of obstacles and endings in the 11th house of friendship and 10th lord Venus, ruling career, in the 12th house of losses and foreign countries, under the aspect of functional malefic Rahu in the 8th house. Meanwhile, Ketu in the 2nd house aspects his 9th lord Mercury in the 10th house. Indeed, he was lucky to be drafted into the Beatles, because he had a drum kit. At the same time, a sudden explosive event disrupted his plans for the future. He was running Rahu/Ketu period, with Ketu ruling isolation and separation. It was a bitter fate to be fired as the band was on the cusp of fame, but his life turned out ok anyway. He gained fame as being part of the biggest music story of the of the 20th history. He had insights into the lives of the early Beatles and three decades later profited handsomely from the Beatles fame, when songs he played on were included in the Beatles Anthology albums. Even today, he performs and seems to enjoy it.

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Crisis starts

On 3 February 1962, the President of the United States of America, John F. Kennedy, issued a Proclamation (3447) EMBARGO ON ALL TRADE WITH CUBA 

Specifically, Kennedy objected to the "subversive offensive of Sino-Soviet Communism with which the Government of Cuba is publicly aligned." 

In the event, on this amazing day, we can see the first shot across the bow in what would become the peak episode of the Cold War, where mutual assured destruction, by the exchange of nuclear weapons, was being threatened by both the USA and the Soviet Union (USSR). Cuba, then a Soviet satellite state, only 70 miles from the coast of the USA, was becoming the focal point of great political tension and danger. 

On 3-5 February 1962 there were no less than EIGHT planets in the 7th house ruling FOREIGN POLICY, including 3 functional malefic planets (FMs), during a weak sub-period of Sa/Ve period. Moreover, as described in this December 2016 article Saturn and the fear of death in 1953, the major period of Saturn was all about death-like experiences. Note how the malefics are harming the natal Sun, representing the leader, and other transit planets as well.

Nevertheless, at that time, little did the American's know how subversive the communist plot really was. They were planning to install nuclear tipped missiles on the US border. The rest is history, also described in this article from January 2008: SAMVA USA chart: Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962 

We can compare this to the onset of the Covid crisis in the USA and the Impeachment of Donald Trump, setting in motion a devastatingly divisive campaign for President in the context of a major traumatic national experience with a pandemic. While the virus is considered to have developed in China between September and November 2019, its spread to the USA came later. Some scientists suggest it happened in mid December 2019, while others pinpoint Christmas time. Interestingly, on December 25, 2019, a very rare stellium of six planets took place in Sagittarius and the 6th house, supporting such a finding! As 3 FMs were in this house from November 6, 2019, the risk of a deadly pandemic spreading to the USA developed earlier, but the risk is seen to be greater when the stellium was largest.

Indeed, SIX planets were in the 6th house ruling ILLNESS and CONFLICT, including 3 FMs, during the strong Sun major period and strong Saturn sub-period. However, the periods involving Saturn as 8th lord tend to bring death-like fears. At that time, transit Saturn as 8th lord was conjunct the natal 4th lord Venus, ruling communal harmony.  

Remarkably, at that time tensions with Iran also grew, due to its proxy strike on Kirkuk on December 27, 2019, leading to the decision by the USA to take out Iranian General Soleimani on January 3, 2020. The attack infuriated Iran which launched a counter-strike on a US military base outside of Baghdad. Meanwhile, the Covid virus continued spreading on US soil, as news continued to come from the Wuhan district of China, suggesting human-to-human transmission. 

So, plenty of death-like fears were being aroused in the collective psyche of Americans from late December 2019.

In December 2012, the article The Summer of 2019 considered what to expect seven years later. Sadly, the stellium in late 2019 was overlooked. 

Moving one year forward, the second Impeachment of Donald Trump was voted in the House on January 13, 2021, a week after the invasion of the Capitol building. The Trial was conducted from 9 to 13 February, with the same result as the first, former President Trump was acquitted.

In January and February 2021, 2 FMs were in Capricorn and the 7th house, passing over natal 3L Mercury there. The legitimacy of the election was in question, resulting in the invasion of the Capitol on January 6, 2021. Freedom of expression was also questioned as the social media monopolies ejected conservative voices from their platforms, including former President Trump. For most of this time, there were four planets in total in the 7th house, except during the trial when there were 5 planets there. When the vote was cast, they had been reduced to 4 planets, and by April 2021, only transit 8th lord Saturn was left in that house. Hence, the tension wound down as predicted. 

Importantly, after President Biden was sworn in on January 21, 2021, he immediately reversed course in a number of foreign policy areas, involving Israel, China, Iran, the border with Mexico, NATO and the Paris Climate Accord, to name a few. His policies have touched off a crisis in Israel and on the Mexican border, the latter of which was predicted.

In summary, the stellium of many planets in a house has been associated with tremendous events in the national life indicated by the houses involved. These findings offer further support for this amazing national horoscope.

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Beatles Break Up

Astrology speaks to us of the immutable laws of nature. The law of karma that compels our evolution as conscious human beings. The Biblical story of Cain and Abel speaks of a fateful blow of one brother against another, followed by a life altering reaction. 

The story is symbolic of our actions in life and reactions to them. The wrongful actions may cause us to encounter the pain of separation. Over time such actions purify us, and alter our understanding of the goal of life. The sages have long understood that only the purest actions will propel us ever higher towards the penultimate spiritual goal of unity with the God consciousness

The astrological birth chart is the blueprint for our karma. It signals what challenges we need to overcome in life in order to grow as human beings.

When the Beatles broke up, it was principally due to a falling out between John Lennon and Paul McCartney, the alternating leaders of the band. After creating some of the most beautiful music of their or any time, the two friends had a falling out, using their musical craft to clear out their heads. Due to their high profile partnership, once they broke up, each felt compelled to work out his own issues in the context of the other.

In this article we explore the dynamics of their personalities, as seen in their horoscopes, resulting in a 12 year long creative partnership that ended in a way that surprised Paul, resulting in a public exchange of acrimony in 1971. Fortunately, they were able to recover their friendship before John Lennon's untimely death in December 1980.


The creative partnership of the two leading Beatles was forged from July 1957, resulting in the groups rise to world fame by February 1964. 

John Lennon has Aries rising making him a natural leader.  Not only did he bring the nascent Beatles together, but he was their original manager, lead singer and played the rhythm guitar to drive their music forward. Paul McCartney, two years his junior, has a Leo ascendant, and is thus also seen to be a born leader. As fire signs, their strong spirits produced a creative explosion. Their output was so prodigious that many songs were handed out to other artists, bringing them fame.

Over time, Lennon conceded a lot of creative leadership to McCartney. In the beginning it was only natural, as the result of their collaboration was so magnificent. Songs like If I Fell, composed by Lennon and McCartney, and recorded at that pinnacle moment of February 1964, embody the enduring beauty of the Beatles melodies, lyrics and vocal harmonies. The compositions of Lennon and McCartney likely served as a huge inspiration for George Harrison and Ring Starr. For instance, the song I Need You, written by George Harrisons, and recorded a year later, fully matches the bands other output. 

However, over time things changed. Following the death of Brian Epstein, the manager of the Beatles, in August 1967, tensions had begun to develop between John and Paul over the creative direction of the band. George Harrison also felt his songs were left out by their artistic control of the band. Meanwhile, it fell increasingly up to the congenial Ringo Starr to hold things together in the studio. The Beatles experimentation with drugs, the burden of fame, and growing creative differences seem to have come to head in August 1969 when the Beatles were recording Paul's Maxwell's Silver Hammer, John, George and Ringo had seemingly had enough. In particular, John was no longer feeling the musical spark that had propelled the band. 

But perhaps the decisive thing was the fact that John had earlier met and married Japanese artist Yoko Ono, who had begun to show him a new outlook on life. In his chart, it is the 7th lord Venus, the ruler of art and partnership that is in the 5th house of creativity, romance and children. John only had room for one such partner in his life, and John's decision to quit the Beatles, to devote his life to his new partner, was more uniquely felt by  Paul, his prior creative partner, than the other Beatles. As Paul later said, John's decision set him off on a spiral into depression.

Yoko, John, Allen Klein, Paul & Ringo on 20/9 1969

In the event, it was at a Beatles business meeting on 20 September 1969 that things came to a head as John Lennon announced he was leaving the Beatles.  The photo, taken at this meeting, reveals a confident John, who has just reclaimed his leadership role, by deciding to end their creative partnership, while Paul and Ringo are visibly shaken by the announcement. 

An agreement was reached with John to keep the decision secret until their recording projects had been finalised. On 10 April, 1970, a week prior to the release of his first own solo album, Paul publicly announced the end of the Beatles. In some way, it was his way to reclaim his sense of leadership over the decision. Understandably, there was a public outcry of disappointment. In May 1970, the Beatles final studio album, Let It Be, was released. Many projected their hurt feelings at Yoko Ono, blaming her for the break up the band. In reality, as John later explained, it is normal for a man to leave his gang after getting married. 


In the fall of 1969, Paul went to his remote farm with his wife Linda and their children. After a few months of drink, drugs and depression, Linda coaxed Paul back into their home-made studio, where he began work on his first solo album. It was his effort to reassert his dignity after the painful ending of his partnership with John. While Paul slowly emerged from under the weight of the Beatles legacy, he wasn't quite over the split.

John and Yoko issued in December, the Live Peace in Toronto 1969 album. Later they formed The Plastic Ono Band, which released an album by that name in December 1970.

That said, Paul's announcement of the end of the Beatles irked John. In the May 14, 1970 issue of Rolling Stone, he lashed out at Paul in a way he’d never done publicly: 

“He can’t have his own way, so he’s causing chaos,” John said. “I put out four albums last year, and I didn’t say a f***ing word about quitting.”

The stage was set.

In November 1970s, Paul and Linda had begun work on his second solo album.  "Ram" was a studio album that would be released on 17 May 1971 by Apple Records. During the November recording sessions, Paul had penned lyrics to the song "Too many people" that contained criticism of John and Yoko. In some sense, Paul was echoing the public disappointment with the break up of the Beatles. As Paul later observed:

"I was looking at my second solo album, Ram, the other day and I remember there was one tiny little reference to John in the whole thing. He'd been doing a lot of preaching, and it got up my nose a little bit. In one song, I wrote, "Too many people preaching practices", I think is the line. I mean, that was a little dig at John and Yoko. There wasn't anything else on it that was about them. Oh, there was "You took your lucky break and broke it in two".

It didn't take John Lennon long to react, with a much more stinging, hurtful song, "How Do You Sleep?" which was recorded between 26 May and 5 July 1971 and released on 9 September 1971. The song appeared on the legendary Imagine album. The song makes angry and scathing remarks aimed at his former Beatles bandmate and songwriting partner, Paul McCartney. Indeed, Lennon piled it on thick. The song begins with the ambient sounds evocative sounds of those heard at the beginning of the Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band album, followed by the line "So Sgt. Pepper took you by surprise." John then refers to the "Paul is dead" rumour by observing "Those freaks was right when they said you was dead".  He then adds "The only thing you done was yesterday / And since you've gone you're just another day" are directed at McCartney, referencing the Beatles' 1965 song "Yesterday" and McCartney's hit single "Another Day", released in February 1971. Adding insult to injury, Lennon had a photo of himself made holding a pig with its ears, making fun of Paul's photo holding a ram by its horns.


The saying "There's a fine line between genius and insanity" fortunately did not apply to these artists. Neither succumbed to mental problems. However, both men were marked with emotional hurt, including loss of mother. That said, John's upbringing was likely more difficult and he is said to have had anger management issues.

In Paul's 28° Leo rising chart, there is not much that involves anger, except the placement of his 12th lord Moon of losses in the MEP of its own 12th house, which signifies the loss of his mother at a tender age. The placement suggests Paul can lash out when hurt, creating conflict. 

However, at the recording of Too Many People, he was enjoying a Venus/Saturn period. His 3rd lord Venus is strongly and well placed in the most effective point (MEP) of the 9th house, giving luck and preferment to his activities. Moreover, his 7th lord Saturn, representing partner, is strong and well placed in the 10th house, suggesting a publicly visible partner.

The transits on that day were generally very good, with 3rd lord Venus in conjunction with his 5th lord Jupiter and 11th lord Sun in the MEP of the 3rd house, in opposition to his 7th lord Saturn in the MEP of the 9th house. 

In short, a lot of good karma is seen at that time. The song Too Many People is generally rated quite high in the McCartney panetheon of songs. However, transit Rahu was in the 7th house of partners in close aspect to his 5th lord Jupiter and 11th lord Sun in the 11th house of friends. Paul couldn't help but express his hurt in a veiled but not hard to read criticism of John, his immensely significant creative partner and friend.

In the case of John Lennon's Aries rising chart, shortcomings are seen related to anger. His 1st lord Mars is badly placed in Virgo and MEP of the 6th house of conflict. Aries can make the person aggressive, especially with such a placement of the ascendant lord. It makes the person carry emphatic sentiments and tend to react aggressively to perceived slights. 

In the article John Lennon's divine gift it says:

"As 1st lord Mars is placed in the 6th house, John Lennon, tended to have strong views, making him controversial. This is more so as the 6th lord Mercury is placed in the MEP of the 7th house, contributing to Lennon's strong personality." 

It also made Lennon confrontational, sometimes harsh. Importantly, at the time of the writing of this song, John was running the Rahu/Venus period. It puts emphasis on the planet Venus in his chart. As it is 7th lord of partnership, those matters come to the fore. At that time, transit 7th lord Venus was in the 1st house conjunct transit 6th lord Mercury, in opposition to John's natal 6th lord Mercury in the 7th house MEP. This dual affliction of Venus likely made Lennon's anger over Pauls more veiled criticism blow up. Moreover, his transit 5th lord Sun in the 6th house, was afflicted by transit Rahu in the 10th house, while transit 7th lord Mars was in the 10th house under aspect from his natal Rahu in the 6th house. It certainly was a time when his patience would have served both men better. In any event, the event helps students of astrology to better understand the role of ascendant signs, the placement of ascendant lord, and other influences.

George Harrison, who also had 1st lord Venus exalted in Pisces and 6th house, and had sided with Lennon in the dispute over manager Allen Klein, lent his guitar talents to the recording. His conflictual issues were, however seen to be less in his chart, as Pisces is a non-Moolatrikona sign, and hence there is no MT ruler to complicate matters as was the case for John Lennon, including having other planets in the 6th house.


When John increasingly pulled back in the Beatles in 1968/69, Paul gladly assumed creative control. As a Leo ascendant, Paul was willing to serve as primus motor of the Beatles. However, he likely didn't realise the onerous demands he was making of the others in the studio. In his mind, the Beatles were a permanent institution. However, John, didn't feel that way. He was becoming ready to move on. Moreover, he was courageous to declare his independence to the others, in order to chart his destiny as an artist with his new wife, despite what the public may have wanted. Paul was both hurt by the decision, as much as he was surprised by it. In coming to terms with it, he declared his own independence, but also his hurt. John, being who he was, hit back twice as hard. Fortunately, the two Beatles had reconciled before John Lennon's untimely death. As such, the pain of their separation was partially overcome, to give way for the heartfelt expression of their love and respect for each other. More than anything, these two artists have given so much to the world. Their immense good karma is undoubtedly lifting their souls towards the  loving God at the time of death.