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World of Imagination

In the 20° Cancer rising SAMVA USA chart, there are three planets placed in the secretive sign of Scorpio and the creative fifth house. 

These planets are Jupiter, the 6th lord of conflict, Mars, the 10th lord of government and military, and Saturn, the 8th lord of death-like fears. 

This preponderance of influences gives Americans a mighty resolve, plenty of courage, technical ability, military prowess, but also a transformative impulse focused in the fifth house of intelligence, creative imagination, young people, and moral sense. This is more so, as both Jupiter and Mars are in opposition aspect with 1st lord Moon, which is exalted in the practical sign of Taurus and the 11th house of incomes and ideals. This complex but pervasive part of their collective nature can be readily seen from their history, at all levels of the national life.


After World War II, the so-called Cold War developed between the Soviet Union and the USA, creating a dividing line around the globe. It was accompanied by the development of massively lethal nuclear bombs in the USA, followed by the Soviet Union. 

In fact, with the detonation of the first atomic device on July 16, 1945, in the White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico, the Atomic Age was born. Moreover, after Americans dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan, in early August 1945, a foreboding sense of death and destruction began to percolate into the public consciousness. However, it did not explode with death-like fear in American society until the Soviets harnessed the awesome power of the Hydrogen bomb on August 12, 1953. After that a palpable sense of fear of death permeated all sections of US society. 


Interestingly, this fearsome energy found expression in the culture.

America's lively imagination was provoked at the beginning of the Jupiter major period (1937-1953), when during Halloween in 1938, the famed actor, Orson Wells, directed a live theater edition of "The War of the Worlds" on American radio in New York City. The show became famous for giving an overly realistic portrayal of alien invasion that sparked panic along the east coast. 

Almost a decade later, after the victorious conclusion of World War II, a veritable flying disc craze developed in the USA during the summer of 1947, with a rash of unidentified flying object reports. The craze began on June 24, when media nationwide reported civilian pilot Kenneth Arnold's story of witnessing disc-shaped objects which headline writers dubbed "Flying Saucers". Such reports quickly spread throughout the United States; historians would later chronicle at least 800 "copycat" reports in subsequent weeks, while other sources estimate the reports may have numbered in the thousands. 

On July 7, 1947, the so-called Roswell incident took place on a farm by that name in Utah. It involved the recovery of metallic, plastic, tinfoil and rubber debris from a military balloon. The Roswell Army Air Field issued a press release, broadcast via wire transmission, announcing possession of a "flying disc". Amid the hundreds of reports nationwide of flying saucers, the following day "the Army retracted its release, but falsely stated the crashed object was merely a conventional "weather balloon", likely to hide its secret military purpose. The incident was forgotten until 1978, when retired lieutenant colonel Jesse Marcel suggested the 'weather balloon' had been a cover story to divert public attention from....its "extraterrestrial origins."

The fervent imagination at the time was thus linked to the work that began with the Trinity Project in 1943 to secretly develop a nuclear bomb. After the war, these secretive efforts became also focused  on developing a delivery mechanism, whether it was a missile, airplane or some other device. Indeed, during the infancy of the nuclear age, the Soviet Union bragged about its ability to deliver nuclear weapons, even if their claims were far from credible. The US introduced its first military jet bomber, the B-45, into service in 1948. The areal tests were carried out over New Mexico and other sparsely populated states in the interior of the USA. 

The related Space Age is considered to have begun with the Soviet launch of Sputnik 1 on October 4, 1957, which led to the Space Race. However, the USA began its rocket tests much earlier, after German rocket scientist Wernher von Braun was brought from Germany to the USA after WW II.  The advent of missiles quickly entered the sci fi lore. 

In any event, after the Saturn major period began in the SAMVA USA chart in April 1953, the heightened sense of danger was reflected in the vibrant cultural life of Americans. 

On April 14, 1953, Paramount Pictures released the movie War of the Worlds to audiences in London, and on August 13, to audiences in New York. The movie is based on the 1898 story by English author H.G. Wells, adapted to the USA.*  In any event, the plot of the movie revolves around Earth being suddenly invaded by Martians, whose alien technology allows them to unleash hell on humanity, and the frantic search by an American scientist for any weakness to stop them.  In 2011, the film was judged by the US National Film Registry to be "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant" by adopting "the apocalyptic paranoia of the atomic age."


In any event, all of these dramatic political and military developments certainly touched off the rich imagination of the American public and the movie industry did its best to cater to it. 

For comparison, only 11 science fiction films were released in the USA between 1902 and 1945. Following WW II, this number increased to 12 between 1946 and 1953. However, a veritable explosion happened in 1953, with the movie mentioned above, followed by 99 other such films until 1972, when the period ended. While the interest for such entertainment has continued robust, with also growing international demand, it has had a different and changing focus, from the initial death-like fears at the onset of the atomic age.


Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine in early 2022, with the US-led NATO supporting Ukraine in its brave struggle, the awareness of the dangers of nuclear weapons has again begun to percolate in the American mind.  In the fall of 2022, a prediction was made before Russia's invasion of Ukraine, about the reemergence of such fears nine months later. It turned out to be accurate

As a matter of record, Joe Biden as President, unlike his predecessor, adopted a harshly adversarial position viz-a-viz Russian President Vladimir Putin. In early 2021 he went so far as to publicly call Putin a "soulless killer." True as that may be, such a stance tends to preclude any diplomatic dialogue with Russia, In the event, Biden has had few levers to pull to end Russia's invasion and restore peace to the people of Ukraine. As a result, the Biden administration has pushed for a hardening stance of NATO to support the Ukraine resistance, in order to repel Russia from the seized lands. In so doing, Biden has amplified the risk of nuclear war.  The fears were greater after Putin bragged about his advanced delivery system, hypersonic missiles, which could deliver nuclear weapons to the USA within minutes.

Not surprisingly, the famous American film director Oliver Stone says he "regrets voting for Joe Biden in the 2020 election, warning that the president is dragging the country into a potential World War III with Russia."

Recently, there have been a few movies focused on the birth of the Atomic Age, notably Oppenheimer and Asteroid City. The latter film includes the lore of extraterrestrials. Moreover, there have also been hearings on UFOs in the US Congress, with imaginative whistle blowers, born decades after the original events, sharing their beliefs in aliens, to the joy of UFO fans everywhere.


The Sci Fi movies are linked to a popular mindset, associated with three planets being in the creative 5th house of the SAMVA USA chart, and secretive Scorpio, with one ruling military/technical prowess (10th lord Mars), another conflict (6th lord Jupiter) and yet another ruling death (8th lord Saturn). Jupiter and Mars aspect exalted 1st lord Moon in the 11th house of goals and mind.

Currently, the Moon/Mars period is operating, with transit 6th lord Jupiter conjunct natal Rahu and the most effective point (MEP) of the 10th house, while transit 8th lord Saturn aspects 10th lord Mars.

Some consider distances in space being so vast that no material crafts can pass between planets from one solar system to the other, seperated by distances taking many light years to bridge, assuming advanced life forms also exist there.

With conspiracy theories, including alien visitations, sub-terranean shape shifting reptilian infestation of the ruling class, re-engineered alien technology, etc., the imagination can run wild.

The American public is once again torn between fanciful, unbounded notions and a pragmatic understanding of its imaginative mindset.


*) In 1938, the US actor Orson Wells touched off mass hysteria in the Eastern United States with his radio play War of the Worlds, based on the same book.

Thursday, June 8, 2023

Republic in Peril

A historic step was  taken by the Biden administration yesterday. The leading GOP candidate for President, Donald Trump, was charged with violating the Espionage Act. Trump alleges "Total corruption" and "Election interference." GOP House Speaker Kevin McCarthy promises to "hold this brazen weaponization of power accountable."

The ramifications for the American Republic are unknown. 

The decline and fall of the Roman Republic was a case study in political conflict, where the established rules of engagement were transcended with the weaponisation of the legal system, which led to a civil war [1]. 

Whatever the case may be, likely the old sailor warning applies: Batten down the hatches. Rough seas ahead. 

Intense conflict in public affairs was predicted last year for this time. 


Trump indictment live updates: Charges include Espionage Act, conspiracy to obstruct

Justice Department Charges Trump in Documents Case

Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump
22.3k ReTruths 70.5k Likes Jun 08, 2023, 11:57 PM

Kevin McCarthy @SpeakerMcCarthy
"Today is indeed a dark day for the United States of America. It is unconscionable for a President to indict the leading candidate opposing him. Joe Biden kept classified documents for decades. I, and every American who believes in the rule of law, stand with President Trump against this grave injustice. House Republicans will hold this brazen weaponization of power accountable."
1:22 AM · Jun 9, 2023 4.6M Views

Indeed, a scenario like this was predicted In the article "Predictions for the USA in 2023".

"The public sector will likely see its share of conflict in the coming year."

"After 6th lord JUPITER moves into Aries and 10th house in the early summer of 2023, an increased energy of conflict is to be expected in public affairs."

"Transit 10th lord Mars will become debilitated and weak in the sign of Cancer and 1st house from May 11th until June 30th. Transit Jupiter will become equally weak at that time, even if well placed in the 10th house. This suggests fierce political conflict in the Congress at that time. "
In Trump's 6° Leo rising chart transit functional malefic (FM) Rahu is shortly about to leave stationary movement but it is in applying conjunction with his 9H most effective point (MEP) ruling the justice system until mid July. It remains in the MEP until Sept. 14, 2023. 

Natally, transit 3rd lord Venus and transit 7th lird Saturn are in the 12th house, which rules imprisonment. Trabsit FM Ketu is conjunct the 3rd house MEP and transit 12th lord Moon is conjunct the 7th house MEP. Finally, transit 1st lord Sun is in the 10th house in applying conjunction with FM Rahu and opposite 12th lord Moon and FM Ketu conjunct in his 4th house. A less helpful Jupiter-Ketu period for Trump begins in November 2023.

As has been long predicted, challenging days are also likely to be coming for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

As stated in the 2012 article "First major periods in the SAMVA USA chart":
"In the SAMVA USA chart, Rahu  is placed in the most effective point of the 10th house. As such it brings confusion and manipulation to the affairs of government, trade and laws."
Given the contact of 6th lord Jupiter and FM Rahu in the 10th house, it was predicted:
"The above factors become more problematic still as transit Jupiter will also become conjunct retrograde transit RAHU from mid May until mid June. This aspect suggest confusion or manipulation involving conflict and health matters."

"The public sector will likely see its share of conflict and confusion in the coming year."

Transit 6th lord Jupiter, ruling conflict, in Aries and 10th house, ruling public affairs, will now go on to be aspected by transit stationary 8th lord Saturn at 13° Aquarius and 8th house ruling obstacles and endings. Saturn also aspects 10th lord Mars ruling the government, in the 5th house of management and young people. Transit Jupiter will then  become conjunct Rahu, ruling manipulations, at 18° Aries and 10th house MEP in the SAMVA USA chart this summer. In the fall it will become stationary in the 10th house MEP, from where it will aspect the 2nd house of wealth, 4th house of communal harmony and the 6th house ruling conflict, holding 4th lord Venus. Hence, the  disturbance to the communal harmony will likely be prominent in the fall.

All of this speaks of bitter public conflict, possibly mixed with violence.


Monday, April 24, 2023


The famed but controversial American TV host, Tucker Carlson, has had a significant professional setback at this time. Today, he was fired from Fox News.


The following prediction was made for Tucker Carlson based on his 1° Cancer rising chart on SAMVA list on Groups Io on February 19, 2021, or over two years ago.
"Later, in mid March 2023, tr 8L Saturn will aspect natal 8L Saturn at 9° Aries and 10H as tr Rahu begins its station at 9° Aries and 10H, while tr 6L Jupiter in 9H aspects his tr 10L Mars in 5H. There could be some crisis for his career at that time."


Timeline of events in Tucker Carlson's career this year involving the explosive Jan. 6 tapes:
  • February 20, 2023: Speaker of the House, Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), gives Tucker Carlson exclusive access to 40 thousand hours of January 6, 2021 tapes.
  • March 2, 2023: Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) speaks on the Senate floor calling on Rupert Murdoch and Fox News to stop spreading election misinformation and publicly denounce the "Big Lie."
  • March 6, 2023: Tucker airs the first of two shows about the January 6, 2021 riot. The footage offers a radically different view of what happened on that day than the Jan. 6 Committee claimed.
  • March 7, 2023: Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer publicly demands that Fox News Stop Tucker Carlson From Releasing Further Jan. 6 Footage.
  • March 12, 2023: Tucker airs the second of two shows. 
  • March 13 -April 23, 2023: It raises suspicions that there is no further reporting on the contents of the Jan. 6 tapes.
  • April 19, 2023: Fox News settles the Dominion defamation lawsuit over the networks 2020 election coverage with a $787 million payment.
  • April 24, 2023: Tucker Carlson is out at Fox News


On April 22, 2023, only two days ago, I re-emphasised on the SAMVA list the harsh astrological conditions seen in his chart:
"Actually, in view of this chart, and the period and transit combination, it looks quite remarkable that he still has his job."


The above is yet another indication of the predictive efficacy of the Systems' Approach to Interpreting Horoscopes when applied to authentic horoscopes.

Sunday, April 9, 2023

Enhancement of Mind

C. Gray "The Neverending Dreamer"
An interesting accurate prediction was made exactly one year ago.

However, before we discuss it, let's review some historical astrology background in this regard, involving the analysis of significant trends in American life based on the major periods of the SAMVA USA chart.

First, in the article 1972, the Mercury major period of the SAMVA USA chart was described. It began in April 1972, and was accompanied by the personal computer revolution.
"The Mercury period brought technological advances ushering in hand held calculators and the technology that became the basis of the home computer and the internet."
See: 1972 (June 2010)

Interestingly, Mercury is the general indicator of analytics, high tech and students. The major innovators were young college drop outs. This is more so as the 5th house of the chart also rules university education, creativity, intelligence and young people. Jupiter, a general indicator for young people, is in the 5th house. Mars the general indicator of industry, is also there. Both these planets mutually aspect Moon, as 1st lord of self in the 11th house of goals, alliances and income, giving world class innovations and advances.

Steve Wozniak & Steve Jobs, Apple Computer
The Apple Computer company brought its personal computer (PC) to the market in 1977. 

Apple Inc., originally named Apple Computer, Inc., was founded by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne on April 1, 1976, to market Wozniak's Apple I desktop computer. Jobs and Wozniak incorporated the company on January 3, 1977, in Cupertino, California.

See: Apple Inc..

Paul Allen & Bill Gates, Microsoft
Microsoft was an earlier software leader of microcomputers. The company was founded on April 4, 1975 in Albuquerque, New Mexico by Bill Gates and Paul Allen. Its original purpose was to develop and sell BASIC interpreters for the Altair 8800 computer. 

The first microcomputer, the  Altair 8800, was based on a semiconductor chip.
Altair 8800 microcomputer
The Altair 8800 is a microcomputer was designed in 1974 by MITS and based on the Intel 8080 CPU. Interest grew quickly after it was featured on the cover of the January 1975 issue of Popular Electronics and was sold by mail order through advertisements there, in Radio-Electronics, and in other hobbyist magazines. The Altair is widely recognized as the spark that ignited the microcomputer revolution as the first commercially successful personal computer. Only 25,000 units were sold by mail order.

Intel 8080 chip
In turn, Intel 8080 CPU had its origins in the first commercially available semiconductor chips, dating back to 1972. They were based on the integrated circuit (IC) technology patented by Jack Kilby at Texas Instruments in 1958.

"Ed Roberts had designed and manufactured programmable calculators and was familiar with the microprocessors available in 1974. He thought the Intel 4004 and Intel 8008 were not powerful enough (in fact several microcomputers based on Intel chips were already on the market: the Canadian company Microsystems International's CPS-1 built-in 1972 used a MIL MF7114 chip modeled on the 4004, the Micral marketed in January 1973 by the French company R2E and the MCM/70 marketed in 1974 by the Canadian company Micro Computer Machines); the National Semiconductor IMP-8 and IMP-16 required external hardware; the Motorola 6800 was still in development. So he chose the 8-bit Intel 8080 [for the Altair 8800 microcomputer]."

The point is that a major technological breakthrough occurred for ordinary Americans at the start of the Mercury Major period. 

Second, in the prior Saturn period large mainframe computers were developed based on the nascent IC technology and sold by IBM to big corporations, government agencies, including NASA and major universities. These technological advances drove the space race of the 1960s, giving the USA a clear lead and victory as the Saturn major period neared its end.

See: Cold Warriors on the Moon (Sept. 2009)

In November 2022, the same year that the Moon major period began in the SAMVA USA chart, we witnessed another major revolution, the Chat GPT-4 Artificial Intelligence bot became publicly accessible on the Internet. The Moon is a general indicator of both mind and the public.

See: GPT-4 

Sam Altman/Greg Brockman
ChatGPT is an artificial-intelligence (AI) chatbot developed by OpenAI and launched in November 2022. Sam Altman and Greg Brockman are leaders at the company, which has built on top of OpenAI's GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 families of large language models (LLMs). They have been fine-tuned (an approach to transfer learning) using both supervised and reinforcement learning techniques.

This technology will revolutionise the jobs market, such that individuals crammed with book knowledge, typically PhD's, will become increasingly redundant in making sense of things or in making projections for the future based on their knowledge and computer models, etc.. 

As in earlier decades, the productivity of human activity will rise and with it overall welfare, if the gains are evenly shared.

In the April 2022 article, New Age of Progress, it was proposed that there might be some breakthrough for the  mind. It was phrased as an "enhancement of mind" and it suggested the popular spread of meditiation.


One interesting possibility for the Moon major period is that meditation becomes a popular daily practice. If so, it would infuse the public sentiments with more clarity as to what is important in life. It could be noted that such practices are not based on religious belief, rather, they simply improve the mental clarity, emotional stability and overall quality of life, by infusing it with an inherent loving vibe.

Since the late 19th century, many famous Indian yogis, like Vivekananda, Paramahansa Yogananda, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Meher Baba, Ramana Maharshi, Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, Sathya Sai Baba, Anandamurthi, Amma, and Sadhguru, have either travelled to the USA to teach the practices, sent their emissaries, or received students from the West in India. The Tibetan exile, Dalai Lama, has also supported this culturual change. The internet now enables all access to such ancient self-realisation practices from living masters."

See: New Age of Progress (Apr. 2022)

While the introduction of AI is not the same as meditation, we now see that it may open up the scope for humanity to develop further its experience of life on a massive scale and for this meditation is indispensable. Humans can do things machines cannot and these things point the way to future schooling and development. Indeed, that seems to be the rational response to such a technological advance, that it creates scope to liberate human beings from cramming their heads full with knowledge and instead develop more their consciousness. Computers with AI can perform intellectual tasks better than humans. Instead, humans can focus on making their minds and bodies subservient to their sense of being, of being alive and in tune with the creation. As such their innate intelligence will flourish. If so, the prediction for an "enhancement of the mind" in the Moon period is coming true. 

The yogic master Sadhguru explains this well.

See: Preparing For AI's Impact (Feb. 2023)

P.S. Sadhguru earlier gave insights on how to deal with AI some 6 years ago.

"What Does Artificial Intelligence’s Growth Mean for Humanity?

What does the evolution of artificial intelligence mean for humanity? Sadhguru discusses in this musing.

Accessing Pure Intelligence on the Path of Gnana Yoga
ArticleNov 3, 2017

Q: Sadhguru, you spoke about making the right priorities so that we are available to truth in life situations. Our societies across the world are pursuing artificial intelligence at a swift rate, from labs at IIT and Stanford, to companies like IBM and Google. Do you think AI is a good priority for humanity to pursue, given its power to bring about new discoveries and productivity? Does it have the potential to enhance human life and make truth mainstream?

Sadhguru: Any intelligence is good. If you do not have natural intelligence, then artificial; if you do not have organic intelligence, then synthetic. But any intelligence is good if it is intelligence. Suppose the walls in your house turned out to be intelligent ones, is it not fantastic? The only thing is, if they get smarter than you, you may feel a little insecure! Otherwise, having a lot of intelligent things around you is a great blessing.

Only somebody who wants to be the smartest person around will feel insecure if all the things around him become smarter than him. Otherwise, it is such a blessing. If you had a pen which could write what you want without you touching it, if there was a phone that would say what you want to say without you having to say it, would it not be nice? Any intelligence is good.

Without intelligence, there is no truth. Lies have not always happened because of deceit. Lies have also happened because of ignorance. Intelligence, intelligence and intelligence is the only solution to make truth mainstream.

The Robots are Coming!

Especially, as external technologies grow, suppose robots start doing all the work you are doing now, what are human beings going to do? They are already talking about robots that will win the football world cup by 2050.

Your thoughts and emotions are also something that can be artificially created. Some time ago, some researchers set up a computer to test how people can have relationships with computers. Many people had a wonderful relationship with this computer over email, not knowing that it was a computer. And it was managing this with twenty lines of vocabulary.

Technology is moving in a direction where artificially, a computer will be able to think a million times better than human beings, because thought is fundamentally computing. Data is assimilated and then it comes out with something sensible from that. As computers evolve, a computer will be able to do this far better than a human being. This evolution is not even going to take a very long time. It will happen in a short time. Then there will be no value for human thought. All the thinkers will be out of business!

But that is only intelligence. That is not consciousness. Our thought, our emotion, these have nothing to do with consciousness. Once everything is well, what are human beings supposed to do? Human beings are supposed to be joyful, blissful and do something that no mechanical thing can do. A robot can do everything that you can do – except it cannot meditate because there is no consciousness. So, ultimately, only meditators will be employed!"

Saturday, February 18, 2023

Rising star

UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak seems to be a rising star on the world stage. At the Munich Security Conference this week, he actively rallied European leaders to "double down" on their support for Ukraine in its fight against the invading Russian forces. He has also been heavily engaged in resolving the challenging issue of Northern Ireland and its relationship with the rest of the UK and the EU. This issue arose as a
 result of the 2016 BREXIT referendum and prior leaders have been unable to resolve it, but Mr. Sunak is reported to be close to reaching a deal with the EU, even if he is tempering expectations.  

As background, we may recall that on July 7, 2022, Mr. Boris Johnson announced his decision to resign as Prime Minister and leader of the Conservative Party. This called for a leadership contest. Soon, two candidates, Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak, emerged as front runners. 

In a message on SAMVA list on Groups Io at 09:08 AM GMT on
July 23, 2022based on their horoscopes -- Ms Liz Truss likely has Cancer rising and Rishi Sunak has Leo rising --  I made the following prediction concerning their prospects 
"A change in fortune is seen for both people from Feb. 2023, good for Sunak and negative for Truss."

 "The movement of tr 7L Saturn into Aquarius and Sunak's 7H in Feb. 2023 and tr 5L Jupiter entering Aries and his 9H in May 2023, will doubtless be a boon to his career. Sunak has by far the stronger chart but transits of 5L Jupiter in 8H and 7L Saturn in 6H currently weigh him down. Strong 9L Mars period starts Feb. 2023." 

"Possibly she may win and get into trouble early on, while his career prospects strengthen considerably next year." 
Some people may not recall Liz Truss, who served as UK Prime Minister only briefly, from September 6 to  October 25, 2022. However, they are likely to become more familiar with Rishi Sunak, especially after April 18, 2023, when transit 5th lord Jupiter enters the sign Aries and his 9th house of his Leo rising horoscope.

Sunday, January 29, 2023

Wall of Shame

Walls are a human construct that separate people. 

Israel built a wall to prevent Palestinians from continuing numerous bloody terror attacks on its citizens. In turn, the Palestinian's consider Israelis as trespassers, oppressors and usurpers of their native land. 

Donald Trump built a wall to keep Mexicans and others from illegally entering the United States of America. His logic was that unregulated entry brings with it crime, drugs and economic chaos for American citizens living in border communities. Joe Biden opened the borders, in sympathy with the views of many American's that the wall on the Mexican-US border is anathema to their dream of a border-free world. 

Before these walls, there was the Berlin Wall. Below, is an examination of its history and astrology.

History of the Berlin Wall
After the end of World War II in Europe, what remained of pre-war Germany west of the Oder-Neisse line was divided into four occupation zones (as per the Potsdam Agreement), each one controlled by one of the four occupying Allied powers: the United States, the United Kingdom, France and the Soviet Union. The capital of Berlin, as the seat of the Allied Control Council, was similarly subdivided into four sectors despite the city's location, which was fully within the Soviet zone.

Within two years, political divisions increased between the Soviets and the other occupying powers. These included the Soviets' refusal to agree to reconstruction plans making post-war Germany self-sufficient, and to a detailed accounting of industrial plants, goods and infrastructure—some of which had already been removed by the Soviets. France, the United Kingdom, the United States, and the Benelux countries later met to combine the non-Soviet zones.

In 1948, during the multinational occupation of post–World War II Germany, the Soviet Union blocked the Western Allies' railway, road, and canal access to the sectors of Berlin under Western control. The Soviets offered to drop the blockade if the Western Allies withdrew the newly introduced Deutsche Mark from West Berlin. This has become known as the Berlin Blockade from 24 June 1948 to 12 May 1949. It was one of the first major international crises of the Cold War. 

In response, the Western Allies organised the Berlin Airlift from 26 June 1948 to 30 September 1949 to carry supplies to the people of West Berlin, a difficult feat given the size of the city and the population.

This accelerated efforts of the USA and its allies to found a West German state, which culminated in the creation of the Federal Republic of Germany (FRG) at 5:03 pm on May 23, 1949 in Bonn.

The schism between the East and West only grew and on August 13, 1961 the Soviet rulers of East Germany began the construction of the Berlin Wall.

The Berlin Wall was a guarded 155 km long concrete barrier that encircled West Berlin from 1961 to 1989, separating it from East Berlin and East Germany (GDR). Construction of the Berlin Wall was commenced by the government of the GDR. It included guard towers placed along large concrete walls, accompanied by a wide area (later known as the "death strip") that contained anti-vehicle trenches, beds of nails and other defenses. The opening of the wall on November 9, 1989, became a symbol for the collapse of oppressive Soviet Communism in the Soviet Union and its satellite states in Eastern and Central Europe. The builders of the Wall sought to stem the growing exodus of people from the East to the West.

American friends
During the Wall's existence, there were two remarkable and positive events involving visits by US Presidents John F. Kennedy in 1963 and Ronald Reagan in 1987 to witness the wall and comment about it.

Below we consider the astrology of these four related events in terms of the 23° 44' Virgo rising horoscope for Germany.

The Soviets separate
An Iron Curtain separated the Western Bloc and neutral countries from the Eastern Bloc during the Cold War. The Berlin Wall became a symbol of it.

The Eastern Bloc portrayed the Wall as protecting its population from fascist elements conspiring to prevent the "will of the people" from building a socialist state in the GDR. 

 The West Berlin city government sometimes referred to it as the "Wall of Shame", a term coined by mayor Willy Brandt in reference to the Wall's restriction on freedom of movement. It was part of the separate and much longer Inner German border between East and West Germany, it came to symbolize physically the 

On 13 August 1961, the Ketu major and Ketu sub periods had just started. Astrologically, it is very fitting that the dual period of Ketu, the planet of separation, had begun to operate a few months earlier. The sign Leo falls in the 12th house, and its Moolatrikona lord, the Sun, also carries this influence. 

All the slow moving functional malefic (FM) planets were being afflicted or afflicting. Transit 12th lord Sun was also conjunct transit 1st lord Mercury in the 11th house of alliances and goals, signifying the loss for the national identity of Germany resulting from this giant symbol of separation. 

This is particularly strong evidence in favour of this horoscope for Germany, which the author rectified and presented on the SAMVA list on December 14, 2014. 

A friend consoles
Following the resolution of the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962, US President John F. Kennedy visited Berlin to protest the wall, which deprived East Germans of their freedom to visit or live with their family, friends and countrymen in the western part of the city. Kennedy's speech which became known as "Ich bin ein Berliner" (I, too, am a citizen of Berlin), was given at the Rathaus Schöneberg on 26 June 1963.

The Ketu/Moon period was operating. Natally, 11th lord Moon is in the most effective point (MEP) of the 7th house of others and foreign agreements. The Moon also aspects the 1st house of national identity. This suggests Germany enjoys significant influence globally, and it brings them satisfaction. The placement also suggests friends play a big role in the country's affairs, but also that its goals and aspirations motivate their foreign agreements and alliances.

Kennedy's visit inspired the people of Berlin, Germany and the West, seen in 
aspects indicating a burst of optimism, notably transit 4th lord Jupiter being conjunct natal 11th lord Moon and the MEP of the 7th house and transit 1st lord Mercury and transit 2nd lord Venus being conjunct 1st lord Mercury in the MEP of the 9th house.

However, there were also difficult transits such as the placement of transit 6th lord Saturn at 29° Capricorn and 5th house where it received an aspect from natal Ketu at 2° Libra and 2nd house. Transit Ketu in the 4th house MEP was also in aspect to 8th lord Mars in the MEP of the 8the house MEP. These aspects were fitting for the difficulty of the cold war, during Kennedy's visit.

A friend exhorts 
Ronald Reagan´s speech came on the heels of his summit meeting with Soviet Premier Mikhail Gorbachev in Reykjavik, Iceland in the prior year. In it he offered a challenge to Mr. Gorbachev to "Tear down this wall". The speech was given at the Brandenburg Gate on12 June 1987. Helping matters was that in 1985, Mr. Gorbachev had come to power in the USSR. He immediately set about to initiate reforms, called Perestroika (restructuring) and Glasnost (transparency), reflecting his commitment to change the Soviet Union and make it a less repressive and more humane system. In the event, he lost control of the changes he unleashed, resulting in breakdown of the Soviet Union from 1989 to 1991, terminated in the creation of the 
Russian Federation in December of 1991.  

The Venus-Ketu period was operating, signifying the ongoing separation. Transit  6th lord Saturn was in the MEP of the 3rd house opposite to transit 12th lord Sun in the MEP of the 9th house. As such, these malefics were also afflicting 1st lord Mercury in the 9th house, signifying the tension involving outside influences involving the fortunes of the city. Transit 8th lord Mars was in the MEP of the 10th house, aspecting also the 1st, 4th and 5th houses. Obstacles and endings were being highlighted in the public mind. Transit Ketu was in the 1st house in aspect to 2nd lord Venus in the 9th house, there was tension involving relations with neighbouring countries.

Fall of the Wall and German Reunification
The fall of the Berlin Wall on November 9, 1989, during the Peaceful Revolution, was a pivotal event in world history which marked the destruction of the Berlin Wall and the figurative Iron Curtain and one of the series of events that started the fall of communism in Eastern and Central Europe, preceded by the Solidarity Movement in Poland. The fall of the inner German border took place shortly afterwards. An end to the Cold War was declared at the Malta Summit three weeks later and the German reunification took place in October the following year. The breeching of the Berlin Wall was followed immediately by efforts to demolish it.

The Sun-
Jupiter period was operating. Natally, 4th lord Jupiter is in the 5th house, suggesting an inherent interest in managing situations, linked to the homeland. On this day, transit 4th lord Jupiter was in the 10th house, signifying the prominence of the homeland. It was in opposition to transit 6th lord Saturn in the 4th house, involving a victory in a long standing land dispute. Transit 2nd lord Venus was conjunct 12th lord Sun in the 9th house and transit 12th lord Sun was conjunct 1st lord Mercury in the 9th house. These aspects were separating, suggesting the tension was fading.

The horoscope for the Federal Republic of Germany does a magnificent job of explaining these events in the country's history, raising confidence in it. Systems' Approach Mundane Astrologers may therefore continue to use it with an eye to the periods and transits of slow moving planets in coming years. 

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