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An authentic horoscope for RUSSIA has very likley been discovered. The event is the nascent formation of the UNION OF RUSSIA AND BELARUS which took place with the signing of a treaty forming a commonwealth at 11:18 am on April 2, 1996 in Moscow, Russia.

For some reason, this important historical event has till now escaped the attention of astrologers. Upon re-reading about this event, it began to impress as having some potential to explain the real Russia - including Belarussia. However, it was only when the horoscope had been cast and examined that the meaning of the event truly came to light. Importantly, the new horoscope should change the way many westerners view Russia.

The search for an authentic horoscope for modern RUSSIA has likely been made difficult by the countries long existence and the many changes that have taken place in its government structures and territories. In recent years, most astrologers have focused on the breakdown of the Soviet Union (USSR) and the re-emergence of the national entity of Russia, also in the context of the Commonwealth of Independent Sates, in the early 1990s. These charts have been examined with the System's Approach and found to be lacking in terms of the natal potential, explanatory power and predictive promise. The search therefore necessarily continued, with the decisive event being found to be more recent than earlier thought.

"On March 15 1996 the Russian Parliament called for the recreation of the USSR and on 17 March 1996 it renounced the Minsk declaration of December 1991, effectively declaring that the USSR still existed. This was a legal impossibility, but formed on the backdrop to the creation of confederation of Belarus and Russia on 2 April 1996, designed to institute economic union and a common foreign policy. The Commonwealth of Russia and Belarus (SSR) was set up by a treaty signed in the Kremlin at 11:18 am (7:18 am GMT)"[1].

On 2 April 1996 in Moscow, the President of Belarus A.G.Lukashenko and the President of the Russian federation B. Yeltsin signed a Treaty Establishing the Commonwealth of Russia and Belarus. The treaty was entitled “On deepening integration and comprehensive drawing together.”[2] The Commonwealth of Russia and Belarus established in 1996 was a more consolidated interstate structure than the Commonwealth of Independent States by providing for the creation of an Interparliamentary Congress with 50 parliamentarians from each side, an executive body called the Integration Committee and a Union Court. According to president Lukashenka, a common parliament and constitution could follow later. The name of the new union (SSR in Russian) bears a striking resemblance with the name of the old USSR (SSSR).


Strengthening of the Union

The basis of the union was strengthened on April 2, 1997, with the signing of the "Treaty on the Union between Belarus and Russia " at which time its name was changed to the Union of Belarus and Russia. The treaty declared that the parties act in accordance with their constitutions and the norms and principles of international law. Several further agreements were signed on December 25, 1998, with the intention of providing greater political, economic, and social integration. The Treaty on the Creation of a Union State of Russia and Belarus was signed on December 8, 1999. The intention was to eventually achieve a federation like the Soviet Union ; with a common president, parliament, flag, coat of arms, anthem, constitution, army, citizenship, currency, etc. The current Union was ratified by the Russian State Duma on December 22, 1999 and the National Assembly of Belarus on January 26, 2000. The latter is the date the Treaty and the Union officially came into effect.

There are several notable events on the path to Russian national independence. On June 12, 1990, at around 13:15-13:45 am [LMT], the Russian Duma declared the sovereignity of the Russian Federative Republic within the Soviet Union (USSR). This moment represents an important milestone on the path to Russian independence and the breakup of the Soviet Union. While asserting the right of the Russian Republic's to control its own internal affairs independently of the Soviet government, Russia had still not become a fully independent state. The dramatic coup attempt and its repeal by Boris Yeltsin in August 1991 did not alter the state itself. However. a second important event was the so-called Minsk Agreement on December 8, 1991, which signaled the dissolution of the Soviet Union and, according to leaders of Russia, its purpose was to "allow a civilized divorce" between the Soviet Republics [3]. Some astrologers consider the event when Boris Yeltsin announced the Minsk Agreement on this day as a declaration of the independence of Russia and the basis of its horoscope. While this date may have had relevance it is possible its significance has been usurped by latter developments.
In this regard, it is important to note that the subsequent creation of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) on December 21, 1991 did not create a new state unto itself. This has been emphatically stated by legal scholars and is supported by the fact that the CIS is not endowed with supranational powers. At most, the CIS is compared to a loose confederation akin to the European Community that preceeded the European Union [4]. As such, the creation of the CIS has little relevance for the consideration of a horoscope for Russia.

By contrast, the formation of the Union of Russia and Belarus on April 2, 1996 represents the vertiable creation of a NEW STATE. While the new Union has been characterised as a “loose union state,” it is still very much a state. Moreover, the political integration has been proceeding as envisaged, with the heads of state of Russia and Belarus intimately involved. A process of monetary integration is also underway.

"As the major partner in the Formation of Community is Russia the date of April 2, 1996, would be appropriate to be considered [as the basis for Russia's horoscope]." - V.K. Choudhry, creator of the Systems' Approach.

The Union of Russia and Belarus reminds of the Union of Great Britain and Ireland in 1801 which still serves as the basis for the authentic horoscope for the UK.

As aimed at, the political cooperation between heads of state has been increasing.

"On May 27, 2008, President Lukashenko, acting in his current capacity as Chairman of the Supreme State Council named current Russian Prime Minister, and former President, Vladimir Putin Chairman of the Council of Ministers. This move has raised speculation that the Union is about to undergo a significant political transformation as a vehicle for Prime Minister Putin's political objectives after he was constitutionally barred from seeking a third term as President of the Russian Federation in 2008. Until now, the most visible and arguably important official in the Union has been the State Secretary, who runs the Union State's day to day operations. In the same meeting, State Secretary Borodin announced that the 2009 Union State budget would total 6-7 billion Russian rubles, an increase of over 2 billion rubles from 2008" [5] .

Relations between the two countries have not been flawless. There was a brief dispute over energy in early 2007.

"The Russia-Belarus energy dispute began when Russian state-owned gas supplier Gazprom demanded an increase in gas prices paid by Belarus, a country which has been closely allied with Moscow and forms a loose union state with Russia. It escalated on January 8, 2007, when the Russian state-owned pipeline company Transneft stopped pumping oil into the Druzhba pipeline which runs through Belarus because Belarus was siphoning the oil off the pipe without mutual agreement. On January 10, Transneft resumed oil exports through the pipeline after Belarus ended the tariff that sparked the shutdown, despite differing messages from the parties on the state of negotiations" [6]. While this contentious issue was resolved, including with Russia granting Belarus a large loan, the dispute evidently angered many Belarusians.


The time and location gives 20° 44' Gemini rising. This ascendant is very fortunate to have due to the fact that it has fewer functional malefics than any other ascendant.

Key features of the chart
The 3rd lord SUN and 7th lord JUPITER are very strong in the chart, but the 4th house and its lord MERCURY are very afflicted. At the same time, the 2nd lord MOON is weak and its house afflicted.

"The chart does indicate good international position (strong Sun and Jupiter) and vulnerable economy, domestic peace and sensitive gains and fortunes." - V.K. Choudhry

3rd lord SUN at 19° 01' Pisces is closely conjunct the 10th house MEP, giving significant political influence, a very strong state and a President. The SUN is conjunt natal KETU at 23° 20' Pisces, which is not a serious concern due to the strength of the Sun and orb of affliction.

2nd lord MOON at 28° 37' Leo and 3rd house gives some influence from initiatives and public pronouncements. The Moon has just over 50% strength in this placement. The weakness is aggravated by the affliction of the 2nd house by KETU at 23° 20' Pisces. This makes Russia's status, wealth and relations with neighboring countries vulnerable to setbacks.

9th lord JUPITER at 22° 15' Sagittarius is conjunct the 7th house MEP, giving an expansive foreign policy and divine protection in this area. The religious and judicial affairs in the country would have international importance. The Russian Orthodox church is increasingly becoming important as it has re-established its presence in the country and in other countries after the fall of materialist Communism. Russian leaders of industrial companies would be powerful, both at home and abroad. The placement is also highly supportive of the indications of the 11th house of ideals and income, 1st house of self and fame and 3rd house of initiatives, commerce and transportation.

Interestingly, the famed writer Solzhenitsyn, the most notable 20th century critic of the excesses of the USSR, felt that the West had become corrupt and needed to rely more on its Christian heritage to restore the earlier glory. Russia's nationbuilding now seems to be advancing on this idea and this chart reflects that with this placement. Shortly before his death, Putin officially restored the status of Solzhenitsyn by awarding him a national medal of honor for his bravery in telling the truth about the horrors of Soviet Communism.

4th lord MERCURY at 24° 19' Pisces and the 10th house MEP, is debilitated, combust and closely conjunct natal functional malefic KETU at 23° 20'. Further functional malefic RAHU at 23° 20' Virgo is closely conjunct the 4th house MEP. These placements suggest 4th house matters, including natural resources, communal harmony and fixed assets, are highly vulnerable to sudden setbacks and crisis.

As RAHU also aspects the 12th and 8th houses, it could explain the role of the secret service (formerly the KGB) in clamping down on dissent and the apparent murder of notable journalists who made a a name for themselves by criticising the methods of Putin (a former KGB man)[7]. The condition of journalism is indicated by MERCURY. The Putin government has allegedly silenced critics abroad, esp. Litvinenko, former KGB spy and informant to the West, who was poisened to death in London in the fall of 2006. However, linking this to Putin is not necessarily correct. Another possible explanation is that it was the work of a rouge spy [8].

11th lord MARS at 12° 55' Pisces and 10th house, is well placed but slightly weakened by combustion. It is therefore reasonably strong, suggesting Russia has adequate military power and its income and ideals are linked to its place in the world.

9th lord SATURN at 5° 34' Pisces in the 10th house is well placed and widely combust, which suggests some luck in this area as well.

5th lord VENUS at 4° 53' Taurus is badly placed in the 12th house. The affliction of RAHU to the 12th house helps explain the adverse conditions of women in Russia, many of which have been exploited by a growing sex industry. It also suggests such areas as entertainment and stock speculation would not do well and might be more oriented towards foreign markets. Many very rich people in Russia, who want to live in luxury, have largely been forced to emigrate to countries like the UK and Switzerland. Luxury or creature comforts do not seem to be prominent in the daily life of most Russians. Many women in Russia seek to marry better off men in the west through the internet.

One notable event in Russia's history is the countries default on its international debt obligations on 19 August 1998. The value of Russian assets and its currency, the Rouble, collapsed and many thought the country would fall apart (George Soros publised article in Financial Times on that day saying the crisis had reached its "terminal phase").

Sun/SATURN period was operating
- Transit stationary RAHU at 7° Leo was in close aspect with transit stationary and debilitated SATURN at 8° Aries in the 11th house of income. Russia did not have enough income to service its obligations.
- transit MERCURY was retrograde around 23° Cancer and second house of wealth under the close aspect of natal KETU. Fixed assets and collective harmony in Russia suffered a serious setback. Many politicians called for President Yeltsin to resign.

The crisis ended after the very harmful aspect of Rahu to Saturn came to an end in early 1999. Putin comes to power in August 1999 and Russia has for the most part been in ascendancy since, including the startling assertion of state power over oligarchs and critics abroad as well as independence minded neighboring states .

The present crisis with the USA is clearly seen in this chart.

Moon/KETU period is now operating, since 14 August 2008. This suggests Russia may become increasingly isolated in until next year.
- transit stationary KETU at 24° 30' Cancer and 2nd house MEP is exactly afflicting natal 4th lord MERCURY at 24° 19' and natal KETU at 23° 20' Pisces and 10th house. Sudden setbacks are being realised in terms of the countries wealth and status and its communal harmony.
- transit stationary RAHU at 24° 30' Capricorn and 8th house MEP of obstacles is mutually afflicting its own placement in the 4th house and the 4th house.

Even if the Russian need to assert its influence is now on prominent display, it will likely result in upsets for the Russian people. This crisis should begin to lift later this year, as the nodal station lifts and be gone by Spring 2009. By 2010, when the SUN period begins, things are likely to improve significantly. Even if this crisis is making Russia look like a bully, it is likely the crisis also has to do with the Wests underestimation of Russias own sense of itself and its sense of its own rightful place in the world.

The acid test of the authenticity is always prediction, especially when the chart suggests a significant event is likely to take place. In this regard we may consider the transits in MID SEPTEMBER 2008. While an event may occur at any time until then, we can note for instance the aspects on September 12, 2008:

Moon/KETU period is operating
-transit KETU at 24° 20' Cancer and 2nd house is closely afflicting natal 4th lord MERCURY at 24° 19' Pisces and 10th house and natal KETU at 23° 20' Pisces.
- transit RAHU at 24° 20' Capricorn is closely afflicting natal RAHU at 23° 20' Virgo and 4th house
- transit 4th lord MERCURY is closely conjunct natal RAHU at 23° 20' Virgo and 4th house
- transit 11th lord MARS and transit 5th lord VENUS are also afflicted by natal and transit RAHU in 8th house
- transit 2nd lord MOON at 23° Capricorn and 8th house is aspected by natal RAHU and conjunct transit RAHU.
- transit 3rd lord SUN is in old age in Leo and 3rd house, along with transit SATURN.

At such a time, we would expect, if the chart were authentic indeed, that some sudden significant event would take place that disturbs the communal harmony.

This 20° Gemini chart (14° Cancer in the tropical zodiac) merits careful consideration as the authentic chart for RUSSIA. Importantly, it suggests Russia is a benign entity on the world stage, but one that has a need to assert itself vigorously after the humiliating collapse of Soviet Communism and the subsequent encroachment of the West into its sphere of influence.

[1] Nicholas Campion, "The Book of World Horoscopes", 1996 ed. Cinnabar Books, Wiltshire, England.

[2]Audrius Žulys, 2005, “Towards A Union State Of Russia And Belarus”, Lithuanian Foreign Policy Review, issue: 1516.
[3], date 24 August 2008.
[4], date 24 August 2008.
[5], date 16 August 2008.
[6], date 16 August 2008.
[7], date 24 August, 2008.
[8], date 16 August 2008.

Prediction realised

On SAMVA discussion list on 4th November, 2007, it was predicted that the stationary influence of transit RAHU and KETU on the natal SUN of President Pervez Musharraf in the summer of 2008 would be difficult for him.

On August 18, 2008, under threat of impeachment proceedings by the Parliament, Pervez Musharraf resigned as President of Pakistan.

Prediction on November 4, 2007
"Should Pervez Musharraf survive the present challenge until the middle of this month [author's insert: November 2007], it is likely his position will begin to incrementally improve. Should he manage to cling to power until mid January 2008, he would then be expected to consolidate his power and remain head of state for some more time. However, the present transits are quite difficult and it is also interesting that his Sun will be burdened with a nodal station at 24° 30' Cancer during the middle of 2008. So, even then, he is likely to be confronted with another crisis."

Message #14226 on SAMVA discussion list on Sun Nov 4, 2007 3:32 am by Cosmologer

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SAMVA USA chart: Prediction update

Several predictions have been made on the basis of the SAMVA USA chart (Perpetual Union) on this blog. Below is a list of notable predictions and a brief account of their outcome.

In a blog on Monday, December 31, 2007: The year ahead for the USA

"Jupiter will three times become conjunct Venus in 2008: in mid March, early July and then in early November. During these times the political debate, concerns over the housing market or military activities abroad may serve to upset the communal harmony."

OUTCOME: Mid March 2008:
Investment bank Bear Sterns collapsed due to bad housing loans while other investment banks teetered on the brink.

OUTCOME: Early July 2008:
Concerns over housing market increase and the stock market enters a steep dive.

In a blog on Sunday, April 20, 2008: Earthquakes possible in USA in 2008

PREDICTION: "FAIR SIZED EARTHQUAKES POSSIBLE IN USA IN 2008" with special emphasis placed on July 2008.

OUTCOME: July 29, 2008:
At 18:45 hrs, a magnitude 5.4 EARTHQUAKE STRIKES the greater Los Angeles area in California.

In a blog on Monday, December 31, 2007: The year ahead for the USA

"The astrological situation will become decidedly more intense from late July. At that time, the Moon´s nodes. Rahu and Ketu, will go into stationary motion over the natal Sun in the chart at 23° 44' Capricorn in the 7th house. At that time, problems or stress will be felt from FOREIGN AFFAIRS, the wealth of the country (possibly having to do with a reduction in the value of the dollar or stocks), or difficulty for the President. Issues such as funding of foreign governments fighting terrorism or international agreements on environmental sustainability may become a source of considerable tension. Foreign trips by the President at that time would be expected to meet with difficulty. This aspect peaks at the end of September and the situations that arise are expected to gradually ease in the following weeks."

OUTCOME: August 6, 2008
US ALLY IN HOT WATER: Pervez Musharraf, President of Pakistan and a firm ally of the US government in its war against terrorism by muslim extremists, has proceedings started against him by the Pakistani government that may lead to his impeachment if he does not step down.

OUTCOME: August 7, 2008
CRISIS IN THE CAUCASUS: Russia invades Georgia, a liberal democratic state that favours its relations with the USA, creating a foreign policy crisis for President Bush.

In a blog on Monday, December 31, 2007: The year ahead for the USA

"In late August and into September, transit Saturn and transit Jupiter will be closely aspected by natal Rahu, These aspects suggest that there may be some manipulation involving the acquisition of easy gains, beliefs of the masses, religious views or financial matters.
Politicians, clergy or bankers who have resorted to manipulation may be exposed at that time."

OUTCOME: August 8, 2008
Sen. JOHN EDWARDS ADMITS TO HAVING AN AFFAIR but denies having fathered child. While the timing of this prediction is not exact, it is also explained by the conjunction of the transit SUN with the stationary nodal axis which took place on that weekend. Likely, there is more to come.

In a blog on Saturday, May 24, 2008: The return of financial volatility

"The prediction for easier conditions in the financial markets in May and June will likely be more short lived than earlier thought. It has earlier been predicted, based on transit and period influences in the SAMVA USA chart, that the financial volatility would resume in the second half of the year. This prediction is now being slightly revised. The financial markets are now expected to remain volatile for the remainder of the year. "
OUTCOME: from late June 2008
The stock market declined significantly into late July and has remained volatile. Predictions made in December 2007 for that month and coming months also proved right on the money.

This overview confirms that the
SAMVA USA chart is an authentic basis for predicting significant events in the country. This is because the chart is based on a proper historical event, the creation of the Union of the American states; has natal potential that reflects the attributes of the nation; and explains historical events in a consistent manner based on an analysis of the transits and periods in terms of the chart. The use of a scientific method of astrology, is another critical factor for the work. Most importantly, the above factors allow any authentic chart so established to serve as a basis of repeat accurate predictions.

Note for further study

The fact that this chart is rectified on the basis of vedic astrology should not deter astrologers using other methods or systems of astrology from working with it. The historical nature of the chart makes it universal and useful for all astrologers. The usefulness ultimately depends on the methods or system of astrology being applied.

The SAMVA USA chart is based on the event when Maryland became the 13th and final state to approve the ratification of the
Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union at 5:00 PM on February 2, 1781 in Annapolis, Maryland. With this event, the USA came effectively into being as a perpetual Union. The horoscope is rectified as having 20° Cancer rising in the sidereal zodiac using the Systems' Approach to Vedic Astrology (equivalent to around 11° Leo rising in the tropical zodiac). As Philadelphia (75W10, 39N57) was the capitol of the union being formed, it should be used as the location for the rectified chart with a time of 16:58:33.

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To witness an eclipse, the temporary darkening of the Sun or Moon, instills a sense of awe in most people. From ancient times, astrologers have considered these phenomena ominous portents.[1] The belief is that eclipses may be accompanied by adverse incidents, even if these may take place with delay. The lack of clear empirical evidence concerning the nature and timing of such incidents suggests eclipses have questionable scientific merit. However, this notion has survived through the ages, including in mythology. As the saying goes, where there is smoke there is usually fire. In this article, an attempt is made to resolve the age old mystery of the eclipses by giving a full account of the astronomical and astrological nature of such events.

What follows is a review of the Moon’s astronomical cycles, in order to better understand the astronomical phenomena. This is followed with a review of the mythology of the lunar nodes. Finally, the astrological influence, as seen in Vedic astrology, are presented. In particular, the insights of the Systems' Approach, which allow us to better identify and time astrological influences of such events in a given horoscope, are explained. Importantly, even if problems are seen in a natal chart, the are ‘astral remedies’ which are an integral part of vedic astrology, that have as their aim to prevent setbacks through an appeal to ‘divine grace.’

Two types of eclipses
There are two types of eclipses; a solar eclipse and a lunar eclipse. To understand the eclipses of the luminaries requires us to know about the alignment of the Earth, Moon and Sun from the geocentric point of view. In particular, where the earth's ecliptic orbit around the Sun intersects with the lunar orbit of the Moon around the Earth, is where the so-called Moon's nodes are found at any given point in time. These points are calculated and from the Earth these imaginary points are 'seen' to move backwards, or in retrograde motion, in the zodiac.

The ancient mythology of eclipses
The ancient mythology of the Vedas tells of how Rahu and Ketu came into being. The story goes that God had arranged for the devas (the Sun, Moon and planets), to drink the elexir, Amrita, to grant them immortality. The asuras, or devils, were purposefully being distracted by God while the devas obtained immortality. However, the serpent Vasuka, realising the plan, managed to pose as a deva and take a sip from the elexir. When the Sun, Surya, realised the deception, he took his sword and cut the serpent in half. However, as it had already become immortal, the parts simply became the dragon's head, Rahu, and dragon's tail, Ketu. Due to this event, the nodes have been the enemies of the Sun and Moon and when the Sun and Moon travel close to the lunar nodes, Rahu will try to swallow them up, creating either a solar or lunar eclipse. However, as the Sun and Moon are immortal, they reapper shortly afterwards in full splendor. So, from ancient times, eclipses have been linked to the Moon's nodes. This insight has largely been lost in western or tropical astrology, but not in the ancient vedic astrology. As it turns out, the lunar nodes are not only very important to explain solar or lunar eclipses, but more importantly, they are the key to understanding the influence of eclipses.

The two cycles of the Moon
To understand this astronomical phenomena we must consider the two different cycles of the Moon that together determine the pattern of eclipses over time.

  1. First, we need to consider the monthly lunar phase from new to full Moon and back to new Moon again, which takes 28 ¼ day to complete.

  2. Second, the Moon's orbit around the earth needs to be considered in terms of the Earth's orbit around the Sun - along the ecliptic. In the following image, where the orbital planes are shown from a geocentric point of view, the lunar orbit is tilted at about a five-degree angle to the Earths orbit and the nodes are found at the intersection points of these two planes.
An eclipse can only take place if the Moon's phase is either new or full and the Moon is in transit relatively near to the nodes, or within 1° 30’. These two cycles become favorably combined about every six months for a solar eclipse to occur. Although a new Moon occurs every month, we don’t have an eclipse each time. This is because more often the Moon's shadow passes completely above or completely below the Earth. In other words, the Moon in these cases passes above or below the direct line of sight between the Earth and the Sun. As the new Moon takes place 18 3/4 days before or after an alignment with the nodes, there is a 37 1/2 day period that a solar eclipse can take place, the so-called eclipse season.

The retrograde motion of the nodes
The nodes of the lunar orbit are gradually shifting their orientation in space. By the time one node is in line with the Sun again, it has regressed around 9°. However, and importantly, the eclipses only take place when the nodes become stationary, which happens two to three times a year. In vedic astrology, it is the stationary motion of the nodes, which are functional malefics, that untoward incidents can take place. However, the story needs to be slightly more nuanced.

Lunar eclipse
A lunar eclipse may occur only at the full Moon, as the Earth passes between the fully visible Moon and the bright Sun. In this case, the Moon passes into some portion of the Earth’s shadow, resulting in a full or partial lunar eclipse, making the otherwise bright Moon darkly visible. Importantly, this can occur only when the Sun, Earth, and Moon are aligned exactly, or very closely so, with the Earth in the middle.
Solar eclipse
A solar eclipse may occur only at a new Moon, when the Moon is in its new and dark phase due to its conjunction with the brilliant Sun. As the Moon is then passing between the Earth and the Sun, the Moon may obscure the rays of the Sun and cast its shadow on the Earth, fully or partially obscuring the light of the bright Sun. Between two and five solar eclipses occur each year on Earth, with upto two of them being total eclipses.

Total solar eclipses are nevertheless rare at any given location because during each eclipse totality exists only along a narrow corridor in the relatively tiny area of the Moon's umbra.

These two cycles, the lunar month and the eclipse year have no immediately apparent relation. However, at a deeper level there are clear regularities at work in both cycles. Babylonian astronomers discovered that 223 lunar months, a period of 18 years 11 days, was equivalent to 19 eclipse years (346.6 days each), at which point the two cycles repeat.

The nodes in ancient vedic astrology
In the ancient astrology of the Hindus, which relies on the sidereal zodiac, there is a central importance given to the concept of the Moon’s nodes, Rahu and Ketu. Although invisible, these points are considered the equivalent of planets in the Zodiac in terms of their influence on life on Earth. Moreover, their karmic nature is considered to be mostly malefic, such that they tend to unleash negative karmic energy on either points or planets in the degree the nodes inhabit at any given time. While the nodes travel in retrograde manner, they are observed to slow down and become stationary for almost three months at a time, two to three times a year, in terms of their true (not mean) calculations. As the nodes slow down in speed and become stationary, their influence becomes intense for any planet or sensitive point on the affected degree. It is the stationary nodes, which carry the karmic energy of untoward incidents in the life. The eclipses, however, which occur only when the nodes are stationary, may add to the adverse energy. This may be because the alignment of the Sun, Moon and Earth is closest at such times. Further, the truly adverse events are then explained by conjunctions of Sun and the planets with the stationary nodal axis at such times.

The involvement of Sun and planets
At the time of the eclipse, we have noted the fact that the Sun and Moon become conjunct or opposite each other. An additional fact is that the Moon’s nodes are always stationary around the time of a Solar eclipse. As the Moon’s nodes are not far off from the Moon, the Sun normally becomes conjunct one or the other transit stationary nodes shortly following the eclipse. Moreover, the planets Mercury and Venus, which are normally not far off from the Sun, also tend to become conjunct the stationary nodes.

The meaning of Rahu and Ketu
According to the Systems' Approach the nodes have the following meaning:
  • "Rahu is personified as a diplomat and a shadowy planet and a legendary deceptor when disposed beneficially. Indicates diplomatic jobs, jobs requiring manipulations with facts, deals in poisons and drugs. It signifies cheats, pleasure seekers, insincere and immoral acts, etc. It is phlegmatic in nature and gives malignant growth. When afflicting, causes malignant growth, disease of phlegm, intestines, boils, skin, ulcers, spleen, worms, high blood pressure, etc. It gives smoky and unpleasant appearance due to habits of overeating, resulting in foul smells and unclean body and nails." Rahu is related to crisis due to manipulation. In mundane astrology, Rahu rules over diplomats, salesmen (along with Mercury) and winemakers, etc.

  • "Ketu is dry and fiery in nature. Its affliction causes wounds, inflammations, fevers, intestinal disorders, aberrations, low blood pressure, deafness, defective speech and gives emaciated body with prominent veins. It is personified as a saint and inclines a person more towards mystic science and spiritual pursuits." Ketu can bring about sudden, explosive events. In mundane astrology, it is related to spiritual people and people that become isolated from others, for a number of reasons.

In the Systems' Approach, we may consider that if the Sun becomes conjunct the stationary Rahu or Ketu following an eclipse, some adverse event may take place. More so if other planetary energies are operating in the same direction.

According to Professor V. K. Choudhry, the creator of the Systems’ Approach,
“the untoward incidents happen (i) when the Sun comes into transit affliction of Rahu and Ketu within next 8 to 10 days of the eclipse and (ii) if simultaneously some other transit affliction comes into play.”

It is these natal and transit phenomena involving the stationary nodes which explain why people have tended to become concerned about adverse happenings following a Solar eclipse. The same logic applies for lunar nodes, but there the conjunction of Sun or planets should take place closer to the time of the eclipse.

A graphical representation
Let us examine the following graphs showing the transit of Rahu and Ketu. In the graph showing Rahu, we note that when Rahu becomes stationary in early 2009, the Sun becomes conjunct the nodal axis well within the 8 - 10 days after the eclipse. This suggests the impact of this eclipse will be greater for those with sensitive points or planets around 15° Capricorn (in the sideral zodiac).

In the transit of Ketu we see that in July 2009 the conjunction of the Sun with the stationary nodal axis occurs before the eclipse. This suggest the impact will be less for those with points or planets near or on 6° of Cancer.

An eclipse in the SAMVA USA chart (Perpetual Union)
In the 20° Cancer rising chart for the USA, the stationary RAHU at 15° Capricorn will become conjunct the transit 2nd lord SUN on January 29, 2009, three days after a solar eclipse. The conjunction will bring difficulty to the President and highly placed persons, notably in the field of foreign relations. At that time, 6th lord JUPITER will be at 12° Capricorn conjunct the natal 3rd lord MERCURY at 12° Capricorn in the 7th house, suggesting conflict associated with US business intitatives abroad or the communication of the government to the public concerning e.g. leisure or tourism activities. At the same time, transit 8th lord SATURN at 27° Leo in the 2nd house will be afflicted by natal SATURN at 27° Scorpio and 5th house. This stationary aspect will begin in December 2008 and will produce all kinds of problems. The situation could become aggravated in late January 2009 due to the solar eclipse and conjunction of Sun with the transit stationary nodal axis and other influences.

Astral remedies
Importantly, the ancient vedic astrology has developed faith healing remedies to counter the adverse karma seen at various times in the lives of all people.
Such faith healing operates in the domain of divine grace in terms of the expression of accumulated human karma that propels us all towards a more perfect understanding of the meaning of God in our life.

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