Saturday, June 21, 2008

Interesting times ahead in the USA

Transits in the SAMVA USA chart suggest the events in coming months will be very interesting. Several afflictions take place, both between transiting planets but also with natal placements in the chart. It is the aspects of the functional malefic planets in the chart, the most malefic planet SATURN, as 8th lord of OBSTACLES and ENDINGS, JUPITER as 6th lord of CONFLICT and the Moon's nodes, RAHU and KETU, that create the problems. RAHU rules CRISIS that results from MANIPULATION and DECEIT and KETU brings SUDDEN and VIOLENT EVENTS.

Below are snapshots of the main transit influences from the last week of June to the final week of September 2008. The aim is to account for the major influences, but also their rise and ebb.

The critical week is early September, when the aspects indicate some dramatic developments.

The hard hit FINANCIAL MARKETS may seem some respite after late July, but renewed strains are likely to emerge again in September.

The week of June 29, 2008
The major story this week is the aspect of transit functional malefic KETU in the 1st house to natal 8th lord SATURN in the 5th house. This aspect produces all kinds of disturbances, including extreme weather and flooding, also as transit VENUS is badly placed in the 12th house and is natally afflicted by transit 6th lord JUPITER. 4th lord VENUS is natally placed in the 6th house and its 4th house is afflicted by KETU while the 6th house, where it is placed, is afflicted by RAHU. This makes the USA vulnerable to EARTHQUAKES, setbacks in the HOUSING MARKET and conflict that disturbs the COMMUNAL HARMONY. Such influences are now on red alert until mid July.

The week of July 6, 2008
The aspect of JUPITER to natal VENUS becomes exact on July 7th. This is when the peak in the influences should be reached. When this aspect was first felt in mid March 2008, it seemed all hell broke lose in the financial markets. As transit 10th lord MARS is now strong and well placed in transit, unlike earlier, the impact of this aspect to reduce the CONFIDENCE of INVESTORS due to setbacks in HOUSING or COMMUNAL HARMONY or NATURAL RESOURCES is going to be less.

An aspect that is coming into focus in July is the conjunction of functional malefic RAHU and natal 2nd lord SUN in the 7th house. As RAHU is going stationary at around 24° 30' Capricorn, this aspect is expected to place a strain on the WEALTH and STATUS of the country in the period July to September, with the aspect reaching a peak at the end of September. Moreover, as Sun is the indicator of the leader of the country, it is expected to place a strain on the US PRESIDENT with regard to FOREIGN POLICY.

The week of July 13, 2008
The aspect of 6th lord JUPITER to natal 4th lord VENUS will be separating this week, which will see a reduction in the strain on the indications of the 4th house (FIXED ASSETS, COMMUNAL HARMONY, NATURAL RESOURCES) and its general indications (WEATHER, COMFORTS, ARTS and WOMEN).

However, the conjunction of the RAHU on natal 2nd lord SUN will become increasingly felt. Some unwelcome news for the President may emerge this week - also due to an affliction involving natal 6th lord JUPITER of CONFLICT, HEALTH and FINANCIAL STABILITY in the 3rd house of INITIATIVE and COMMUNICATION in the chart of PRESIDENT BUSH and transit RAHU in the 7th house of FOREIGN MATTERS.

The week of July 20, 2008

The aspect of transit KETU to natal 8th lord SATURN will be less felt as the aspect is now less than 50%. Hence, unusal problems will tend to wind down.

Transit 10th lord MARS in Leo and the 2nd house will briefly enter into an affliction by natal RAHU in Aries and the 10th house which may cause a short lived strain on the POLICE and MILITARY as well as FOREIGN TRADE.

The week of July 27, 2008

Transit 6th lord JUPITER will be closely conjunct the most effective point of the 6th house in the SAMVA USA chart until mid August. As the lord of conflict afflicts the 10th house of GOVERNMENT, 12th house of FOREIGN MATTERS and 2nd house of STATUS and COMMUNAL HARMONY, the political situation is likely to remain tense and disturbing. This will be more so as transit 4th lord VENUS becomes briefly conjunct stationary KETU in the 1st house in late July.

The Week of August 3, 2008
With most of the functional benefics in the Cancer rising SAMVA USA chart, 1st lord MOON, 2nd lord SUN, 3rd lord MERCURY and 10th lord MARS well placed in transit from late July, the situation should improve in many ways, including for the FINANCIAL MARKET.

That said, the transit of MERCURY over the stationary nodal axis could see some interruption for its indications of COMMERCE, COMMUNICATION or HIGH TECH ACTIVITIES.

The week of August 10, 2008
This week, when transit 2nd lord SUN passes over stationary KETU, there could be setbacks for the PRESIDENT or HIGHLY PLACED PERSONS. That said, as the SUN will also be opposite its own natal placement in the SAMVA USA chart, the inherent influence of the US Presidency will offer support.

The week of August 17, 2008

This week transit 8th lord SATURN will begin to move into the effective orb of affliction by natal RAHU in the 10th house. This aspect brings a tendency for ACCIDENTS and may bring to light MANIPULATIONS or DECEIT concerning EASY GAINS gains. 6th lord JUPITER will at the same time, be coming under the mutually afflicting aspect with natal RAHU. This aspect may bring to light MANIPULATIONS or DECEIT concerning JUDICIAL AFFAIRS, FINANCIAL MATTERS, RELIGIOUS AFFAIRS and POLITICAL OPPOSITION.

The week of August 24, 2008

During this week the afflicting aspects mentioned above will become closer still, ready to yield their karmic effect. However, as transit 2nd lord SUN will still be strong in its own sign Leo and 2nd house, the influence on its guest, 8th lord SATURN, is less.

The week of August 31, 2008

In the closing days of August and early days of September is where the most interesting aspects take place. The aspects of the slow moving bodies, JUPITER and SATURN, discussed above, become closer still. It is then in early September as the SUN travels into the 16°, 17° and 18° of Leo that its indications of WEALTH, STATUS and the PRESIDENCY are caught up in the influences of the bad company of the 6th and 8th house lords as well as the manipulating energy of natal RAHU in the 10th house of GOVERNMENT. At that time, the difficulty of the aspects involving the slow moving planets is most likely to be realised. This is all the more so as natal SUN at 23° 44' Capricorn in the 7th house will also be closely conjunct transit RAHU at 24° 25' Capricorn. The indications of the SUN in the chart will then be under maximum pressure.

The week of September 7, 2008

During this week, the aspect of transit JUPITER to transit SATURN climaxes, with the transit SUN having repaired to higher ground. As the NODAL STATION over the natal SUN will still be in full swing, the pressure will nonetheless be considerable on the PRESIDENT.

The week of September 14, 2008
At the opening of this week, on the 13th and 14th of September, transit SUN will pass through the aspect of natal SATURN as it passes through 26° and 27° Leo. At this time, the pressure will again slightly increase on the PRESIDENT, more so as the nodal affliction on the natal SUN will be reaching its 3 month peak.

As transit SATURN will have begun to move out of the harmful aspects of transit JUPITER and natal RAHU, the impact of any MANIPULATION or VIOLENCE will begin to recede.

The week of September 21, 2008
With transit 8th lord SATURN on the most effective point of the 2nd house, while the natal 2nd lord SUN is feeling the brunt of the nodal affliction, the FINANCIAL MARKET may be under significant pressure at this time.

The week of September 28, 2008
While the 6th lord JUPITER again moves into the most effective point of the 6th house, creating controversy, transit RAHU will at last begin to let up on its afflicting impact on the 2nd lord SUN. The influence will then wind down in the month of October, as the Presidential election goes into the final stretch.