Saturday, December 23, 2017

Is Bitcoin in a bubble?

Is Bitcoin in a bubble?
In November 2009, an article explained the second Rahu major period in the SAMVA USA chart. It discussed the boom of the 1920s, the "Roaring Twenties", which ended in a stock market bust, the collapse of banking and "the Great Depression of the 1930s".

Amongst other things, Rahu rules materialistic greed, manipulation, deception, confusion, and crisis. This influence is also felt in the sub-periods of Rahu. In the Venus-Rahu period (June 2003 - June 2006), a bubble developed in the housing market, based on corrupt mortgage securitisation practices, which ended in a bust, a banking crisis and a recession. In the ongoing Sun-Rahu period (June 2017-May 2018), we are witnessing a sudden eruption of popular interest in cryptocurrencies, which the public does not fully understand. While this is an international phenomen, its expression is being fully felt in the USA. Moreover, this bubble may now be in the process of bursting. Or as the well known economist Nouriel Roubini opined on Twitter on December 22:

"The first question that EVERY man or woman I meet asks these days -  even the many who can't tell the difference between stocks and bonds, ie who have ZERO financial literacy - is whether they should buy Bitcoin. True sign of The Mother of All Bubbles..."

The four stages of a bubble
This week, Bitcoin plunged below its $19.300 high attained on December 17, to $11.600 a few days later, before recovering some of the drop - which amounted to almost 60 percent at its trough. Many "investors" took a bath and for them this was a burst of the bubble. For others, the drop may be seen as a reflection of Bitcoin being a volatile investment vehicle, and thus a buying opportunity, to get their foot in the door for more gains. Whether Bitcoin surges again, the Rahu sub-period ends on May 8, 2018. By that time the investment euphoria will likely have run its course.

The founder of a top five ranked cryptocurrency (LiteCoin) had been commenting about its price and was criticised for having "a conflict of interest." He then sold his entire founding stake in the cryptocurrency, at the peak of the cycle. In doing so, he likely became a billionaire. Clearly, there are a few winners among the many losers. 

The results of the Rahu major period were dire for many households loosing their homes and jobs. The same was true, but to a lesser extent, in the sub-period of Rahu in the major period of a weak and badly placed Venus. In the far stronger major period of the Sun, the results of the Rahu sub-period are likely to be less serious, even if many may loose a lot of money. The key lesson is that in Rahu periods, people need to be cautious with their money! This is more so when transit Rahu, the current sub-period lord, has just gone stationary at 20° 50' Cancer and the most effective point of the 1st house of self in the 20° Cancer rising SAMVA USA horoscope. The transit station will last for three months. From this sensitive area of the chart, Rahu will also aspect the 5th house of speculation, 7th house of partnerships, 9th house of higher ideas, as well as the natal 2nd lord Sun at 23° 44' Capricorn and 7th house MEP. There will likely be significant tension with regard to these indications of the nature of Rahu during the stationary period.

And, yes, Bitcoin has been in a bubble (mania) phase. But the blow-off stage may have begun.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

The Science of Astrology

Through the years, many scientists have taken great pains to denounce astrology. In 1975, 186 leading scientists, including some Nobel laureates, signed a petition to warn against astrology as a superstition and pseudo-science. A few scientists objected to the authoritarian and dogmantic tone of the statement ; while others suggested scientists should study the subject before dismissing it. Nevertheless, the statement remains a cornerstone of scientific attitudes towards astrology. Bill Nye, the self-professed "science guy," is a recent example of such people denouncing astrology, either for its inability to explain the present or predict the future. In this article, the source of the objections of science types to astrology are examined, followed by an overview of the nature and limits of astrology as a scientific field of inquiry into human life.

The difference different types of cosmology make
In the western world, most who object to God, do so based on their understanding of a Judeo-Christian conception of God and dualism. Hence, they remain by and large ignorant of other conceptions of God, such as in Indian cosmology of monism. This matters in that scientific materialism now pervades the west, which finds it easy to reject a simple conception of God, such as being a seperate being that resides in "heaven," requiring intermediation of priests, to connect God and the masses. By  comparison, the Indian conception of Brahma (God) implies an all-pervasive consciousness, an energy force, that permeates the created world. Further, this conscious energy is reflected, to varying degrees, in the self-reflective conscious vibration of human, animal, insect and plant beings, as well as in the slow unconscious vibration of inert matter. In short, all humans are reflections of the divine. Indeed, the Indians further assume that the created world is a "divine play" of God, which began when He/She awoke from a sleeping state in the Big Bang  In doing so, the created world began to reorganise from the instantaneous expanding chaos into an evolving order of increasing consciousness and meaning. As unit entities of the divine consciousness, the souls of human beings, evolve by taking birth in lifetime after lifetime. They learn from their actions and the law of karma, based on relentless recurring episodes involving "pain of separation." This process of action and reaction purifies the soul, and in the end, the understanding arises that the only true goal of existence is the infinite love of God, which all can seek refuge in, based on pure devotion, acts of mercy, or intellectual understanding. Contrast this with the understanding of western science types (also in Communist China), who normally believe the created world is one of matter over mind, such that all of human life can be explained by material processes, including our mind and consciousness. In turn, compare that with the Indian school of thought, which believes in mind over matter, and that all of life can be explained by the struggle to evolve our conscious experience in life. By all appearances, the divergence in views is creating difficulty for western scientists to comprehend the knowledge of the world they are faced with, where matter, energy and consciousness interact. Indeed, the factual knowledge of the world, based on only matter and energy, has far outstripped the scientist's comprehension of the world as a system of meaning, due to their belief in a stale material cosmology that excludes consciousness as an integral part of the framework. This is important when explaining their reaction to astrology, but the problem also resides with western astrology, it too being largely based on the western cosmology of duality or materialism. Indeed, it is the ancient vedic tradition of astrology which is aligned with this deeper meaning of life and is likely the true source of astrology in the world, being also based on the real, visible zodiac.

The difference different types of astrology make
There are no kind ways to say this but western astrology is a dead end. While it has some redeeming features, it is doomed in praxis. It relies on a conceptual zodiac, that is wrong. It makes no distinction between visible and invisible (to the naked eye) planetary bodies. It focuses on sign placement of the Sun for central meaning, which takes 30 days to pass through a sign. It has limited understanding of horoscopic astrology and no clear rules of interpretation and prediction. The redeeming feature is that planets and their aspects do sometimes work. As a result, predictions based on western astrology are often wrong and there is a common reliance on 'after the fact' explanations as 'proof' of relevant insight. Sadly, western astrologers appear to be so vested in this accumulated hodgepodge of "knowledge" that by and large they refuse to even consider a better system, the vedic system. More troubling is the fact that the world of science has been exposed to this flawed and failing system of astrology for several hundred years, and the impression is not one of admiration, as earlier noted. Perhaps, this sorry state would be expected to continue, if there were not a viable alternative: vedic astrology. Let's us consider a few historical facts in this regard. The origins of vedic astrology are likely far older than the archaeological record is able to verify, going back many thousands of years. The Indus-Saraswati civilization is traced back to 12.000 BCE, while the Sumerian-Mesapotamian civilization is far younger, emerging in 5.000 BCE. Proto-astrological concepts are known in the Rg Veda, such as the Sun, Moon, the nodes and eclipses and the planets and their aspects. At the same time, the earliest record of horoscopes comes from Greek texts of Greek speaking astrologers in 1st century BCE of the Pan-Hellenic world, which stretched into India. Should that find be taken as a sign that horoscopic astrology emerged in Greece? Hardly, as there is no record of astrology in Greece before the Greco-Indian era. Why would the spontaneous emergence of the most developed form of astrology appear there, without any prior development? As in ancient times, the emphasis of vedic astrology is on the visible sidereal zodiac and planets. By comparison, the devolution of astrology in the emergence of sun sign astrology based on the now imaginary tropical zodiac, emerged in Rome. The horoscope forms the basis of the horosocopic system of astrology, that focuses on the ascendant and its degree in order to identify the personality and physical appearance. The ancient vedic system placed the ascendant at the top of the horoscope, representing the beginning of the reading with the 1st house of self, whereas the nascent western astrology moved the ascendant to the left, representing the appearance of the sun in the east. Importantly, it is truly the vedic system that can offer a plausible philosophical context, as earlier discussed, for why the planets and cosmos influence life on earth, and why the planetary influences contain both blessings and challenges, consistent with the karma seen in a horoscope. The Systems' Approach for Interpreting Horoscopes may be considered the prime method of this most advanced form of astrology, by offering a more accurate basis for horoscope interpretation and prediction. It does so by emphasising the functional nature of planets, based on the houses they rule, in addition to their general indications, as well as offering other helpful rules for interpreting the horoscope.

The difference different types of science make
Astrology has a scientific problem and it is different from what most people think. It is not because astrologers can't or won't apply the scientific method. It is because astrology is, like human life itself, ever moving forward from an infinitely complex set of mundane factors, which can never be replicated in a scientific experiment. Moreover, the scientific hypothesis for why astrology works cannot easily be posited in a scientific world that itself excludes astrology's main object of study, the evolving influences of the cosmos on human consciousness. What we have, however, to build on, are insights acquired by noble and intelligent astrologers over millennia, on how to interpret horoscopes and to predict based on them. Indeed, it is only through repeat accurate predictions that we best align astrology with that of science. More accurate predictions would not only make the users of astrology happy, but make astrologers more confident in their work and scientists more curious about astrology as a worthwhile field of scientific study. In doing so, astrologers become more scientific in their approach and the scientists invest more in new knowledge involving the philosophy of the world they seek to understand and explain. So, the hope of an article like this one is that it helps western astrologers and scientists to reframe their views and practices, and thus bring them closer together, based on all the available knowledge. Indeed, the objective of intellectual inquiry is not to win an argument but to improve the lives of people. As Nelson Mandela wisely observed "only by changing ourselves can we hope to change the world."

Monday, October 2, 2017

Predicting mass deaths

Since the discovery of the SAMVA USA chart in 2006, numerous predictions have been made months in advance suggesting violent events or acts with significant fatalities or death like experiences in the USA. The latest such accurate prediction was sadly realised today. Below, this prediction and a number of similar ones in the past ten years are recalled.

What was predicted: "Significant events involving fatalities or death-like experiences are likely, as well as setbacks for easy gains, especially for speculators..between July 5 until October 10, when the aspect from Rahu is applying."
When the prediction was madeDecember 28, 2016
What actually happened: 59 killed and 527 injured at Las Vegas Strip in the deadliest mass shooting in US history.
Who did it: An evil or mad gunman, known to be a heavy gambler.
When the event happened: October 1, 2017.

What was predicted: “There could be violent natural or man-made events” when transit Rahu and 6th lord Jupiter are conjunct in Leo and 2nd house under the aspect of 8th lord Saturn in Scorpio and 5th house.
When the prediction was madeJanuary 10, 2016
What actually happened: 50 killed and 59 injured at Orlando‘s Pulse Nightclub shooting. 
Who did it: A foreign born muslim. terrorist.
When the event happened: June 12, 2016.

What was predicted: “Scope for serious violent acts or events" in the fall.
When the prediction was made: December 31, 2014
What actually happened14 people killed and 22 others seriously injured in a terrorist attack consisting of a mass shooting and an attempted bombing at the Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino, CA.
Who did it: A foreign born muslim terrorist couple.
When the event happened: December 2, 2015.

What was predicted"Violent or explosive events with searing heat...with many fatalities possible" through April. "Spiritual, diplomatic or drug dealing people could be involved."
When the prediction was madeDecember 30, 2012
a) What actually happened: 6 killed and 280 injured in the Boston marathon bombing.
Who did it: Two foreign born muslim terrorists who were brothers; the younger one known to deal drugs.
When the event happened: April 15, 2013.
b) What actually happened: 15 killed and 200 people injured in West Fertilizer Company explosion in West, Texas.
When the event happened April 17, 2013.

What was predicted: "A sudden event disturbs the social equilibrium...Violence...and loss of life" in the spring 2007.
When the prediction was made: December 30, 2006.
What actually happened: 33 killed and 23 injured at Virginia Tech. shooting; the largest campus massacre in US history.
Who did it: A deranged young man. 
When the event happened: April 16, 2007.

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Saturday, September 30, 2017

To kneel or not to kneel

The protests of some NFL players involving the National Anthem and the Flag since 2016, suddenly hit the front pages on September 23, 2017,when President Trump said that anybody disrespecting the national flag and anthem should be fired. The debate has captivated and divided the media and nation likely because it reflects a tension that has been building up in the American psyche for decades. What is at stake are two opposing views of reality, between one that is essentially backward looking and another that is more forward looking. However, there is more to the story and the SAMVA USA chart is uniquely able to shine a light on and explain this complex national issue.

On the one hand, we have those who want to correct for the mistreatment of certain groups in US history. According to surveys, these are predominantly people that identify as Democrats or non-whites. The protest is led by players in the NFL, which are young accomplished athletes, reflecting also the placement of 10th lord Mars and 6th lord Jupiter in Scorpio and the 5th house of the chart. Indeed, in US history young people have often led movements for social change. The protesters are in sympathy with the goals of groups like Black Lives Matter (BLM) by refusing to stand in pre-game ceremonies and honor the flag of "a country that oppresses black people."  Essentially, this group is emphasising the influences of the weak 4th lord Venus in Sagittarius and the 6th house of the SAMVA USA chart. Both of these houses receive afflicting aspects from the Moon's nodes, Ketu and Rahu in the national horoscope, which explains the recurring social problems in the country. 

On the other hand, there are those who want to emphasise the strength and purpose of the country. Typically, these are predominantly voters who identify as Republicans and white, especially those with a deep sense of patriotism. President Trump is the leader of people with this mindset. He recalls the blood spilled by American soldiers to defend the flag and what it stands for. To these people it is a simple issue of it never being right to disrespect the flag. The President is represented by the powerful 2nd lord Sun in Capricorn and the most effective point of the 7th house of the chart. Indeed, a large section of the American people are tired of the problems and have an urge to transcend them. Their mindset is that of the strong and powerfully placed Sun in the chart. The reaction of President Trump placed the protests in another context altogether. His words created a psychic clash among those beholden to the old problem identifying ideas and rallied those in tune with his vision. Such a clash usually accompanies change in the national mind set..

Importantly, the timing of the debate owes to both the period influences and transits.

The Venus major period has ended and the Sun major period has begun. Clinton, Bush and Obama were Presidents during the Ketu and Venus periods. The Ketu period brought social problems of race and morality to the forefront, while the Venus period brought excesses of the rich and growing poverty and inequality to the fore. The Presidents of that time would likely have tolerated such protests of unequal treatment involving racial or ethnic background. Trump, however, has become President at the onset of the Sun major period, as predicted. He was elected because he was psychologically in tune with a collective need to transcend the problems with bold new policies (e.g. tax plan to be "rocket fuel for the economy") to create new well paying jobs that he sees as a means to cure the social problems. His vision is to shift the collective mindset to the Sun like facet of the collective nature, which is now operative in the chart due to the Sun period operating. Trump has little patience for voices protesting weakness or injustices by dishonoring the national symbols. He prefers to take the protesters head on with regard to the importance of respect for the national symbols. While the trend influences support his shift in emphasis, the transits are making it very difficult for him to do so.

Adding to the tension is the transit of 6th lord Jupiter into the sign Libra and 4th house on September 13, 2017. As predicted last year, this was expected to "bring the energy of conflict into the house communal harmony" during the transit of Jupiter in this sign. The transit of Ketu into Capricorn and the 7th house also suggests conflictual energy in the national life, involving both foreign policies but also the President, ruled by the Sun  Earlier this year, transit 8th lord Saturn entered Sagittarius and 6th house. This was expected to bring obstacles and endings into the house of conflict. During the summer, transit Saturn went retrograde into Scorpio and 5th house, where it has been afflicted by both natal Saturn but also transit Rahu. This has created serious problems in the country. Saturn will re-enter Sagittarius in late November of this year, increasing the scope for the type of hard-nosed obstructionist politics by the opposition that were witnessed in the Spring of this year. The transit of Saturn in late Scorpio from the late summer has also been especially troublesome for the Leo rising chart of President Trump.

In 2009 I wrote an article about how the Sun and Moon influence the identity and symbols of the country. The Moon, as the ruler of the sign Cancer in the 1st house, represents the caring side of Americans, while the Sun lends power through authority and leonine magnanimity to the self, due to the close aspect to the 1st house from its placement in the most effective point of the 7th house. Moreover, 10th lord Mars and 6th lord Jupiter in the 5th house also aspect 1st lord Moon in the 11th house, adding fame, courage, expansiveness and staunchness to the national identity. All these astrological energies are vividly reflected in the national symbols.

Here is a video clip of a part of yesterday's White House press briefing that brings out the dynamics of this national debate of whether to emphasise national unity through recognition of the nations Ketu and Venus-related problems or the power of the country, as represented by the Sun, in a back-and-forth exchange between a reporter and the WH spokesperson.

Cartoon source:

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Setbacks in the summer

Astrologer V. K. Choudhry (1951-2017), who created the Systems' Approach for Interpreting Horoscopes,  emphasised the importance of predictions for the work of astrologers. 

"Astrology is an art of interpreting the reputed esoteric influence of stars/planets on human affairs. It is called divine science and it enables one to peep into the mysterious future."

Indeed, it is only with repeat accurate predictions that we gain confidence in our interpretations of horoscopes. Below is an overview of four accurate predictions for the USA this summer, made on December 28, 2016, based on the Systems' Approach  and the SAMVA chart for the USA.

I. PREDICTION: Setbacks in the Summer
"After June 13, the aspect of Rahu to transit Saturn is expected to become more intense, when two things begin: i) the Rahu sub-period, and ii) a transit station of Rahu at 0° Leo and 2nd house. ... Significant events involving fatalities or death-like experiences are likely..."

I. OUTCOME: Members of US Congress attacked by gunman
On Wednesday, June 14, 2017, at 7:09 am EDT, U.S. Congressman Steve Scalise and three other people were shot and wounded by James Hodgkinson, who opened fire with a rifle during a baseball practice of the Republican team for the annual Congressional Baseball Game in Alexandria, Virginia. Scalise, the only member of Congress to be hit, was shot in the hip. Rep. Mo Brooks, who was also at the practice, witnessed the attack and said he saw someone with a rifle behind the third base dugout. Scalise crawled into right field, bleeding. Senator Jeff Flake and Rep. Brad Wenstrup, a former combat surgeon, ran to assist Scalise after Hodgkinson was shot. Sen. Rand Paul, also a witness, said he heard "as many as 50 shots". Scalise, initially conscious, went into shock while being taken to MedStar Washington Hospital Center in critical condition, where he underwent immediate surgery. On September 28, Rep. Scalise returned to the House, receiving a hero's welcome, where he gave a speech about his experience related to the traumatic events.

II. PREDICTION: Setbacks for the Summer

In addition to the aforementioned influences suggesting deaths and death-like experiences the following was also mentioned. "Moreover, transit 8th lord Saturn will become stationary at 28° 30‘ Scorpio and 5th house on July 5 until October 10, when the aspect from Rahu is applying. At the time when transit Rahu is aspecting both transit and natal Saturn, transit Saturn and natal Satrurn will also become closely conjunct, well within 1° but not exact. The aspect becomes closest in late August...The economy, working people, mining sector, or easy gains may experience a setback in the summer.

II. OUTCOME: Destructive hurricanes
From mid August to mid September 2017, Hurricane Harvey unleashed flooding, causing 84 confirmed deaths and over $100 billion in property damages in Texas and Hurricane Irma brought over 140 mph winds and lots of rain causing 124 deaths and $65 billion worth of destruction of property, some of which took place in Florida. US insurance companies were hard hit by the damages. The setbacks, even if one-off, were significant in terms of the national economy.  

III. PREDICTION: Setbacks in the Summer
"The malefic influences are thus further increased due to iii) the stationary movement of transit 8th lord Saturn and  iv) the conjunction of transit and natal Saturn. The setbacks associated with these combined aspects could manifest with regard to obstacles, challenges or a crises regarding the legitimacy of US foreign policies, the territorial integrity of the country or its resources. 

III. OUTCOME:  North Korean Missile Crisis reaches boiling point

From early July and into September, North Korea escalated the arms race on the Korean peninsula by launching long range missiles capable of delivering a nuclear war head, while also conducting nuclear testing and setting off a hydrogen bomb. The leader of North Korea threatened to attack Guam and destroy the US mainland. President Trump returned the threats that North Korea would be destroyed if it attacked the US or its allies. The crisis is sufficiently serious to threaten the USA, evoking memories of the deathlike threat of the Cold War."

IV. PREDICTION: Setbacks in the Summer

"Any fast moving transit contacts in the time period can trigger significant events in this regard, such as on August 17, when transit 2nd lord Sun becomes conjunct transit stationary Rahu."

IV. OUTCOME: Media uproar over Trump's comments

President Trump, indicated by the Sun as the leader of the country, got caught up in media storm on August 16-19 for saying that left wing agitators behaved just as badly as right wing protesters protesting the removal of civil war monument on August 13, when one person was killed and dozens injured. Importantly, these events transpired before the Solar Eclipse of August 21, which was therefore not a cause of the uproar, as some tropical astrologers indicate.


It was noted that the transits involving Rahu would be tense from April to October, but peaking in the Summer, when setbacks were likely to occur. The nature of the likely events was also described and the events have unfolded fairly closely to what was predicted. This is further raising the confidence in the Systems' Approach and the SAMVA USA chart.

PS A fifth accurate prediction pertains to the autumn.

V. PREDICTION: Shifting trends in the fall

"On September 13, 2017, transit 6th lord Jupiter will enter Libra and 4th house, where it will remain until October 13, 2018. This transit is likely to bring the energy of conflict to the house of communal harmony." 

V. OUTCOME: Growing controversy over "National Anthem protests"
The National Anthem protests began in 2016 with Colin Kaepernick, a NFL football player, refusing to stand in pre-game ceremonies and honor the flag of "a country that oppresses black people." On September 23, 2017, U.S. President Donald Trump, speaking at a rally in Huntsville, Alabama, said NFL owners should fire players who kneel during the national anthem, and encouraged fans to walk out.  In the games immediately following Trump's statements, the protest gained broader participation when over 200 players sat or kneeled during the anthem, others linked arms with their teammates or raised fists, and three teams chose to stay in the locker room for the anthem. Many fans have reacted angrily by burning their NFL paraphernalia and staying away from games.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

The great light of astrology

V. K. Choudhry (1951-2017)
It is with profound sadness that we report the passing of the world renowned Indian author and astrologer, V. K. Choudhry. He died peacefully in the morning of August 11, 2017 in Gurgaon, India, after a brief illness, surrounded by his family. History will confirm that V. K. Choudhry is the single greatest astrologer of the modern era.

V. K. Choudhry was born on September 13, 1951 in Delhi, India. He came to astrology in the mid 1980s, having obtained a MBA degree and while working in the Government of India's engineering export company. During his astrology career, which spanned three decades, he wrote 14 path breaking books with his son, K. Rajesh Chaudhary, based on the Systems‘ Approach to Interpreting Horoscopes which he propounded. He participated in numerous conferences, received many awards, was founder and President of the International Institute of Predictive Astrology (IIPA) and the Systems Institute of Hindu Astrology (SIHA) and actively taught Systems' Approach astrology to his students on popular discussion lists on the internet.

Contribution to astrology
Receiving Jyotish Bhanu award in 1992.
His aim was to remove the many confusions and contradictions that had accumulated in modern astrology. In doing so he redefined horoscopic astrology based on the ancient heritage of Jyotisha, the science of light. By focusing on the ascending sign and house rulership of planets owning Moolatrikona signs, the Systems‘ Approach makes a true interpretation of the karma seen in the horoscope possible. In turn, the Systems’ Approach makes accurate predictions for the life of the native also possible. Indeed, V. K. Choudhry placed a major emphasis on the use of predictions to underpin the scientific aspect of astrology.

A highly spiritual person, V.K. Choudhry also provided his students with guidance on how to be good astrologers as well as how to manage afflictions and weaknesses seen in horoscopes for a more stable and spiritually uplifting life.

Importantly, the easy to follow rules of interpretation of the Systems‘ Approach enable astrologers to give a quick overview of the essential features of each horoscope. This feature also makes birth chart rectification much easier than before.

He also clarified the indications of mundane or national astrology which has made significant advances possible in this field as well. The SAMVA discussion list on Yahoo groups has been applying this form of astrology since November 2000, with many discoveries of national horoscopes, including for the USA.

A bright future for the Systems' Approach
K. Rajesh Chaudhary
Messages of condoloences have been coming in from all over the world, with appreciation for the contribution of V. K. Choudhry to the lives of his students and people in all walks of life, with also prayers asking God to bless his soul with peace.

His final message on the SAMVA list was on July 9, with the words:

"All SA students / astrologers always have my blessings.
Wish you best of luck."

With the active support of Systems‘ Approach astrologers around the world, Sri K. Rajesh Chaudhary assumes the responsibility to be guardian and expounder of this important legacy going forward.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Explaining personality

In the vedic astrology of the Systems‘ Approach, the reading of the birth chart is focused on the ascending sign. In some sense, the rising sign interpretation of vedic (sidereal) astrology may appear comparable to the emphasis western (tropical) astrology places on interpreting the sun sign. However, the rising sign is only the starting point for an extensive analysis of the horoscope based on assigning houses to signs and rulership to planets. As a result, this is the only true form of horoscopic astrology. There are other notable differences between these two approaches to astrological interpretation and prediction, which are reviewed in appendix. This article focuses on two very different personalities, which became world famous for their leading role in World War II. It examines how an independent scholarly description of their personality matches up with the description of their rising signs as per the System‘s Approach. Amazingly, there are cases of word for word matches between the historical and rising sign descriptions for both men.

The ascending sign
Determining the ascending sign depends on the unique location and time of each birth. The coordinates of the place of birth and the elements of timing, including the year, month, day, hour and minute of birth, combine to determine not only the sign rising in the ascendant but the exact degree, from 0° to 30°, of the rising sign. The exact ascending degree becomes the most effective point (MEP) of the ascendant and, indeed, of all twelve houses of the horoscope. The ever changing MEP is a key element in making the lives of individuals born at different times distinct. It takes the rising sign about two hours to pass over the ascending point. Hence, two individuals born in the same location but within a few minutres of each other, will have slightly different horoscopes and karmic experiences. By comparison, it takes the sun, so important for western astrology, approximately one month to pass through one sign, making such analysis less suited to reveal individual paths.The birth information for both men is considered reliable, with AA Rodden rating for Hitler and A for Churchill.

A tale of two personalities
A stunning description of different personalities is found in the book Hitler and Churchill: Secrets of Leadership by Andrew Roberts (Orion Books, 2003).

"To an extent rarely seen before outside a religious context, the phenomenon of Adolf Hitler allowed intelligent people to suspend the activity of that part of their brains which induce rationality. The German Minister of Defence, Field Marshal Werner von Blomberg, claimed that a handshake from the Furher could cure him of the common cold. Field Marshal Hermann Göring said: "If Hitler told you you were a woman, you would leave the building believing that you were." There are endless further examples of intelligent people - men and women alike - who were spell bound by Hitler. One of his senior staff officers, General Walter Warlimont, recalled how: "Hardly one of the great theatre commanders, when summoned to make a presentation or report at the headquarters, was proof against the overpowering presence of Hitler." Churchill by contrast never seemed to exert this kind of personal, almost mystical power over others. While Hitler had charisma, Churchill did not...Most powerful leaders - not just Hitler or Churchill - are egocentric characters who are powerfully aggressive in the face of opposition, but when Churchill argued down the opposition and defeated it with votes in Parliament, Hitler gunned down his opponents on the Night of the Long Knives and used Dachau and other concentration camps to dispose of the rest...In almost every facet of their personalities, no two men could have been more different than Hitler and Churchill. The latter was a magnificent hedonist whose appetites were massive...Hitler, meanwhile, can be accused - and even convicted - of being an anti-smoking, teetotal vegetarian...The key attribute shared by both men was almost a superhuman tenacity of purpose that they held on to throughout their long years of adversity and failure."  

Adolf Hitler: Libra rising
The clue to Hitler's personality is found in the fact that he had the sign Libra rising on the eastern horizon at the time of birth. Libra was thus in his ascendant. Astrologers and authors, V. K. Choudhry and K. Rajesh Chaudhary offer an insightful description of all the twelve ascendants, including Libra, which matches what we know of his life.

The Libra rising personality
“Libra is an airy sign ruled by Venus, the significator for materialistic pursuits and comforts. Saturn, the planet of hard work and discipline, is exalted in this sign and the Sun, the significator of vitality and status, is debilitated. If the Sun which rules the soul is involved in this sign which rules luxuries and pleasures, the spiritual development of the person is obstructed and that is why the Sun gets debilitated in this sign. If Saturn is placed in this sign it gets exalted because Saturn ruling servants occupies the sign of luxuries and pleasures. These factors render the Librans a magnetic personality, if Venus is strong. The person makes use of the body language for communicating with others. If Libra rises as the ascendant, the Ishta Devata would be mother divine, Goddess Lakshmi. This sign rules lumbar region and lumbar bones, skin, lower part of large intestine, bladder and inner sexual organs such as ovaries, uterus, testicles and prostate gland. If Venus is strong, the Librans enjoy good health. Otherwise, they are vulnerable to diseases connected with parts ruled by this sign, skin diseases, diabetes, venereal diseases, renal problems, urination problems, arthritis, etc. This is the mooltrikona sign of Venus. Libra is a moveable, positive, rajasic, tri-dosha, male, talkative, semi-fruitful and biped sign and signifies sense of justice, clarity, strong will-power, optimism and is highly sensitive. Its talkative characteristic provides the person capacity to communicate, including the use of body language and facial expressions for making the communication more effective. Its positive characteristic makes the person a contributor instead of being only a consumer. Its airy characteristic makes the person a thinker. Its semi-fruitful characteristic blesses the native with affluence and resourcefulness in life. Depending on the influences on the ascendant and/or Venus, the sign Libra usually gives their natives a strong sense of harmony, justice, balance, charm and aesthetic sense, making them spontaneous, artistic, charismatic, harmonizing, humanitarian, independent, adaptable, idealistic, talkative, thinker and able to consider different aspects of standpoint and judgment or offensive arguments, inconstant, changeable and indecisive. They can attune themselves to the love of truth and thereby quickly learn to transcend the world.“[1]

Elements of Hitler‘s personality as read from his chart
Body language is important to the magnetic Libra personality
As Venus is the Moolatrikona lord of the sign Libra which is in the first house, it became Hitler‘s 1st lord. It was placed in the sign Aries and the 7th house, where it was conjunct 7th lord Mars. This combination made Hitler‘s personality especially magnetic, with a militaristic, relationship and change oriented influence on the nature. Saturn as 5th lord of management and creativity, was placed in Cancer and the 10th house, giving a career as manager of men. As Saturn aspected Venus and Mars, it rendered him exceptionally intelligent. Ketu, the planet of strange experiences, was in Sagittarius and the 3rd house from where it also aspected Venus and Mars, adding an element of separation to the sense of self, relationships and communication. Mercury, the Moolatrikona ruler of the sign Virgo and 12th house, was the 12th lord of losses. In that placement it was conjunct the most effective point of the 7th house, where it aspected the 1st house. This made Hitler selfish and unconcerned with the welfare of others, to the point of making decisions that consigned countless people to death. He even took his own life and that of his wife when all was lost. Another favourable combination, a so-called Gajeskari yoga, is the conjunction of 10th lord Moon and 3rd lord Jupiter in the 3rd house of speech and action. This placement explains Hitler‘s oratorical powers and global fame, linked also to his authorship of the controversial book, Mein Kampf. Despite his negative personality traits, Hitler was judged by his peers to possess a magnetic and a towering personality.

Winston Churchill: Virgo rising
Winston Churchill, for all his rousing speeches, eminence as a writer and prognosticator of international trends, as well as his public stature as an international statesman and champion against the evil of fascism, was not considered a magnetic pershonality. Let us look at Churchill‘s horoscope for the answer to his personality, beginning with the fact that Churchill had the sign Virgo in the ascendant, as described by Messrs. Choudhry and Chaudhary.

The Virgo ascendant personality 
Virgo is an earthy sign ruled by Mercury, the governor of nervous system. Mercury, the significator of analytical faculties, is exalted in this sign and Venus, the significator for materialistic pursuits and comforts, is debilitated. These factors render the Virgos a discriminating nature and deep sensuality. If Virgo rises as the ascendant, the Ishta Devata would be Lord Vishnu. This sign rules the waist, abdominal umbilical region, nervous system, small intestine, upper part of large intestine, appendix and kidneys. If Mercury and Saturn are strong, the Virgos enjoy good health. Otherwise, they become hypochondriac and are vulnerable to overexertion, nervous breakdown, appendicitis, constipation, etc. This is the mooltrikona sign of Mercury. Virgo is a dual, negative, tamasic, vata, female, barren and biped sign and, if Mercury is strong, it gives the power of analysis and discrimination. Depending on the influences on the ascendant and/or Mercury, the sign Virgo usually makes their natives communicative, attractive, charming, prudent, cautious, protective, analytical, dependable, honest, truthful, practical, sincere and detailed or critical, neurotic, distant, resentful, indecisive and nit pickers with a fault finding tendency.[2]

Elements of Churchill's personality as read from his chart
A cigar and a whiskey were never far from Churchill's lips.
Virgos are often described as rational in their demeanour due to their power of analysis and discrimmination. Churchill‘s 1st lord, Mercury, was well placed in the 2nd house of status. Meanwhile, his 2nd lord Venus was placed in the 3rd house of communication. Even if Venus is weak in old age, the combination was enough to make Churchill witty, known for his repartee, and a prolific writer of books and speeches. He was known to be hedonistic when it came to his ample appetite for liquor and food. His physical appearance was not impressive. He was of average height in his prime (5 ft 8 in./1,69 cm) and of a plump, stooping appearance in middle and old age. His facial expression and fighting spirit was such that he was called “the British bulldog“. Despite his warmth, wit, foresight and humanity, Churchill was not considered a magnificent personality by his peers. Churchill‘s 4th lord of fixed assets and inner tranquility, Jupiter, was also placed in the 2nd house of family and assets, but it was conjunct Ketu, the planet of sudden changes and separation. This gave him a reputation for family heritage and large assets, but it also made his sense of happiness and real estate matters unstable during his lifetime. The US government rescued him financially, to enable him to hold on to his estate, Chartwell, during the war.

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Appendix: Differences between vedic and western astrology
Vedic astrology relies on the sidereral zodiac which is aligned with the visible constellations. It‘s beginning point is arrived at by setting the fixed star Spica at 0° Libra for all time. By comparison, the tropical zodiac is fixed on the Vernal Equinox at 0° Aries. As a result, the tropical zodiac has been drifting away from its visible moorings for close to two thousand years, from the time when the two zodiacs were identical. Today, the signs of the western zodiac have shifted 24° away from their visible constellations, almost by  one whole sign of 30°. Another difference is that vedic astrology also uses only the seven planets that are visible to the naked eye, the inner planets from Sun to Saturn, along with calculated points of Rahu and Ketu, the Moon‘s nodes, which are needed to determine the recurring eclipses of the Sun and Moon. Meanwhile, Western astrology uses also the planets visible only by telescope, the outer planets from Neptune to Pluto, as well as a host of distant objects in the solar system. Further, any sign remains in the ascendant for only around 2 hours, whereas the sun resides in the same sign for one whole month. In horoscopic astrology, the expectation is that persons born on the same day but with different rising signs and degrees, will differ in their personality, as well as karma and how it fructifies in the life. Indeed, the ascending sign becomes the key to horoscopic astrology. It determines the placements of planets in signs and houses, but also their nature for better or worse. This is because the rising sign becomes the basis for assigning house rulerships to the planets.