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Ketu's aspect to Saturn


The contracting and crystalising planet Saturn is transiting the secretive and rigid sign of Scorpio from November 2, 2014 to January 26, 2017.

From September 1 to October 15 2015, Saturn in the first decan of Scorpio will be under the close afflicting aspect of the separating and isolating planetary point, Ketu, which will be transit stationary at 7° in the mystical and generous sign of Pisces during the fall.

During this period, the general significations of Ketu, such as sudden explosive events, are likely to be visited on the general indications of Saturn, such as working people, traditional industries, structures, and things mined from the ground. As Saturn represents cold and Ketu represents extremes, there could be an unseasonal cold snap or an explosion involving extremes of hot and cold. As both planets are transiting watery signs, there could also be problems having to do with water.

The impact of this aspect, however, will be strongly influenced by the national horoscope of the countries involved, especially, where the ascending degree is around 7 or where some natal planet is at 7 degrees in the even numbered signs: Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces.

Indian astrologer & author V. K. Choudhry has analysed, based on the Systems’ Approach of house rulerships, what the influence of the transit of Saturn through Scorpio is likely to be for each of the rising signs.

In this article we focus on the likely impact of this aspect from Ketu where Saturn is also a functional malefic, as per SA. This is the case for the signs of Cancer, where Saturn becomes the 8th lord of obstacles and endings, Virgo, where it is 6th lord of conflict, and Pisces, where it becomes 12th lord of losses. In countries with these ascendants, and where the rising degree is around 7 degrees or some planet is in even signs at that degree, the problems are likely to be greater.

For Cancer ascendants, the transit of Saturn through Scorpio is expected to cause stress to the indications of the 5th, 7th, 11th and 2nd houses. The transit of Saturn in Scorpio and 5th house suggests financial setbacks, problems with young people, foreign policy and the economy. The six week aspect of Ketu in the 9th house is likely to bring a sudden setback for the credibility of the country as well as violent storms that upset people.

United States of America
In the SAMVA horoscope for the USA, which has 20° Cancer rising, the Venus-Ketu period is operating. This places an emphasis on the energy of Ketu in the horoscope, but it is conjunct the most effective point of the 4th house and aspects the 8th house, 10th house and 12th house. Hence, the natal factors are likely to be triggered by this aspect of Ketu, but also in relation to natal 6th lord Jupiter at 4°Scorpio and natal 10th lord Mars at 10° Scorpio, suggesting the problems involve the police and military but also corporate leaders in the country. The aspect of Ketu to 8th lord Saturn could involve violent events with mass casualties.

During the summer months, the conjunction of transit stationary Saturn at 5° Scorpio to natal Jupiter, is likely to cause the expansion of the US economy, ruled by Jupiter, to be halted by contracting Saturn. From mid-September to mid October, the banking system, ruled by Sun and Jupiter, could come under stress, especially on September 23, when transit Sun becomes conjunct transit stationary Rahu.

Another important aspect at that time, is the exact aspect of transit stationary Rahu at 7° Virgo and 3rd house to natal 1st lord Moon at 7° Taurus and 11th house. This aspect, which lasts from beginning August to end October, is likely to bring stress for the condition of the people and reputation of the country. There could be an expose of efforts to cover up pollution in the mining sector, such as shale oil extraction poisoning the water supply affecting large numbers of people. The problems for corporate leaders may be more prominent in early October, when transit 6th lord Jupiter comes under the exact aspect of natal Rahu in the 10th house of the SAMVA USA chart.
By comparison, the European Union, with 24° Cancer rising, will likely be less affected by this transit aspect.

For Virgo ascendants, the transit of Saturn in Scorpio is expected to cause stress to the indications of the 3rd, 5th, 9th and 12th houses. This transit can make Virgo rising countries more aggressive, causing problems for their financial system. In particular, the aspect of Ketu in the 7th house of others to 6th lord Saturn in the 3rd house of action and communication is likely to bring setbacks for financial obligations, communicable diseases or court cases involving transportation or communication. Germany and the United Kingdom have Virgo rising horoscopes but the influences are not seen to intimately involve these countries.

For Pisces ascendants, the transit of Saturn in Scorpio is expected to cause stress to the indications of the 9th, 11th, 3rd and 6th houses. This transit can make Pisces rising countries unlucky, involving e.g. their judicial or religious systems. In particular, the aspect of Ketu in the 1st house of self to 12th lord Saturn in the 9th house of luck is likely to bring setbacks for the judiciary or religious institutions, including old structures.
Other countries, where Saturn is a functional benefic planet, due to its Moolatrikona rulership of an auspicious house, such as India, with 7° Taurus rising and Iceland with 19° Scorpio rising, but FM planets around 7° Capricorn and Cancer, could also experience setbacks at this time.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

A fortunate change for Greece

German Finance Mininster Schauble and his Greek counterpart Varoufakis
On February 27, 2012, a new horoscope for Greece was introduced on this blog and SAMVA list. Significant events in the history of the country were examined in terms of the Systems‘Approach (SA), and the events were found to be remarkably consistent with the natal, period and transit influences of the horoscope. Further, the near term development of 2012-2014 was seen to be difficult but this was expected to be followed by relief.

The prediction in 2012
“ This horoscope seems to reflect well the events of Greek national life. At the same time, it does not paint a hopeful picture for the financial or political position of Greece in the summer of 2012 when the Mercury-Mercury period is operating and difficult transits are felt. Venus, Mars and Saturn are the helpful planets in this horoscope. Their placements suggest some amount of comforts, fortune, energy and status - all of which is consistent with what we know about life in Greece. Barring challenging transits, the Venus sub-period from January 2015, promises a fortunate change of events.“

Moreover, the following was stated.
"The recession from 2006 to 2011 is associated with the Rahu and Jupiter sub-periods of the Saturn major period. Now the Mercury major period has started, the difficulties are likely to continue during the Mercury and Ketu sub-periods lasting through 2014."

Recent developments
Youth unemployment in Greece has been near 60 percent in recent years
In late December 2014, the Samaras government collapsed.[1] It had been beholden to the fiscal austerity policies for several years, which had caused much suffering in Greek society, including keeping unemployment at depression levels.
   In the election on January 25, 2015, a new government came to power. It had the single aim of ending the austerity policies. It made bold statements about the need to scupper existing agreements. 
   On February 20, 2015, this was effectively achieved, when Greece and its Euro-area partners reached a deal to give Greece up to four months to renegotiate its debt agreement with the EU, IMF and ECB.
   While this initial agreement falls short of the initial demands to immediately renegotiate the debt, the change nonetheless represents a victory for Greece in that the austerity policies are in effect being relaxed with the consent of its Euro area partners. However, Greece does not have carte blanche to change its policies or the debt burden.

Challenges to gain a consensus
The new Greek government must also show good faith efforts in coming months to continue to reform the government and management of the country. This is hard given the placement of Mercury, as 8th lord of obstacles and endings, is on the most effective point of the 11th house of incomes and future plans and in aspect to the 5th house of speculation and management. This placement, as Indian astrologer and author V. K. Choudhry has pointed out, explains why the Greek people have such a hard time reaching agreement amongst themselves. This divisive energy is focused on the future direction of the country (11th house) and its management (5th house).
   Indeed, the country has historically been rife with corruption and mismanagement. During the 1940s, 1960s and 1970s, the country was in a state of civil war or political turmoil due also to extreme factionalism. During the major period of Mercury, the problems of factionalism have been there but the major problem has been the economic hardships following the financial crisis of recent years.

Scope for improved policies
The Greek economy is now predicted to be emerging from the recession. Such a change will help usher in better conditions for the working people in Greece. Moreover, the new agreement gives increased scope for the government to quickly implement policies that begin to reduce the high unemployment levels.[2]
   Kelly (2015) emphasises the advantages of the new agreement.[3]

"Greece gets to pick its own austerity.“

Meanwhile, Evans-Pritchard (2015), a noted critic of the EU, describes the overall implications thus.[4]

“Greece has secured a four-month reprieve from eurozone creditors at a last-ditch summit in Brussels, heading off imminent default and a traumatic rupture of monetary union.  The interim accord gives Greece breathing room to flesh out its economic agenda and reform plans, and effectively scraps the draconian fiscal targets imposed by the EU-IMF Troika."

   To this we can add that the alarmists were proved wrong, Greece did not opt out of, nor was it forced to leave the eurozone. Indeed, that would have been a disastrous outcome for the country. In short, the country has not suffered an additional loss at this time. Rather, the agreement ensures that Greece continues, despite the problems and challenges, as an integral member in in the European Union and euro zone.
   In November 2014, OECD, the international think tank in Paris, noted the rapidly improving economic outlook for Greece.[5]

“Following six years of deep recession, growth is projected to be positive in 2014, and to gain additional momentum in 2015-16.“

   In short, the sequence of recent events resulting in easier policies along with the rapidly improving economic situation may aptly be described as a "fortunate change" for the Greek people "from January 2015".[6] 
   It is also of interest that the Moon-Venus period that began in June 1949, ushered in a time in Greek life when a dire situation of civil war began to be resolved. This is important in that since January 22, 2015, Greece has been in the Mercury-Venus period. Hence, the prediction made three years ago.
   We should keep in mind that the Mercury major period runs from August 2011 to August 2028. Given the affliction of Mercury in the horoscope, we may expect that the legacy of the financial problems will remain in the background during the remainder of  this 17 year period, although the current developments will reflect more the sub-period and transit influences at any time. 
   The prediction is additional evidence to the reading of the history and recent developments in terms of the horoscope. Importantly, this prediction which was made far in advance ( in February 2012) has proved correct both in terms of the nature and timing of the developments. As such, it increase our confidence that the tentative 26° Aquarius rising chart is the authentic and correct national horoscope for Greece.

Developments in the EU
The developments are also revealing concerning the EU and Germany.
   In a blog article on January 1, 2015, European Union at cross roads, the Rahu major period from February 2015 in the 24° Cancer rising horoscope for the EU was described as follows.

“The influence of Rahu can be to obscure and mislead. This placement suggests that vested interests try to  manipulate the management of the union, the scope for speculation and that crises can develop, also concerning young people and universities.“

   Further, during February to May 2015 is likely to bring a crisis to the affairs of the EU, notably the management aspect of the union.

   "There will likely be a crisis for the management of the Union, including obstacles and endings for the vested interests, such as financial creditors. There may be exposures involving manipulations in the management of the EU.“

   Indeed, it seems the leaders of the Eurogroup were united in resisting the demands of the popular Greek leaders to reduce further the debts owed by Greek government to its various creditors. Even the leaders of countries like Portugal and Ireland have taken an adamant stance insisting that Greece honor its obligations. They likley felt compelled to do so, as they were pushed into a corner to also pay their debts at great cost to their tax payers but arguably with less economic difficulty than Greece. Likely, this hard line against the long suffering Greeks will give a bad impression to most people in the EU concerning the leadership.
   The situation was examined in late 2014 in terms of the newly discovered 24° Virgo rising horoscope for Germany, with the prediction begin made for early 2015 that there will likely be 

"...conflict in the area of initiatives and communication[, which] will create problems for... communal harmony.“

   Indeed, the Greek drama has been a part of the problems facing Germany, as Chancellor Merkel and Finance Minister Schauble were at the forefront of reaching the controversial agreement with Greece on a way out for the beleagured country. 
   Finally, the following was also predicted based on the tentative 1° Gemini rising horoscope for France 

"Early 2015 does not look quite as challenging for the France as it does for Germany or the EU."

   The French leader Hollande and his government have not been in the forefront of the tough negotiations. Rather they played a supportive role, staying in the background.

A prediction was made three years ago for the economic crisis to remain through 2014 but for a fortunate change in the national affairs of Greece starting from January 2015. This prediction is seemingly now being realised. 

[1] WSWS (2014). The collapse of the Greek government. 31 December.
[2] EU Council (2015). Eurogroup statement on Greece. 20/02,  21:00.
[3] Kelly,  Lorcan Roche (2015). Scoreboard: Here's What Each Side Got in the Greece Negotiations. Bloomberg. February 20, 9:42 PM GMT.
[4] Evans-Pritchard, Ambrose (2015). Greece averts bankruptcy and softens austerity in last-ditch deal. Telegraph  20 February, 10:29PM GMT.
[5] OECD (2014). Economic outlook, analysis and forecasts for Greece. November.
[6] Kapoor, Sony (2015). The Greek Deal – A game changer or a mere name changer? February 24.–-game-changer-or-mere-name-changer?sthash.jMs0Ipjl.mjjo 

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La France

Recently, the authentic horoscope for France has been identifed, after considerable effort. It is based on the time when the citizens of France approved in a referendum the creation of the 5th French Republic. The referendum closed at 10:00 pm on 28 September 1958 in Paris, giving 1° 13‘ Gemini rising. Below is a description of the horoscope with some historical anecdotes and musings.

Astrology of the chart
The first house represents the self of any entity and Gemini is an airy sign owned by Mercury. This brings out a pleasing communicative ability in French national life. This is more so as 4th lord Mercury at 6° 35‘ Virgo and 3rd lord Sun at 11° 56‘ Virgo are fairly strong in the 4th house. Mercury is combust but gains additional strength from being in own MT sign. Moreover, although Sun‘s strength depends on that of Mercury, it also gains additional strength by ruling a sun-like house. This dual placement gives an interest in communication, which could be of an analytical, verbal or intellectual nature.

The lode star of the French horoscope is the powerful, unafflicted and well placed 2nd lord Moon at 22° 30‘ Pisces and 10th house. This placement of a lord of a sun-like house gives France its good international status, adds regality to its leader and an importance for the state in the affairs of the people. The placement also contributes to an overall satisfaction of the French with their way of life.

There are two other planets in Virgo and the 4th house, Venus and Rahu. As a result, there is a pretty extensive focus in the natural psychology on the “masses, nation's natural resources, agriculture, mines, minerals, landed properties, peace, general and political stability, natural calamities, educational institutions, law and order, housing and communal harmony.“ Indeed, the French have an abiding interest in democracy, with an emphasis on fairness (fr. egalité) and a strong bond (fr. fraternité) among the masses. Agriculture has an elevated stature in French live, seen in its celebrate culinary products such as cheeses and wines.

Although the French seek peace and political stability, they often find themselves dealing with the opposite conditions. This is explained by the other two planets in the 4th house. Fifth lord Venus is weak in debilitation and infancy at 1° Virgo. However, it is well and influentially placed in the most effective point (MEP) of the 4th house, giving some amount of creativity to the indications of the 4th house as well as the 10th house which rules the “executive, parliament, administration, foreign trade, law and order.“ However, it is Rahu at 28° 58‘ Virgo and 4th house but which is also conjunct the MEP of the the 5th house. The orb of affliction is 2° 15‘, which is quite prounounced as Venus, the lord of the 5th house is so weak. This tends to introduce some amount of confusion into 5th house matters, such as “intellectuals, emotional stability, communal harmony, speculative nature of the people, investments, stock exchange, children, population, universities, morals and values of the people“. Indeed, there is a certain amount of emotional volatility to French life, which quickly affects the communal harmony (Venus‘ influence in 4th house) and government (Venus‘ influence on 10th house).

Jupiter, which rules the 7th house of „pleasure and amusement resorts, tourism, bond of relationships amongst masses and business establishments, foreign affairs and agreements“, is placed at 10° Libra and 5th house. This explains the popularity of the France as one of the worlds leading tourist destinations. With Venus on the 4th house MEP, France is know for its art and beautiful houses. Indeed, Paris is considered by many the most beautiful city in the world, although it‘s beauty is circumscribed by such things as congestion, traffic jams and air pollution.

Rahu also afflicts the 9th house of “judicial system, morality, religion, diplomats, foreign missions, progress and development“, the 11th house of income, gains, friends and future plans, and the 1st house of “general conditions of the country as a whole, people and their general outlook, state of law and order, public health, government, reputation, valor and its position in the world“, causing confusion and manipulation to involve these indications. This is especially harmful regarding the 11th and 9th houses. Indeed, Mars as 11th lord is weak and badly placed at 8° 18‘ Taurus and the 12th house. France does not easily gain from its foreign alliances and would tends to experience a loss of income and friends and upsets to its future plans from its involvement in wars. Saturn, as 9th lord, is weak and badly placed and in old age at 26° 50‘ Scorpio and the 6th house of conflict where it receives an afflicting aspect by Ketu, with an orb of just over 2° making its indication subject to sudden, explosive setbacks linked to conflict.

Germany invades France
Significant events prior to the founding event are commonly seen in mundane horoscopes. Indeed, it was in the Saturn major period that France was attacked, subjugated and briefly ruled by Germamy in World War II. The invasion started on May 10, 1940 during the Saturn-Venus period with transit stationary Ketu at 26° 42' Pisces conjunct natal Ketu in Pisces and 10th house in exact aspect to natal Saturn at 26° 50' Scorpio and 6th house. This not only is consistent with the horoscope, but also the insight by Indian astrologer & author, V. K. Choudhry, that the stationary nodal return is the most painful aspect known. In the case of France it was especially difficult as it also involved the transit and natal affliction by Ketu of 9th lord Saturn in the 6th house.

Labour relations in France
Saturn is a general indicator of people working hard for low wages, is a feature of the emotional tenderness of French national life, not least the delicate balance on the labour market. French labour unions in the transportation sector play a critical role for the rest of the labour market, by suddenly calling strikes that paralyse national transportation, resulting in negotiations and a settlement for all union. The emotional nature of such strikes is prominent, reflecting the difficult 5th house influences. Indeed, the drawn out and inconvenient strikes are also showing the influence of the nodes to reduce the pleasure of life in France, ruled by Venus.

Student uprising of 1968
The student uprising in May 1968 is also a testament to the strength of this chart. The Ketu major period began on April 30, 1968. On May 2, 1968, the authorities closed the univiersities in Paris in an effort to maintain calm. This had the opposite effect and a full blown student uprising ensued that threatened to turn into a bloody revolution. Rahu and Ketu afflict the 5th house ruling young people and universities. At the time, transit stationary Ketu and transit 9th lord Saturn were conjunct at 25° Pisces and the 10th house. They were also conjunct natal Ketu at 29° Pisces.

The affliction of the 9th house and its ruler, Saturn in the 6th house of conflict, may also explain the secular and materialistic side to French culture. Indeed, French philosophers have a long pedigree of questioning the religious ideas of their Catholic Church. Indeed, the ideas of the French philosophers have driven the enlightenment no less than those of British philosphers. The religious influences in France are also indicated by Jupiter and Sun, which are both well placed and where the Sun is of moderate strength while Jupiter is weak.

The rise of mass immigration from former colonies took place in the 1950s, during civil wars in some of the colonies. Many immigrants are beholden to their native muslim faith. This situation has had a major influence on French national life, challening the secular phiolsophy that all people and all faiths can co-exist peacefully. The events of recent days have shown that the immigrants need to be better integrated into French culture if this idea is to survive as nationalist parties are on the rise to curtail the openess of the country and protect the security of ordinary French citizens.

The terrorist massace of 17 people in France from January 7-9, 2015, happened during the Mars-Mercury period, where transit stationary 7th lord Jupiter at 28°Cancer and 2nd house (and in 3H MEP) has been under the close affliction of natal Ketu at 29° Pisces and 10H (and in  11H MEP). As the events unfolded transit 2nd lord Moon passed over transit Jupiter and into the 3rd house MEP. Meanwhile, transit Ketu has been moving in retrograde motion of natal 2nd lord Moon at 22° 28‘ Pisces and 10th house. Meanwhile, transit 4th lord Mercury and transit 5th lord Venus were in Capricorn and 8th house of obstacles and endings and transit 11th lord Mars was in early Aquarius and 9th house under aspect of natal Rahu while transit 9th lord Saturn was in Scorpio and 6th house. Indeed, with Jupiter as 7th lord in the Gemini rising chart, the event created considerable strain to the foreign relations of France with regard to its openeness.

The 11th house is further harmed by the affliction of Ketu at 28° 58‘ Pisces and 10th house, in the MEP of the 11th house. From there is also afflicts the 3rd house of communication and transportation, 5th house and 7th house of foreign agreements. Hence, while the French national life has a pleasing national character, it is made more difficult due to the nodal affliction to six house, two of which, the 9th and 11th, are so evidently weak and vulnerable to setbacks, as the recent events attest to.

French cars
The revered Citroen DS debuted in 1955

As the 3rd lord Sun is placed in the 4th house, along with Mercury and Venus, there is an emphasis on automaking in France, but it is not free of problems. There is a certain elegance in French cars, but electrical problems are rarely far off, given the affliction of Ketu to the 3rd house.

Venus as the planet of art
George Brassens, the legendary singer

Venus is the planet of art. It goes to some way to explain the artistic influences in France, which are somewhat different from art in the USA or the UK. The best French music often reaches audiences in the non-French speaking world by way substantial reformulation. Likely this is because of the greater emphasis the French place on verbal interpretation, with 3rd lord Sun in Virgo and 4th house, along with 4th lord Mercury and 5th lord Venus conjunct the MEP of this house. Certainly, the French adore their language and take pride in speaking it in an expressive manner. However, in the English speaking world, the music is  not always appreciated as performed in France. Nevertheless, several French songs have become hits for English speaking artists. However, the anglozised versions usually bring the melody, previously in the background, to center stage. Early examples of this are the French song Je t‘appartiense by Gilbert Bécaud, which became the hit Let it be me by the American duo Everly Brothers in 1960, and La Mer by Charles Trenet in 1954, which became popular for Bobby Darin in the USA in 1959 as Beyond the Sea.

Early 2015 does not look quite as challenging for the France as it does for Germany or the EU. Indeed, the affliction of natal Ketu to transit Jupiter is separating and the Mars-Mercury period influences are fairly positive. That said, the aspect of transit Ketu to transit Saturn in the autumn of 2015, will nevertheless likely be difficult for France, as Saturn is in the 6th house, and given the hurtful natal influence of Ketu on Saturn. Likely, the luck of the French, or labour relations, will experience a sudden setback and strain at that time.  The period influences turn more adverse from October 28, when Mars-Ketu period begins, however this aspect of Ketu to Saturn will be separating at that time, reducing the maleficience. The onset of the Rahu major period in May 2018 looks more difficult.


V.K. Choudhry. Mundane Astrology.


Thursday, January 1, 2015

European Union at cross roads

On February 1, 2015, the major planetary period of Rahu begins in the 23° 29‘ Cancer rising horoscope of the European Union. This major period runs until 2033, while the sub-period of Rahu ends on October 2017. During the coming almost three years, the influence of Rahu, both natally and in transit is predicted to be prominent in the life of the union.

Rahu is placed at 9° Scorpio and 5th house, suggesting a material influence in the area of speculation, creativity, universities and young people. Fortunately, Rahu is not afflicting or afflicted in the chart. Importantly, there are no bad placements in the EU horoscope, only several weak planets, some of which have nonetheless positive influences through house placement and aspect.
   The influence of Rahu can be to obscure and mislead. This placement suggests that vested interests try to  manipulate the management of the union and the scope for speculation. As a result, crises are likely to develop concerning these areas, and possibly also with regard to young people and universities.
   The only affliction in the chart is an aspect of Saturn as 8th lord of obstacles and endings at 29° 52 Capricorn and 7th house to Mercury as 3rd lord at 26° 04‘ Libra. The orb of affliction is 3° 48‘, which is sufficiently close to have a harmful effect on the indications of Mercury due to its modest weakness being in old age. Mercury is placed in the most effective point of the 4th house with an orb of 2° 31‘, which by itself suggests that the communication of the leaders of the EU is helpful to the public discourse and for the credibility of new legislation. However, the legislation and public discourse are liable to setbacks on two accounts.
    First,  the aspect of Saturn is quite hurtful to Mercury‘s indications and influence. Saturn is the most malefic planet in the horoscope and its weakness from being in old age makes it more malefic. The harm to Mercury‘s indications includes reducing the credibility of the leaders communication.
   Second, there is another important influence in the 5th house affecting legislation that concerns the placement of Mars as 10th lord of laws and government at 0° 20‘ Scorpio. While Mars is favoured being in its own non-Moolatrikona sign, it is weakened in a state of infancy. At the same time, it receives an aspect from Moon as 1st lord of self at 0° 33‘ in its sign of exaltation, Taurus, and the 11th house of future plans, income and friends. The mutual aspect gives potential for fame, originality of laws and technical know-how, more so as both planets are in excellent signs and good houses. However, the weakness of both planets in infancy is a drawback. While this aspect and placement is almost identical to that seen in 20° Cancer rising in the SAMVA USA chart, both Mars and Moon are quite weak in the EU chart while strong for the USA. These indications for the EU thus become liable to setbacks when challenged by malefic transits.
   Indeed, the history of the EU is replete with cases of obstacles and setbacks for legislation and government decisions, including the attempt to pass a new constitution which was aborted in June 2005. Importantly, the effort to write a constitution came during the Moon major period (February 1998 - February 2008). Compare this to the history of the USA, where the effort to form a federal government with a suitable new constitution also came during its first Moon period (April 1782-April 1792).  This correspondence is further evidence of the authenticity of both horoscopes but also of the close philosophical links between both collective entities and the strong cultural ties that bind them together in the world.

In February to May 2015, transit Saturn as 8th lord will become stationary at 11° Scorpio and 5th house, where it becomes closely conjunct natal Rahu at 9° Scorpio. This is likely to bring a crisis to the affairs of the EU, notably the management aspect of the union. There will likely be a crisis for the management of the Union, including obstacles and endings for the vested interests, such as financial creditors. There may be exposures involving manipulations in the management of the EU. Weather vagaries and natural disasters may also create obstacles and involve fatalities.
From July to September 2015, transit Saturn will be stationary at 4° 20‘ Scorpio, where it afflicts the 10th lord Mars and 1st lord Moon, suggesting a setback (obstacles and endings) for the governance, laws or identity of the Union.  As Mars rules the military and policy and industry, there may be fatalities involving their activities.

The shift to a Rahu major period signals a trend change in the European Union from early 2015. Likely, difficulties in managing the union will be the source of the change.
   News from Greece, suggest that election outcomes there will force a renegotiation of the terms of assistance to the country. It is theoretically possible that the EU expels Greece if the country unilaterally terminates its participation in existing agreements. However, a likelier outcome is that the EU will decide to renegotiate the agreements to relieve the long suffering Greek people, who have endured six years of austerity and recession. Indeed, the tentative horoscope for Greece indicates an improvement after the parliamentary elections to be held on January 25, 2015, when the Venus sub-period has begun and transit Venus has entered Aquarius and the 1st house.

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Predictions for the USA in 2015

In the year 2015, there is a change of sub-period in the SAMVA USA chart, from the favourable Mercury period to the adverse Ketu period. There will be several stationary transits of slow moving malefic planets over natal placements to contend with during the year, especially in the late summer and fall. The combined influences suggest an increased likelihood of growing involvement in foreign military conflicts with mounting fatalities and significant violent events and communal strife at home.
   Importantly, as the Venus-Ketu period draws to an end, a shift in the collective mindset of Americans will likely have taken place, towards a more just and inclusive society.

The Venus major period will continue to operate until April 19, 2016. This means that for the next 16 months the energy of this weak but important planet, as 4th lord of communal harmony, fixed assets and natural resources in the 6th house of conflict, health and financial stability, will continue to be a prominent background influence in the national life. A signal development during this period was the housing and banking bubble that grew from the mid 1990s until it burst with a bang in 2007-2008. Since then, US households and the economy have been on a gradual mend. The development of shale oil extraction (fracking) has also been a prominent feature in the latter part of the Venus major period. With it have come concerns about its potentially harmful environmental impact, as reflected in the ban on such activities in New York State on December 18, 2014.
   In early 2015, the positive sub-period of Mercury, since February 2012, comes to an end. The energy of Mercury is related to hi tech, communication and transportation activities as well as intelligence-based foreign and security policy. In the headlines have be the Snowden revelations about the National Security Agency (NSA) gathering of intelligence from the on-line activities of ordinary Americans, stunning innovations in transportation by Elon Musk,  great advances in remote space exploration, advances in mobile telephony and robotry, and the smart-power foreign policy. Such advances will of course continue but it is likely that their isolating and estranging aspect will become more prominent in the year ahead. Indeed, the US is likely to find itself in a more isolated or unusual position both abroad and at home, associated with the new Ketu sub-period.
   The Ketu sub-period runs from February 18, 2015 to April 19, 2016. Ketu, as the Moon‘s south node, is associated with an abrupt, separating and estranging energy that has a spiritualising effect on those caught in its throes, such as being suddenly confronted with a loss. The pain propels us to reach for a higher understanding in order to deal with it. Over time, this has the effect of making us better people as we become more in tune with our humanity or divinity. Indeed, when Ketu has an influence on a sensitive placement in the horoscope, there can be sudden, even explosive such events.
   In the SAMVA USA chart, the Venus major period is an important feature of this final sub-period, of Ketu, because Ketu afflicts the 4th house, owned by Venus. The combined influence of a weak Venus and Ketu afflicting its own house, increases the probability of some form of collective strife during this sub-period. Those feeling estranged or on the outs in society will likely come to the attention of society, which is normally not easy. Fortunately, the transit of Ketu this year will be easier as Ketu is placed in the 9th house of luck and higher knowledge and its transit influence is less. We may hope that a gradual social awareness of the wrongfulness of social exclusion, in all its forms, becomes a high minded feature of this energy as the Venus major period and Ketu sub-period run their course.
   Historically, the Ketu major period has been attached to strange trends in the life in the United States. When the first Ketu major period began (April 1869 - April 1876), the Civil War had ended, with the Northern states prevailing in their fight to keep the southern Confederate states in the Union. The next order of business for the US government was to stamp out slavery and desegregate the south, including combating the rise of the clandestine white supremacist Ku Klux Klan organisation. In 1871, President Grant passed the Ku Klux Klan Act.  As the second major Ketu period opened (April 1989 - April 1996), the USA found itself isolated as the sole global superpower following the collapse of Soviet Communism in 1990. Domestically, there were race riots in LA from April 29 to May 4, 1992. A siege from February 28, 1993 led to a fire that destroyed the Branch Davidian compound in Waco on April 19, 1993. A terrorist bombing took place in the World Trade Center on February 26, 1993. It was followed by an even more destructive and painful bombing in Oklahoma City on April 19, 1995. There were also natural events of the nature of Ketu in the USA. The destructive Northridge earthquake struck on January 17, 1994 and a firestorm devastated parts of the city of Oakland on October 19-23, 1991.
   The above is indicative of the energies that may be seen in the national life during the Ketu period. However, for historically significant events to occur, the transits of functional malefic planets over sensitive natal placements must also be there, more so if transit or natal Ketu are involved.

6L Jupiter: From the beginning of the year to its end, Jupiter will move from 28° Cancer to 29° Leo. The key transit involving Jupiter in 2015 is when it becomes stationary at 18° Cancer from mid March to mid May. In this stationary placement, Jupiter afflicts the 1st, 5th, 7th and 9th houses, and imparts a conflictual energy to the planets placed therein. The USA is likely to adopt a more strident approach in foreign policy, reflecting a realisation that efforts at informing and persuading in the Mercury period have not yielded the hoped for results. 
     In January, transit 6th lord Jupiter will be in aspect to natal 8th lord Saturn while transit Saturn is in a separating conjunction with natal Jupiter. These are violence inducing aspects, albeit not stationary, and hence less problematic. However, as they occur at the same time, caution is warranted. 
   In early October, transit Jupiter in Leo will move into the aspect of Aries at 17° 47' Aries and 10H MEP. While brief, this transit adds to other energies at that time suggestive of conflict and violence.
8L Saturn: From the beginning of the year to its end, Saturn will move from 7° Scorpio to 17° Scorpio. There are two key transits involving Saturn in 2015.
   The former is its station at 11° Scorpio from February through April. At that time, transit 8th lord Saturn will be conjunct 10th lord Mars at 10° 06‘ Scorpio and 5th house. Saturn will then impart its functional energy of obstacles and endings to the planet that is general indicator of the military and police and functional indicator of government, laws and foreign trade. As Mars is natally strong, a significant setback to its indications is not expected. However, there may be increased civil disobedience at that time, as well as efforts to reform the military and police. Criticism of the government and legislation may increase at that time. The ongoing trade dispute with Russia could also intensify. 
The transits in late July are difficult
   The latter key transit is when Saturn becomes stationary at 4° 20' Scorpio from July to mid September, where it will become conjunct natal 6L Jupiter at 4° 25‘ Scorpio and 5th house. This is a very difficult transit as it increases greatly the probability of violent events and actions in the national life. In late July and early August, when transit Jupiter is in early Leo, it will receive the aspect of transit Saturn. This dual affliction of natal and transit Jupiter by the Most Malefic Planet (MMP), 8th lord Saturn, raises the likelihood of violent events at that time.
   As transit Ketu, the sub-period lord, aspects transit Saturn from mid July, with the aspect becoming exact in late September, the likelihood is further increased of sudden, explosive events taking place at that time. As noted, the transit of Jupiter will also add to the combustible mix.
Rahu: From the beginning of the year to its end, Rahu will move from 21° Virgo to 1° Virgo. While Rahu will be stationary at 16° Virgo and the 3H MEP from March to mid May, this is not a pronounced affliction, although some tension may arise for communication and transportation.
   However, it is the second station of Rahu at 7° Virgo from August through October that will be tenser, as it is accompanied by other malefic transits. During this time, transit Rahu will stationary afflict natal 1st lord Moon, which may increase manipulation regarding the collective self-identity of the American people. As Rahu natally afflicts 10th, 2nd, 4th and 6th houses, effort to manipulate may involve the distribution of wealth in society. Vested interests may emphasise the ideology of individual freedom, private ownership and small government to counter political pressure from enacting policies that reduce the wide disparity of wealth in the country. The efforts to manipulate by the narrow vested interests are not likely to succeed. Spies or traitors of the nation may be exposed during the second nodal station.
   When transit 2nd lord Sun becomes conjunct the transit stationary Rahu around September 24, at 7° Virgo and 3rd house, the difficulty facing the US President and highly placed persons will increase significantly. Transit Mercury will also become stationary direct from October 8-11 at 7° Virgo. At that time, problems in communication and transportation are likely.
Ketu: From the beginning of the year to its end, Ketu will move from 21° Pisces to 1° Pisces. Ketu will become stationary at 16° Pisces and 9H MEP from March to mid May. As sub-period lord it may create some tension regarding the indications of the 9th house of higher knowledge, the courts and religion. When transit 2nd lord Sun becomes conjunct the transit stationary Ketu at the end of March, at 16° Pisces and 9th house, some difficulty may be experienced by the US President and highly placed persons. 
   The stationary placement of Ketu at 7° Pisces from August through October is likely to become more tense, as transit Ketu will then aspect transit 8L Saturn in the first decant of Scorpio. The aspect becomes exact on October 1. This energy will add to the scope for serious violent acts or events associated with the stationary conjunction of transit 8th lord Saturn with  natal 4th lord Jupiter at 4° Scorpio and 5th house, as well as its opposition aspect to 1st lord Moon at 7° 19' Taurus and 11th house, while Rahu is also afflicting natal Moon. 
     As the year opens, the nodes will be passing through the MEPs of 3rd and 9th houses in normal retrograde motion. Perhaps there will be a brief increase in tension concerning the communication of US foreign policy, a sign of things to come.

The Occupy protests of 2010 began the change.
The transits in the late summer and fall are of most concern in 2015. Growing conflict with increased violence is possible at that time. Americans will likely feel the heat abroad and at home. 
   A transformative change in the mindset of Americans is also expected to take place as this difficult major period and sub-period run their course. This will perhaps not be easily discernible while it takes place. However, the events that unfold and the long standing difficulty in the national life will likely have the cumulative effect to reduce the willingness of Americans to endure any longer the destructiv, divisive and extreme inequality of wealth, income and opportunity that has characterised the national life for so long and become truly onerous in the Venus major period.
   It will become the challenge of the political establishment in 2015 to respond to the growing demand of the population for a more inclusive society. If the politicians in Congress do not heed the call, they run the risk of being increasingly sidelined by a fair minded President. More importantly, if the Congressional majority does not heed the call, it risks being overturned in a historic progressive shift after the Sun major period begins in 2016.  

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Federal Republic of Germany

Adenauer proclaims the creation of the FRG
A promising new horoscope has recently been discovered for Germany. It is based on the event when -- after 59 of 61 representatives of the German Lander signed a new constitution from 4:07 pm -- the first Federal Chancellor, Konrad Adenauer, proclaimed the creation of a new Federal Republic of Germany (FRG) at 5:03 pm on May 23, 1949 in Bonn.[1][2] 
     Importantly, the union of Germany at midnight on 3 October 1990 in Berlin is considered to be the enlarged continuation of the Federal Republic and not a successor state.[3] As such, the reunification of West and East Germany was an auspicious albeit challenging event in the life of the FRG, created 41 years earlier, and not a replacement for it.
     The German horoscope has 23° 43‘ Virgo rising which is similar to the rising degree of a tentative horoscope for the European Union (EU) with 23° 29' Cancer rising, suggesting that the fortunes of the German people are in synch with those of the people within the larger EU of 28 countries.

The modern German collective identity is signified by its rising sign, Virgo, which is an earthy sign, ruled by Mercury. This ascending sign tends to make the collective identity practical, analytical, cautious, protective, dependable and discrimminating. Mercury is frequently afflicted in transit which can make the collective psychology feel a bit tense at such times. However, Mercury, as 1st lord of self and identity, is strong and favourably placed at 24° 03 Taurus, in the most effective point (MEP) of the 9th house (with an orb of 0° 20‘),  making the German people normally of calm nervous disposition, lucky and of a sound self-identity. The placement of Mercury also gives a positive and high minded collective outlook that positively influences the communication of the country‘s leaders. Adding to the favourable sense of self, is the placement of Moon, as 11th lord of friends, income and future plans, at 20° 38‘ Pisces and in the 7th house MEP (with an orb of 3° 05‘). This placement gives favourable and rewarding diplomatic relations but also adds a hopeful influence to the collective identity. Indeed, the Federal Republic of Germany and its leaders have been a driving influence for increased economic and political cooperation in Europe from its creation. This is based on the prior involvement of Germany in war which has caused a lot of pain and suffering for the country.
     Venus as 2nd lord of assets, wealth and relationships with neigboring countries, is also very well placed at 18° 39‘ Taurus and 9th house. However, causing potential problems for relations with neighboring countries, initiatives and communication and income and future plans is the placement of Mars as 8th lord at 24° 16 Aries and 8th house MEP (orb of 0° 27‘), due to its aspects to the 2nd, 3rd and 11th houses.
     The placement of Mars is, however, good for easy gains and the credibility of the country. Jupiter, as 4th lord of communal harmony, fixed assets and natural resources, and general indicator of young people and religion, is well placed, unafflicted but debilitated at 9° 00‘ Capricorn and 5th house. This placement gives potential setbacks to its indications but also creativity in their use.
     The Sun, as 12th lord of losses and general indicator of the leader of the country, is well placed at 8° 58‘ Taurus and the 9th house. However, it is afflicted by Saturn, as 6th lord of conflict, health and financial stability, which is badly placed at 6° 35‘ Leo and 12th house of losses, war and foreign countries. The aspect of Saturn to Sun gives problems to the leader of the nature of war, financial debts and losses. Saturn‘s indications are further harmed by an aspect from Rahu at 2° 05‘ Aries and 8th house (orb of 4° 30‘), adding harmful influences of manipulations based on desire. Moreover, Saturn casts its aspect on Ketu at 2° 05‘ Libra and 2nd house, giving rise to sudden problems of the same nature as on the Sun. 

Dresden after WW II
A remarkable feature of SA mundane astrology is that prior historical events may be read from an authentic horoscope. This has been seen in the SAMVA USA chart (Perpetual Union). Indeed, The placements in the new horoscope for Germany are consistent with the prior history of the country. Indian astrologer and author V.K. Choudhry has stated that this finding raises the confidence in the authenticity of the new chart. 
     In particular, the two key significant historical events seen from the chart are the hyperinflation of the Weimar Republic in the early 1920s and the misguided expansion into neighboring countries from the late 1930s took place in the sub-periods of Rahu. A singularily important observation involves the aspect of Rahu in 8H of obstalces to Saturn as 6L of war in 12H of foreign countries.
     Germany has on two occasions taken the initiative to declare war in the 20th century with catastrophic losses for the country. A major fit is the fact that Germany started WW II in Saturn - Rahu period. In this regard, note that the major period  of Saturn, as the 6th lord of conflict, was operating until May 1944. At that time, the course of the war turned decisively against Nazi Germany. The Allied forces had invaded Italy  in September 1943, but in June 6, 1944, the Allies also landed in France, on D-Day. This is very similar to that seen in the 20° Cance rising SAMVA USA chart and the 16° Virgo rising horscope for the United Kingdom. In the USA chart, the major period of 6th lord Jupiter commenced in 1937, as the ill winds of war began to blow in China and Spain. The period lasted until 1953, when the US had also fought in Korea. In the UK chart, the period of 6th lord Saturn from December 1925 to December 1945. As Saturn is weak in 12th house of losses, the UK lost the remnants of Empire during the war.
We may also note that 8th lord Mars is in Aries and 8H MEP where it aspects the 11th house of friends and plans, 2nd house of wealth, status and neighbouring countries and 3rd house of communication and initiatives. In Mars sub-periods (preceding Rahu sub-periods), there has been observed a heating up of national sentiments.
     In March 1938, when the Saturn-Mars period was operating from November 1937 to December 1938, Germany initiated the Anschluss crisis by absorbing Austria and causing the Sudenten crisis, leading to the absorbtion of areas populated by German speaking peoples within Czechoslovakia. This is similar to what Putin did in Ukraine in the spring of 2014 and the historical paralell with Germany has inspired the USA and EU to react sternly, with an ever tightening trade embargo. 
    In the Mars major period from 2004 to 2011, Germany was busy co-managing the European Union along with the other large member countries.  During this time, the sentiment was strong to support the EU, even if it involved Germany putting itself at risk of financial losses. During this period, German banks lent out increasing amounts of money to other member states, including Geece. When the international banking crisis began in 2007, significant losses began to be realised by the German banks.

In May 2011, the situation took a dramatic turn for the worse when Germany entered the major period of Rahu. This is seen with the bad placement of Rahu in the 8th house of obstacles and endings from where it afflicts Saturn as 6th lord of financial stability and conflict in the 12th house of losses. The Rahu sub-period lasted from May 2011 to January 2014. During these two and half years, the euro-area sovereign debt crisis peaked, creating tremendous problems for the German government. Not only did the government have to make difficult decisions involving the assumption of debt obligations incurred by other EU countries but these very same decisions caused a lot of domesetic debate, with several court cases being filed in an effort by concerned citizens to stop the actions of the government.
The Rahu – Jupiter period is running from January 2014 to April 2016. Jupiter is 4th lord placed in its sign of debilitation and 5th house.  In early 2014, Germany was blindsided by the Ukrainian crisis, involving Russia, creating a rift in an otherwise good relationship since the fall of Soviet Communism. The demanding situation in the Spring was explained by the nodal return from the spring. In late 2014, the situation deteriorated. At the same time there was an increase in domestic disharmony.  In mid December, German  people with nationalistic sentiments engaged in protests against the steady dilution of the white German nationality by immigrant races, especially the muslims. The aspects explaining this are the conjunction of a stationary Rahu in the MEP of the 1st house of self-identity, and its aspect to 1st lord Mercury in Taurus and 9th houses, during the fall and the entry of Saturn as 6th lord of strong views into the sign Scorpio and 3rd house of communication and initiatives in November, from where it aspects natal Jupiter as 4th lord of collective harmony at 9° Capricorn and 5th house of emotions. Saturn also aspects natal Saturn and is in a house aspected by 8th lord Mars. The public demonstration of nationalism has raised concerns outside of Germany due to the country´s dark past with regard to such sentiments. 
The year 2015 begins with the auspicious conjunction of transit 1st lord Mercury and 2nd lord Venus in conjunction with natal Jupiter around 5-8 January. This aspect suggests an enjoyable festive occasion for Germany, notably in the area of creativity and young people, that pleases the citizens. 
     Soon afterwards, however, there are a number of difficult aspects which suggest a renewed bout of tensions for the country.
     At the beginning of the year, transit 6th lord Saturn will be in applying aspect to natal 4th lord Jupiter at 9° 00‘ Capricorn and 5th house. The influence of this aspect will increase in early February when Saturn becomes stationary at around 10° Scorpio and 3rd house. From this placement Saturn will cast its afflicting aspect to Jupiter, suggesting that conflict in the area of initiatives and communication will create problems for Jupiter's general indications of religion and CEOs, but also its functional indications of communal harmony, the housing market, elementary schools and natural resources. These developments are likely to find expression in relation to univiersities, young people, creativity and speculation.
     As transit Saturn will at the same time be in opposition aspect with natal 12th lord Sun at 8° 58‘ Taurus and 9th house, any conflict is likely to lead to losses and difficulty for the German Chancellor and high ranking officials of the government. This influence will be more pronounced in mid February when transit Sun enters the 6th house into the dual afflicting aspects of Ketu at 2° Libra and 2nd house and Saturn at 6° Leo and the 12th house.
     Also felt from the beginning of the year and into March, is the aspect of transit Rahu in Virgo and 1st house to natal Venus and 2nd lord in Taurus and 9th house. This aspect suggests that some desires of the German people may place a strain on their status and wealth and relations with neighboring countries. However, as the aspect is temporary and Venus is strong natally, no setback will be realised for the indications of Venus. Moreover, from late February, transit Jupiter, the sub-period lord, will be in retrograde motion in its sign of exaltation, Cancer, and 11th house where it will come into a mutual aspect with transit Ketu in Pisces and 7th house. This suggests that foreign policy developments may serve to reduce the collective harmony in the spring but that some divine influence helps to becalm the situation.
     In June, transit Jupiter, the sub-period lord, will pass into the sign Leo and 12th house, where it will remain for one year. During this time, the placement of Juptier suggests that the domestic harmony of Germans will be less, possibly due to losses involving its indications.
     In the fall of 2015, a crisis for the Chancellor or highly placed government officials is likely, as transit 8th lord Saturn in the 3rd house and transit stationary Rahu in the 1st house aspect the natal 12th lord Sun in the 9th house

[1] Stenographic Office (2014). Information obtained by Harald Muller. December 22.
[2] (2014). 65th Anniversary of the Federal Republic of Germany. May 23.
[3]. Wikipedia (2014). German Reunification.