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Predictions for USA in 2019

 A 2005 book on the US 'working poor' 
The coming year, 2019, is likely to be more memorable and difficult than any year in recent memory. Some major developments are likely to take place, as discussed below. It should be noted that predictions of major events in the past have had a high degree of accuracy, due the efficacy of the Systems' Approach and the veracity of the 20° Cancer rising SAMVA USA chart.

In March 2012, the Indian astrologer and author, V. K. Choudhry issued the following warning about world wide difficulty in 2019.
"Though it is far away, yet it is always better to know the difficult prolonged transit afflictions in advance. The period between May, 2019, to October, 2019, is likely to be very difficult. It is likely to be a time of incidence of far reaching economic reversal. Many parts of the world will be vulnerable to natural calamities in the form of earthquakes of high intensity, storms, nuclear catastrophe, international military operations, tsunami type problems, threat of a pandemic situation, political problems, disasters, etc. etc. It may be a type of war-like situation for some countries. Large number of fatalities are likely. Those countries will be more vulnerable whose ascending degree is between 23 to 19."
For the USA, the conjunction of Ketu and Saturn transiting the sign Sagittarius, takes place in the malefic sixth house of the SAMVA USA chart, when the Sun-Saturn period is operating. These planets became conjunct in 1962, when the Cuban Missile Crisis pushed the world to the brink of a nuclear catastrophe. The Saturn major period, which imbued the national life with the 'death-like' fears of the "Cold war" was operating. At that time, the conjunction took place in the sign Capricorn in the benefic 7th house, where it was conjunct Mercury, a planet in good strength in the chart. Fortunately, the nuclear stand-off did not lead to a nuclear conflagration, which would have resulted in mass fatalities of an unknown scale.

The planetary period and transits suggest pronounced challenges in the coming year. The problems will be more with Saturn as 8th lord of obstacles and endings becoming conjunct functional malefic Ketu on top of natal Venus, ruling the 4th house of communal harmony, in the 6th house of conflict. This suggests a major upheaval in the communal harmony of the USA, which may involve ordinary Americans, not least the working poor, rejecting the yoke of corporate exploitation, political corruption and media disinformation. People may rally in defense of a weakened President, beleaguered by political machinations in Congress.

Democrats hate Trump's guts
A likely scenario for the expression of this conflictual and disturbing energy would be the political conflict over the revolutionary policies of President Trump. Indeed, while his opponents focus on Trump's flaws as a human being, the main objection is to his policies to help ordinary Americans at the expense of the powerful globalised corporations. "Establishment" politicians are willing tools in this plot. Indeed, after cooperating to pass traditional Republican policies, like tax cuts and deregulation, they abandoned the President before reforming trade and immigration had been accomplished. After being denied the Presidency at the ballot box in 2016, the Democrats appear intent on wresting back control of the political domain in 2020, possibly by seeking to impeach a President they perceive as "lawless" or "out of control". Such a course of action would be likely to prompt a violent reaction among Trump's voters.

Other scenarios are possible and the development could involve a natural disaster, a major industrial or pollution accident, a deadly illness, a terrorist attack on US soil or a sudden outbreak of war with heavy involvement of the USA. What seems beyond doubt is that whatever the event, it will likely result in mass deaths and death-like experiences, and be of a quantum that shocks the national psyche. The peak intensity is expected from May to October 2019. Below is an elaboration of individual aspects, sometimes overlapping, with commentary of likely influences.

In 2019, the planets Saturn and Ketu will be in Sagittarius and the sixth house, where they will become conjunct Venus in the SAMVA USA chart. The prediction highlights the emphasis of the Systems' Approach on the influence of the 'invisible' moon's nodes, Rahu and Ketu, especially when stationary, hovering over a given degree for up to three months at a time. Before the transits are examined in detail, let us first consider the planets, signs and houses involved and what indications they represent. A major challenge of any prediction is to signal the most likely indications to be triggered - as the discussion of the above scenarios indicates. Indeed, each planet, sign and house has many possible, albeit logically consistent indications. This is also known as multivalence, a special feature of astrology. It means that each element may find expression through several indications that have an affinity through a shared nature. The following indications will likely be involved in the coming events. 

Saturn (Shani)
Saturn is the indicator of the "leader of the low castes, and civil servants, jobs requiring hard work with less remuneration, leadership of workers, trying to acquire positions in government, dealing with labour and labour oriented industry, oil drilling and refining, agriculture, fisheries, manufacturing, construction, earth moving/road construction, labourers and employment. It also rules low technology industry and mining." In the 20° Cancer rising SAMVA USA chart, Saturn is ruler of the eighth house, which has to do with "beliefs of the masses, red-tape actions, speed of execution of works, easy gains, delays and obstructions, accidents, fatal accidents, epidemics, gold and precious stones, legacies, capital gains, floods, earthquakes, cyclones, storms, etc. The close afflictions to the eighth house or its lord by the most malefic planet or slow moving planets from the malefic houses or the weakness and affliction of its lord indicate significant setbacks for the country including its territorial integrity and resources."

Ketu is the indicator of "natural calamities, violent actions or events, fears and accidents. It also rules the poor and isolated. It gives rise to spiritual/religious services and institutions."
Saturn conjunct Ketu
The conjunction of Saturn and Ketu may bring about the loss of structure. As Saturn is 8th lord, the conjunction can bring sudden explosive developments with death like experiences.
Transit Saturn and Ketu conjunct natal Venus
The transit conjunction with Venus can result in violent, deadly and chaotic developments that disturb the comforts of life. As Venus is 4th lord, the sudden death like experiences are likely to disturb the communal harmony.

Venus (Shukra)
Venus indicates "material comforts, women’s power, worldly knowledge and pursuits, creativity, art and rich tastes, ministers, knowledge of life saving drugs, financial administration, entertainment, painting, music, architecture, decorative arts, entertainers, models, textiles, advertising, legal, teaching, hotels, aviation, medicines, medical research, design, fashion and luxurious items, hotels, women folk, cinema industry, arts and leisure industry.  It acts as the significator for the seventh house." Venus rules the 4th house whose indications include "nation's natural resources, agriculture, mines, minerals, landed properties, peace, general and political stability, natural calamities, educational institutions, law and order, housing and communal harmony."

The scene in 2019 will be dominated by the sign Sagittarius and the sixth house. Importantly, since Saturn, as 8th lord of obstacles and endings, entered this sign and the sixth house in January 2017, a week after Trump took office, the Democrats have become increasingly "obstructionist" concerning the passage of laws by the Trump administration. 

Sagittarius is a fiery sign and the moolatrikona sign ruled by Jupiter, the significator of fortune and knowledge. The sign indicates expansiveness, generosity, optimism, pleasantness, ambition, studiousness and judiciousness. This sign is linked to legal, financial, healing and ministerial professions. The sign denotes that motion unites with application. Excesses lead to weaknesses and breakdown. In the 20° Cancer rising SAMVA USA chart, Sagittarius falls into the sixth house, a malefic house. Sixth house rules "public amity, relations with neighbors, general health of the public, political stability, financial solvency of the nation, management of debts, litigations, judicial functioning, communal harmony in the country and labor relations. The close natal/transit afflictions to the sixth house or its lord by the most malefic planet or slow moving planets from the malefic houses indicate fatal accidents involving large number of deaths, debts and setback from conflict." When a planet is in a malefic house, it's indications become weak due to being involved in enemity, health issues or disputes. However, it also gains some positive influences associated with this sign, Sagittarius.

Below are listed the main period and transit events as the year progresses, with an interpretation. As some of the transits overlap, this may add to the complexity and intensity.
  • January 2, 2019: Transit 2nd lord Sun becomes exactly conjunct transit 8th lord Saturn at 17° 15‘ Sagittarius and 6th house MEP of the 20° Cancer rising SAMVA USA chart, under aspect of natal Rahu at 17° 47‘ Aries and 10th house MEP.
This aspect brings manipulation and possibly death-like experiences for the President. Fortunately, transit Saturn is not stationary. In the horoscope of Donald Trump, weakness and strain are seen as the year opens. The obstacles brought by the political opposition, the Democratic majority of the House and remaining "establishment" politicians in the Republican Party, will reach another peak in terms of negative political pressure on the President. 
  • February 21, 2019: The Sun – Saturn period begins in the SAMVA USA chart.
The Sun-Saturn period in the SAMVA USA chart (February 21, 2019 - February 3, 2020) will see more involvement of ordinary working people, including the millions of working poor, in national affairs, as was the case in the Venus-Saturn period (Febuary 15, 2009-April 16, 2012) when the Tea Party movement (2009-2012) and the Occupy Wall Street (2011-2012) protests took place. In the Venus major period, the communal harmony was upset by the growing inequality and struggle of dealing with a financial crisis and deep recession. In the Sun major period, the focus is on cementing the 'high octane' economic reforms to reduce inequality and restore moral integrity of the country as introduced in the Presidential campaign and applied as government policy after the election of Donald Trump. As a challenging aspect to transit Saturn, as 8th lord of obstacles and endings, is seen in the 6th house of political opposition in the SAMVA USA chart, likely there will be a major rupture in the national peace in 2019. Saturn as 8th lord also rules easy gains.  It is strong in the chart. Hence, the economy should do reasonably well during its period, as was the case in the Venus-Saturn period. However, as it is transiting a bad house under malefic influences and harming Venus as 4th lord, this suggests significant negative events that disrupt the good going associated with this period.
  • February 21, 2019: Transit 6th lord Jupiter becomes exactly conjunct natal 8th lord Saturn at 26° 46‘ Scorpio and 5th house. The conjunction is within 1° orb from February 14 to March 1.
This aspect has in the past brought violent events, mass deaths. It is likely to do so again, as the Jupiter and Saturn sub-periods are operating in succession in that time frame.
  • March 23, 2019 - October 30, 2019: Transit 8th lord Saturn at 25 03‘ Sagittarius and 6th house (of the SAMVA USA chart) becomes conjunct transit retrograde Ketu at 00° 03‘ Capricorn and 7th house.
This is a malefic combination taking place in a bad house in the SAMVA USA chart. Importantly, the conjunction will take place in conjunction with Venus as 4th lord of communal harmony in the chart. The last time such a conjunction took place in conjunction with a natal planet in the horoscope, was in the fall of 1962 when the Cuban Missile Crisis took place. As the conjunction was in a good house and involved a reasonably strong planet, 3rd lord Mercury in the 7th house, no major setback was seen. The USA, however, negotiated to backtrack on its earlier installation of nuclear tipped missiles in Turkey in the following year. The oil market is likely to experience disruption during this long standing transit affliction of Saturn.
  • March 24, 2019 - September 19, 2020: Transit Rahu enters (30°) Gemini and 12th house and transit Ketu enters (30°) Sagittarius and 6th house.
When the moon's nodes enter malefic houses, their maleficence increases, especially when afflicting in transit. This is especially so when the transit nodal axis becomes conjunct transit 8th lord Saturn also in Sagittarius and 6th house, and when the nodes become stationary conjunct Venus as 4th lord in the 6th house in the summer of 2019, or when the nodes become stationary at 15° Gemini and Sagittarius in aspect with the nodes in the SAMVA USA chart at 18° Aries and Libra.
  • March 26, 2019 - June 5, 2019: transit 8th lord Saturn becomes stationary at 26° 24‘ Sagittarius (+/- 1°) and 6th house. 
Whenever a slow moving malefic planet like 8th lord Saturn becomes stationary, any transit afflictions become more difficult, such as the exact conjunction with transit Ketu from April 19 to May 7, 2019. Also, fast moving planets moving into the aspect of such a planet may trigger significant events, such as in the first half of April, when transit 1st lord Moon, 3rd lord Mercury and 4th lord Venus move into the last decant of Aquarius and the 8th house.
  • April 30, 2019: Transit Ketu becomes exactly conjunct transit stationary 8th lord Saturn at 26° 24´ Sagittarius and 6th house. The conjunction is within 1° orb from April 20 to May 6. 
As described above, this transit conjunction is likely to bring the first in a series of setbacks to the indications of Saturn as 8th lord. It will likely also be a difficult time for people experiencing separation or isolation in the national life.
  • May 20, 2019 – August 29, 2019: Transit Ketu becomes stationary at 23° 30‘ Sagittarius and 6th house MEP, conjunct natal 4th lord Venus at 23° 50‘ Sagittarius and 6th house MEP.  
  • June 3, 2019: Transit Ketu becomes exactly conjunct natal 4th lord Venus at 23° 50‘ Sagittarius and 6th house MEP.  The conjunction is within 1° orb from May 17, 2019  to August 19, 2019.
This transit station will be especially difficult for the communal harmony, as it arouses earlier sentiments of social isolation and separation, of an ethnic, racial, religious or life-style nature, producing potentially sudden and explosive events. All the indications of Venus are seen to come under grave pressure. Natural calamities, housing problems and financial setbacks for the country are possible.

  • May 30, 2019: Transit 6th lord Jupiter becomes exactly conjunct natal 8th lord Saturn at 26° 46‘ Scorpio and 5th house. The conjunction is within 1° orb from May 22 to June 6.
This transit is again seen to create scope for violent events, involving mass deaths, in the national life, more so when transit Saturn, the sub-period lord, is also afflicted. 

  • May 8 - June 29, 2019: Transit 10th lord Mars passes through Gemini and the 12th house. In early June, transit Mars passes through the aspect of natal Ketu at 18° in the SAMVA USA chart.
  • June 2 - 20, 2019: Transit 3rd lord Mercury passes through Gemini and the 12th house. It passes through difficult aspects from June 11 - 17.
  • June 16 - July 16, 2019: Transit 2nd lord Sun passes through Gemini and 12th house. It passes through difficult aspects in the first half of July.

In general, transits through the 12th house, involve the indications of the planet with losses. When involved in stationary transit afflictions, a fast moving planet may trigger significant events. In the past the transit of Mars and 3rd lord Mercury in this house, including afflicting aspects to them, have been associated with loss of confidence among investors. 
  • June 29, 2019: Transit 8th lord Saturn becomes exactly conjunct natal 4th lord Venus at 23° 50‘ Sagittarius and 6th house MEP.  The conjunction is within 1° orb from June 15, 2019  to July 13, 2019.
  • July 4, 2019: Transit 8th lord Saturn becomes exactly conjunct transit stationary Ketu at 23° 30' Sagittarius and 6th house. The conjunction is within 1° orb from June 20 to July 16.
  • July 10, 2019: Transit 2nd lord Sun becomes exactly conjunct transit stationary Rahu at 23° 30' Gemini and the 12th house, in opposition to transit 8th lord Saturn.
During this time, there is a clear and present danger of violence and sudden explosive events resulting in mass deaths. War like conditions could be expected. The President is likely to come under phenomenal pressure as transit Sun goes over the nodal axis and into the opposition aspect of transit Saturn.
  • July 17, 2019 – September 6, 2019: Transit 6th lord Jupiter becomes stationary at 20° 23‘ Scorpio (+ 1°) and 5th house MEP.
This transit brings conflictual energy to the 5th house indications of young people, speculation, creativity, entertainment and management, with influences on the 9th house of the judiciary, foreign things and luck, 11th house of friends, income and goals, and 1st house of self.
  • August 14, 2019 – October 23, 2019 : Transit 8th lord Saturn becomes stationary at 19° 47‘ Sagittarius (+/- 1°) and 6th house MEP.
This aspect brings obstacles and endings, including death-like experiences to the 6th house of conflict, health, and communal harmony. Saturn aspects the 8th house, bringing such influences to  this house, as well as the 12th house of losses and foreign wars, and 3rd house of communication and transportation.
  • September 28, 2019: Transit Ketu becomes exactly conjunct transit stationary 8th lord Saturn at 19° 51´ Sagittarius and 6th house. The conjunction is within 1° orb from September 17 to October 7.
During this contact, there is further scope for sudden violent events that result in mass deaths. War like conditions could be expected at this time as well.
  • October 18, 2019: Transit 6th lord Jupiter becomes exactly conjunct natal 8th lord Saturn at 26° 46‘ Scorpio and 5th house. The conjunction is within 1° orb from October 13 to October 24.
The third and final passage of transit Jupiter over Saturn is the last difficult transit event of this momentously difficult year, possibly bringing some civic violent event.

Six years ago, when the article "The Summer of 2019" was written, Obama had just been re-elected for his second term as President. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, was implementing her "Smart Power" foreign policy, shortly after the Benghazi attack, while preparing to run for Obama's job in 2016. Following the financial crisis, the economy was recovering at a sluggish pace, now termed "secular stagnation". However, for the Democrats the economy (Saturn) was not the main issue, but identity politics (Ketu). The Democrats were focused on gaining votes by appealing to issues like equal rights for isolated or mistreated people. Even the rights of illegal immigrants became equal to or greater than the rights of American citizens. The primarily christian and white American cultural identity of the 20th century gave way to a new broader identity, including other races, ethnicities, religious beliefs or life styles. What the Democrats overlooked, however, was the widening gap between rich and poor, especially in the christian, white heartland. This was a glaring omission following the Occupy Wall Street protests of late 2011.

Working to protect American workers
In 2016, as had earlier been predicted, there was a shift, with an emphasis on resolving the social inequities and restoring a sense of American vigor in the national life. Donald Trump appeared on the scene and began to respond to that call. One by one, he  eviscerated his opponents, and was elected President. His revolutionary platform was to offer a vision of how to fix America's many problems. He wanted to shore up the depleted military,  boost infrastructure spending, boost employment, close the border to illegal immigration, fix America's broken inner cities,and last but not least, save the middle class, that had slowly been sinking into poverty. Indeed, the free trade policy, the unlimited inflow of immigrants and tax policies favouring corporations had created a poverty and economic hardship for over one hundred million American families. American workers had been pushed into steadily worse paying jobs, while corporate profits skyrocketed. Trump's campaign and election came as a rude awakening to the US elites as well as to the relatively better off bi-coastal urban dwellers. Trump's protectionist policies will stifle the profits of the globalised corporations. However, it will begin to create much needed higher paying jobs for American workers (Saturn). Nevertheless, the corporate-owned media outlets, like CNN, Washington Post, NBC, New York Times, began to try to outdo one another in efforts aimed at discrediting the new President, primarily based on his failure to address identity issues (Ketu). The focus was on his perceived flaws as a human being, rather than on the policies he got elected to implement.

However, the situation is more complicated. Trump is under investigation for having crossed the line of political campaign laws by having asked at his rally for "Russia to publish" emails hacked on Hillary Clinton's private email server, itself a scandal for Clinton during the campaign. Trump's campaign may also have worked to get dirt on Clinton through Wikileaks, which may in turn have received hacked information from Russia. As the new year opens, the Mueller investigation may soon deliver its findings of illegalities by Trump's campaign, and possibly release new dirt on Trump. It may be enough to start impeachment proceedings in Congress. Certainly, many Democrats are angry at Trump for having attracted a large part of their voting base, which they had taken for granted but effectively ignored. This is because the Democrats, by focusing on identity politics (of those suffering from isolation and separation), forgot about ordinary American workers, so-called 'blue collar' voters, concerned about their livelihood (Saturn). It shocked the Democrats that Trump not only identified the problem but effectively addressed it in his campaign, as well as appealing to their yearning for self-respect through 'American greatness', earning him the Presidency.

In 2019, the battle between those focused on identity (Ketu) and those emphasizing the economy (Saturn), will come into stark relief as Saturn and Ketu become conjunct in Sagittarius and the 6th house, on top of the weakest planet in the horoscope, Venus as 4th lord, ruling the land, natural resources and communal harmony. The Democrats accuse Trump and his supporters of being racists, bigots, imbeciles, etc.. In turn, Trump supporters consider Democrats as being un-American and un-patriotic.

As the Sun major period is operating, the re-invigoration of the USA is a major trend influence, but the sequence of malefic sub-periods of Rahu, Jupiter and Saturn from June 2017, may bring setbacks if the transits are adverse enough. An example is the floods in Texas and hurricanes in Florida in August and September 2017, which reduced economic growth that year. As the Sun-Mercury period runs from February 2020 and the difficult transits will have ended by November 2019, the setbacks foreseen in the coming year, will likely be overcome as these adverse transit and period influences end.

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Horoscope of Donald Trump

2018 White House Christmas photo
The election of President Trump caught most  people off guard, including astrologers. A notable exception is the late Indian Astrologer & Author V. K. Choudhry, who on October 22, 2015 made the accurate prediction that Donald Trump stood a good chance of winning the election over one year later. His prediction was based on a Systems' Approach analysis of  Trump's 7° Leo rising horoscope (in the sidereal zodiac). In this article, Trump's horoscope is analysed in terms of  the natal potentialities, their strengths and weaknesses, in order to explain his past activities, the policy agenda of his Presidency, his fervent supporters and opponents and what may lie ahead as the new year opens

1. Leo ascendant
The sign Leo rises in the ascendant, explaining the personality of the man. Leo is a fiery sign ruled by the Sun, as 1st lord of self. The Sun is "the significator of vitality, intelligence, male progeny, social status, profession, father, heart, royalty and magnificence." The Sun is weak in old age of the 10th house, which may affect the discrimination and health, especially as the Sun is conjunct the shadowy planet and legendary manipulator, Rahu, which also brings ambitiousness, pride and material gains. The Leo ascendant tends to give a majestic appearance and to prefer to be the centre of attention. Along with Jupiter, as 5th lord of entertainment in the 2nd house of status, Trump was already, before he was elected, a world famous 'showman' on The Apprenctice. Further, the Sun is opposite the Moon, as 12th lord, adding an element of selfishness to the personality, as well as giving bed pleasures and losses. Mars, as 9th lord of fortune and father, is in the most effective point (MEP) of the 1st house, offering protection to the indications of the 1st house. Along with the strong Jupiter, the planet of divine grace, Mars also brings altruistic sentiments. While Mars is weakened by its dispositor, the Sun, it becomes stronger on account of being in the sign of Leo. The weakness of the sun tends to make Donald Trump authoritative, demanding, stubborn, impatient and impulsive. The above combinations explain why Trump is an avid public relations (PR) man that is focused on building and expanding his brand and domain, e.g. Trump Tower and related properties. Since becoming President, he is interested to make the USA great again.

Corporate profits skyrocketed as wages declined
2. Strong benefic planets
Jupiter as 5th lord of intelligence is supremely strong in Virgo and the 2nd house of wealth, status and family, making it stronger still as it is in a sun-like house, while its dispositor, 2nd lord Mercury, a sun-like planet, is well placed in its own non-MT sign, Gemini and the 11th house of goals and income. Due to the contributions of Mercury, Jupiter, Sun, Mars and the innate intelligence of a Leo ascendant, Trump has earned a vast fortune and great status through enterprises directed by his intellect. These placements give deep insights and explain Trump's ability to discern the immiserising effects of free trade and illegal immigration on the income and welfare of American workers. Indeed, in recent decades government policies have allowed corporations to make unseemly profits even if it resulted in wages being pushed down (see graph). Due to these policies, 40 million Americans, or 13 percent of the population, were classified as living in poverty in 2017. Of these, five million were judged to be living in abject third world conditions, while an additional one hundred million citizens are having a hard time making ends meet. Meanwhile, over three million of the wealthiest Americans, the ubiquitous 1 percent, own millions or hundreds of billions of dollars. As a group, they own over 40 percent of the private assets of the country. It is a fact that Trump based his entire campaign platform on correcting these indecent policies. In fact, he is challenging the entire "establishment" with his "Drain the Swamp" slogan. Many politicians in Washington DC are corrupt by accepting generous campaign contributions from the huge corporations and in turn pass or maintain legislation that allows the corporations to make huge profits from globalisation by outsourcing well paying US jobs. Donald Trump began his major period of the powerful Jupiter in November 2016, when transit Jupiter was strong and well placed in Virgo and the 2nd house. It was this future combination that convinced Mr. Choudhry to make the bold prediction of his political success. An additional feature associated with a benefic Jupiter period and helpful transit of the planet is to make people more religious at that time. This has been amply demonstrated during the first half of Trump's term. The sub-period of Jupiter comes to an end on January 10, 2019, which signals a trend shift in his life.

3. Weak and badly placed planets
Venus as 3rd lord of expression and initiative is weak in infancy in Cancer and badly placed in the 12th house of losses and foreign matters. This placement contributes to Mr. Trump's pedestrian speaking style, and from time to time, him saying things that upset some people. It also explains his many business enterprises that failed or went bankrupt. Nevertheless, his strong placements gave him overall success and wealth, as noted above. Venus is conjunct Saturn, as 7th lord of spouse and advisers, which is also weak in infancy in Cancer and badly placed in the 12th house. Trump has been married three times, and two of his wives were born abroad. Mr. Choudhry observed that it was "the close influences on the Sun and weakness of Saturn and Venus brought in the element of delays in his political pursuits". As lord of the 3rd house, Venus is a sun-like planet, which adds strength to its otherwise weakened state. Moreover, its conjunction with Saturn also adds a helpful influence, especially in his marriage. That said, from early December 2018 to early March 2019, Rahu is transit stationary at 2° 36' Cancer, on top of Trump's Venus and Saturn. This is likely to produce strain for the indications of these planets. In fact, Trump's impulsive action to pull the US military out of Syria without consulting or heeding the advice of his chief military adviser is an example of the strain. The action of Gen. Mattis to immediately tender his resignation as Secretary of Defence, effective end of February 2019, represents a clear loss for Trump, as Mattis was widely respected as a stabilising influence in the Trump administration. On the following day, Trump changed course and decided to have a showdown with Congress over funding for "border security". The unwillingness of the Democrats to give in to this pressure has resulted in a partial shutdown of the US government as the nation heads into the holidays. As Trump has earlier said he was willing to shut down the government, this is seen as his decision. With the sub-period of a weak, badly placed and transit afflicted Saturn beginning on January 10, 2019, it is likely that strain from this transit will begin a cascade of adverse developments for President Trump as the new year begins. The investigation by the Special Counsel Mueller concerning Trump's former advisers may result in more adverse news for President Trump at that time, The new Democratic majority in the House of Congress may decide to begin impeachment proceedings against him based on perceived illegalities.

It is clear that Trump has a good understanding of what policies are needed to help ordinary Americans, while the "establishment" politicians have been sleeping at the wheel or worse for decades. Those who support Trump have been swept up by his efforts on their part during the Jupiter major period and sub-period. Possibly, the fervent support may fade a bit in the Saturn sub-period. Meanwhile, his opponents are repulsed by Trump's personality, most vividly on display before he became President. Trump's weak Sun, along with his weak Venus and Saturn, give him traits that others find repugnant and affirm their negative view of him. Undoubtedly, his political opponents will revel if President Trump has the predicted setbacks in early 2019.

Trump may be viewed with the lens of history - as presented in Ravi Batra's books The Downfall of Capitalism and Communism: A New Study of History (MacMillan, 1978) and The New Golden Age: The Coming Revolution against Political Corruption and Economic Chaos (St. Martins Press, 2007). Most people today admire Julius Caesar (100-44 BCE), who began the transformation of the Roman Republic into Roman Empire more than two millennia ago. During his time, Caesar got involved in a no holds barred battle with the "establishment" of land- and slave-owning Senators. The senatorial class had ruled Rome for centuries, but Roman society had increasingly become burdened by slave and peasant uprisings, due to the cruelty of the elite. The late Roman Republic period suffered from repeated 'Servile wars'. Caesar, who was an astute military commander, won the civil war and began to bring order to the lives of ordinary citizens. Caesar forgave those who opposed him and had survived the civil war. After Caesar declared himself dictator for life, the Senators conspired against and murdered him as he visited the Senate chambers. The murderers cited his betrayal of Republican values and traditions by becoming a "king". His adopted son, Octavian took revenge and cemented the transformation into Empire, giving birth to a line of rulers called Caesars. Importantly, Julius Caesar was far more controversial in his day than Trump is today. Caesar took steps that outraged the elite of his times by depriving them of power and becoming a ruler who made reforms favouring the ordinary citizens. Trump is now fighting to reform US politics, including reducing the access of the wealthy to legislators, that has given them unlimited profits, no matter the cost to the citizenry (Drain the Swamp). The US elite have been using their corporate media outlets, like CNN, CNBC, New York Times, Washington Post, etc., to undermine Trump's legitimacy. They find plenty to criticise in his personality, actions and expressions but try to avoid debating his policies substantively. Trump, born into the elite, like Caesar, has injected himself into the political arena while disturbing the cozy arrangement of the elite, just like Caesar did in his day. If Trump is impeached, it is unlikely his supporters will stand for it. Trump, himself, has suggested it is unlikely the Democrats will go that way, as it is likely to be met by a revolt of his supporters. While it is highly unlikely that some form of dictatorship is in the offing in the USA, it is possible that reforms that reduce the rampant political corruption await. Unfortunately, the transit and period influences in the SAMVA USA chart suggest grave problems for the country in 2019, especially from May to October, including the potential for violence and mass deaths. One manifestation of that could be a form of 'civil war' over Trump's reforms.

The views and insights presented in the Postscript, contextualising President Trump and the modern US political development, are those of Cosmologer. They should not be taken to be a result of analysis with or otherwise related to the Systems' Approach.

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Iceland's sovereignty

Iceland has abundant energy resources
On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Iceland's sovereignty, a new tentative horoscope for Iceland is proposed. Modern scholars agree that Iceland became a sovereign state in 1918.[1] Iceland and Denmark reached an agreement to that effect on 18 July of that year. On September 12, the Icelandic parliament approved to hold a national referendum and on October 19, 1918, the Icelandic nation approved the agreement. The Danish parliament and King then finalised their consent on 30 November, the day before the agreement was about to enter into force, at midnight on December 1, 1918. Out of these events, the national referendum is considered the signal moment for the birth of Iceland as a sovereign state, albeit in a royal union with Denmark, whereby the Danish King served as figurehead. A study of possible ascendants on this day, based also on anecdotal information about the likely time of the closing of the vote, has brought out a 3° Cancer rising horoscope for the Icelandic nation. Below is an explanation of the history of this event, the nature of the resulting horoscope and a discussion of the predictions made to test its validity.

Historical background 
Celebration of Sovereignty on 1 December 1918
„Even if the direct involvement of the Danish authorities in Icelandic affairs effectively ended with 'home rule' in 1904, when the country got its own ministers, an executive and parliamentarism in the modern sense, Iceland was still a part of the Danish state. It wasn't until 1918 that Iceland earned its place among free and sovereign states“.[2] On 19. October 1918, a national referendum was held on the Union Law Agreement and it was approved with over 90 percent of the vote.[3] With the agreement, Denmark explicitly recognised Iceland as a co-equal state. However, the two countries agreed to cooperate in the area of foreign policy, with Denmark handling temporarily this administrative area for Iceland. 

King Christian X of Denmark (1912-47)
The process to create and ratify the Union Law agreement took less than six months. A Danish government delegation arrived in Iceland in June 1918. On July 18, 1918 the two negotiating teams had finalised an agreement on the new Union Law agreement. Later that month, newspapers in Stockholm reported that a new Scandinavian state had been created. However, the formal process of approval was still incomplete for the agreement to enter into force on 1 December 1918. The Icelandic parliament approved the agreement on September 12, when it also called for the national referendum on October 19. Once the approval of the Icelandic nation was established, the agreement was put before the Danish parliament. The approval of the Danish Parliament on November 23, was taken to King Christian X on November 30. In the presence of Presidents of both Parliaments, the king signed the agreement at 10:40 am on that day in Copenhagen. The time, relocated to Reykjavik, is 8:40 am, giving a 4° Scorpio rising horoscope. This chart does not meet the criteria for an authentic horoscope for Iceland. A few hours later, at midnight (00:00 am) on 1 December 1918, the agreement entered into force. Further, it was celebrated at noon (12:00 pm) on the same day. Neither time results in a horoscope that meets the criteria for a mundane horoscope of the country. It is argued here that the agreement's ratification by the Icelandic voters is the signal moment for the birth of the sovereign entity. 

What is also important to note is that the Union Law agreement of 1918 set the terms for the subsequent decision to declare full independence and adopt a new constitution making Iceland a Republic with its own figurehead, a President. As Iceland had already become a sovereign state with its own executive, legislative and judiciary branches of government in 1918, the act of independence and constitutional change were not as profound as otherwise might appear. It is true that Iceland also took over the management of its foreign policy operations, by opening up missions in other countries and at international organisations. However, the basic features of a modern state had already been established in 1918. Moreover, in the parliamentary debates in Copenhagen in November 1918, a Danish politician declared that the Union Law was actually a "separation agreement" and hence he voted against it. Indeed, in the agreement it was specified that 22 years later, or in 1940, the Union Law could be renegotiated within a three year grace period, if both parties wanted it. Otherwise, the agreement would expire. In 1941, Iceland asked the Danish government for a renegotiation but by then Nazi Germany occupied Denmark and the government did not tend to the matter. After the three year period had lapsed, Iceland abandoned the idea of renegotiating the agreement and notified the Danish government accordingly. In January 1944 a process was set in motion to declare full independence from Denmark in the summer of 1944. This sequence of events is important, as it creates the basis for legal scholars to conclude that Iceland's sovereignty in 1918 is the defining event in the country's history, making Iceland a legally separate and full standing nation. 

Cod wars in Icelandic waters
Of additional note is the fact that as WW 2 was winding down, a trend in Europe and America was to renew foreign relations with other countries, with an emphasis on decolonisation and a stronger role for new international bodies to promote economic welfare and peace around the world. In this new environment, Denmark's foreign policy assistance of was not required. Of additional importance was the increased interest in strengthening the national management of the fishing resources. The push was motivated by the increased technical ability of foreign fishing fleets to extract Iceland's "national" resource, fish. After independence, the battle began to push foreign fleets out of Iceland's fishing grounds, aptly named the Cod Wars. The key point is that Iceland came of age with independence in 1944 but was born as a state with sovereignty in 1918.

Iceland is situated in the North Atlantic
The tentative chart is based on the national referendum vote in Iceland on 19 October 1918 on the question of a new Union Law granting Iceland sovereignty, and here the time of the close of the polling stations is key. What is known is that national election law of 1915 specified that the voting places should open at noon and stay open for at least three hours, or to 15:00. This law was likely set in view of the many sparsely populated communities around the island. For bigger communities, like Reykjavik, the law also stated that if voters kept coming, even only 1 voter in every 15 minute period, the voting place should remain open. There was great emphasis placed by the government on getting a good voter turnout. In the event, around 44 percent of the population voted. Further it is reported that the voting in Reykjavik "went into the evening." Based on possible ascendants from 15:00 going forward, it looks like the voting station in Reykjavik stayed open until 22:00, or 7 hours beyond the mandated opening time. The following horoscope derives with 3° Cancer rising.
  • National referendum vote: 22:00 WAT (-1:00) on 19 October 1918, Reykjavik.
Astrology of the chart

Cancer rises in the horoscope giving a royal nature, full of concern for self and others. Cancer is also a movable (cardinal) sign, which gives a leadership disposition, albeit based on a considerate and intuitive approach. Saturn, Jupiter and the Moon's nodes, Rahu and Ketu, are malefics for this ascendant. All planets, except Jupiter, as 6th lord of conflict, financial stability and health, are well placed in benefic houses. The Moon as 1st lord of self is well placed in the most effective point (MEP) of the 10th house of public affairs, giving an interest in world affairs. Mars, as 10th lord of world affairs, is placed in the 5th house of creativity and management, giving such ability. However, Mars is afflicted by Rahu, adding strong desires, involving possible manipulation or diplomatic tendencies, to the effort. The Sun is 2nd lord of wealth, status and relations with close neighbors, is weak in its sign of debilitation, Libra. As the Sun as 2nd lord is also in the MEP of the 4th house, it adds status to the natural resource and land. The Sun is also involved in three aspects, lending additional influence. It is in a mutual aspect with 1st lord Moon, adding to the status and fame. The Sun is also conjunct Mercury as 3rd lord of transportation and communication, giving importance to these areas for the status and land. Finally, Saturn as 8th lord of obstacles and endings is in the 2nd house MEP, which is ruled by the Sun, casts an aspect to both the Sun and Mercury, as well as the 2nd and 4th houses. This bring both easy gains and obstacles and endings for these many indications. Further, as the dispositor of Sun and Mercury is Venus, as 4th lord of land, natural resources and communal harmony, is weak and debilitated in Virgo and 3rd house, this suggests that transportation and communication issues have a strong influence on the communal harmony. Ketu, the functional malefic south node of the Moon, is in the 11th house of income, friends and goals from where it casts an aspect to Venus. This suggests the scope for sudden explosive events or setbacks associated with the 11th house indications that can undermine the communal harmony and natural resources. Jupiter as 6th lord of financial stability, health and conflict, is in the 12th house of losses, which suggests that Iceland, like the United Kingdom, risks losses by engaging in conflict.

To fully rectify a horoscope, it must be back-tested with an analysis of the transit and period influences of significant events in the country's history. It must then be subject to predictions of future events, which need to be accurate, in order to gain confidence in it its authenticity.

Three developments befell the newly sovereign country around the time of the national referendum.
- Major volcano Katla began a violent eruption on 12 October that ended on 4 November 1918, with a heavy downpour of ash and floods disrupting transportation and communication in the country.
- The weather turned extremely cold in the fall of 1918,
- A deadly Spanish flu outbreak took place with its 1st fatality reported in the media on 20 October 1918, with over 450 people dying in the following six weeks. 

Astrology of these events
One interesting fact is that the major period of Ketu, ruling separation, opens up at the "birth" of the sovereign entity, on 19 October 1918. Further, in the 3° Cancer rising chart, Ketu is debilitated in the 11th house of friends and goals, from where it is in exact aspect to 10th lord Mars in Scorpio and the 5th house. Rahu is also conjunct Mars, which suggests that the indications of the 10th house are badly harmed, but with three functional benefic planets aspecting the 10th house, it gains a tremendous offset. While vested interests seek to influence the government, suggesting a problem of corruption, there are noble forces in the national psyche that limit these. 

The Sun sub-period was operating, with natal Sun, as the 2nd lord of wealth and status, debilitated and weak at 3° Libra and the 4th house MEP. As such it is not strong to defend its indications, especially, as it is closely afflicted by Saturn, as 8th lord of obstacles and endings, at 3° Leo and the 2nd house MEP. This aspect suggests easy gains for wealth and status but likely there are also setbacks for the wealth and status of the country, as well as the leader. There could also be problems involving neighbouring countries. However, tremendous support comes from the 3rd lord Mercury and 1st lord Moon, which aspect the Sun and the 4th house, adding a dynamic potential for the national resources, communal harmony and Iceland's place in the world, even suggesting fame. Venus as 4th lord of communal harmony and natural resources, is debilitated in Virgo and 3rd house, under an aspect from Ketu. This suggests a weakness for communal harmony, but with an interest in communication and transportation. The chart thus befits a well off, peaceful country that has great interest in authors and the arts. In short, Ketu-Sun period as the beginning period of this chart, and the transit of the Sun into aspect of 6th lord Jupiter in early November, along with transit 8th lord Saturn moving into closer aspect of 3rd lord Mercury, ruling breathing, and transit Rahu moving past the exact conjunction with 10th lord Mars could explain the problems seen at the birth of this collective entity, but with the sorrowful pall gradually lifting in the new year of 1919.

The Halavedrid storm hit the plentiful fishing grounds of Hali outside of Isafjardardjup on the West coast of Iceland in the afternoon of 7 February 1925. The sudden onset of the storm made the sea begin to "boil" such that visibility was quickly lost. Two trawlers, Leifur Heppni and Fieldmarshal Robertsson, were seen to be fishing close to each other, but sight of them was soon lost by other ships on these fishing grounds. When the storm lifted, late on February 8, it became clear that the two trawlers had perished with a total of 68 men on board, mostly Icelanders. Other ships, notably Egill Skallagrimsson, suffered serious damage and almost sank but barely managed to stay afloat, such that the crews survived. 

Astrology of the event
In astrology, Venus, ruling comforts, is seen to be influential for the weather. Indeed, the Venus-Venus period was operating as the time of this storm. Moreover, afflictions involving the slow moving malefics, are also usually seen when deadly incidents occur. There were several afflictions involving the Moon's nodes, 8th lord Saturn, 6th lord Jupiter and 10th lord Mars operating in the chart. Mars rules industrial activity, which includes trawler shipping.

British troops march in Reykjavik in 1940
On 9 April 1940, Nazi Germany invaded Norway. There were reports that the German Luftwaffe had sent reconnaissance flights over Iceland. Given the country's strategic importance for the US supply of the war effort in Europe, as well as the German diplomatic presence in Reykjavik, this set off alarm bells in the UK and USA, that Iceland would be nextFrom the start of the war, Britain had imposed strict export controls on Icelandic goods, preventing profitable shipments to Germany, as part of its naval blockade. Britain offered assistance to Iceland, seeking cooperation “as a belligerent and an ally”, but Reykjavik declined and reaffirmed its neutrality. After failing to persuade the Icelandic government to join the Allies, the British Royal Army invaded Reykjavik on the morning of 10 May 1940, in a military operation codenamed Operation Fork. Meeting no resistance, the British troops moved quickly to disable communication networks, secure strategic locations, and arrest German citizens. Requisitioning local transport, the troops moved to secure landing areas in other parts of the country, to ward off the possibility of a German counterattack. The Government of Iceland issued a protest, charging that its neutrality had been "flagrantly violated" and "its independence infringed". The British forces were relieved by American troops in June 1941 and the USA went on to maintain a military base at Keflavik, Iceland until 2006.  

Astrology of the event
The late Indian astrologer & author Vinod Kumar Choudhry once stated that a country whose 2nd and 4th houses or lords were weak through affliction and/or bad placement, could be subject to interventions by other countries. In Iceland's case, 2nd lord Sun is debilitated but well placed in the 4th house, under favourable aspects. However, it is also afflicted by 8th lord Saturn in the 2nd house MEP. Meanwhile, 4th lord Venus is debilitated in Virgo and the 3rd house, with an afflicting aspect from Ketu in the 11th house. Both 2nd and 4th houses are afflicted by Saturn. Hence, the experience of Iceland of being invaded by a 'friendly' neighbor fits the natal potential seen in this chart. Venus-Mercury period was operating, with both 4th lord Venus conjunct transit Rahu in the 3rd house, while transit 12th lord Jupiter in the 10th house was exactly opposite 3rd lord Mercury in the 4th house, while transit Mercury in the 10th house was conjunct transit 8th lord Saturn, with Saturn also aspecting Mercury in the chart. Hence, there were obstacles and endings felt strongly at that time with respect to Iceland's transportation and communication. The benign influences of the Moon, Sun and Mercury operating on the 4th and 10th houses, resulting in a wish to remain neutral and avoid participation in armed conflict, seen in the chart, were also thwarted.

Bjarni Benediktsson (1908-1970)
The death of a sitting Prime Minister, Bjarni Benediktsson, his wife and young grandson by accidental fire took place in the night of July 10, 1970, while they were staying at the official vacation house by Thingvellir lake. Bjarni Benediktsson was born on 30 April 1908 and rose to become Mayor of Reykjavik and then Prime Minister of Iceland on 14 November 1963 to his death. He was considered one of Iceland's finest political leaders of the 20th century. A period of mourning followed their death.

Astrology of the event
The leader of a country is indicated by the Sun in a mundane horoscope. In this horoscope, the Sun is closely aspected by Saturn, as 8th lord, suggesting scope for death-like experiences involving the leader of the country. The Rahu-Jupiter period was operating and transit 12th lord Jupiter was exactly conjunct the Sun at 3° Libra and 4th house MEP, while transit Sun was conjunct 12th lord Jupiter at 23° Gemini and 12th house. Transit 4th lord Venus was conjunct Saturn at 3° Leo and 2nd house MEP. Finally, transit 8th lord Saturn in the 10th house was aspecting transit Sun and Mercury in the 12th house. Both the natal potential and transit influences support this event.

Eldfell behind Vestmaneyjar town in 1973
On January 23, 1973, a volcanic fissure that was previously unknown and had been dormant for five millennia awoke and began to erupt under a small Icelandic island of Heimaey, less than a mile from the town of Vestmannaeyjar, which had a population of about 5,000 at the time. The natural disaster forced an overnight evacuation of all of the inhabitants. A newly formed Eldfell volcano erupted for about six months, covering much of Vestmannaeyjar in ash, destroying several hundred homes, and sending lava flows toward the harbor.

Astrology of the event
The combination of Rahu and Mars in this horoscope, along with the affliction of 8th lord Saturn to the 2nd and 4th houses, including the lord of the 2nd house, Sun, in the 4th house, is likely the source of recurring volcanic activity in Iceland - as well as the cheap and clean geothermal energy. The Rahu- Saturn period was operating when this eruption, with major effect, took place. Transit 8th lord Saturn was conjunct Ketu in the 11th house and opposite transit 10th lord Mars conjunct 10th lord Mars and Rahu in the 5th house. Transit 4th lord Venus was conjunct transit Rahu in the 6th house and transit Ketu was conjunct 12th lord Jupiter in the 12th house. The chart again offers a stunning match for such a dramatic event.

Protests in front of parliament on 18. October 2008
The collapse of three internationalised Icelandic banks took place on 8 October 2008, causing a major recession in the country, with one in six households unable to pay their debts, and with the unemployment rate reaching 10 percent of the labour force in early 2009. The country was thrown into turmoil, with mass protests occurring on a daily basis until a new government took over in February 2009. An interesting element of the financial crisis is that actions of the UK accelerated the crash. There had been a dispute between the two countries on funds in the ICESAVE accounts of Landsbanki bank branches in the UK. When a run developed on these accounts, the UK unilaterally froze Iceland's international accounts and seized its bank assets, including Kaupthing's Singer-Friedlander Bank. The government of Gordon Brown was able to do so by initially placing Iceland on a list of terrorist regimes. While this act was the final straw that brought about the banking collapse in Iceland, the Icelandic government had also passed a law that gave priority to domestic depositors of domestic banks, such that their foreign assets went into resolution, but the domestic banks continued operating. The damage to Iceland was thus contained.

Astrology of the event
Communal harmony is ruled by the 4th house and its lord, Venus. Both the house and its lord are afflicted, suggesting that there are ongoing concerns over this area of life. This is similar to what is seen in the SAMVA USA chart, albeit it is seen to have graver problems concerning communal harmony, seen in the 4th lord Venus being badly placed in the 6h house of conflict, financial stability and illness, and with Ketu afflicting the 4th house, suggesting suffering involving isolation or separation for some social groups. As the afflictions in the horoscope for Iceland come from the 2nd house of wealth and 11th house of income, and involve Saturn as 8th lord of easy gains and Ketu lord of separation, the disturbances are likely to involve those practical factors. Indeed, this is seen in the protests over the banking collapse, which affected peoples assets and take home pay. Indeed, the Saturn - Venus period was operating when the protests erupted. Transit 8th lord Saturn was in the 2nd house under aspect from transit 12th lord Jupiter in the 6th house, both exactly aspecting transit 4th lord Venus in the 4th house. Transit 12th lord Jupiter was also opposite 12th lord Jupiter in the 12th house. Transit Rahu in the 7th house was afflicting transit 2nd lord Sun in the 3rd house and natal debilitated 4th lord Venus in the 3rd house. In SA astrology, Sun and Jupiter rule banking.

Every chart needs to be tested with predictions. The horoscope is running the Saturn - Jupiter period, which involves two malefic planets. Such periods are likelier to be more difficult than the periods of functional benefic planets. The current periods are likely to involve financial stability, conflict or health issues. In the coming three months, the station of Rahu at 2° 37' Cancer and 1st house MEP and Ketu in the 7th house MEP suggests some crisis involving the self-identity of the country and a sense of isolation in foreign relations. The transits in the coming year, notably during the summer months, that are of more concern. In particular, the aspects during May to July 2019 suggest a difficult time in Iceland, when transit Saturn and transit Ketu will be conjunct in the 6th house and in opposition to 6th lord Jupiter in the 12th house, who will be conjunct transit Rahu. Moreover, transit 6th lord Jupiter, the sub-period lord, will also become conjunct 10th lord Mars and Rahu in the 5th house. The government will likely have a hard time managing the problems foreseen, which involve the indications of the 6th house, such as diseases, financial instability or involvement in war.


Appendix - On the rectification of authentic horoscopes for nations. 
Any mundane rectification is an inherently challenging and time consuming process. The effort requires a deep understanding of the national history, not least its legal foundation, including its timing. Once a probable event is identified, its timing needs to be ascertained. As the time gives a certain ascendant, it must be seen to offer a realistic fit to the temperament of the peoples, as seen with the aid of the Systems' Approach to Mundane Vedic Astrology. The horoscope then needs to be further interpreted in terms of the planets, houses and aspects, such that it can offer an explanation for the potentialities of the nation, as seen through a study of its history. This involves a back-casting exercise where trends and significant events are interpreted in terms of the transits and period dynamics of the chart. The major periods offer insight into long running background trends, while the sub-periods give short to medium run trends. Transits of planets through signs, then give rise to significant events, especially when the slow moving planets become stationary as seen in their geocentric orbit with reference to the visible galactic background. Finally, assuming all of this works out, accurate predictions need to be made to gain confidence in the horoscope. Failing any of these steps, any chart is automatically rejected. Astrology is only partially scientific. On the one hand, its causal mechanism, involving the law of karma manifesting events in the life of conscious human beings, cannot be explained, or its inter-acting and constantly evolving elements do not lend themselves to controlled experiments. On the other hand, the making of predictions, whose outcome may be verified, is a scientific step.

Earlier horoscopes for the independence of Iceland have been explored, including
  • Independence ceremony at 14:00 WAT (-1:00) on 17 June 1944, Reykjavik, giving 10° Virgo rising.

  • National referendum vote at 23:59:59 WAT (-1:00) on 23 May 1944, Reykjavik, giving 19° Scorpio rising.
However, as these horoscopes failed in prediction, further work was required, resulting in the above research and discovery.

[1] Ingolfsdottir, Anna Lisa (2018). Island vard fullvalda riki 1. desember 1918 (Iceland became a sovereign state on 1 December 1918). ML Thesis, Reykjavik University.
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[3]. Wikipedia. Timeline of Iceland‘s history: 19. October 1918.