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Federal Republic of Germany

Adenauer proclaims the creation of the FRG
A promising new horoscope has recently been discovered for Germany. It is based on the event when -- after 59 of 61 representatives of the German Lander signed a new constitution from 4:07 pm -- the first Federal Chancellor, Konrad Adenauer, proclaimed the creation of a new Federal Republic of Germany (FRG) at 5:03 pm on May 23, 1949 in Bonn.[1][2] 
     Importantly, the union of Germany at midnight on 3 October 1990 in Berlin is considered to be the enlarged continuation of the Federal Republic and not a successor state.[3] As such, the reunification of West and East Germany was an auspicious albeit challenging event in the life of the FRG, created 41 years earlier, and not a replacement for it.
     The German horoscope has 23° 43‘ Virgo rising which is similar to the rising degree of a tentative horoscope for the European Union (EU) with 23° 29' Cancer rising, suggesting that the fortunes of the German people are in synch with those of the people within the larger EU of 28 countries.

The modern German collective identity is signified by its rising sign, Virgo, which is an earthy sign, ruled by Mercury. This ascending sign tends to make the collective identity practical, analytical, cautious, protective, dependable and discrimminating. Mercury is frequently afflicted in transit which can make the collective psychology feel a bit tense at such times. However, Mercury, as 1st lord of self and identity, is strong and favourably placed at 24° 03 Taurus, in the most effective point (MEP) of the 9th house (with an orb of 0° 20‘),  making the German people normally of calm nervous disposition, lucky and of a sound self-identity. The placement of Mercury also gives a positive and high minded collective outlook that positively influences the communication of the country‘s leaders. Adding to the favourable sense of self, is the placement of Moon, as 11th lord of friends, income and future plans, at 20° 38‘ Pisces and in the 7th house MEP (with an orb of 3° 05‘). This placement gives favourable and rewarding diplomatic relations but also adds a hopeful influence to the collective identity. Indeed, the Federal Republic of Germany and its leaders have been a driving influence for increased economic and political cooperation in Europe from its creation. This is based on the prior involvement of Germany in war which has caused a lot of pain and suffering for the country.
     Venus as 2nd lord of assets, wealth and relationships with neigboring countries, is also very well placed at 18° 39‘ Taurus and 9th house. However, causing potential problems for relations with neighboring countries, initiatives and communication and income and future plans is the placement of Mars as 8th lord at 24° 16 Aries and 8th house MEP (orb of 0° 27‘), due to its aspects to the 2nd, 3rd and 11th houses.
     The placement of Mars is, however, good for easy gains and the credibility of the country. Jupiter, as 4th lord of communal harmony, fixed assets and natural resources, and general indicator of young people and religion, is well placed, unafflicted but debilitated at 9° 00‘ Capricorn and 5th house. This placement gives potential setbacks to its indications but also creativity in their use.
     The Sun, as 12th lord of losses and general indicator of the leader of the country, is well placed at 8° 58‘ Taurus and the 9th house. However, it is afflicted by Saturn, as 6th lord of conflict, health and financial stability, which is badly placed at 6° 35‘ Leo and 12th house of losses, war and foreign countries. The aspect of Saturn to Sun gives problems to the leader of the nature of war, financial debts and losses. Saturn‘s indications are further harmed by an aspect from Rahu at 2° 05‘ Aries and 8th house (orb of 4° 30‘), adding harmful influences of manipulations based on desire. Moreover, Saturn casts its aspect on Ketu at 2° 05‘ Libra and 2nd house, giving rise to sudden problems of the same nature as on the Sun. 

Dresden after WW II
A remarkable feature of SA mundane astrology is that prior historical events may be read from an authentic horoscope. This has been seen in the SAMVA USA chart (Perpetual Union). Indeed, The placements in the new horoscope for Germany are consistent with the prior history of the country. Indian astrologer and author V.K. Choudhry has stated that this finding raises the confidence in the authenticity of the new chart. 
     In particular, the two key significant historical events seen from the chart are the hyperinflation of the Weimar Republic in the early 1920s and the misguided expansion into neighboring countries from the late 1930s took place in the sub-periods of Rahu. A singularily important observation involves the aspect of Rahu in 8H of obstalces to Saturn as 6L of war in 12H of foreign countries.
     Germany has on two occasions taken the initiative to declare war in the 20th century with catastrophic losses for the country. A major fit is the fact that Germany started WW II in Saturn - Rahu period. In this regard, note that the major period  of Saturn, as the 6th lord of conflict, was operating until May 1944. At that time, the course of the war turned decisively against Nazi Germany. The Allied forces had invaded Italy  in September 1943, but in June 6, 1944, the Allies also landed in France, on D-Day. This is very similar to that seen in the 20° Cance rising SAMVA USA chart and the 16° Virgo rising horscope for the United Kingdom. In the USA chart, the major period of 6th lord Jupiter commenced in 1937, as the ill winds of war began to blow in China and Spain. The period lasted until 1953, when the US had also fought in Korea. In the UK chart, the period of 6th lord Saturn from December 1925 to December 1945. As Saturn is weak in 12th house of losses, the UK lost the remnants of Empire during the war.
We may also note that 8th lord Mars is in Aries and 8H MEP where it aspects the 11th house of friends and plans, 2nd house of wealth, status and neighbouring countries and 3rd house of communication and initiatives. In Mars sub-periods (preceding Rahu sub-periods), there has been observed a heating up of national sentiments.
     In March 1938, when the Saturn-Mars period was operating from November 1937 to December 1938, Germany initiated the Anschluss crisis by absorbing Austria and causing the Sudenten crisis, leading to the absorbtion of areas populated by German speaking peoples within Czechoslovakia. This is similar to what Putin did in Ukraine in the spring of 2014 and the historical paralell with Germany has inspired the USA and EU to react sternly, with an ever tightening trade embargo. 
    In the Mars major period from 2004 to 2011, Germany was busy co-managing the European Union along with the other large member countries.  During this time, the sentiment was strong to support the EU, even if it involved Germany putting itself at risk of financial losses. During this period, German banks lent out increasing amounts of money to other member states, including Geece. When the international banking crisis began in 2007, significant losses began to be realised by the German banks.

In May 2011, the situation took a dramatic turn for the worse when Germany entered the major period of Rahu. This is seen with the bad placement of Rahu in the 8th house of obstacles and endings from where it afflicts Saturn as 6th lord of financial stability and conflict in the 12th house of losses. The Rahu sub-period lasted from May 2011 to January 2014. During these two and half years, the euro-area sovereign debt crisis peaked, creating tremendous problems for the German government. Not only did the government have to make difficult decisions involving the assumption of debt obligations incurred by other EU countries but these very same decisions caused a lot of domesetic debate, with several court cases being filed in an effort by concerned citizens to stop the actions of the government.
The Rahu – Jupiter period is running from January 2014 to April 2016. Jupiter is 4th lord placed in its sign of debilitation and 5th house.  In early 2014, Germany was blindsided by the Ukrainian crisis, involving Russia, creating a rift in an otherwise good relationship since the fall of Soviet Communism. The demanding situation in the Spring was explained by the nodal return from the spring. In late 2014, the situation deteriorated. At the same time there was an increase in domestic disharmony.  In mid December, German  people with nationalistic sentiments engaged in protests against the steady dilution of the white German nationality by immigrant races, especially the muslims. The aspects explaining this are the conjunction of a stationary Rahu in the MEP of the 1st house of self-identity, and its aspect to 1st lord Mercury in Taurus and 9th houses, during the fall and the entry of Saturn as 6th lord of strong views into the sign Scorpio and 3rd house of communication and initiatives in November, from where it aspects natal Jupiter as 4th lord of collective harmony at 9° Capricorn and 5th house of emotions. Saturn also aspects natal Saturn and is in a house aspected by 8th lord Mars. The public demonstration of nationalism has raised concerns outside of Germany due to the country´s dark past with regard to such sentiments. 
The year 2015 begins with the auspicious conjunction of transit 1st lord Mercury and 2nd lord Venus in conjunction with natal Jupiter around 5-8 January. This aspect suggests an enjoyable festive occasion for Germany, notably in the area of creativity and young people, that pleases the citizens. 
     Soon afterwards, however, there are a number of difficult aspects which suggest a renewed bout of tensions for the country.
     At the beginning of the year, transit 6th lord Saturn will be in applying aspect to natal 4th lord Jupiter at 9° 00‘ Capricorn and 5th house. The influence of this aspect will increase in early February when Saturn becomes stationary at around 10° Scorpio and 3rd house. From this placement Saturn will cast its afflicting aspect to Jupiter, suggesting that conflict in the area of initiatives and communication will create problems for Jupiter's general indications of religion and CEOs, but also its functional indications of communal harmony, the housing market, elementary schools and natural resources. These developments are likely to find expression in relation to univiersities, young people, creativity and speculation.
     As transit Saturn will at the same time be in opposition aspect with natal 12th lord Sun at 8° 58‘ Taurus and 9th house, any conflict is likely to lead to losses and difficulty for the German Chancellor and high ranking officials of the government. This influence will be more pronounced in mid February when transit Sun enters the 6th house into the dual afflicting aspects of Ketu at 2° Libra and 2nd house and Saturn at 6° Leo and the 12th house.
     Also felt from the beginning of the year and into March, is the aspect of transit Rahu in Virgo and 1st house to natal Venus and 2nd lord in Taurus and 9th house. This aspect suggests that some desires of the German people may place a strain on their status and wealth and relations with neighboring countries. However, as the aspect is temporary and Venus is strong natally, no setback will be realised for the indications of Venus. Moreover, from late February, transit Jupiter, the sub-period lord, will be in retrograde motion in its sign of exaltation, Cancer, and 11th house where it will come into a mutual aspect with transit Ketu in Pisces and 7th house. This suggests that foreign policy developments may serve to reduce the collective harmony in the spring but that some divine influence helps to becalm the situation.
     In June, transit Jupiter, the sub-period lord, will pass into the sign Leo and 12th house, where it will remain for one year. During this time, the placement of Juptier suggests that the domestic harmony of Germans will be less, possibly due to losses involving its indications.
     In the fall of 2015, a crisis for the Chancellor or highly placed government officials is likely, as transit 8th lord Saturn in the 3rd house and transit stationary Rahu in the 1st house aspect the natal 12th lord Sun in the 9th house

[1] Stenographic Office (2014). Information obtained by Harald Muller. December 22.
[2] (2014). 65th Anniversary of the Federal Republic of Germany. May 23.
[3]. Wikipedia (2014). German Reunification.


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Cosmologer said...

In line with the final prediction for a crisis in late 2015, the Volkswagen Emission Scandal broke on September 18, 2015 and remained quite intense until December 9, 2015.

Timeline of the Scandal:

The scandal is interesting for the fact that it broke in Rahu-Jupiter period, while tr Rahu was in 1H of self was in aspect to natal Jupiter as 4L of conveyances in 5H of management. Transit Saturn as 6L of enemies was in 3H of transportation in opposition aspect to natal Sun as 12L of losses in the 9H of luck. Moreover, tr Rahu was in close aspect to natal Sun, while tr Mars as 8L of legitimacy was in 12H of losses under aspect from natal Rahu in the 8H of obstacles and endings. Finally, tr Mars in 8H was aspecting tr Venus as 2L of status and wealth in the 11H of income. The scandal hurt Germany's reputation and export income. The emission scandal is consistent with the energy of Rahu, which rules manipulations and pollution.

The Scandal created not only intense pressure on the company, with leaders resigning, but also for the government. On October 5, 2015, Merkel denied the scandal would damage Germany's reputation:

In March 2017, Merkel had to testifie before a parliamentary committee about her knowledge of the emission cheating before the scandal broke: