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The year ahead for the USA

What do the stars suggest will happen in the USA in 2008 in terms of the SAMVA USA chart?

It may sound like stating the obvious to say that a year when a new President is elected will be marked by unsettling political developments. Still, that is what a reading of the period and transit influences in the Cancer rising SAMVA USA chart suggests will be the case in 2008.

A high strung 'political' year
While the political debate is likely to become intense during the primaries, the drama is expected to increase during the national conventions of the Democratic and Republican Parties in late August and early September. The month of September will likely bring a crisis for the US President, possibly having to do with foreign affairs. The domestic political debate is likely to escalate in October and peak on the eve of the Presidential election on November 7, 2008. The economy may do better than expected in 2008 but more problems are likely to be felt in the financial sector. Acts of violence could take place in the latter part of November.

The Venus major period
The SAMVA USA chart has been running the major period of Venus since April 1996 and this period is ongoing until 2016. This means the indications of Venus become important in the national life over a long period. As 4th lord, Venus rules over fixed assets, natural resources, vehicles, education and communal harmony. A general indication of Venus is women and luxuries.
As Venus is badly placed and weak in the 6th house of the chart, the acquisition of homes or vehicles is based on debt and this can become a source of conflict or problems, such as in mortgage debt defaults. Concerning education, the problem could be the inadequate performance of students or violence among them in the schools. Problems with vehicles could include rising costs having to do with their large size and significant fuel use. There could also be problems related to the amount of energy used by Americans. Finally. the communal harmony can be upset by incidents of conflict between racial, ethnic, religious or political groups. As the indications of the major period are important over a long period, the indications of the shorter sub-periods become pronounced in the national life during their relatively brief operation.

The Jupiter sub-period
The Jupiter sub-period has been operating in the SAMVA USA chart since June 2006 and it lasts until February 2009. The natal placement of Jupiter and its transit condition therefore become quite important for explaining the prominent issues during the coming year. In the chart, Jupiter, as 6th lord, rules over conflict, health issues and financial stability. Jupiter is also a general indicator of the courts, banks, business executives and religious organizations. During this period, there may be conflict over the function of the judicial system, the extent or erosion of legal rights or the role of religion in public life. The financial stability depends crucially on the ability of firms and households to service their debt. As Jupiter is the dispositor of the planet Venus, which is placed in the sign of Sagittarius, the indications of these planets are linked. That said, as these placements exist in the natal chart, their influence is part of the American character and as such perennial. During the operation of planetary periods, the influence attributed to the respective planets in the chart comes to the foreground in the collective life (for a comprehensive desciption of the influences in the SAMVA USA chart, please consult the article on the chart on this blog). Jupiter is transiting its own sign of Sagittarius for most of 2008 and this augurs well for its indications. In particular, the economy is expected to avoid a recession in 2008. While some problems may crop up in the financial system during the year, the growth of incomes is expected to remain sufficient to allow firms and households to continue servicing their considerable debts and for the financial system to remain functioning.

Early 2008
While the life of Americans is expected to continue in 2008 as it has in preceeding years, the planets suggest what type of events we may expect to see throughout the year. The year begins with an aspect from Jupiter to Saturn that becomes increasingly felt and peaks around the 21st of January. Jupiter is strong in Sagittarius and the 6th house. However, as it is a functional malefic in the chart, its aspect to Saturn as the 8th lord of obstacles and endings, is expected to create stress, possibly related to hard fought primaries. During the beginning of the year Jupiter will also be in a mutual trinal aspect to natal Rahu in the SAMVA USA chart, with the aspect becoming exact on February 9. While this aspect is also not long lasting it suggests renewed concerns over financial stability or other 6th house issues.

Upsets to domestic tranquility
Jupiter will three times become conjunct Venus in 2008: in mid March, early July and then in early November. During these times the political debate, concerns over the housing market or military activities abroad may serve to upset the communal harmony.

Crisis in the fall
The astrological situation will become decidedly more intense from late July. At that time, the Moon´s nodes. Rahu and Ketu, will go into stationary motion over the natal Sun in the chart at 23° 44' Capricorn in the 7th house. At that time, problems or stress will be felt from foreign affairs, the wealth of the country (possibly having to do with a reduction in the value of the dollar or stocks), or difficulty for the President. Issues such as funding of foreign governments fighting terrorism or international agreements on environmental sustainability may become a source of considerable tension. Foreign trips by the President at that time would be expected to meet with difficulty. This aspect peaks at the end of September and the situations that arise are expected to gradually ease in the following weeks.

Honesty of politicians
In late August and into September, transit Saturn and transit Jupiter will be closely aspected by natal Rahu, These aspects suggest that there may be some manipulation involving the acquisition of easy gains, beliefs of the masses, religious views or financial matters. Politicians, clergy or bankers who have resorted to manipulation may be exposed at that time.

Violence towards the end of the year
From August until the end of the year, the aspect of transit Jupiter in Sagittarius to transit Saturn in Leo will again become close, and become exact at 18° on September 9 and at 26° 30' on November 21. This aspect suggests problems or violence.

The time in late November will be especially difficult as transit Saturn will then also be under the aspect of natal Saturn in the chart, heightening the potential for violence and destruction of assets.

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