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End of Empire

The fall of Singapore to the Japanese Army on February 15th 1942 is considered one of the greatest defeats in the history of the British Army and probably Britain's worst defeat in the second World War. In a span of few days, 90,000 British troops were overrun by 30,000 Japanese troops, who fought with a combination of speed and savagery. The British forces became prisoners of war. In a single stroke, Britain's status as a colonial power in South East Asia was ended. In short order, Britain's hold on Burma was also ended. A few years later Britain pulled out of India, which then broke up into Hindu India and what became Muslim Pakistan and Bangladesh.

In other words, the British Empire in Asia was delivered a mortal blow on that fateful day. This is also seen in the fact that the fall of Singapore and Burma had little impact on the course of the war in Asia and Pacific as the US military stepped into the breach, with its influence in the region growing.[1]

As has earlier been discussed, such a dramatic development is seen in the horoscope of the United Kingdom. The key natal factor behind the decline of the British Empire is the placement of Sun as 12th lord of foreign things and losses being conjunct the most effective point of the 4th house, which amongst other things rules land. However, on this fateful day, there were plenty of period and transit influences, triggering such an outcome.

The Saturn major period was operating from December 28, 1926 to December 28, 1945. Saturn is 6th lord of conflict in the 16° Virgo rising chart for the UK. This is similar to the situation in the USA, as its national horoscope was also running the period of the 6th lord during World War II. In the UK chart, Saturn is badly placed and weak at 2° 17' Leo and the 12th house. Saturn is further weakened by being debilitated in Navamsa chart. This placement suggests conflict, financial stability and health are associated with foreign things and losses. The problems are more as 12th lord Sun at 19° Sagittarius is conjunct the MEP of the 4th house of natural resources, including land. Sun also aspects the 10th house, giving, both problems and a prominent place in the world, not least as the Moon is also placed there, and the planet of status, 2nd lord Venus, is well placed in the 5th house.

Importantly, the Rahu sub-period was operating from August 8, 1940 to June 16, 1943. FM Rahu at 23° Pisces and 7th house of foreign policy aspects Mercury as 1st lord at 26° 28' Scorpio and 3rd house of communication and transportation. This aspect suggests the confidence and self image is subject to setbacks. The problems in Britain were more in this major and sub-period combination - a dual malefic period. Indeed, during this period other major problems hit Britain, including the severe bombing of London by the German Luftwaffe and land based V2 rocket-bombs. Britain was ultimately able to repel the attack but at major cost.

At the time of the stunning defeat in Singapore, when the British General signed the letter of surrender, several difficult transits were taking place:
  • transit Rahu (the true node) was stationary at 20° 20' Leo from January to March 1942. The three month station in one degree can bring crisis and setbacks to the indications of a natal planet or point it touches. As Rahu was conjunct the most effective point (MEP: +/- 5° from ascending degree) of the 12th house it afflicted the indications of this house, as well as the 4th, 6th and 8th houses. Aggravating its conjunction to the MEP of the 12th house was the aspect of Rahu to natal 12th lord Sun at 19° Sagittarius. This is a most difficult indication for not only the 12th house of losses, but also that which the Sun touches, the 4th house of land. Another aspect of transit stationary Rahu was to natal 8th lord Mars at 20° Aries and 8th house of easy gains. In short, there was a setback to any 'easy gains' Britain had enjoyed in this part of the world up to that time.
  • transit Ketu was also stationary at 20° 20' Aquarius and 6th house MEP, hence afflicting the indications of the house. Sudden problems for the indications of the 6th house, such as conflict, financial stability, health, are to be expected with such a long standing transit.
  • Natal Ketu at 23° Virgo was also aspecting transit 1st lord Mercury at 22° Capricorn and the 5th house, suggesting vulnerability for a sudden setback for the indications of self, including fame, for the British.
  • transit 12th lord Sun was placed at 2° 37' Aquarius and 6th house in exact opposition aspect to natal 6th lord Saturn. This is a stunning aspect concerning the timing of this dramatic setback for the UK.
  • transit 6th lord Saturn at 29° Aries and 8th house was weak in transit and thus adding to the vulnerability. Transit Saturn was also aspecting natal 11th lord Moon at 28° 20' Gemini and 10th house, further dashing the hopes and dreams of the country.
  • transit 8th lord Mars at 25° Aries and 8th house was casting an aspect to natal 1st lord Mercury in the 3rd house. This aspect highlights the obstacles and endings involved for the self-image of Britain as a colonial power.
In short, this devastating event in UK history is linked to truly horrible set of factors operative in the UK horoscope at that time, also triggering a natal factor.


[1] Britain's Greatest Defeat: Singapore 1942 By Alan Warren.

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