Sunday, August 13, 2017

The great light of astrology

V. K. Choudhry (1951-2017)
It is with profound sadness that we report the passing of the world renowned Indian author and astrologer, V. K. Choudhry. He died peacefully in the morning of August 11, 2017 in Gurgaon, India, after a brief illness, surrounded by his family. History will confirm that V. K. Choudhry is the single greatest astrologer of the modern era.

V. K. Choudhry was born on September 13, 1951 in Delhi, India. He came to astrology in the mid 1980s, having obtained a MBA degree and while working in the Government of India's engineering export company. During his astrology career, which spanned three decades, he wrote 14 path breaking books with his son, K. Rajesh Chaudhary, based on the Systems‘ Approach to Interpreting Horoscopes which he propounded. He participated in numerous conferences, received many awards, was founder and President of the International Institute of Predictive Astrology (IIPA) and the Systems Institute of Hindu Astrology (SIHA) and actively taught Systems' Approach astrology to his students on popular discussion lists on the internet.

Contribution to astrology
Receiving Jyotish Bhanu award in 1992.
His aim was to remove the many confusions and contradictions that had accumulated in modern astrology. In doing so he redefined horoscopic astrology based on the ancient heritage of Jyotisha, the science of light. By focusing on the ascending sign and house rulership of planets owning Moolatrikona signs, the Systems‘ Approach makes a true interpretation of the karma seen in the horoscope possible. In turn, the Systems’ Approach makes accurate predictions for the life of the native also possible. Indeed, V. K. Choudhry placed a major emphasis on the use of predictions to underpin the scientific aspect of astrology.

A highly spiritual person, V.K. Choudhry also provided his students with guidance on how to be good astrologers as well as how to manage afflictions and weaknesses seen in horoscopes for a more stable and spiritually uplifting life.

Importantly, the easy to follow rules of interpretation of the Systems‘ Approach enable astrologers to give a quick overview of the essential features of each horoscope. This feature also makes birth chart rectification much easier than before.

He also clarified the indications of mundane or national astrology which has made significant advances possible in this field as well. The SAMVA discussion list, now on Groups Io has been applying this form of astrology since November 2000, with many discoveries of national horoscopes, including for the USA.

A bright future for the Systems' Approach
K. Rajesh Chaudhary
Messages of condoloences have been coming in from all over the world, with appreciation for the contribution of V. K. Choudhry to the lives of his students and people in all walks of life, with also prayers asking God to bless his soul with peace.

His final message on the SAMVA list was on July 9, with the words:

"All SA students / astrologers always have my blessings.
Wish you best of luck."

With the active support of Systems‘ Approach astrologers around the world, Sri K. Rajesh Chaudhary assumes the responsibility to be guardian and expounder of this important legacy going forward.

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David Hawthorne said...

Thank you for taking the time to write this article.

As usual your work is on the mark and brilliant.

Be well....and long live the work of Professor Choudhry....

David Hawthorne, President, International Institute of Predictive Astrology