Monday, October 2, 2017

Predicting mass deaths

Since the discovery of the SAMVA USA chart in 2006, numerous predictions have been made months in advance suggesting violent events or acts with significant fatalities or death like experiences in the USA. The latest such accurate prediction was sadly realised today. Below, this prediction and a number of similar ones in the past ten years are recalled.

What was predicted: "Significant events involving fatalities or death-like experiences are likely, as well as setbacks for easy gains, especially for speculators..between July 5 until October 10, when the aspect from Rahu is applying."
When the prediction was madeDecember 28, 2016
What actually happened: 59 killed and 527 injured at Las Vegas Strip in the deadliest mass shooting in US history.
Who did it: An evil or mad gunman, known to be a heavy gambler.
When the event happened: October 1, 2017.

What was predicted: “There could be violent natural or man-made events” when transit Rahu and 6th lord Jupiter are conjunct in Leo and 2nd house under the aspect of 8th lord Saturn in Scorpio and 5th house.
When the prediction was madeJanuary 10, 2016
What actually happened: 50 killed and 59 injured at Orlando‘s Pulse Nightclub shooting. 
Who did it: A foreign born muslim. terrorist.
When the event happened: June 12, 2016.

What was predicted: “Scope for serious violent acts or events" in the fall.
When the prediction was made: December 31, 2014
What actually happened14 people killed and 22 others seriously injured in a terrorist attack consisting of a mass shooting and an attempted bombing at the Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino, CA.
Who did it: A foreign born muslim terrorist couple.
When the event happened: December 2, 2015.

What was predicted"Violent or explosive events with searing heat...with many fatalities possible" through April. "Spiritual, diplomatic or drug dealing people could be involved."
When the prediction was madeDecember 30, 2012
a) What actually happened: 6 killed and 280 injured in the Boston marathon bombing.
Who did it: Two foreign born muslim terrorists who were brothers; the younger one known to deal drugs.
When the event happened: April 15, 2013.
b) What actually happened: 15 killed and 200 people injured in West Fertilizer Company explosion in West, Texas.
When the event happened April 17, 2013.

What was predicted: "A sudden event disturbs the social equilibrium...Violence...and loss of life" in the spring 2007.
When the prediction was made: December 30, 2006.
What actually happened: 33 killed and 23 injured at Virginia Tech. shooting; the largest campus massacre in US history.
Who did it: A deranged young man. 
When the event happened: April 16, 2007.

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Cosmologer said...

A result of an intensive investigation into the gunman reveals that he had been on a two year long losing streak as a gambler. This may have undermined his narcissist status-driven identity, making him strike out at others in a deadly rage.

"Police say the man who shot and killed 58 people and injured more than 540 others in last month’s deadly massacre in Las Vegas was a status-obsessed narcissist who had lost a “significant amount of wealth” in the last two years, something authorities now believe may have played a “determining factor” in the Oct. 1 attack."[1]

The prediction: "Significant events involving fatalities or death-like experiences are likely, as well as setbacks for easy gains, especially for speculators..."

As natal 8L Saturn is in the 5th house of the SAMVA USA chart, the events are seen to involve indications of the 5th house, which includes speculation/speculators.

Additional insight: The setting for the massacre, Las Vegas, which are prominently engaged in speculation, entertainment and young people, all indications of this house.

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