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Horoscope of Donald Trump

2018 White House Christmas photo
The election of President Trump caught most  people off guard, including astrologers. A notable exception is the late Indian Astrologer & Author V. K. Choudhry, who on October 22, 2015 made the accurate prediction that Donald Trump stood a good chance of winning the election over one year later. His prediction was based on a Systems' Approach analysis of  Trump's 7° Leo rising horoscope (in the sidereal zodiac). In this article, Trump's horoscope is analysed in terms of  the natal potentialities, their strengths and weaknesses, in order to explain his past activities, the policy agenda of his Presidency, his fervent supporters and opponents and what may lie ahead as the new year opens

1. Leo ascendant
The sign Leo rises in the ascendant, explaining the personality of the man. Leo is a fiery sign ruled by the Sun, as 1st lord of self. The Sun is "the significator of vitality, intelligence, male progeny, social status, profession, father, heart, royalty and magnificence." The Sun is weak in old age of the 10th house, which may affect the discrimination and health, especially as the Sun is conjunct the shadowy planet and legendary manipulator, Rahu, which also brings ambitiousness, pride and material gains. The Leo ascendant tends to give a majestic appearance and to prefer to be the centre of attention. Along with Jupiter, as 5th lord of entertainment in the 2nd house of status, Trump was already, before he was elected, a world famous 'showman' on The Apprenctice. Further, the Sun is opposite the Moon, as 12th lord, adding an element of selfishness to the personality, as well as giving bed pleasures and losses. Mars, as 9th lord of fortune and father, is in the most effective point (MEP) of the 1st house, offering protection to the indications of the 1st house. Along with the strong Jupiter, the planet of divine grace, Mars also brings altruistic sentiments. While Mars is weakened by its dispositor, the Sun, it becomes stronger on account of being in the sign of Leo. The weakness of the sun tends to make Donald Trump authoritative, demanding, stubborn, impatient and impulsive. The above combinations explain why Trump is an avid public relations (PR) man that is focused on building and expanding his brand and domain, e.g. Trump Tower and related properties. Since becoming President, he is interested to make the USA great again.

Corporate profits skyrocketed as wages declined
2. Strong benefic planets
Jupiter as 5th lord of intelligence is supremely strong in Virgo and the 2nd house of wealth, status and family, making it stronger still as it is in a sun-like house, while its dispositor, 2nd lord Mercury, a sun-like planet, is well placed in its own non-MT sign, Gemini and the 11th house of goals and income. Due to the contributions of Mercury, Jupiter, Sun, Mars and the innate intelligence of a Leo ascendant, Trump has earned a vast fortune and great status through enterprises directed by his intellect. These placements give deep insights and explain Trump's ability to discern the immiserising effects of free trade and illegal immigration on the income and welfare of American workers. Indeed, in recent decades government policies have allowed corporations to make unseemly profits even if it resulted in wages being pushed down (see graph). Due to these policies, 40 million Americans, or 13 percent of the population, were classified as living in poverty in 2017. Of these, five million were judged to be living in abject third world conditions, while an additional one hundred million citizens are having a hard time making ends meet. Meanwhile, over three million of the wealthiest Americans, the ubiquitous 1 percent, own millions or hundreds of billions of dollars. As a group, they own over 40 percent of the private assets of the country. It is a fact that Trump based his entire campaign platform on correcting these indecent policies. In fact, he is challenging the entire "establishment" with his "Drain the Swamp" slogan. Many politicians in Washington DC are corrupt by accepting generous campaign contributions from the huge corporations and in turn pass or maintain legislation that allows the corporations to make huge profits from globalisation by outsourcing well paying US jobs. Donald Trump began his major period of the powerful Jupiter in November 2016, when transit Jupiter was strong and well placed in Virgo and the 2nd house. It was this future combination that convinced Mr. Choudhry to make the bold prediction of his political success. An additional feature associated with a benefic Jupiter period and helpful transit of the planet is to make people more religious at that time. This has been amply demonstrated during the first half of Trump's term. The sub-period of Jupiter comes to an end on January 10, 2019, which signals a trend shift in his life.

3. Weak and badly placed planets
Venus as 3rd lord of expression and initiative is weak in infancy in Cancer and badly placed in the 12th house of losses and foreign matters. This placement contributes to Mr. Trump's pedestrian speaking style, and from time to time, him saying things that upset some people. It also explains his many business enterprises that failed or went bankrupt. Nevertheless, his strong placements gave him overall success and wealth, as noted above. Venus is conjunct Saturn, as 7th lord of spouse and advisers, which is also weak in infancy in Cancer and badly placed in the 12th house. Trump has been married three times, and two of his wives were born abroad. Mr. Choudhry observed that it was "the close influences on the Sun and weakness of Saturn and Venus brought in the element of delays in his political pursuits". As lord of the 3rd house, Venus is a sun-like planet, which adds strength to its otherwise weakened state. Moreover, its conjunction with Saturn also adds a helpful influence, especially in his marriage. That said, from early December 2018 to early March 2019, Rahu is transit stationary at 2° 36' Cancer, on top of Trump's Venus and Saturn. This is likely to produce strain for the indications of these planets. In fact, Trump's impulsive action to pull the US military out of Syria without consulting or heeding the advice of his chief military adviser is an example of the strain. The action of Gen. Mattis to immediately tender his resignation as Secretary of Defence, effective end of February 2019, represents a clear loss for Trump, as Mattis was widely respected as a stabilising influence in the Trump administration. On the following day, Trump changed course and decided to have a showdown with Congress over funding for "border security". The unwillingness of the Democrats to give in to this pressure has resulted in a partial shutdown of the US government as the nation heads into the holidays. As Trump has earlier said he was willing to shut down the government, this is seen as his decision. With the sub-period of a weak, badly placed and transit afflicted Saturn beginning on January 10, 2019, it is likely that strain from this transit will begin a cascade of adverse developments for President Trump as the new year begins. The investigation by the Special Counsel Mueller concerning Trump's former advisers may result in more adverse news for President Trump at that time, The new Democratic majority in the House of Congress may decide to begin impeachment proceedings against him based on perceived illegalities.

It is clear that Trump has a good understanding of what policies are needed to help ordinary Americans, while the "establishment" politicians have been sleeping at the wheel or worse for decades. Those who support Trump have been swept up by his efforts on their part during the Jupiter major period and sub-period. Possibly, the fervent support may fade a bit in the Saturn sub-period. Meanwhile, his opponents are repulsed by Trump's personality, most vividly on display before he became President. Trump's weak Sun, along with his weak Venus and Saturn, give him traits that others find repugnant and affirm their negative view of him. Undoubtedly, his political opponents will revel if President Trump has the predicted setbacks in early 2019.

Trump may be viewed with the lens of history - as presented in Ravi Batra's books The Downfall of Capitalism and Communism: A New Study of History (MacMillan, 1978) and The New Golden Age: The Coming Revolution against Political Corruption and Economic Chaos (St. Martins Press, 2007). Most people today admire Julius Caesar (100-44 BCE), who began the transformation of the Roman Republic into Roman Empire more than two millennia ago. During his time, Caesar got involved in a no holds barred battle with the "establishment" of land- and slave-owning Senators. The senatorial class had ruled Rome for centuries, but Roman society had increasingly become burdened by slave and peasant uprisings, due to the cruelty of the elite. The late Roman Republic period suffered from repeated 'Servile wars'. Caesar, who was an astute military commander, won the civil war and began to bring order to the lives of ordinary citizens. Caesar forgave those who opposed him and had survived the civil war. After Caesar declared himself dictator for life, the Senators conspired against and murdered him as he visited the Senate chambers. The murderers cited his betrayal of Republican values and traditions by becoming a "king". His adopted son, Octavian took revenge and cemented the transformation into Empire, giving birth to a line of rulers called Caesars. Importantly, Julius Caesar was far more controversial in his day than Trump is today. Caesar took steps that outraged the elite of his times by depriving them of power and becoming a ruler who made reforms favouring the ordinary citizens. Trump is now fighting to reform US politics, including reducing the access of the wealthy to legislators, that has given them unlimited profits, no matter the cost to the citizenry (Drain the Swamp). The US elite have been using their corporate media outlets, like CNN, CNBC, New York Times, Washington Post, etc., to undermine Trump's legitimacy. They find plenty to criticise in his personality, actions and expressions but try to avoid debating his policies substantively. Trump, born into the elite, like Caesar, has injected himself into the political arena while disturbing the cozy arrangement of the elite, just like Caesar did in his day. If Trump is impeached, it is unlikely his supporters will stand for it. Trump, himself, has suggested it is unlikely the Democrats will go that way, as it is likely to be met by a revolt of his supporters. While it is highly unlikely that some form of dictatorship is in the offing in the USA, it is possible that reforms that reduce the rampant political corruption await. Unfortunately, the transit and period influences in the SAMVA USA chart suggest grave problems for the country in 2019, especially from May to October, including the potential for violence and mass deaths. One manifestation of that could be a form of 'civil war' over Trump's reforms.

The views and insights presented in the Postscript, contextualising President Trump and the modern US political development, are those of Cosmologer. They should not be taken to be a result of analysis with or otherwise related to the Systems' Approach.

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