Thursday, January 1, 2015

European Union at cross roads

On February 1, 2015, the major planetary period of Rahu begins in the 23° 29‘ Cancer rising horoscope of the European Union. This major period runs until 2033, while the sub-period of Rahu ends on October 2017. During the coming almost three years, the influence of Rahu, both natally and in transit is predicted to be prominent in the life of the union.

Rahu is placed at 9° Scorpio and 5th house, suggesting a material influence in the area of speculation, creativity, universities and young people. Fortunately, Rahu is not afflicting or afflicted in the chart. Importantly, there are no bad placements in the EU horoscope, only several weak planets, some of which have nonetheless positive influences through house placement and aspect.
   The influence of Rahu can be to obscure and mislead. This placement suggests that vested interests try to  manipulate the management of the union and the scope for speculation. As a result, crises are likely to develop concerning these areas, and possibly also with regard to young people and universities.
   The only affliction in the chart is an aspect of Saturn as 8th lord of obstacles and endings at 29° 52 Capricorn and 7th house to Mercury as 3rd lord at 26° 04‘ Libra. The orb of affliction is 3° 48‘, which is sufficiently close to have a harmful effect on the indications of Mercury due to its modest weakness being in old age. Mercury is placed in the most effective point of the 4th house with an orb of 2° 31‘, which by itself suggests that the communication of the leaders of the EU is helpful to the public discourse and for the credibility of new legislation. However, the legislation and public discourse are liable to setbacks on two accounts.
    First,  the aspect of Saturn is quite hurtful to Mercury‘s indications and influence. Saturn is the most malefic planet in the horoscope and its weakness from being in old age makes it more malefic. The harm to Mercury‘s indications includes reducing the credibility of the leaders communication.
   Second, there is another important influence in the 5th house affecting legislation that concerns the placement of Mars as 10th lord of laws and government at 0° 20‘ Scorpio. While Mars is favoured being in its own non-Moolatrikona sign, it is weakened in a state of infancy. At the same time, it receives an aspect from Moon as 1st lord of self at 0° 33‘ in its sign of exaltation, Taurus, and the 11th house of future plans, income and friends. The mutual aspect gives potential for fame, originality of laws and technical know-how, more so as both planets are in excellent signs and good houses. However, the weakness of both planets in infancy is a drawback. While this aspect and placement is almost identical to that seen in 20° Cancer rising in the SAMVA USA chart, both Mars and Moon are quite weak in the EU chart while strong for the USA. These indications for the EU thus become liable to setbacks when challenged by malefic transits.
   Indeed, the history of the EU is replete with cases of obstacles and setbacks for legislation and government decisions, including the attempt to pass a new constitution which was aborted in June 2005. Importantly, the effort to write a constitution came during the Moon major period (February 1998 - February 2008). Compare this to the history of the USA, where the effort to form a federal government with a suitable new constitution also came during its first Moon period (April 1782-April 1792).  This correspondence is further evidence of the authenticity of both horoscopes but also of the close philosophical links between both collective entities and the strong cultural ties that bind them together in the world.

In February to May 2015, transit Saturn as 8th lord will become stationary at 11° Scorpio and 5th house, where it becomes closely conjunct natal Rahu at 9° Scorpio. This is likely to bring a crisis to the affairs of the EU, notably the management aspect of the union. There will likely be a crisis for the management of the Union, including obstacles and endings for the vested interests, such as financial creditors. There may be exposures involving manipulations in the management of the EU. Weather vagaries and natural disasters may also create obstacles and involve fatalities.
From July to September 2015, transit Saturn will be stationary at 4° 20‘ Scorpio, where it afflicts the 10th lord Mars and 1st lord Moon, suggesting a setback (obstacles and endings) for the governance, laws or identity of the Union.  As Mars rules the military and policy and industry, there may be fatalities involving their activities.

The shift to a Rahu major period signals a trend change in the European Union from early 2015. Likely, difficulties in managing the union will be the source of the change.
   News from Greece, suggest that election outcomes there will force a renegotiation of the terms of assistance to the country. It is theoretically possible that the EU expels Greece if the country unilaterally terminates its participation in existing agreements. However, a likelier outcome is that the EU will decide to renegotiate the agreements to relieve the long suffering Greek people, who have endured six years of austerity and recession. Indeed, the tentative horoscope for Greece indicates an improvement after the parliamentary elections to be held on January 25, 2015, when the Venus sub-period has begun and transit Venus has entered Aquarius and the 1st house.