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The SAMVA USA chart

SAMVA USA chart (Perpetual Union)
SAMVA USA chart is a mundane astrology horoscope for the United States of America.

The chart is based on the event when Maryland became the 13th and final state to approve the ratification of the Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union at 5:00 PM on February 2, 1781 in Annapolis, Maryland. In doing so, the USA effectively came into being as a Perpetual Union.

The horoscope was rectified as having 20° Cancer rising (sidereal) using the Systems' Approach to Vedic Astrology. As Philadelphia (75W10, 39N57) was the capital of the union being formed, this city should be used as the location for the rectified chart with a time of 16:58:33.

Historical basis
An authentic horoscope for the USA, one of the most important countries in the world, has long been sought in astrological circles. Major milestones in the formation of the country, such as the Articles of Association in 1774, the Declaration of Independence in 1776, the Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union in 1781 and the US Constitution in 1787 have all been examined in minute detail for their significance, legality and timing. Other events, including the Boston Tea Party in 1773, the Declaration of the American Revolutionary War in 1775 and the Treaty of Paris in 1783, have also been examined.

Act of Maryland legislature to ratify Articles of Confederation
Maryland's Old Senate Chamber
Many horoscopes have been cast and studied. An event in US history, which has formerly not been given much notice by historians, has recently been identified as containing the karmic destiny of the country. This event is the signing into law in front of both Houses of the Maryland State Legislature, by Governor Thomas Sim Lee, the act of Maryland to approve the formal ratification of the Articles of Confederation at 5:00 PM on February 2, 1781, in Annapolis.
This was a signal moment for the birth of the country because it represented the culminating resolution of several years of political wrangling over the chronically divisive issue of western land claims of several states. More importantly, this 13th ratification established the requisite unanimous consent to the formation of a Perpetual Union. In short, the creation of a lasting union among the states depended effectively on this historic approval by the state of Maryland.

Maryland's 1781 Act to ratify the Perpetual Union
A much awaited decision
The protracted negotiations about the land claims had delayed the formation of constitutional Union, creating the perception that the thirteen states were not sufficiently united in prosecuting the Revolutionary War. Yielding to the pressure, Virginia became the last state to give in to Maryland's demands on the land issue and the Governor of Virginia, Thomas Jefferson, signed the relevant legislation at Richmond, on January 2, 1781, thus paving the way for the decision by Maryland. 

Reflecting the heightened sense of national urgency and importance attached to its joining the Union, Maryland lawmakers felt a need to highlight the strenuous exertion of their state in support of the common cause and struggle for independence from Great Britain in the act.

The 13 coastal states of the USA in 1790
Creation of a political union
It should be recalled that in recommending the ratification of the Articles of Confederation to the thirteen States in 1777, the Continental Congress had stressed the role of the Articles "of combining in one general system the various sentiments and interests of a continent divided into so many sovereign and independent communities, under a conviction of the absolute necessity of uniting all our councils and all our strength, to maintain and defend our common liberties". It is therefore beyond doubt that the Articles were intended to create a national structure for the hitherto independent states.

On February 12, the Maryland law, which approved and authorized the State's delegates in Congress to confirm this ratification by a ceremonial signing of the Articles of Confederation, was entered into the records of the Second Continental Congress". On March 1, 1781, a formal signing ceremony of the Articles took place at noon time in Philadelphia with the designated Maryland delegates present to sign the formal document. However, this action proved a mere formality as the act that had given birth to the USA as a nation had taken place in Maryland a month earlier.

Attributes of the chart
The SAMVA USA chart that derives from this moment has 20° 00' Cancer rising in the sidereal horoscope (10° Leo in the tropical horoscope). Based on this chart many successful predictions have been made concerning the USA.
Sidereal 20° Cancer rising
The chart has significant merit in explaining the potentialities of the country and their manifestation, including 1) the fame of the country associated with the Framers idealistic vision for a free and prosperous human society embodied in the new Constitution from the late 18th century, 2) its inheritance of Western civilization and new expansive territories, 3) the early demonstration of a war-like nature and military prowess, resulting in participation in numerous wars, 4) an entrepreneurial culture, 5) the early maltreatment of indigenous peoples and imported slaves and subsequent racial tensions and civil rights turmoil, 6) the thrust to a more humane society resulting in a bloody civil war and human rights battles to improve the life of minorities and ethnic groups, 7) the danger to US Presidents with a growing number of assassinations and assassination attempts, 8) the periodic financial crises and setbacks to wealth and employment, 9) the growing influence of the USA in the world, with major international organizations being placed on US soil from the mid 20th century, and 10) the tendency for manipulation and crisis in political life sometimes associated with influential vested interests.

Planetary influences in the chart
The national character of the USA is shaped to a large extent by the sign Cancer that rises in the ascendant of the SAMVA USA chart and the influences of planets on the ascendant or on its lord, the Moon. There are many happy events in the lives of those with Cancer rising. The sign brings grace and cleverness and makes those born under it good hosts, capable of receptivity and adaptability, generous, peace loving, with humor, wit and imagination or overly emotional, sensitive, shy, moody, attached, dependent and full of concern, both for themselves and for others. Cancerians tend to be sensitive and restless.

The royal planet Moon is exalted in Taurus, the eleventh house of income, hopes and friends. This makes the Americans visionary but also gives them a good income. The aspect of Jupiter, as the lord of conflict, in Scoprio, to the Moon gives the Americans a fixed and war-like nature. The aspect of 10th lord Mars in Scorpio to the Moon as 1st lord gives the nation its fame for their laws, technological know-how, bravery and enterprise. The creation of the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights spread the fame of America far and wide in the early years of their Republic. It is also an important ingredient in their ability to be the first nation to send men to the Moon and bring them back alive.

A further and major influence on the American character is the placement of the Sun in Capricorn, in conjunction with the rising degree of the seventh house. The king of the planetary cabinet, the Sun, becomes the lord of wealth and status for Cancer born, as well as the President. It is the general indicator of the soul and vitality. This powerful placement gives Americans their considerable status and influence in the world and a strong Presidency. It also gives American's their sense of identity as "God's own country." 

Saturn, the 8th lord of death and easy gains, is in Scorpio and 5th house, bringing easy gains as well as obstacles and endings to the indications of creativity, universities and speculation. The nation has endured many financial setbacks. The USA is the inheritor of the Western civilizational legacy and has been formed in a vast continent. Saturn's aspect to the Sun, brings a sense of danger to lives of US Presidents but also death-defying feats that boost the status, such as in space exploration. The 18 assassination attempts made on US Presidents since 1835, thereof four that led to death, are explained by the influence of Saturn as 8th lord on the Sun but also by the aspect of functional malefic Moon's node, Ketu, on the 8th house of death. 

A strong Mars, in mutual aspect with the Moon, gives Americans their identification with a strong military and industry. As Mars rules the 10th house, it also gives a robust and famous government and legal tradition. That said, the conjunction of Rahu with the most effective point of the 10th house, ruled by Mars, and Ketu to the 4th house of communal harmony, also contribute plenty of problems in this regard.

Mercury, the functional lord of the 3rd house, involving communication and enterprise, is well placed and strong in Capricorn and the seventh house. Along with the strong Sun in the 7th house, it is associated with the importance American's place on "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness", shaping also their foreign and commercial policies. 

The placement of the lunar nodes, Rahu in Aries tenth house and and Ketu in Libra fourth house, has caused many tragedies and difficulties in the national life, involving upsets in the political sphere and the social calm. The influence of Rahu has repeatedly led to exposure of corruption in government and legislative affairs, disrupting the communal harmony.

Tropical 10° Leo rising
The bad placement of Venus as lord of fixed assets and enjoyment of luxuries in the 6th house of conflict and the servicing of financial debts, is associated with the notable temporary setbacks in the housing market, economic conditions and way of life.

The characteristics of Cancer as a rising sign and the many auspicious placements are quite consistent with a nation that first liberated Europe from the danger of Nazi fascism and then came to the rescue of the destitute countries of Europe after World War II with the Marshall Aid package that helped quickly rebuild the lives of the citizens and thereby also prevented another threat from gaining a foothold, Soviet Communism.

The SAMVA USA chart has been extensively researched against historical events and is being tested with predictions made by astrologers using the Systems’ Approach to Mundane Vedic Astrology (SAMVA).

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