Saturday, December 31, 2011

Five years of predictions

Yesterday marked the 5th anniversary of the discovery of the 20° Cancer rising SAMVA USA chart. The authentic horoscope for the USA is based on the event when the Maryland state legislature passed an Act to ratify the Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union at 5:00 pm (LMT) on February 2, 1781 (set for Philadelphia, PA). In doing so, Maryland became the 13th and final state to ratify, giving birth to the United States of America as a new nation. This chart has been the basis of many accurate predictions for the coming year. In this article some of the
successful predictions of major events and their timing are recalled.

December 30, 2006 (first prediction based on the chart)
1. What was predicted: Problems for 'fixed assets' in early 2007.
What happened: House prices fell, causing the sub-prime crisis to erupt.
2. What was predicted: "A sudden event disturbs the social equilibrium...Violence...and loss of life" in the spring 2007.
What happened: The Virginia Tech shooting took place; the largest campus massacre in US history. The event was a shock for the nation.

January 6, 2007
What was predicted: Astrologer & Author V. K. Choudhry "In the recently proposed US chart for the 2nd February, 1781, 1705 hours, the transit influences show severe afflictions during middle of March, 2007, to early May, 2007, indicating lot of controversies, emotional involvement of the people in controversial issues, financial/market setbacks, fatal/serious accidents, weather vagaries/disturbances, setbacks in war fields, etc."
What happened: (see above)

December 31, 2007
1. What was predicted: "A crisis in the fall of 2008...The astrological situation will become decidedly more intense from late July...problems or stress will be felt for the wealth of the country (possibly having to do with a reduction in the value of the dollar or stocks)...This aspect peaks at the end of September and the situations that arise are expected to gradually ease in the following weeks."
What happened: A near collapse of US banking system took place in September 2008.
2. What was predicted: "Political conventions in the autumn of 2008, are likely to be quite memorable due to a sense of tension associated with political recrimminations [and] ongoing challenges to the financial system."
What happened: All of the above and the presidential candidate for incumbent party lost the election.
3. What was predicted: "Destruction of assets in late 2008."
What happened: In addition to hundreds of billions of dollars in asset losses in the financial crisis, investment scams came to light costing investors close to one hundred billion dollars.

August 29, 2008
What was predicted: Astrologer & Author V. K. Choudhry:
"Transit Mars, Venus and Mercury would be in exact or very close conjunctions between 13th to 15th September, 2008, and these three planets would be under the exact affliction of Rahu. Simultaneously, Jupiter would also be closely influencing Saturn. The Sun would be quite weak to offer the protection...
These afflictions may pose further challenges to the world economy as its impact is significant in the charts of countries like USA, India, China, UK, France, etc. etc."
What happened: the prediction was not only realised but Lehman Brothers declared bankruptcy on the the 15th of September - the date mentioned in the prediction! This event is considered the turning point in the crisis, making it infinitely more difficult.

December 31, 2008:
1. What was predicted: "In August the strains for the US and global financial system will seem to give way to more a positive outlook for the economy."
What happened: A recovery emerged in the autumn of 2009
2. What was predicted: "Improved employment conditions in high tech and analytical activities."
What happened: The IT sector was buzzing with new products.

December 30, 2009
1. What was predicted: "A crisis in the summer of 2010...Some violent events - natural or man made - are thus likely to take place during the summer."
What happened: the largest off-shore oil leak in US history took place in the Gulf of Mexico.
2. What was predicted: "The US economy is expected to remain on a sluggish but improving trend during the Saturn sub-period."
What happened: The economy saw a sluggish but improving trend.

December 31, 2010
1. What was predicted: "From the Autumn months [of 2011], and notably towards the end of the year such indications as speculation, financial markets, university life and children are likely to become disturbed, as well as ...some crisis regarding the image of the country."
What happened: The Occupy Wall Street (OWS) protests broke out. Some investment houses went bankrupt and there were grave concerns over the financial situation in Europe.

June 15, 2011
What was predicted: A further elaboration of the transits in the fall suggested a problem involving "morals and ethics of the people."
What happened: The OWS protests have revolved around the immorality of greed and injustice associated with an unequal distribution of wealth and income in US society.

December 30, 2011
Predictions were made for the coming year (see foregoing article).

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