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Assassination of Robert Kennedy

The assassination of Robert F. Kennedy, a United States Senator and brother of assassinated President John F. Kennedy, took place a quarter past midnight on June 5, 1968 in Los Angeles, California. He died six hours later. This event, including the murky politics surrounding his death, show up clearly in the SAMVA USA chart.

The assassination
Senator Robert Kennedy had just been declared the winner of the 1968 California primary election for the Democratic nomination for President of the United States and was on his way from the ballroom of the Ambassador Hotel where he had given a press conference.

At 12.15am, as he walked a prearranged route through the food service pantry of the kitchen in the hotel, a Palastinian Arab, Sirhan Sirhan, stepped forward and fired multiple shots from a .22 revolver at the Senator. Although Sirhan was quickly subdued, Kennedy and five others were wounded, although only Kennedy was fatally wounded.

Deranged killer
As in earlier political assasinations, the murderer turned out to be a deranged young man with full information about his targets movements. This was also the case in the killing of Roberts' brother, President John F Kennedy, in 1963, as well as the killing of political activist and popular musician John Lennon in 1980. The attempts on the life of Ronald Reagan and Pope John Paul II in 1981 were also carried out by deranged young men, lying in wait. All of it has raised suspicions that clandestine operations were carried out with the goal to brain wash and pre-program vulnerable young men for such missions.

Lone killer or plot?
The lone killer theory is the conclusion of the offical investigations into the murders of the Kennedy brothers. However, as in the public killing of Julius Caesar in Rome some two thousand years ago, these charismatic leaders could well have been killed by powerful and jealous political forces. It is noteworthy that Robert Kennedy had been at odds with J. Edgar Hoover, the boss of the FBI, while he was Attorney General in the Kennedy administration of 1961-1963. At that time, he had also fought to uproot the US mafia. The secretive but worldly Rahu elements in society thus clearly did not want him to be elected President. It is also interesting to note that the key opponent of the Democrat that fall would be the corrupt Republican Richard M. Nixon, who had lost an earlier Presidential election to his brother John, in 1960. Certainly, Nixon would not have relished an election with the charismatic Robert Kennedy as his opponent. The same Nixon went on to form a dirty works team to spy on his Democratic opponents, and also conspired with the FBI in its campaign to halt John Lennon's war protests in 1972.

Sun in the SAMVA USA chart
The Sun is placed at 23° 44' Capricorn and the most effective point of the 7th house. As the Sun is an indicator for the leader of a country, the President in the case of the USA, its condition in the SAMVA USA horoscope is worthy of study. The Sun gives the USA a powerful identity, as the strong Sun aspects the 1st house. As the same time, it gives the US a powerful foreign policy, ruled by the 7th house. While the Sun receives an aspect from natal 8th lord Saturn at 26° 46' Scorpio and 5th house, this tends to confer easy gains, while linking the energy of obstacles and endings with the Sun. A more diffiult aspect is perhaps that of natal Rahu at 17° 47' Aries and 10th house to the 2nd house ruled by Sun, as well as the 6th house ruled by Jupiter. Rahu also afflicts the 10th house of government ruled by Mars, which is otherwise strong in at 10° Scorpio and 5th house. These energies, suggest that manipulation and deception, ruled by Rahu, is linked to the office of the President as well as that of the government.

Finally, as regards the natal potential of the chart, in the dasamsa chart of public life in the SAMVA USA chart, the 10th divisional chart, the Sun is placed in the 8th house, further accentuating obstacles and endings facing the US President.

Astrology of the event
The Saturn-Rahu period was operating. Sub-period lord transit Rahu had been stationary at 25° Pisces and 9th house for some months from where it closely afflicted the major period lord Saturn in transit. As Saturn is 8th lord in the horoscope, this transit aspect involving the period lords explains well the enormous turmoil in the country that summer, which saw Martin Luther King assassinated on April 4. Artist Andy Warhol was also shot on June 4, by a deranged young woman, although he survived. Riots had taken place in most major cities following the murder of Martin Luther King. While transit Rahu had begun to move again and was at 23° 32' Pisces on the night of the assasination, it was still closely aspecting natal Saturn at 26° 46' Scorpio and the 5th house. What is even more astounding is that transit Ketu at 23° 32' Virgo and 3rd house was EXACTLY afflicting natal 2nd lord Sun at 23° 44' Capricorn and 7th house and transit Sun at 21° 18' Taurus and 11th house, as well as transit 10th lord Mars at 25° 49' Taurus and 11 th house. As if that was not enough, transit 10th lord Mars was EXACTLY afflicted by natal 8th lord Saturn at 26° 46' Scorpio and 5th house and closely aspected by transit Saturn at 28° 59' Pisces. Senator Kennedy had won the important primary in California to become the candidate of the Democratic party for the Office of the President of the USA. As such his political career was moving him ever closer to becoming the next President of the USA. However, the sudden violent act ended all that. A politician in his prime carrying the hopes of his people was killed. In short, the aspects were uniquely difficult on that fateful night.

In addition to the potential political intrigue, the assassination of Robert Kennedy had pronounced astrological paralells to the assassination of his brother, President John F. Kennedy. While President Kennedy was assassinated during the Saturn - Sun period, when transit 8th lord Saturn was EXACTLY conjunt natal L2 Sun at 23° 44' Capricorn and 7th house of the SAMVA USA chart, transit 10th lord Mars was at 27° 08' Scorpio and 5th house where it was EXACTLY conjunct natal 8th lord Saturn!

When Bobby Kennedy was killed it was like the assassination of his older brother five years earlier - a ray of hope was extinguished. Astrologically, the paralells are pronounced, functional malefic planets closely afflicting the Sun and Mars, which represent the President and Government, respectively. Natally, in the SAMVA USA chart, Rahu, the planet of manipulation, afflicts the 10th house of government, the 2nd house of wealth, which is owned by the Sun, and the 8th lord of death, Saturn, aspects the Sun, ruling the President. No wonder then that many of the attempts on the life of US Presidents, and those seeking this office, have been surrounded by mystery.

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