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Discovery at long last

The discovery of an authentic mundane horoscope involves two key ingredients. First, only one correct historical event can truly represent the birth of any collective entity. Second, only an accurate astrological method works to interpret the horoscope and predict based on it.

Importantly, the correct astrological interpretation of significant historical events and repeat accurate predictions of a nation’s future trends and events can thus only be based on the true mundane horoscope and an equally correct astrologic methodology. This is a tall order indeed as without one or the other, success is all but impossible. Moreover, the failure of many to observe these two key requirements explains the rampant confusions seen in mundane astrology today about what constitutes an authentic mundane horoscope.

Only one true historical event
Unlike the birth of a baby, which those present can witness and document, the formation of a collective entity is not so readily visible. A collective entity is a social organisation that possesses a national identity based on its own people, geography, state (itself composed of constitutional laws, judicial system and government) and history. This national identity, which reflects a collective understanding of life, through its religious beliefs (or absence thereof) and historical experiences, must be bound in a formal creation. Often there is a great amount of confusion as to what event constitutes the formation of a collective entity.

Accurate astrological methodology
Astrology is the study of the planetary influences on human life. Today, this field of study is in dire need of a major overhaul based on the scientific method and a new cosmology. Too many astrologers are not trained in the scientific method, often learning astrology by themselves, while adopting all kinds of wrong assumptions about the astrology method to use. Most seem to rely on popular beliefs, often promulgated in worthless articles or books. It is sad to observe so many astrologers trying to read a chart using an imaginary zodiac, placing undue influence on the Sun sign, or inferring influences based on distant and invisible planets or planetary bodies. Some go so far as to mostly ignore the closer visible planetary bodies. There is also limited understanding of horoscopic astrology, even if many profess to apply it. Often there is understandable excitement to infer influences from recently discovered planetary bodies based on the application of a newly adopted mythology. It gives a sense of matching the many technical and scientific advances of the modern age. According to this astrology, modern humans are on the verge of a new age, the age of Aquarius. However, even if exciting, for the most part such claims go untested. Meanwhile, the Vedas propose humanity at the present time is in the Kaliyuga, the iron age, where materialism runs rampant and morality is at a low ebb. Few bother to make repeat predictions to establish the accuracy of the assumed influences. When such predictions are made, they often tend to fail. This is followed by silence. There is no discussion of the failure. Rather it is simply forgotten, or swept under the carpet like dust. Many astrologers no longer make predictions, arguing that prediction is not the domain of astrology. Rather astrology becomes a device to trigger intuition. Of course, this is utter nonesense, as the astrology that can't predict, is useless for interpretation. Either astrology has relevance for both, or neither. The two must go hand in hand. The bottom line is that as a result of such experiences, the reputation of astrology in the West has been severely damaged in scientific circles, where the study of astrology is referred to as a pseudo-science or worse. This state of affairs cannot stand. It is incumbent on astrologers to reform their practices and make sense out of their field.

Fortunately for astrology, a reliable methodology for horoscopic interpretation and prediction has been identified. This method is the Systems' Approach (SA) to Vedic astrology, which has been gradually developed by the author & astrologer V. K. Choudhry of Gurgaon, India from the early 1990s. Importantly, SA is a distillation of the ancient horoscopic astrology emanating from the Vedic cosmology. This means that the horoscope, a geocentric scheme of planetary placements at birth, offers a roadmap to the destiny of individuals (or collective entities) based on the law of karma, the evolutionary guide for human consciousness. As such, astrology is not a study of materialist causality, like the deterministic mechanisms of physics, but is a study of the consciousness experience of human life as it exists in the Godly creation. In addition to the happy experiences, Karma takes the form of events in life that are associated with separation in life, causing the “pain of separation“, which in turn is the primus motor for spiritual advancement. At the same time, the causality is linked to the grace of God. Sometimes, when the karma is ripe for expression, and a serious setback is likely to take place in the life, a person may find the blow softened due to sincere devotion to God or service to his creation. The mystery of God‘s mercy is potentially always there, especially for those who earnestly seek it. At the same time, evildoers unavoidably fall foul of the karmic lessons. Most of us are somewhere in between, neither saintly nor demonic, only human, living out as per our free volition but vulnerable to karmic experiences, which can be read from the chart. In short, astrology is the sixth limb of the Vedas, the study of human spiritual advancement.

The axiomatic foundations of SA include the visible sidereal zodiac, 7 visible planetary bodies plus the calculated Moon‘s nodes Rahu and Ketu and the whole sign house system. A horoscope reading relies on the functional nature of each planet - as seen from the house in which it’s main (or Moolatrikona) sign falls into. The rising sign or ascendant determines the house rulership of each planet. The exact rising degree also becomes the most effective point of each house. The classical 120 year Vimsottari Dasa-Bukhti planetary period scheme is used. For a reading of significant events, the transits of planets is read in terms of natal placements in the horoscope.

Formation of the USA
Collective entities are creations of a multitude of humans. Through history, human beings have discovered that, beyond family life, society is a real source of security in life. People that rely on and help each other are able to deal more successfully with the vagaries of life than those who attempt to do so alone. The state is the organising principle for modern societies. In modern societies, the state is normally founded by some process of collective agreement.

The formation of the USA is an example. Some suggest the early events leading to the colonisation of North America resulted in the American nation. Events cited in this regard include the early 17th century landing in Virginia. However, while such events represent European peoples gaining a foothold on the American continent, they come far short of representing the creation of the United States of America.

Today, most people still believe that the drama leading up to the formation of the USA in terms of the Declaration of Independence in July 1776 was the penultimate event in the creation of the nation. However, like the outbreak of the American Revolutionary War in April 1775 or the establishment of the Articles of Association in September 1774, the Declaration was only a precursor to the actual formation of the new nation. In July 1776, the thirteen colonies were still separate entities. While some of them were in the process of chartering statehood or had just done so, they were still independent entities. This is how the declaration should be interpreted, as a decree by the thirteen sovereign and separate collective entities. While they spoke in unison, they did so as the united States of America. Creating confusion was a decision by a printer to print the Declaration as having the style United States of America! Importantly, at that stage the states were not yet a legal union as the legal bond between them had still not been completed and the style United States of America was legally adopted only with the Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union. The motto of the Union, found on the Seal of the United States as emblazoned on the coins of the country, is "E pluribus unum", which is Latin for "Out of many, one".

The SAMVA USA chart
Indeed, it was only with the Articles that this legal bond was finally created, forming the United States of America. Historical scholars are clear on this. The SAMVA USA chart is based on this event, when Maryland became the 13th and final state to approve the ratification of the Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union at 5:00 PM on February 2, 1781 in Annapolis, Maryland. In doing so, the USA effectively came into being as a Perpetual Union.

By comparison, the creation of the US Constitution in 1789 does also not represent the true founding event, as the Union had already been established. The objective was initially not to create a new constitution, but to improve the original constitution of the Articles. The effort soon gained momentum and became the US Constitution. However, the new governing rules were only to make "a more perfect union" and not to bring a new USA into being.

Background to discovery
In late 1998, V.K. Choudhry invited me to join a Yahoo discussion list named SATVA – the Systems‘Approach to Vedic Astrology. On this list were numerous astrologers keen to learn SA. Some, like me, had a considerable interest in mundane astrology, the astrological study of collective entities. At that time, we didn't realise the challenge we were up against, to rectify mundane charts. Not only were we still learning SA, but we also did not have a clear comprehension of what event constituted the birth of a national entity. Some thought that many events, resulting in multiple horoscopes, could be considered for each entity. However, as in the case of individuals, where only one true birth chart exists, the same logic would hold for mundane entities. Based on works like Nick Campions' “The Book of World Horoscopes“ many historical events were examined, with horoscopes being rectified and tested with prediction. The USA was of widespread interest given the importance of the country in world affairs. Over time, charts based on the Declaration of Independence began to lose their lustre. At the same time, a chart rectified for the date when the formal ratification of the Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union was completed, March 1, 1781, showed some promise. The intuitively obtained time for the signing was 3:18 pm, giving 21° Cancer rising. While this chart struck a chord, the feeling was that the natal potential of this chart was too weak to reflect a powerful entity like the USA. However, as no better alternative had emerged, it continued to be studied. Later historical research also revealed that the formal signing had taken place at 12:00 noon. The historical basis of this chart thus collapsed. From 2004, other charts were proposed and studied on SAMVA list, but none rang true.

The discovery
In mid-2006, I began an active search with the assistance of historical scholar John BTW, who had joined SAMVA list in late 2004. He presented me with possible historical events, linked to e.g. the Declaration of Independence, but none of those charts seemed to reveal the requisite natal potential or promise in prediction. Some events linked to the Articles were also explored, but without success. During the search, however, the resonance of the Cancer ascendant was frequently recalled. On December 30, 2006, the 13th ratification of the Articles by Maryland was uncovered by John and he sent it to me. It could be noted that the Articles did not receive prominent mention in Campions' book, excluding completely the ratification process. Importantly, the evidence for a late afternoon signing of the Act into law also coincided with 21° Cancer rising (later more precisely rectified to 20° Cancer). At first glance, the natal potential rang true and I began the demanding work to examine all significant events in the history of the USA in terms of this chart. At the same time, the work to test the chart with predictions began. It did not take long for the promise of this chart to reveal itself and this initial promise did not disappoint, as major predictions began to come true. Sure, the predictions for early 2007 could have been more nuanced, but the strains developed as expected. Any shortcomings may be attributed to the lack of familiarity with the chart at that time. Moreover, SA theory saw a few revisions during those years as experience with it warranted as per the scientific approach.

Success at last
The work to date, including the many repeat accurate predictions and analysis of historical events in terms of the chart, all of which has been presented on this blog, have given high confidence in the chart. Moreover, as the horoscope began to prove itself, a new focus began to be placed on the founding historical event, such that a new understanding of the Perpetual Union emerged. This information, a discovery in itself, has now been shared and found its way into Wikipedia. The true chart for the USA is beginning to reveal new insights into the history of the country and is placing the founding events into a clearer perspective. While the chart was given the name of the SAMVA list, founded and moderated by me since 2000, also to honor the SA method, the discovery owes to this long standing research effort, including the persistence to examine the significant historical events against the chart and publicize the findings. The SAMVA USA chart (Perpetual Union) was thus discovered by Cosmologer with the initial but indispensible assistance of historical scholar John TWB. Moreover, this long term research project could not have succeeded without the guidance of author & astrologer V.K. Choudhry and the SA methodology. In this discovery, we are but instruments for the manifestation of the eternal verities.

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