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V. K. Choudhry, the propounder of the System’s Approach (SA), has provided insights into what it is in a horoscope that impels some personalities to become authoritarian rulers and some societies to succumb to such forms of government. His insight has been termed the “Rule for Dictatorship”.

In the mundane or natal chart we should look for as prime influence that:

The lord of the first house (H1), tenth house (H10) or third house (H3) would be placed in the third house. Additionally, we can look for the lord of the third house (L3) influencing either the lord of the first (L1) or tenth houses (L10). In particular, if the lord of the third house happens to be Sun (for Gemini rising) or Mars (for Aquarius rising). This is because a general indication of the Sun is to rule and for Mars it is to control. The importance of H3 is that it is the house of initiative, the impetus and energy to act. As an additional influence he finds that if the lord of the sixth house (L6) is influencing the first, third or fourth houses (H4). L6 brings the energy of fixity, of being adamant.

In the above rule we should note that rulership in SA is assigned on the basis of the Moolatrikona (MT) signs, such that if an MT sign falls in a given house, its becomes that house and the planet ruling this MT sign becomes the lord of the house. The MT signs and their rulers are:

Aries (Mars)
Cancer (Moon)
Leo (Sun)
Virgo (Mercury)
Libra (Venus)
Sagittarius (Jupiter)
Aquarius (Saturn)

It is interesting to study charts of well known rulers and military leaders with an eye to this rule.

1. Napoleon Bonaparte has 24° Libra rising (15 August 1769, 11:30 AM, Ajaccio, Corsica).
- L1 Venus is strong in Gemini H9 giving him a lut of luck in life, not least through women.
- L3 Jupiter is conjunct the ascending degree. Here is a prime example of this rule.
- L7 mars is well placed conjunct the most effective point (MEP) of H11, giving his military impulse.
- L5 Saturn in Cancer H10 in close opposition with L10 Moon in Capricorn H4. This aspect gave him a pronounced strategic ability.
- Rahu in Sagittarius H3 aspects his infant L11 Sun in Leo H11. His father died penniless and NB became an enemy of the monarchies of Europe, who plotted against him. There are rumours he died from arsenic poisoning, administered by his English court-appointed doctor.

2. Adolph Hitler had 1° Libra rising (20 April 1889, 18:00, Braunau-an-Im, Austria).
- 3 planets, including L3 Jupiter, are in H3. This is another good example of the rule of dictatorship.
- L11 Sun is exalted in Aries H7 widely conjunct L12 Mercury
- L1 Venus was conjunct L7 Mars in Aries H7 under aspect from L5 Saturn in Cancer H10 but also Ketu in H3.

3. Benito Mussolini of Italy had 16° Libra rising (29 July 1883, 13:10, Predappio, Italy). While he has only indirect indications of authoritarianism and thus less pronounced than for Napoleon and Hitler, other placements made up for it.

L3 Jupiter is conjunct L1 Venus in H9
- Ketu in H7 aspects (a vacant) H3
- Rahu is conjunct ascendant
- L11 Sun is conjunct H10 MEP and L12 Mercury

It is especially interesting that these three rulers all had Libra ascendants with Jupiter serving as L3 and having broadly the influence prescribed by this rule. Moreover, the emphasis that Napoleon and Hitler, and to a lesser extent Mussolini, placed on expanding their domain, by trying to domainate all of Europe, may be assigned to Jupiter as third lord being prominently placed as per this rule.

Further to this insight, Professor Choudhry has mentioned that "With the increasing democratic values world-wide while the dictatorships may not be possible easily in future but assertive and authoritarian leaders are likely to be emerging. The authoritarian tendencies of the ruling political leaders have tremendous impact on the socio-economic life of people."

This leaves us to consider what some national horoscopes suggest in this regard.

4. SAMVA USA chart
There is an indication in the SAMVA USA chart (see first blog here below) for a mild authoritarian tendency given

* the placement of Mercury as the lord of the third house being placed near the most effective point of the seventh house

* aspect between L6 Jupiter in H5 and L1 Moon in H11

* the influential position of L2 Sun on the MEP of H7

In view of the above, it is not inconceivable that authoritarian tendencies may increase in the political culture of the USA in the not too distant future. This is not to suggest that a radical shift will take place as was the case some 2000 years ago in another important country, Rome, where the political structure shifted from Republic to Empire during the 1st century B.C..

5. India Independence chart

Interestingly, it is the 8° Taurus rising chart for India (00:00 hrs, 15 August 1947, Delhi) which has a combination quite suggestive of authoritarian rule:

* L3 Moon is conjunct the most effective point of H3
* many planets in H3
* L10 Saturn is in H3
* L6 Venus is in H3 conjunct L10

This is like having the indication for dictatorship in spades. However, the aspect of malefic Ketu in H7 to the MEP of H3 and L3 Moon, may undermine the successful expression of this tendency. While India is a democracy, it was under Indira Gandhi, that an "Emergency" rule was declared in the 1970s. It all went rather badly and she lost power shortly after removing the emergency in 1978. According to this chart, it would not be surprising if an authoritarian ruler were to emerge in India in the future, however, there might also be problems with that.

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