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The impact of fast moving planets

Normally we look at the transits of stationary planets when examining major or significant events in the life of a country. As a result we often times miss seeing the impact of faster moving planets in transit in terms of the mundane horoscope. Sometimes the transit of fast moving planets show up in remarkable ways in the authentic horoscope of a national entity. Below we examine two very different examples.

The might of Mars
First, let us look at what was going on in Russia yesterday. On the 64th anniversary celebration of the victory over Germany, the Russian government staged an impressive military parade in the Red Square of Moscow. This event is described in the following news story:

Russia warns foes in Soviet-style show of might
"Russia on Saturday sternly warned its foes not to dare attempt any aggression against the country, as it put on a Soviet-style show of military might in Red Square including nuclear capable missiles...."Protecting the motherland is our holy duty, it is a moral foundation for all generations," said [President] Medvedev. "The future of Russia will be peaceful, happy and successful." Before handing over to Medvedev as president last year, Putin resurrected the Soviet practice -- dropped after Communism -- of having missiles and heavy tanks rumbling over the Red Square cobbles in front of Russia's leaders. Thousands of soldiers and more than 100 items of hardware featured in the Red Square parade, which was matched by similar demonstrations across Russia involving almost 30,000 troops, officials said. Thousands of soldiers marched past Medvedev and Putin, before dozens of heavy tanks, including the main T-90 battle tank and the Sprut self-propelled anti-tank gun, thundered through Red Square to the sound of martial music. There was a rare public showing for some of Russia's best known missile systems, including the S-300 and S-400 anti-aircraft missiles, the short range Iskander-M and the medium-range Buk. As in 2008, Russia proudly showed off a half dozen examples of its nuclear-capable Topol intercontinental ballistic missile which has a range of more than 10,000 kilometres (6,500 miles). Squadrons of fighter jets also flew over Red Square.
The parade was overseen by Defence Minister Anatoly Serdukov, a civilian ex-furniture salesman implementing a hugely controversial military reform to eliminate Soviet-era structures and prepare the army for modern warfare. "Greetings comrades! I congratulate you on the 64th anniversary of the victory in the Great Patriotic War," Serdukov, dressed in a suit, told the soldiers from an open-top car. [1]"

The transit and period influences in the chart clearly are consistent with such a major demonstration of Russian might:

The Moon-Venus period is operating. Moon as 2nd lord rules the wealth, status and relations with neighbors. Moon is well placed in the 3rd house of initiatives. Hence during the 10 year major period of the Moon (2001-2011) there is emphasis on such things. During the sub-period of 5th lord Venus (March 2009 - November 2010) , as Venus is badly placed in the 12th house but in its own sign of Taurus, Russia has some challenges to manage in foreign matters, including Nato military exercises in its back yard at this time. Nevertheless, the transits this weekend are very favourable and also reflect the nature of the event amazingly well:

- Transit 5th lord Venus exalted at 12° Pisces and 10th house of government is EXACTLY conjunct natal Mars (Indicator of the military)
- Transit 11th lord Mars at 19° Pisces and in the MEP of the 10th house is EXACTLY conjunct natal 3rd lord Sun (indicator of the President)
- Transit 3rd lord Sun at 25° Aries is exalted in the 11th house of hopes and goals (owned by Mars).
- Transit 2nd lord Moon was in Libra and 5th house of entertainment

In March 2009, I noted the stunning accuracy of predictions for Russia based on this chart, including both the nature and timing of the predictions.

The powerful Sun
Second, there is the event when George Washington was inaugurated as the first President of the USA as provided for in the US Constitution, the second constitution of the country (replacing the Articles of Confederation), which created a more powerful office of US President. While the US Constitution entered into force on March 4, 1789, the country still lacked a President to wield those new federal powers for almost two months. At around 1:00 pm on April 30, 1789, George Washington took the oath to become the first President of the USA under the new US Constitution. This event, which is considered an auspicious event in the history of the country, shows up very well in the SAMVA USA chart.

Of first reckoning is the fact that transit Sun is exalted at 19° 49' Aries. Importantly, it is excactly conjunct the MEP of the 10th house (at 20° Aries), which is fitting as the Sun represents the leader of the country and the 10th house represents the government. Adding to that, transit 10th lord Mars was at 22° 37' Pisces in close conjunction with the MEP of the 9th house. Making the event signal a new direction under new leadership for the country. Transit 3rd lord Mercury and transit 4th lord Venus were also placed in the 10th house.

Interestingly, the longer term direction is shown by the Moon- Mercury period being in operation at that time. The major period revealed a heightened sense of self, as Moon is 1st lord. Washington wanted the US to turn inward and focus on developing itself. The sub-period of Mercury as 3rd lord placed the focus on improving the effectiveness of collective action, notably in the foreign policy arena, given the natal location of Mercury and Sun in the 7th house.
While the US Constitution divides foreign policy powers between the President and the Congress so that both share in the making of foreign policy, the President early on took the lead in formulating and conducting foreign policy, consistent with the placement of Sun in the 7th house.
Of primary importance to President Washington was to define America's proper relationship with the rest of the world. How to secure American interests - especially those related to the nation's security and prosperity. He defined the objective as to “gain time to our country to settle and mature its yet recent institutions, and to progress without interruption, to that degree of strength and consistency, which is necessary to give it, humanly speaking, the command of its own fortunes.”[2]

In sum, we can note the times when fast moving planets, i.e. the Sun, Mars, Venus or Mercury, serving as functional benefic planets according to the ascending sign (in the sidereal zodiac) and powerfully placed in transit and well supported, can bring quite auspicious or memorable events - within the framework of longer term trends.

[1] Russia warns foes in Soviet-style show of might
May 9 07:20 AM US/Eastern

[2] George Washington's Farewell Address 1796

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