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Jupiter and the UK Parliament scandal

In SA Vedic astrology, the 10th house is seen to rule the parliament and law making. In the absence of a moolatrikona sign in the 10th house, we may look to Jupiter as a general indicator of the law givers.

In recent weeks, one of the biggest scandals in the history of the British Parliament has broken out. It is no surprise to find that Jupiter has become badly placed and highly afflicted in the national horoscope for the United Kingdom.

The immediate result of the crisis is that several members, who were seen to misuse the financial reimbursement scheme, were forced to resign. Meanwhile, other parliamentarians, who took advantage of the overly generous scheme but within the guidelines set, are seen to have their reputation tarnished. Below is a brief recounting of the crisis and the astrological influences in the 16° Virgo rising chart for the UK.

Expense reimbursements
The political scandal followed the disclosure of expenses by Members of the British Parliament (MP) which were later reimbursed to them. The report indicates misuse of the permitted allowances and expenses claimed by some MPs and attempts by MPs to exempt themselves from Freedom of Information legislation. In the United Kingdom MPs may claim expenses, including the cost of accommodation "wholly, exclusively and necessarily incurred for the performance of a Member’s parliamentary duties”

Gathering clouds
In January 2005, journalist Heather Brooke made a request under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 for the release of details of MPs' expenses claims. Although the request was allowed by an Information Tribunal, the House of Commons Authorities challenged the decision, as per the 2000 Act, on the grounds that it was "unlawfully intrusive". In May 2008, the English High Court ruled in favour of releasing the expenses claims. The House of Commons authorities announced that full publication of expenses would be made in July 2009, with certain information, which they deemed sensitive, being held back.

A crisis erupts in May 2009
On 8 May, 2009, The Daily Telegraph newspaper, which had obtained a full copy of the expenses record, began publishing this in daily installments. Highlights were given great coverage in the British media, with the findings being considered to show flagrant and sometimes gross misuse of the expenses system for personal gain by many MPs across all ranks and parties. As of 15 May 2009, major national newspapers such as The Times described the resulting controversy as "Parliament's darkest day" and a "full blown political crisis", reporting upon cross-party firings and resignations, an exodus of shamed MPs, the prospect of criminal or tax evasion charges, and a vote of no confidence being prepared against the Speaker.

On 19 May 2009, Michael Martin issued a statement that following criticism of his handling of the issue he would step down on 21 June 2009 and an election for a new Speaker will take place the following day, this being the first such removal in the United Kingdom (though John Trevor was removed from the then English House of Commons in 1695).
While not seen to have run afoul of the existing rules, the information published by the press revealed that Chancellor of the Exchequer, Alistair Darling, and Foreign Secretary, David Miliband, had made use of the generous provisions for financial reimbursement.

Astrology of the crisis
Jupiter is the general indicator for people of influence, including in the government, legislature or judiciary. In the 16° Virgo rising chart we can see the following:

The Mars-Saturn period is operating. It is well known in SA that periods of two functional malefic planets (Mars is 8th lord and Saturn is 6th lord for Virgo's) can be quite difficult. The influence of the period lords becomes important, especially of the sub-period lord, Saturn at this time.

With 6th lord Saturn natally placed in the 12th house, we can see the scope for financial scandals and losses.

In the chart, we can see that the dispositor of Saturn, 12th lord Sun, is placed at 19° Sagittarius. At this place, it afficts both the 4th house, owned by Jupiter, and the 10th house of the Cabinet and laws. This is suggestive of setbacks to the affected indications, especially when Jupiter as 4th lord is afflicted natally or in transit.

In recent months, transit Rahu in Capricorn and Ketu in Cancer have been moving over natal Jupiter at 10° 46' Cancer. This has created tension for the indications of Jupiter.

The scandal, however, broke out after transit 4th lord Jupiter had moved into Aquarius and the 6th house on 2 May, where it is badly placed and exactly opposite natal Saturn at 2° 17' Leo and the 12th house. In this position, Jupiter becomes weak and less capable to defend its indications. The influence of the sub-period lord Saturn and the influence of the 6th and 12th house placements is resulting in a lot of problems for legislators.

The scandal peaked around 19-23 May, when Jupiter was becoming exactly afflicted by natal Saturn. Adding to the tension at that time was the conjunction of transit 2nd lord Venus with natal Rahu at 22° 59' Pisces and the close affliction of transit 8th lord Mars at 28° Capricorn to natal 11th lord Moon in the 10th house. The Moon is also the dispositor of Jupiter making the situation even more difficult.

What can we expect for the months ahead?
The scandal may be revisited in some form as Jupiter in retrograde motion moves back over its opposition point with natal Saturn on 7 July 2009. Whatever tension is left from the crisis will then likely have greatly diminished as Jupiter moves into Capricorn on 31 July. However, when transit Jupiter becomes stationary at 23° 11' Capricorn in the Autumn months of 2009, where it will become exactly afflicted by natal Ketu at 22° 59' Virgo and 1st house, we can expect some significant problems for the indications of Jupiter at that time, possibly some sudden or violent event, consistent with the malefic nature of Ketu. If general elections are held in the UK this year, it will likely result in many sitting MPs being turned out by angry voters.

In sum, the scandal is clearly reflected in the period- and transit dynamics of the authentic chart for the United Kingdom.

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