Thursday, September 3, 2009

True horoscopic astrology

The work presented on this blog has one purpose and that is to reveal the benefit of using a true horoscopic astrology. Even with the accurate method of astrology, it is necessary to have an authentic national horoscope in order to explain significant events in a nation's history with astrology or to accurately predict the future events of the national life.

The work presented here is based on authentic national horoscopes, such as the SAMVA USA chart (Perpetual Union) discovered on December 30, 2006. The astrology method is the Systems' Approach (SA) that astrologer & author, V.K. Choudhry has developed since the 1990s and, in turn, is based on the sidereal zodiac of vedic astrology. Importantly, this is the correct zodiac to use. Further, in SA, the visible planets and their placements by sign are interpreted to give the proper meaning of the astral influences. Moroever, the rulership scheme allows us to identify causal influences of planets and houses, both the benefic and malefic influences. In addition, the planetary periods and transits when applied in this proper perspective allow us to understand the nature and timing of signficant events. This comprehenisve approach of horoscopic astrology is an integral part of the ancient knowledge of the Vedas. The modern computer generated horoscope above, presenting the north Indian horoscope format is based on the event when the Perpetual Union of the American States was formed, and represents an ancient design.

Interestingly, it is similar to horoscopes used in the medieval European practice, as exemplified by this horoscope drawn by famed astronomer/astrologer Johannes Kepler. While based on a more symbolic representation of the skies, this angular horoscope format makes the reading of the relevant aspects easier than in the modern 360° dial format. The use of the ancient horoscope format in Medieval Europe is one more indication of Western astrology's Hellenistic origins, a form of horoscopic astrology which has been lost in the West as evidenced by the misguided astrological practices there during the modern era, such as:

1) the wrong zodiac being used;
2) an over-emphasis on the Sun-sign;
3) outer, invisible bodies being used;
4) a lack of understanding of functional nature of planets; and finally,
5) the proliferation of techniques to compensate for the lack of interpreative and predictive accuracy, without comprehensive improvement.

A true horoscopic astrology represents a revolution in the practice of astrology in the West, in that it allows us to know the nature and timing of events, in the past, present and future. The material on this blog attempts to demonstrate this.

Johannes Kepler

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