Sunday, September 13, 2009


The financial crisis that shook the world reached a turning point one year ago with the collapse of the major US investment bank, Lehman Brothers. It is worthwhile to review the crisis and its aftermath as well as the many predictions of the impending crisis and its evolution. Most of the predictions have come true, offering further support for the SAMVA USA chart (Perpetual Union) and the Systems' Approach methodology.

A lot has happened since then but most now agree that the 'panic and despair' that broke out on Wall Street on September 15, 2008 has been transformed into a 'veneer of normalcy' accompanied by a tentative view that we are slowly emerging from the crisis.[1]

The financial crisis threatened the very foundation of a modern capitalist or market-based society. In October 2008, policy makers were compelled to present a united front, declaring that bank deposits would be guaranteed in order to calm the markets and stop the bank runs already underway. The policy makers also committed themselves to major liquidity injections into the crippled banking system to prevent its complete collapse. While major policy efforts helped to stem the economic downswing, huge fortunes were wiped out, unemployment rolls increased sharply and government treasuries sank deep into debt. The USA, Britain and a number of other countries were especially hard hit. While recent news on the economy are giving hope the worst is over, plenty of worries and risks remain.[2]

Accurate predictions
It is also helpful to recall the numerous predictions made for the USA in advance of these events based on the SAMVA USA chart. These predictions have turned out to be accurate and to correctly reflect the nature and timing of the developments in the national life. Those who have followed the SAMVA discussion list on Yahoo over the past few years will know this. We must also keep in mind that the predictions were made based only on a reading of many afflicting aspects in the SAMVA USA chart. The events that might occur could otherwise not be seen in advance.

The most significant prediction was made on December 31, 2007 for a crisis in the fall of 2008 in the USA.[3][4] The wording of the prediction proved apt. A true crisis broke out. Further predictions made in early 2008 about a likely destruction of assets in late 2008 also came true.[5] A prediction at the opening of 2009 for further financial market troubles through February 2009 came true, as did a prediction for an improvement in the financial market from the spring of 2009.[6][7] Predictions for an improvement in the outlook for the US economy after the summer of 2009 have also proved correct.[8] The prediction of increasing US public debt in the autumn months with an associated weakening and volatility of the US dollar has already begun to come true.[9] The efficacy of the new USA chart based on the SA method is therefore all the more amazing to witness.
Recent predictions
More recently, predictions have been made concerning the likelihood of renewed volatility on financial markets in the fall of 2009, especially in the first half of October.[10]

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