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Oil price prediction realised

Yet another mundane prediction based on the Systems' Approach has been realised. Earlier this year, when oil was below $40 it was predicted to rise in 2009. Indeed, the oil price has been rising throughout 2009. Saturn entered Virgo in early September and the oil price is now more than double its price at the beginning of the year, but less than the peak reached in 2008 when Saturn was in Leo. It was also predicted that the oil price would remain below the earlier peak of mid 2008. So far, this prediction has also been fulfilled.

Oil hits $82 per barrel as dollar plunges
AP - 4:07 pm EDT, Wednesday October 21, 2009

Oil prices hit new highs for the year Wednesday just as the dollar fell to new lows against the euro, showing how much the weak U.S. currency has come to dominate energy markets. Benchmark crude for December delivery rose $2.25 to settle at $81.37 a barrel on the New York Mercantile Exchange. Prices hit $82 at one point. [2]

Discovery of an amazing pattern
In the article Riddle of the oil price resolved, published on December 6, 2008, there is a discussion of how the oil price has exhibited a clearly discernible pattern for over six decades involving the transit of Saturn, the general indicator of oil and those things mined from deep within the ground. While the pattern of the oil price is well described in the article, let's just recall the main finding that when Saturn transits the royal sign of Leo, there is an observed tendency for the oil price to be higher than otherwise. The price is also seen to peak while Saturn is in this sign. A trend decline in the oil price is then seen to take place until Saturn passes into Aries, where it is debilitated. At that time, the oil price cycle is also seen to reach a bottom. Afterwards, when Saturn moves out of Aries, the oil price trend is seen to ascend again. Of course, there is plenty of volatility seen and this is linked to the variable transit conditions. Moreover, Saturn's energy manifests differently for different countries, based on their true horoscopes, as Saturn becomes a functional benefic or functional malefic based on the rising sign. Hence, while there are myriad influences from all over the world associated with the transit of Saturn, some countries benefit from a higher oil price while others are hurt by it.

The oil price development
A point of interest is the fact that the price of oil fell dramatically from its July 2008 peak of $133 per barrel. In February 2009, the oil price was on average around $39. The price thus dropped by about 70%. Since then, the oil price has recovered handsomely. That said, let us now consider, as was done in the discussion in early March 2009, what could explain such a huge drop and, more importantly, what would be expected for the price of oil peering forward with the aid of astrology. The following is replication of the discussion on SAMVA list from that time.

Sharp drop in the oil price

The financial crisis and the associated decline in demand for oil explain the drop in the oil price in the second half of 2008, which continued into 2009. The real world developments have been monumental. The most explosive financial crisis in the world since the 1930 became intense in August and all hell broke lose from mid September 2008. The outlook for the US and international economy steadily worsened from that time and until early 2009.

Saturn afflicted in transit

Saturn was heavily afflicted in transit during the second half of 2008 and the oil price plunged from the highs of mid 2008. This development in the oil price is consistent with transit Jupiter afflicting transit Saturn. In September 2008 other difficult transits involving Saturn took place as seen in the SAMVA USA chart. These afflictions were described in the article Crisis in the fall. In November Saturn was again highly afflicted by Saturn, at which time another affliction emerged in the SAMVA USA chart, involving an aspect from natal Saturn to transit Saturn. This aspect is just now beginning to lift. In short, the drop in the oil price reflects the dramatic afflictions involving transit Saturn, both universally, but also in terms of the authentic horoscope for the USA. After all, the demand for oil in the USA is important for the oil price, which is also quoted in US dollars internationally. In short, the transit afflictions explain completely the development to date.

Saturn in Leo and then in Virgo

Generally, a high oil price level is expected while Saturn transits these signs. Saturn in Leo is historically linked to the top in the oil price. It is likely that an unafflicted and strong Saturn will be linked to a higher oil price, more so as it is in Leo. The oil price, history shows, tends to remain fairly high while Saturn is passing through Virgo. However, this would likely only be seen when Saturn is unafflicted in transit.

Saturn period in the SAMVA USA chart

A sluggish economy and weak demand is expected during this period. In the Saturn period of the SAMVA USA chart, the US economy would be expected to become more sluggish. It is likely that this is not good for the oil price, as the higher price depends on strong demand. Moreover, the oil price is linked to the global development. In particular, conditions in other countries are also important for the outcome. In fact, from the second half of 2008, demand for oil was weak all over the world and it was highly uncertain how it would evolve.

Transit Saturn in the SAMVA USA chart

In March, when looking forward we could see that Saturn would be weak from April to June 2009. Moreover, the affliction of 8th lord Saturn to the most effective point of the 2nd house in the SAMVA USA chart, where it is placed, was expected to be associated with the weakness of Saturn albeit in the prosperous sign of Leo. This was expected to keep the oil price subdued. That said, the oil price was then at a super low level, reflecting the continuous affliction of transit Saturn from August 2008 to February 2009. While it is not helpful for Saturn's indications that it is weak in transit, it was seen that it would at least no longer be receiving strong afflicting aspects during the summer months. It was then predicted that the oil price would be expected to "rise a little bit but remain well below the peak levels of 2008." In a follow up message, in response to a question, it was further stated that "As Saturn moves into Virgo in the fall, the price could recover a bit. In Virgo Saturn is free of natal afflictions but must contend with transit afflictions and the weakness of Mercury in transit." [4] Recently, Mercury has been strong while transiting its own Moolatrikona sign of Virgo.

Looking forward

It is now October 2009 and when we look forward we can see that transit Saturn will become stationary at 10° Virgo in late 2009 and in the first two months of 2010. From this position it will closely afflict the 10th lord Mars in the 5th house of the SAMVA USA chart. At that time, we would expect things like the oil price to have a deleterious effect on the international demand for US automobiles or place a temporary strain on the manufacturing sector and professions ruled by Mars, including soldiers and police.


In general, as was predicted on March 4, 2009, it has been realised that when Saturn is without affliction in transit or afflicting in the SAMVA USA chart, we would see a higher oil price when Saturn is transiting the signs of Leo and Virgo. Finally, we should keep in mind that when the prediction was made there was a lot of uncertainty concerning the future evolution of financial markets, the US and global economy and hence about the oil price. This makes the accurate prediction of the oil price development based on astrology all the more remarkable.
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