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The USA has endured pronounced communal disharmony in early 2010. The catalyst is the debate over reform of the US health care system. In the lead up to the passage of the historic legislation, a significant depth of distrust in the respective political factions was revealed in terms of vitriol in the public discourse.[1] This is in line with the prediction for the USA in early 2010 based on the SAMVA USA chart. The timing of the passage of the legislation is also remarkably consistent with the transit influences in the chart.

The debate
The socio-political developments in the USA in early 2010 have been nothing short of breathtaking.[2] A major overhaul of the health care system, inspired by President Obama's Democratic vision and a political majority in the US Congress, has been enacted. This bill was on the agenda of the Obama administration since mid 2009. In recent months, however, its passage was sidelined by the President's decision to engage the Republican opposition in a debate over the merits of such reform. The hope was that it would facilitate a compromise and, importantly, bring needed reforms to ensure health care coverage for a significant share of the US population, or over 30 million Americans, who up to this time were without such coverage.[3] The immediate effect of the debate was not to facilitate a compromise, however, but to draw out the anger of those who believe advances in social protection and the associated income redistribution is inherently wrong, even un-American. This polarization has led to the creation of a popular movement, the Tea Party, [4] and a political upset in the state of Massachusetts, which has been a stronghold of Democrats for over half a century, with the election of Republican Scott Brown as Senator in a special election in January to fill the seat of Edward Kennedy. The opponents maintain that the reforms run counter to the individual freedoms and responsibility enshrined in the US Constitution. Meanwhile, the Democratic majority hold that it is unconscionable to allow a large segment of society to go without proper health care, especially for a wealthy country like the USA.

In the article Predictions for the USA in 2010 (December 30, 2009) the following dynamic was foreseen

Due to adverse transit influences, strains are expected in the housing market and for domestic peace at the beginning of the year.

Certainly, this prediction, based on the Systems' Approach, has been realised. It was further explained that

Venus is badly placed in the 6th house, which rules financial stability, enmity and health issues. This means that the indications ruled by Venus tend to be associated with conflict or debts.
In addition to the timing, the exact nature of the events was thus accurately predicted.

Astrology of early 2010
The transits in the SAMVA USA chart are quite clear on the evolution of this tension. As transit Rahu came into exact conjunction of natal Venus, as 4th lord of communal harmony, at 23° 50' Sagittarius and the 6th house, the tension peaked with the House of Representatives voting for the bill 219 for and 212 against on March 21. The bill was then signed into law just before noon time on March 23. This timing is no accident but an expression of the authentic chart. The fact that transit Sun, general indicator of the leader, the President, had moved past the exact aspect of transit Saturn, as 8th lord of obstacles and endings, meant he has surmounted the challenge. At the same time, it was a time of defeat for the opposition.

Looking forward, we can first note that the tension has not immediately died down. Transit Rahu lingered over this exact conjunction for the remainder of the week and will in coming weeks be near enough to Venus to bother its indications. As such, the communal harmony, which was predicted to suffer a setback based on astrological factors, is only gradually seen to be reduced as the aspect clears in April. At the same time, the energy of the opposition is likely to persist, with transit Jupiter as 6th lord of opposition, being under the transit aspect of Ketu, the lord of sudden violent events until April. There is also some possibility of a violent backlash in relation to the Jupiter-Saturn opposition that takes place this summer. Let's hope nothing bad happens, but already threats have been made against some Democratic legislators seen to be instrumental in the passage of the bill.[5]

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