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Predictions for the USA in 2016

#1: Americans crave change
The year 2016 in the USA will mark a sea change in the national life of Americans, with repercussions for the rest of the world. The sense of weaknesses and social problems since 1989 will gradually give way to a feeling of greater sense of communal purpose and international authority, not least due to a more assertive national leadership. This new trend will become visible over the next six years, as the USA reasserts its authority and might on the international stage. The developments will be reminiscent of the shift from the Gilded Age to the Progressive Era at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. Despite the advances, setbacks are also seen during the course of this year.


#2: Inequality has increased
The year begins on a decidedly mixed note. On the one hand, the national life is still burdened by a sense of unresolved inequities and social weaknesses. The graph shows how income, like wealth, has become ever more unequally distributed over past decades. This situation is associated with the major period of a weak and badly placed Venus as 4th lord in the 6th house of the 20° Cancer rising SAMVA USA chart. This twenty year period ends on April 18. The sub-period of Ketu has been running since early last year. It has brought to the forefront the social problems and isolation experienced by many. For a more detailed description of these period influences, associated with Venus and Ketu, please read the predictions of recent years. On the other hand, a sense of optimism in the future is building, linked to the beginning of a powerful Sun major and minor period on April 19. For the approaching period influence of the powerful Sun period, several articles have been written which give a good indication of what to expect.

In addition to the trend influences associated with the periods, there will be a string of challenging transits during the year that are expected to produce adverse developments. Notably, the four malefic planets in the horoscope, 6th lord Jupiter, 8th lord Saturn and FM Rahu and FM Ketu will all pass through the most effective points (MEPs, +/- 5° from rising degree) of the 2nd, 5th and 8th houses this year, from where they cast malefic aspects to other houses. Fortunately, the more preferable period of the Sun replaces the adverse Ketu period in April, reducing the overall problems.

#3: Saturn in the 5th house MEP
In particular, the disturbance to the indications of the 2nd house is increased by the transit of 6th lord Jupiter and Rahu in its MEP during parts of the year, while 8th lord Saturn aspects it from the 5th house MEP. The events that come up will continue to challenge the wealth and status of the country during the year. For a list of the many indications of this and other houses please consult the authoritive article on Mundane astrology by Indian astrologer and author, V. K. Choudhry

#4: US debt is at historic highs
A joint indication of the 2nd and 6th houses is "financial solvency". As natal Saturn as 8th lord of obstacles and endings is afflicting transit Rahu and 6th lord Jupiter in the 2nd house, while transit Saturn is afflicting the 2nd house MEP, we can expect this difficult issue to come to the fore in the first part of the year. The graph shows the US public debt, which is high by historical standards. While firm and household debt has declined from its peak, it is still relatively high. The burden of debt will likely be felt more acutely during the year as the Federal Reserve continues to raise its policy interest rates.

#5: Saturn's aspects in 2016
Rising interest rates suggest bond prices are likely to come down along with stock prices. It is also possible that the US dollar, which should benefit by the developments of the Sun major period, will feel a temporary downdraft from the adverse transits involving the 2nd house, especially when transit or natal 2nd lord Sun is weak or afflicted in transit. Transit Sun will cross the stationary nodal axis in the second week of March and first week of September. Transit 8th lord Saturn will also aspect natal Sun in November and December 2016. It will also conjunct its own natal placement in late Scorpio in December, suggesting problems for easy gains as well as obstacles and endings at that time. In both instances, Saturn will be in normal forward motion lessening the adverse influences.


#6: Jupiter indicates solvency pressures
As for the major transits, the year begins with an applying transit conjunction of Jupiter and Rahu, lasting through February. The energy of these functional malefic planets in the 20° Cancer rising SAMVA USA chart, is likely to cause several problems, the more so as the conjunction occurs under the 10th house aspect of Saturn as lord of the 8th house in the chart, ruling over obstacles and endings, as well as easy gains. Jupiter, as lord of the 6th house, rules over conflict, health and solvency issues. It is also the general indicator of banks, religion and young people. Meanwhile, Rahu rules over manipulation, intoxicants and base desires. The combination can produce crisis for the indications, involving also obstacles and endings. There could be violent natural or man-made events at this time. Along with other transit influences, the first half of the year is likely to be unkind to financial investors, especially as Saturn and Jupiter are natally placed in the 5th house of speculation. In March, as Jupiter moves in retrograde motion in Leo, it will aspect natal 4th lord Venus at 23° 50' Sagittarius and 6th house. This suggests an upset for the communal harmony, possibly linked to the "slings and arrows of outrageous fortune" in the primary battles of the two parties in the USA. The days of March 11-13, when transit Sun will pass over transit stationary Rahu at 27° 45' Aquarius and 8th house, look especially tense in this regard.


#7: Nodes show difficulty
When the slow moving planets change signs, we may expect some trend changes in the national life. On January 9, Rahu changes signs from 0° Virgo and 3rd house to 30° Leo and 2nd house while Ketu goes from 0° Pisces and 9th house to 30° Aquarius and 8th house. The transit of Rahu in the 2nd house brings with it influences suggestive of problems for wealth and status of the country while the transit of Ketu in the 8th house brings problems for easy gains, as well as obstacles and endings.

#8: Nodes go stationary twice in 2016
Moreover, Rahu and Ketu become stationary in transit twice during this year. The former station begins on January 24, 2016, when Rahu is at 28° 45‘ Leo and 2nd house of the SAMVA USA chart. On February 22, 2016, the station reaches the exact point of the stationary placement at 27° 45‘ Leo, where it will be under the close and applying 10 house aspect of natal 8th lord Saturn at 26° 46‘ in Scorpio and 5th house. On April 26, 2016, Rahu leaves the stationary placement at 26° 45‘ Leo, while under the exact aspect of natal Saturn. This station adds to the troubles that the conjunction of Rahu and Jupiter brings. 

#9: Muslim fires gun at police
The problems involving Jupiter are compounded by transit Ketu, which is the sub period lord until late April. From January 24 to April 26, Ketu becomes transit stationary at 28° 45‘ to 26° 45‘ Aquarius and the 8th house, peaking on February 22, 2016 at 27° 45‘, when transit Jupiter will be at 26° 11‘ Leo and 2nd house in retrograde motion. The transit opposition of Ketu to Jupiter will add suddenness and strangeness to the adverse events in January and February. Established religions may come under attack from materialists, atheists and religious factions that appear strange to most Americans. Problems with the servicing of debts will likely come to the forefront, which would be adverse for the banks, which are the key lenders. In April and May, transit 6th lord Jupiter will be in stationary position in the MEP of the 2nd house, where it will also be in mutual aspect with natal Rahu. This continues the problems seen at the outset of the year, although it will not be as acutely felt as the orb of affliction is around 1° and more at its peak.

On July 19, 2016, transit Rahu becomes stationary at 19° 36‘ Leo and the Most Effective Point (MEP) of the 2nd house. In this placement, functional malefic Rahu will cast its malefic influence of confusion and manipulation on the 2nd house of wealth, 6th house of conflict, health and financial stability and 10th house of public affairs. On August 18, 2016, transit Rahu reaches the exact point of the stationary placement at 18° 36‘, where it will be under the close aspect of natal functional malefic Rahu at 17° 47‘ Aries and the MEP of the 10th house. The mutual aspect of transit and natal Rahu is likely to magnify the confusion. On October 20, 2016, Rahu leaves the stationary placement at 17° 36‘ Leo while under the exact aspect of natal Rahu at 17° 47‘ Aries and 10th house. Likewise, on July 19, 2016, Ketu becomes stationary at 19° 36‘ Aquarius and the MEP of the 8th house. On August 18, 2016, it reaches the exact point of the stationary placement at 18° 36‘ and on October 20, 2016, Ketu leaves the stationary placement at 17° 36‘ Aquarius while under the close aspect of natal Ketu at 17° 47‘ Libra and 4th house. This transit increases the likelihood for sudden and strange events that disturb the national life.


#10: Jupiter changes signs in August
On August 12, transit Jupiter moves from 30° Leo and 2nd house to 0° Virgo and 3rd house. This change of signs suggests increased likelihood of breakdowns or conflict involving communication and transportation (ruled by the 3rd house), foreign affairs (7th and 9th houses) or income (11th house). However, as Jupiter is in normal forward movement through the second half of the year, such influences are not likely to be long standing or very pronounced.


#11: Transit influences favor opposition
The challenging transits in 2016 suggest the incumbent party, the Democratic Party, will lose the election. In particular, the problems for the economy and pressures on US President Obama, will affect the nominee of his own party at election time, November 8. Transit 8th lord Saturn will then be both closely afflicting the 5th, 7th, 11th and 2nd houses, as well as in 3rd house aspect to natal 2nd lord Sun. The situation is therefore seen to be difficult for the sitting President and his party, benefiting the opposition party nominee.


#12: Trump' enters very helpful period 
The 6° 51' Leo rising horoscope of Donald Trump is interesting in this regard. It shows a man with a weak and severely afflicted 1st lord Sun at 30° Taurus and the 10th house of the horoscope, but several other highly auspicious placements. Along with the bad placement of his Venus, as 3rd lord of speech, in Cancer and his 12th house, the weak and afflicted Sun explain his propensity to say controversial things. However, the chart also shows very helpful placements. In particular, Jupiter as 5th lord of intelligence is well placed and strong in the 2nd house of wealth and status. Supporting this is the strength and good placement of Mercury as 2nd lord of wealth and status in its own sign of Gemini and the 11th house of future plans and income. Trump has enjoyed phenomenal success in building his wealth. Helping him is the placement of Mars as 9th lord in the MEP of his 1st house. This suggests luck in the life and, along with the placement of 7th lord Saturn in Cancer and 12th house, indicates both a divorce and foreign spouses. Together with his strong Jupiter, Mars offers a protecting influence for his weak and afflicted Sun. Importantly, Mr. Trump will enter the major period of his strong and well placed Jupiter in November 2016. This suggests a fortunate turn of events in his life. It is these astrological factors that led Mr. Choudhry, the propounder of the System's Approach to Interpreting Horoscopes, to predict that Donald Trump was likely to ascend to the US Presidency. Finally, Trump's message seems to resonate with the growing desire of Americans at this time for a greater sense of national purpose, fairness and authority, as seen and predicted seven years ago on the basis of the SAMVA USA chart.


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