Thursday, March 5, 2009

Amazing prediction for Russia

An amazing prediction has been realised on the basis of a newly discovered horoscope for Russia. The prediction is linked to the Moon/Ketu planetary period in the chart, which began on August 14, 2008 and ends on March 15.

Ketu is of the nature of separation in life. Under the influence of Ketu, one can become isolated or separated from others. In the case of Russia, Ketu is conjunct the 4th lord Mercury in the most effective point of the 10th house. This implies a tendency for separation or isolation which disturbs the presence of Russia in the world and the communal harmony of the country.

Strongly countering this tendency, however, is the strong influence of 3rd lord Sun on the MEP of the 10th house and the conjunction of 7th lord Jupiter on the MEP of the 7th house of foreign affairs. The fact that these strong planets are so prominently placed explains why the Western powers did not seem to be able to cower the Russian leadership into submission by giving them the cold shoulder.

It was predicted that this period would be characterised by increased isolation for Russia. This indeed has been the case, due to friction with the Western powers over break-away regions in Georgia. It was also predicted that the isolation would begin to lift as the period ended.

Indeed, the isolation took place and now the frosty relations appear to be thawing at the behest of President Obama. While the relations may still not be quite normal it seems a positive change is in the wind. To this we could add that the transit situation of the Gemini rising chart is also quite favourable at the present time.

In the Blog Union of Russia and Belarus on August 18, 2008, the following prediction was made:

"The present crisis with the USA is clearly seen in this chart. Moon/KETU period is now operating, since 14 August 2008. This suggests Russia may become INCREASINGLY ISOLATED until next year." [1]

A month later the following headline appeared:

Rice: Russia becoming isolated, irrelevant
September 18, 2008
-- 2306 GMT
“Russia's policies are putting it on a path to "ISOLATION AND IRRELEVANCE", U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said Thursday. [2]

Also mentioned in the blog on August 18, 2008 was the following:

"This crisis should begin to lift later this year, as the nodal station lifts and be gone by Spring 2009. " [1]

Now, half a year later, a new headline emerges with a completely different tone:

Nato to resume Russian contacts
12:55 GMT, Thursday,
5 March 2009
Nato ministers have agreed to resume high-level contacts with Russia, making what US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called a "fresh start". Relations conducted through the Nato-Russia Council had been frozen by Nato in protest at the brief war last summer between Russia and Georgia. [3]

This is followed by news of a 'first' meeting between US President Obama and Russian President Medvedev in early April 2009:

Pressing the US-Russia reset button
17:28 GMT, Thursday,
5 March 2009
As US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton meets Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov for the first time on Friday, it is time for the new atmospherics to start being turned into new policies. The meeting in Geneva follows a decision on Thursday by Nato foreign ministers - Mrs Clinton among them - to resume relations between Nato and Russia. These were broken off after the Russian action in Georgia last year. The Clinton-Lavrov talks will be followed by the first meeting between Presidents Obama and Medvedev on 2 April in London, where they will both attend the G20 economic summit. [4]

In other words, a dual prediction has been realised. The nature of the event, of increased isolation of Russia in the international community, as well as the timing of the eposide, both in terms of the beginning of the episode but more importantly its end, have been realised. This is a powerful validation of the chart in question but even more importantly of the the astrological methods being applied, the Systems' Approach to mundane vedic astrology.


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