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Another accurate prediction for Russia

On August 18, 2008 another accurate prediction was made on the basis of the chart for Russia and Belarus.

“The acid test of the authenticity is always prediction, especially when the chart suggests a significant event is likely to take place. In this regard we may consider the transits in MID SEPTEMBER 2008. While an event may occur at any time until then, we can note for instance the aspects on September 12, 2008:

Moon/KETU period is operating
-transit KETU at 24° 20' Cancer and 2nd house is closely afflicting natal 4th lord MERCURY at 24° 19' Pisces and 10th house and natal KETU at 23° 20' Pisces.
- transit RAHU at 24° 20' Capricorn is closely afflicting natal RAHU at 23° 20' Virgo and 4th house
- transit 4th lord MERCURY is closely conjunct natal RAHU at 23° 20' Virgo and 4th house
- transit 11th lord MARS and transit 5th lord VENUS are also afflicted by natal and transit RAHU in 8th house
- transit 2nd lord MOON at 23° Capricorn and 8th house is aspected by natal RAHU and conjunct transit RAHU.
- transit 3rd lord SUN is in old age in Leo and 3rd house, along with transit SATURN.

At such a time, we would expect, if the chart were authentic indeed, that some sudden significant event would take place that disturbs the communal harmony.” [1]

Russia’s financial markets, which had been experiencing a gradual decline since May 2008, collapsed in mid September of that year. The crisis is seen to have been compounded by the international financial crisis, political fears over Russia's war with Georgia over break-away regions, concerns about state intervention in corporations of strategic interest and the plummeting price of oil, a major export item. [2]

The stock market collapses
In September 2008, the RTS stock index plunged almost 54%, making it one of the worst performing markets in the world. According to the Wall Street Journal and, as the Russian market declined in September, conspiracy theories circulated in Russia among the leadership that the U.S. government allegedly incited large American investors to withdraw their funds from Russia, punishing Moscow for the recent war in Georgia.

On September 17, 2008 trading was halted on the dollar-denominated RTS on the orders of a government agency. The index fell over 6 percent in the first two hours. At that point the index had lost 57 percent since hitting an all-time high in May.

Banks fail
On September 15 the KIT Finance brokerage failed to pay off its debt, signalling problems in Russia's financial sector. On September 17, 2008, Foreign minister Carl Bildt said the current Russian financial crisis was "obviously more worrying" than the ongoing subprime mortgage crisis in view of the political development in Russia.

Money markets seize up
The money market crunch passed its first lowest mark September 15–17. On September 17, the government lent the country's three biggest banks, Sberbank, VTB Bank and Gazprombank, 1.13 trillion rubles ($44 billion) for at least three months to boost liquidity; the Central Bank lowered the reserve requirement. This was followed September 24 by Central Bank loans to keep the current accounts afloat and prevent a bank run. The regulators also raised the cap for deposit insurance from 400 to 700 thousand roubles (equivalent to 25 thousand dollars). These actions served their short-term purpose but failed to revitalize the money market: no bank was willing to lend for longer than overnight.

The economy hits the skids
Interestingly, given the affliction to the 4th house, which rules automobiles and real estate, the Russian automotive sector, which had been seen to be booming, declared production cuts in September, with e.g. truck production cut by a quarter. At the same time, major real estate developers announced freezing of future projects and intention to dispose of ongoing projects in early stages, citing an unacceptable increase in interest rates and uncertain demand. According to a real estate executive, "our clients are panicking, and that is affecting our business."

The government intervenes
On 18 September Russian President Dmitry Medvedev ordered ministers to inject 500 billion roubles of funds from the state budget into the markets and pledges that the financial system would receive "all necessary support".

A significant event, a major financial crisis, did materialise as predicted in mid September. Furthermore, the development was disturbing for the country. The accurate prediction offers further confirmation of the authenticity of the newly discovered horoscope for the Union of Russia and Belarus. To this we can add, the aspects mentioned in the prediction lasted from September to November. Not surprisingly, the crisis continued to deepen during this time frame.


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