Sunday, April 25, 2010

Stranded in Britain

On April 15, 2010, all air traffic ground to a halt in the UK due to Volcanic ash carried by winds in the upper atmosphere from an eruption in Iceland . The disruption to air traffic lasted for over one week and hit the UK especially hard.[1] The economic impact of this event is now considered greater than the terrorist attacks in the USA on September 11, 2001.
The astrology of this event is clearly seen in the Virgo rising chart for the United Kingdom. In fact, the transits at that time were indicative of problems especially for those individuals and countries with Virgo as a rising sign (sidereal zodiac). In recent months, predictions based on the Systems' Approach have warned of a difficult time for this ascending sign during the month of April.
Astrology of the event
In general terms, all the functional benefic planets of Virgo as a rising sign were transitting in the sixth and eighth houses on April 15. Thereof, transit 1st lord Mercury and 2nd lord Venus in Aries and 8th house were under the close afflicting aspect of Rahu in Sagittarius and 4th house. Of several indications ruled by Rahu, one is smoke! Moreover, as Venus is a general indicator of air travel, this disruption was felt far and wide.[2]
Astrology of the UK chart

In the 16° Virgo rising chart for the UK, the Mars-Mercury period is operating. Mars is the planet ruling obstacles and placed in its own 8th house. This placement suggests British people have a good ability to surmount the difficulty they may experience. The sub-period lord, Mercury, rules the 1st house of self in the chart. As it is natally placed in the 3rd house, indications like transportation and communication come to the fore in the national life. In addition to the above described factors, in the UK chart, Rahu was also closely afflicting the Sun as 12th lord of foreign places natally placed in the most effective point of the 4th house, suggesting this event tested the patience of the populace. Morevoer, Rahu also afflicted 8th lord Mars in the 8th house, increasing the problems. Finally, 6th lord Saturn, which rules break-downs, is transiting the 1st house of the chart, further accentuating the problems. These transit-to-natal afflictions, involving functional malefic planets, suggest that Great Britain would be likely to face quite signficant problems at this time for the general public, as well as the military and police and the leader of the country. In fact, in recent months Astrologer & Author V K Choudhry, in his weekly rising sign predictions, warned those with Virgo ascendants to prepare for difficulty during the month of April.
The problem dies down
All airports in the UK remained closed until April 23.[3] The problems began to wind down around the 21st but the airports were not reopened until April 23. In this regard, we may note that Venus moved into the sign Taurus on April 21 and had gained good strength in transit by the 23rd.

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