Monday, April 19, 2010

UK governing crisis ahead

The 16° Virgo rising chart for the United Kingdom suggests a governing crisis in coming months. This is interesting as parliamentary elections are scheduled to be held on May 6, 2010, which determine what party forms the next government.

Astrology of the chart
The Sun in any mundane chart rules the leader of a country. In the UK chart, the Sun, as 12th lord, is placed at 19° 06’ Sagittarius and thus in the most effective point of the 4th house. Saturn as 6th lord of opposition and enemity is placed in the 12th house. This combination suggests the leader of the UK could be influential but at the same time a source of social disharmony. A review of UK leaders shows that two of the more prominent ones in recent decades, Margaret Thatcher and Tony Blair, became so controversial that their time in office was shortened. Gordon Brown, who replaced Blair, has not been Prime Minister for very long, but already he is struggling to maintain popular support for his government.

On SAMVA list on March 16, 2010 the following was predicted:

“An examination of the period (Mars-Mercury) and transit (transit nodes conjunct natal 12th lord Sun, transit Sun conjunct 8th lord Mars in 8th house, transit nodes going stationary in the MEP of 4th and 10th houses, etc.) influences in the chart, suggests an outcome that is not in favour of the government. A political crisis in the wake of the election even looks like a possibility.”

Possible manifestation
Traditionally, the UK has two parties, the Tories and Labour, which receive the most votes. Other parties, like the Liberal Democrats and the Independence Party, have received more marginal support in the past. In the wake of the financial crisis, both the leading parties have lost credibility. Labour’s problem is that it has been in government since the mid 1990s. The crash took place on its watch. The quandry of the Tories is that they are associated with the types of free market and favour-the-rich policies which are considered at the root of the financial crisis.

In a recent televised debate, a young leader of the Liberal Democrats, Nicholas Clegg came out a winner. While there are more debates ahead and voters can be a fickle lot, a likely outcome of the election is that neither of the two traditional parties will receive the customary majority of the vote, in part due to the increased recent popularity of the Liberal Democrats.[1] Such an outcome will force the party with the greatest support among the three to seek to form a coalition government with one of the remaining parties in order to form a majority in the parliament. Alternatively, a minority government would be formed. In either case, potential political instability would be there. Having had a de facto two-party system for a long time, the UK is not used to such outcomes. At least the nodal station on top of the Sun in the chart, suggests some such outcome. This would, moreover, render the UK without effective leadership for some time, while a power-sharing arrangement is hashed out. While most of the tension will be felt in May, it is nevertheless expected to remain for most of the summer. Add to this, the opposition of 6th lord Saturn in Virgo with 4th lord Jupiter in Pisces, which also takes place in May, and it is likely such a strain in the political life will also be attended by a reduction in the collective harmony.

[1] "LibDems push Labour into third - poll", Reuters, Mon Apr 19, 2010 4:42pm BST

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