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Cardinal-Cross Crisis (of Western Astrology)

Most Western astrologers have for some time been predicting that the world would see a major upheaval in late July and early August of 2010. These predictions are based on planetary aspects critically involving the invisible outer planets of Uranus and Pluto, in a so–called T-square aspect. This aspect consists of at least two planets in 180° opposition aspect while also being in 90° square aspect to another planet. Moreover, as the aspect is taking place in the early degrees of cardinal (movable) signs in the tropical zodiac, it has been labelled a "cardinal cross". The formation of this aspect in cardinal signs is predicted to lead to major changes in life. As this prediction has not proved correct, it warrants a closer examination. In this article, it is argued that the predictive failure reflects the false axiomatic foundation of modern western astrology. At the same time, it may help to refocus astrology in the West on the time-tested and ancient foundations and methods of horoscopic astrology, as in Vedic astrology.

Pluto in Capricorn (18th century)
While Pluto had not been discovered at the time, it passed through the sign Capricorn in the Western tropical zodiac from January 7, 1762 to December 1, 1778. This period coincided with significant political realignment in the American colonies and Europe. The period began with the French – Indian Wars (1754 to 1763), when the British and Colonials loosened the grip of the French and their Indian supporters on the colonial territories, including in Canada. The French-Indian War coincided with the Seven Year War in Europe (1756-1763). Before the period ended, tensions between the colonials and the British crown over the sharing of the cost of the war and the colonies growing desire for self-determination resulted in the American Revolutionary War. Interestingly, the British Crown itself did not undergo a comparable social transformation during this almost 17 year period. More importantly, the French revolution did not take place at that time either. This famous revolution, which was likely influenced by the success of the American Revolution, took place from 1789 to 1792, well into the transit of Pluto in Aquarius.

Conjecture of modern astrologers
Modern astrologers have linked the nature of remote giant Uranus, which was discovered by advances in telescopy in 1781, to the events in France, characterised by the revolutionary phrase of “Liberté, égalité, fraternité.“ That said, the French revolution was essentially a reaction of the bourgeoisie to the Kings intransigence to yield the royal identity with state sovereignty, as had earlier been agreed by the British King. No matter, Uranus is viewed by Western astrologers as the planet of brotherly love, idealism and sudden change. It was given rule over the sign Aquarius. With further advances in the science of telescopy, the tiny and distant planetary body Pluto was discovered in 1930. As this was the advent of the nuclear age, Western astrologers assigned the meaning of hidden, powerful and transformative events, including endings in life, to Pluto. It became the ruler of Scorpio. Importantly, the signs being used are those of the tropical zodiac, which is almost one whole sign removed from the ancient visible (sidereal) zodiac.

Pluto in Capricorn (21st century)
After more than two hundred years, Pluto again entered Capricorn on January 26, 2008 and will remain there until November 19, 2024. Leading Western astrologers have predicted that the USA will undergo a significant social transformation during this period. [1] In particular, a “Cardinal Cross“ is seen to take place in late July and early August 2010, when Pluto in early Capricorn is in square aspect to Saturn in early Libra and Jupiter conjunct Uranus in early Aries. This aspect is expected to trigger an intense financial crash and social upheaval. In all fairness, we should also recognise that the transit of Pluto through Capricorn has many more years to go. At the same time, we can also note that the USA has gone through major changes in its over two hundred year history, when Pluto was transiting other signs.

Cardinal Cross focus
What is under study here, however, is an important prediction based on aspects in 2010. Most Western astrologers have coalesced around the prediction concerning the Cardinal-Cross, with astro-finance analyst Raymond Merriman stating in his July 5, 2010 weekly commentary "But all of this continues to be just a prelude for the fifth and deepest level of the Cardinal Climax, which will occur July 23-August 8." [2] On July 26, he said "So this is how it is going to be. Wild. If you are a trader in the trenches every day, you know its wild. It is every bit as wild as Financial Astrologers feared and hoped. We feared it would be wild because if it lived up to its potential, there would be sudden and large price moves in many markets, causing this to be a very difficult market environment. It is the nature of Saturn opposition Uranus (July 26). It is the nature of Jupiter stationary retrograde in a waxing square to Pluto (July 23-August 3), as it is also remains in conjunction with Uranus in Aries. "

Prediction of major problems
Another notable such analyst is Arch Crawford, who has made a successful career in investment advice based on Western astrology techniques. For instance, in July and August of 2008 he correctly called the September/October 2008 market crash. However, he is not infallible. In early July 2010, Crawford made a prediction for significant upheaval in late July and early August 2010. Specifically, he said “We are now in the midst of the most powerful planetary alignment in all of human history July 30 to August 3 with echoes August 8-10 and much larger ones on September 21-22 and December 21-22.“ During 2010 “expect as great or greater Crash than has yet ever been experienced!“ [3] In his newsletter of July 6, 2010, Crawford then made the specific prediction of “All Hell breaks loose“ on July 26, 2010 “ due to “seven planetary harmonics by 1:04pm EDT“, with “Revolt-Revolution-Strikes!“ On July 29-30, when „Mars enters Libra & opposes Uranus at Zero Aries, Sun contra-parallel Pluto“, there is “More Revolution – Outright War!“ August 3 was to be “another Monster Day containing a T-square with Mars opp. Jupiter, both square Pluto. Massive power struggles.“ [4]

Prediction failure
These widely noted predictions have not come true. The first graph shows that the level of share prices has not moved sharply lower in late July and the first week of August. The second graph shows that intra day volatility has declined to low levels at this time - indicating, if anything, more relaxed market conditions. While all predictions are vulnerable to human error and no joy is taken in anybodies failure of prediction, it is beyond doubt that the failure of such major predictions only serves to cast Western astrology in a further bad light among non-astrologers. If astrology is to have a positive reputation as a science in the West, the astrological elements of the failed prediction– such as the primary focus on the invisible outer planets Uranus and Pluto, indiscrimminate use of aspects and basing the analysis on the tropical zodiac – need to be questioned. By comparison, in Vedic astrology, the outer planets are excluded, aspects depend on the planet and the sideral zodiac is used. In questioning the assumptions, something good may possibly come of failed predictions. It is less helpful if astrologers attempt to explain away important failed forecasts while leaving the foundations untouched.

Correct predictions
The difficult events of the summer of 2010 have been accurately predicted based on the ancient methods of Vedic horoscopic astrology in terms of the national horoscope of the USA, the SAMVA USA chart (Perpetual Union). While the transit station of the Moon's nodes at aroud 18° Sagittarius and Gemini (in the sidereal zodiac) is set to end on August 23, the opposition aspect between Saturn and Jupiter becomes exact again on August 16. Hence, significant tensions are expected to continue in coming weeks. Importantly, on July 30, 2010, Vedic Astrologer & Author V. K. Choudhry stated:
"As per the planetary influences the possibility of a major financially calamity between these dates (insert: July 26-August 3) is negligible."
Rebirth of ancient horoscopic astrology
The articles in this blog have been dedicated to the refocusing of astrology on its ancient Vedic moorings – as a true horoscopic astrology based on the sidereal zodiac. As such, it has not been shied away from making predictions. There are sufficient correct predictions here to satisfy even sceptics, with the recognition that astrology is, like any other field of human inquiry, a difficult subject. The events of the summer of 2010 have been accurately predicted using the visible planets of Jupiter and Saturn as well as the Moon's nodes, Rahu and Ketu, cast in the sideral zodiac. Moreover, the
crisis in the fall of 2008 was also accurately predicted well in advance. For Westerners, the science of astrology is made infinitely more difficult by working on the basis of wrong assumptions. Importantly, any astrology method that fails to give accurate predictions also fails to yield accurate interpretation of the horoscope. The first step to learn from failure is to make the needed changes. For many, this recognition represents the start of a wonderful new experience with astrology.

Since penning the article, including the last two sentences in the preceding paragraph, evidence has come to light which makes it impossible to consider the case for or against the influence of Pluto as closed. While there have been prominent failures of prediction involving Pluto as noted above, the renowned Western astrologer & author Liz Greene made a stunning prediction based on it at a seminar in 1980 about the dissolution of the Soviet Union at the end of the decade. The prediction was made against a chart rectified for the Bolsheviks taking power in a revolution on November 7, 1917, 22:52 PM, St Petersburg (formerly Leningrad), Asc. 22°35' Leo in the tropical zodiac. The prediction was transcribed and publised in Lecture Five, page 119, in a book The outer planets and their cycles, CRCS publications, 1983. The essence of the prediction is that the USSR could experience a death when transit Pluto became conjunct with a 1° orb the natal Sun of this horoscope from January 1989 to Sept 1990. The crisis of union would be caused by transit Saturn, Uranus and Neptune in Capricorn conjunct natal Venus in the 5th house and in opposition to natal Pluto in the 11th. The transit of Pluto over natal Sun would make it impossible for the authorities to reform, resulting in the dissolution of the union. In the event, following the fall of the Berlin Wall on November 9, 1989, the Soviet Union, through a series of events in 1990 and 1991, proceeded to collapse, very much as described in the article. While others had earlier made a prediction of the impending downfall of the Soviet Union (an accurate prediction of the nature of the event) the timing was far less precise. As both the nature and timing of the prediction is so spot on it cannot be ignored or brushed off. That said, even if profound, this outcome represents only one accurately predicted event. Science requires many more accurate predictions for establishing significance beyond doubt. It is thus fair to conclude that further predictive research is required to settle convincingly the argument for or against the influence of Pluto and the outer planets in astrology.

As for the overall story, the main issue concerns the general lack of predictive efficacy using Western astrology and its methods. Experience shows that it is less effective in prediction than Vedic astrology. The key argument to explain this is that the tropical zodiac, as a basis of Western astrology, is a historical mistake and essentially wrong. Moreover, Western astrology has developed an excessive emphasis on the sun sign at the expense of the rising sign. The house divisions are overlapping and complicated. As a result, Western astrology lacks an effective horoscopic astrology, based on the whole-sign house system and a proper attribution of sign and planet rulership by house. Moreover, there is an excessive use of outer solar system bodies which clouds the assessment. The indiscrimminate use of aspects and a general lack of appreciation for the important role of prediction in astrology, linked to the ongoing failures to predict with Western astrology, has failed to establish a scientific basis for astrology, and caused it to be shunned and deplored in scientific circles. Importantly, given this state of affairs, those trained in Western astrology labour at a disadvantage compared to Vedic astrologers in making accurate predictions and correctly interpreting horoscopes. As the above example shows, outstanding practitioners of Western astrology nevertheless manage to make impressive predictions. However, repeat accurate predictions are what is required to raise the profile of astrology in the world at large. We can only imagine what such outstanding astrologers could do with true horoscopic astrology at their disposal.

A corollary note: An exploratory examination of the above chart with 29° 52' Cancer rising in the sidereal zodiac on the basis of the Systems' Approach manages to explain the events in terms of planterary periods but primarily in the Saturn-Jupiter opposition taking place from August 1989 to June 1991. However, as this horoscope has not received independent verification, the insight is speculative. Some further work could be undertaken, such as to examine if the analysis presented by Liz Greene could be applied to charts with the same ascendant on either November 8 or 9, when Nicholas Campion's The Book of World Horoscopes reports that the Bolsheviks were working to consolidate their power over the state and within the country as a whole. Most of the planetary placements (except the Moon) would be expected to be similar while the Vimsottari planetary periods would shift, possibly giving a better fit.

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