Saturday, November 8, 2008

A bad year for Venus

As discussed at the end of 2007 in the prediction The year ahead for the USA, the indications of Venus as 4th lord of the SAMVA USA chart, including vehicles, airlines, women, housing, communal harmony and natural resources, have been facing controversy, conflict and concerns in 2008. This is due to Venus being placed in the 6th house of conflict, financial stability and disturbances, the Venus-Jupiter period operating and transit Jupiter becoming conjunct natal Venus in the 6th house three times during the year.

Transit Jupiter first became conjunct natal Venus in mid March, for the second time in early July and the third and final time in early November 2008. Of course, other difficult aspects have had a large say in the developments, as explained in earlier articles. However, in this article, the focus is on this particular aspect given the operation of the Venus-Jupiter period from June 2006 to February 2009, when the energies of these planets come to the fore in national affairs.

Controversy and setbacks for female politicians
During these times, controversy has swirled around two high profile women political candidates, Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin; both of whom were denied by the voters. By itself, this is a setback for the cause of women's equality in the political sphere.

A bad year for airlines and automakers
The airline and auto industries, both ruled by 4th lord Venus have been struggling during the year. The year began with the exorbitant price of oil threatening the profits of the airlines, which have been seeking mergers to reduce their costs. Auto financing has become a big problem, with auto giant GM no longer able to offer car loans to individual customers. Recently, the CEO of GM has been seeking financial assistance from the government, warning about the serious consequences of the bankruptcy of GM for the economy. The logic is "what is bad for GM, is bad for the country."

A slump in the housing market
The housing market entered a deep slump in 2008, following growing problems in 2007. The prices of home have fallen sharply. The inventory of unsold homes has increased sharply and housing starts have dropped. Many American's have needed to move out of their homes and the situation become disturbing for the communal harmony.

Setbacks for financial stability
The year 2008 has become one of the most challenging years for financial stability in the Post-War era, with many banks and credit institutions going bankrupt or being taken over by the government. The economy has begun to move into recession with unemployment on the rise. While these damaging developments are related to other aspects taking place this year, the associated financial instability and weakening economy have undermined the collective harmony as American's have increasingly become concerned about the future.

Environmental sustainability a growing concern
The opposition candidate Barack Obama advocated reforming environmental policies by introducing taxes on the emission of carbons to bring the US more into line with the international community on the issue of environmental sustainability. The ruling Republican Party, the traditional advocate of big business, interpreted this platform as potentially bankrupting the US energy industry, notably the coal industry in Pennsylvania. There was also a stark difference of views on the domestic (especially off-shore) drilling for oil and natural gas. This development is related to the natural resources, a 4th house matter.

Weakening economy undermines the ruling party
This dramatic state of affairs is now suggested to have affected the outcome of the Presidential election, with the candidate of the incumbent Republican Party loosing on account of the adverse economic conditions. The victory of the opposition Democratic Party candidate is seen as a mandate for significant change in US policies in all areas going forward.

In short, the SAMVA USA chart (Perpetual Union), which was discovered only in late 2006, has proven to be an effective basis for numerous accurate predictions involving the nature and timing of events during the years 2007 and 2008. This outcome increases confidence that it is the true birth chart for the USA.

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