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Death of a President

In the history of the USA, there have been over 20 documented assassination attempts on a U.S. President. This feature of national life has become a prominent part of popular culture, e.g. in books and cinema. These tragic events are explained by certain placements in the birth chart for the country, the SAMVA USA chart (Perpetual Union). In this article six of the assassination attempts are examined astrologically in order to present the salient influences.

The transit and period influences in the chart during November 2008 are then reviewed in view of a prediction made in an article The year ahead for the USA on December 30, 2007.

The natal potential in the chart
In the SAMVA USA chart there are four main afflictions of note in this regard. The first one of note is the affliction of natal SATURN, as 8th lord of death, on natal 2nd lord SUN, which is the indicator of the leader of the country, the President. The Sun is natally very strong at 23° 44' Capricorn and 7th house. As the orb of affliction from Saturn at 26° 46 Scorpio and 5th house is over 3°, the affliction by itself is not enough to result in the death of the Office holder or to threaten the Office of the President as such. It is the affliction of natal KETU at 17° 47' Libra and 4th house to the most effective point of the 8th house at 20° 00' Aquarius - the house of death - which is important in this respect. While the orb of affliction is just over 2°, the old age of Saturn makes it vulnerable to an affliction of its house. The natal affliction of RAHU at 17° 47' Aries and 10th house to the MEP of the 2nd house is there, but here the strength of natal SUN protects. RAHU also afflicts the sixth house of conflict. The fourth factor involves the bad placement of VENUS as 4th lord of communal harmony in the 6th house of conflict. More so as KETU also afflicts the 4th house of communal harmony, making Americans vulnerable to surges of discontent, such as was the case in early 2007 when the protest against the US involvement in the War in Iraq reached fever pitch. This happened while transit Ketu at 24° Leo was afflicting natal 4th VENUS at 24° Sagittarius in the 6th house. In general, this placement makes Americans vulnerable to upsets with regard to conflict, also seen during Vietnam War. Transit afflictions to the natal or transit SUN while there are other mutual afflictions ongoing, with also something disturbing the badly placed Venus, add up to make the Office holder vulnerable to sudden acts of violence.

1. Abraham Lincoln shot (Died)

14 April 1865 10:13 pm LMT Ford's Theater Washington, DC 38n53'47" 77w01'32" 3:21 GMT Source: A. Lincoln: His Last 24 Hours. W. Emerson Reck, Univ. of SC Press, McFarland & Co., Inc., 1987. p.96 This time is based on the testimony of the actor Courtland Hess at the trial of John H Surratt.

Astrological dynamics:
Mercury-Jupiter period is running. Transit JUPITER at 7° 02' Sagittarius/H6 was in mutual afflicting aspect with transit KETU at 8° 03' Aries/H10 and afflicted by transit 8th lord SATURN at 5° 10' Libra/H4. Transit 2nd lord SUN at 3° 11' Aries/H10 afflicted by transit 8th lord SATURN, transit 6th lord JUPITER and transit KETU. Transit 10th lord MARS at 15° 56' Gemini/H12 under close affliction by natal KETU at 17° 47' Libra/H4. Transit 4th lord VENUS at 3° 41' Taurus/H11 under close afflicting aspect from natal 6th lord JUPITER at 4° 25' Scorpio/H5.

These are MASSIVE TRANSIT AFFLICTIONS of the transit SUN. The event takes place during a malefic period and involves and affliction of the transit SUN by both 8th lord and sub-period lord! This is a convincing fit for the SAMVA USA chart (Perpetual Union). It should be kept in mind that Lincoln's assassination came at the very end of the American Civil War, within a week of the surrender by the rebel Confederate Army. The assassin John Wilkes Booth, a well-known actor and a Confederate spy from Maryland, was intent on avenging this fate on President Lincoln, the powerful leader in the war to preserve the Union of the American states.

2. James Garfield shot (Died)

2 July 1881 9:22 am LMT Baltimore & Potomac depot 600 Constitution Ave. Washington, DC 38n53'31" 77w01'11" 14:30 GMT Source: New York Times, 3 July 1881, p.1.

"The article says he arrived at the station about 9:20 and talked in his carriage for a short time before walking into the depot reception area where he was shot. The location of the old depot is now where the west building of the National Gallery of Art stands."

Astrological dynamics:
Venus-Moon period is running. Transit RAHU at 25° 45' Scorpio/H5 conjunct natal 8th lord SATURN at 26° 46' Scorpio/H5. Transit 8th lord SATURN at 17° 53' Aries/H10 conjunct natal Rahu at 17° 47' Aries/H10. Transit 6th lord JUPITER at 26° 09' Aries/H10 afflicts transit 1st lord MOON at 23° 50' Leo/H2 and natal 4th lord Venus at 23° 51' Sagittarius/H6. Transit 2nd lord SUN at 18° 51' Gemini/H12 afflicted by natal KETU at 17° 47' Libra/H4 and transit 8th lord SATURN at 17° 53' Aries/H10. Transit 10th lord MARS at 15° 45' Aries/H10 conjunct natal RAHU at 17° 47' Aries/H10.

These are MASSIVE TRANSIT AFFLICTIONS during a malefic period involving both the sub-period lord and directed at the transit Sun. This is another very convincing fit for the SAMVA USA chart (Perpetual Union)

3. William McKinley shot (Died)

6 Sept 1901 4:07 pm EST Buffalo, NY 42n56' 78w52'20" 21:07 GMT Source: NY Times, 7 Sept 1901, p.1.

"These articles give details but no time better than shortly after 4 o'clock. In the Sept 8 edition on page 2 Surgeon General Wyman is quoted as indicating a time "as late as 4:10 pm." The exact time of 4:07 pm comes from Margaret Leech's In the Days of McKinley on page 595 as part of her detailed description of the days events. There is no footnote, however. The time may be from "The Official Report on the Case of President McKinley" found here:

The reception in the Temple of Music at the Pan-American Exposition began at 4 o'clock and was to continue for only 10 minutes. The assassin was a self-proclaimed anarchist named Leon Czolgosz. There was considerable fear on the part of some of his associates about the President exposing himself to the public and extra precautions were taken. McKinley dismissed these fears saying that he had no enemies. McKinley died on Sept 14 in the private home of the President of the Exposition, John G Milburn. Coords are for the Exposition site between Delaware and Elmwood Avenues north of Delaware Park. "

Astrological dynamics:
Sun-Venus period is running. Transit KETU at 23° 16' Aries/H10 aspects natal 4th lord VENUS at 23° 51' Sagittarius/H6 and transit 2nd lord SUN at 21° 00' Leo/H2. Natal Rahu at 17° 47' Aries/H10 afflicts also transit SUN as well as transit 8th lord SATURN at 17° 20' Sagittarius/H6. Transit Venus debilitated at 24° Virgo/H3. Transit 6th lord JUPITER at 10° 48' Sagittarius afflicts transit 1st lord MOON at 7° 28' Gemini/H12. Natal 8th lord SATURN at 26° 46' Scorpio/H5 afflicts transit 3rd lord MERCURY at 29° 52' Leo/H2.

Here again are MASSIVE TRANSIT AFFLICTIONS during a benefic period involving afflictions to both the sub-period lord and transit Sun. There is also a transit affliction involving the natal nodes from malefic houses. This is another convincing fit for the SAMVA USA chart (Perpetual Union).

4. Theodore Roosevelt shot (Survived)
14 Oct 1912 ~7:55 pm CST Hotel Gilpatrick (Hyatt Regency Hotel) 333 W Kilbourn Ave. Milwaukee, WI N 43° 02' 28" W 87° 54' 54"
Source: NY Times, 15 Oct 1912, for "shortly before 8 o'clock to-night."

"The bullet was nearly stopped by his spectacle case and a folded manuscript, which allowed him to deliver a scheduled Presidential campaign speech that evening before going to the hospital for treatment. The bullet was never removed but seemed to cause him no trouble after the wound healed. Various accounts can be found on the web with more details."

Astrological dynamics:
Mars-Rahu period is running. Transit Rahu at 19° 44' Pisces/H9 afflicts the most effective points of house 9, 1, 3 and 5 as well as transit 6th lord JUPITER at 20° 13' Scorpio/H5. Transit 8th lord SATURN at 10° 44' Taurus/H11 afflicts natal 10th lord MARS at 10° 05' Scorpio/H5. Transit 1st lord MOON was conjunct natal 8th lord SATURN at 26° 46' Scorpio/H5. Transit KETU at 19° 44' Virgo/H3 afflicts both the 7th house and natal 2nd lord SUN at 23° 44' Capricorn/H7. The affliction to the SUN has a wide 4° orb and transit SUN or its house, the 2nd house, was not afflicted.

Here again are difficult TRANSIT AFFLICTIONS during a malefic period involving afflictions to both the sub-period lord and natal Sun. An assassination attempt is made, resulting in an injury but not death of the Office holder. This is another convincing fit for the SAMVA USA chart (Perpetual Union)

5. John F Kennedy (Died)

22 Nov 1963 12:30 pm CST 411 Elm St Dallas, TX 32n46'45" 96w48'30" 18:30 GMT. Source: NY Times, 24 Nov 1963, p.2.

"Oswald was a pro-Castro Marxist and former US Marine who had moved to the USSR and married a Russian wife. He had been under FBI surveillance since his return to the US. The coords are for the Texas School Book Depository building where Oswald worked and from which the fatal shots were fired. Texas Governor John Connolly was also seriously wounded but survived."

Astrological dynamics:
Saturn-Sun period is running. Transit 8th lord SATURN at 23° 57' Capricorn/H7 conjunct natal 2nd lord SUN at 23° 44' Capricorn/H7. Transit RAHU at 18° 34' Gemini/H12 in mutal affliction with natal KETU at 17° 47' Libra/H4 and afflicts 8th house MEP. Transit KETU in mutual affliction with natal RAHU and afflicts 2nd house MEP. Transit 2nd lord SUN at 6° 22' Scorpio conjunct natal 6th lord JUPITER at 4° 25' Scorpio/H5. Transit 4th lord VENUS at 28° Scorpio/H5 conjunct natal 8th lord SATURN at 26° 46' Scorpio/H5. Transit 6th lord JUPITER at 16° 27' Pisces/H9 exactly afflicts 3rd lord MERCURY at 16° 20' Scorpio/H5.

These MASSIVE TRANSIT AFFLICTIONS and OPERATING PERIOD reflect 100% the great trauma this event caused for the collective experience.

6. Ronald Reagan shot (Survived)

30 March 1981 2:30 pm EST Hilton Hotel 1919 Connecticut Ave NW Washington, DC 38n54'57" 77w02'46" 19:30 GMT Source: Facts on File, 3 April 1981, p.209. "The .22 caliber revolver used by John Hinckley did not do the damage to his victims that a more powerful weapon would have. All recovered, though the most seriously wounded, James Brady, who was struck in the forehead, suffered brain damage and some permanent disability. Hinckley was later confined to a mental hospital. (The shooter's name is sometimes spelled "Hinkley".) "

Astrological dynamics:
Mercury-Mars period is running. Transit 6th lord JUPITER at 11° 18' Virgo/H3 is conjunct 8th lord SATURN at 12° 33' Virgo/H3. This affliction was there for several months in early 1981, adding a tone of severity to the atmosphere. These planets were also receiving an afflicting aspect from non-stationary transit KETU at 15° 20' Capricorn/H7. Transit SATURN afflicts natal 10th lord MARS at 10°05' Scorpio/H5. Transit Jupiter afflicts natal 3rd lord MERCURY at 12° 07' Capricorn/H7, which is also conjunct transit KETU. Transit RAHU at 15° 20' aspects transit VENUS, SUN and MARS at 14° 28', 16° 28', 17° 00' Pisces/H9, respectively.

These are also MASSIVE TRANSIT AFFLICTIONS and OPERATING PERIOD reflect the trauma of this event, when several people close to the President were seriously injured, as well as the President himself. After Reagan quipped to his medical doctors about to operate on him that he hoped they were not Democrats, the head doctor replied "Today, Sir, we are all Republicans!" Even if serious, the saving grace is likely that the nodes were not stationary afflicting the transit SUN and that natal SUN and its house were not afflicted.

Difficult transits in November 2008
As has become clear, the US President is in continual danger and vast resources are devoted to protect his life. Two known assassination attempts have already been made on the life of sitting President Bush. Fortunately, they did not succeed. With the possible election of an African American to the Office for the first time, there are reasons to be concerned for his safety in view of reported threats by "white power", "neo-nazi" and other such groups.

The transits in November suggest that special care should be taken, during the Venus-Jupiter period. On November 3, transit Ketu becomes conjunct the most effective point of the 1st house, aspecting also houses 5, 7 and 9. Meanwhile Rahu on the MEP of the 7th house aspects also houses 11, 1 and 3. This suggests considerable tension at this time. At the same time, around election day, the transit debilitated 2nd lord SUN becomes conjunct natal KETU in the 4th house. Something unexpected may take place. Also around that time, transit 4th lord VENUS becomes conjunct natal 8th lord SATURN just as the voting results come in. These transits suggest a sudden disruption to the collective harmony. The dissatisfaction peaks on the 7th, as earlier mentioned, but continues to be strongly felt for more than one week. It is likely, no matter who wins, that some groups of citizens will be upset. Given the transit affliction involving SATURN, it may be more the working people.

During the middle of November the transit afflictions become quite bad. Around the 12th of November, the affliction of transit 6th lord JUPITER to natal VENUS and the nodal affliction to the most effective point of the houses will still be acutely felt (within 1° orb). Moreover, transit 3rd lord MERCURY will be conjunct natal KETU, transit 10th lord MARS conjunct natal JUPITER while transit debilitated 2nd lord SUN will come under the aspect of transit 8th lord SATURN in Leo. A few days later, the violence inducing aspect of transit 6th lord JUPITER to transit 8th lord SATURN comes within 1° orb and begins to be acutely felt. As that were not enough, a day later, transit 8th lord SATURN comes under the aspect of natal SATURN. On November 16th, transit 3nd lord MERCURY comes under the affliction of transit SATURN.

To sum up the transits in November, the key afflictions involve transit 8th lord SATURN from mid November. These afflictions are difficult and they will be compounded by short term afflictions during the middle of the month. The key afflictions continue for the remainder of the month. All of this suggests there will be a strong sense of discontent following the election followed by possible violent events during the second half of the month.

The deadly assassination attacks on US Presidents may be linked to afflictions of natal or transit SUN as a primary cause, with serious afflictions involving functional malefics in the chart, especially when involving malefic houses. The involvement of FB planets in afflictions can increase the shock of the event.

In a prediction on December 30, 2007 for the year ahead in the USA, it was predicted that there would be upset following the election and that two very serious aspects later in the month could result in violence. It is not certain it will be directed against the sitting President or President-elect, but it is something to be concerned about.

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