Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Jupiter conjunct Rahu in Capricorn

Transit-to-transit aspects involving the slow moving planets, like Jupiter and Saturn, are always informative to follow. At the present time we are witnessing the manifestation in world affairs of the energy associated with the conjunction of Jupiter and Rahu in transit. The expression of this aspect depends crucially on each national chart. Below the energy associated with this aspect is presented in general terms and then in terms of the specific expression in a few national charts.

Around 5 pm GMT on Friday, February 13th, 2009, the conjunction of transit Jupiter and transit stationary Rahu at 15° 12’ Capricorn (sidereal zodiac) becomes exact. Jupiter will then also be opposite transit stationary Ketu at 15° 12’ Cancer. As the Moon’s nodes, Rahu and Ketu, are functional malefic planets in vedic astrology, and the planet Jupiter is debilitated in the sign of Capricorn, it becomes quite vulneralbe to the harmful indications of the nodes. The general indications of Jupiter, which include “diplomatic attaches, advisors to head of state, teachers, judiciary and banking systems,” are expected to suffer or be subject to strain at this time. The functional indications of Jupiter, tied to the house its Moolatrikona sign Sagittarius falls into, are going to be more prominently affected.

The functional nature of Rahu manifests as a crisis involving “diplomatic moves, manipulations and deceit,” while the energy of Ketu appears in the form of sudden often explosive “natural calamities or violent actions or events.” Hence, the indications of Jupiter are likely to harmed or strained by such influences.

This aspect began to be felt on January 24th, when Jupiter at 10° 46’ Capricorn came within 5° of Rahu at 15° 46’. During the applying phase of the aspect, its energy has been increasing. After the aspect peaks on February 13th, it will begin to separate and then pass out of the 5° orb on March 6th, when Jupiter will be at 19° 47’ Capricorn and Rahu will be at 14° 47’.


In the 21° Caprircorn rising chart for Israel, Jupiter is the 12th lord of losses. It is presently conjunct Rahu in the 1st house exactly opposite to the 7th lord Moon at 15° Cancer in the 7th house of foreign affairs in the chart. Moon is also conjunct transit Ketu. The nodal affliction of the natal Moon was in January associated with foreign policy problems, including the invasion of the Gaza Strip. With Jupiter adding to the affliction, there is now a strain on the formation of a cabinet (ruled by the Moon) in the Israel government. In fact, the outcome of the election on February 10 has been undecisive bringing difficulty for the formation of a government. Some have labeled the situation as a political crisis. These problems will likely peak on February 13 and then begin to wind down.

United Kingdom

In the 16° Virgo rising horoscope of the United Kingdom, Jupiter is 4th lord of communal harmony and fixed assets. The conjunction of Jupiter and Rahu in the most effective point of the 5th house (ruling the management, speculation and creativity) creates a problem for the banks and monetary policy (ruled by Jupiter). At the time of this aspect becoming close, the problems have increased and the outlook for the economy has steadily worsened, undermining the confidence and well being of the people.


In the 15° Virgo rising chart of Australia, Jupiter is 4th lord of communal harmony and fixed assets. In the chart both 12th lord Sun and 6th lord Saturn are conjunct in the most effective point of the 4th house of fixed assets and natural resources. This natal predisposition to setbacks in this area is now being provoked by the transit affliction of the 4th lord. The mass deaths were first reported on February 7th when natal Ketu at 8° Taurus in the 9th house was exactly afflicting transit Mars as 8th lord of death at 8° Capricorn. Ketu and Mars are both very hot planets. The problem with raging forest fires has claimed the lives of hundreds of people and brought shock to the population. Prime Minister Rudd has suggested the fires were human acts of mass murder.


In the 20° Cancer rising SAMVA USA chart, Jupiter is 6th lord of financial stability. This conjunction in the 7th house of foreign affairs is creating problems for the the government bail-out plan of the Obama administration. It has been met with fierce resistance from the political opposition and controversy. There have been claims that without the plan the economy will collapse and counter-claims that with the plan the economy will collapse, notably due to a rise in interest rates and/or drop in the value of the dollar. As the conjunction is not prominently afflicting in the natal chart itself, the problems brought out by this aspect are likely to be fleeting. Interestingly, banking CEOs (ruled by Jupiter) from the USA and UK (focus on 7th house) have testified before the US Congress this week and been subject to humiliation.

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