Thursday, February 26, 2009

Good times in the US of A

We all know how stressed life can be. It then becomes easy to focus only on the challenges at hand and forget about the sweetness of life. It is also well known that people are more inclined to look outside the box for answers, towards alternative forms of knowledge like astrology, when life's problems become pressing. Indeed, this is the true role of astrology, to help people deal with life and get out of difficult spots. One aspect of that is to show when good times are around the corner.

The triple-transit report
In the SAMVA USA chart, there are some genuinely good times ahead, especially in the summer of 2009. The graph here is calculated by the astrology software Jyotish Tools and shows when the transits in the chart tend to be difficult, neutral or positive. Sure, plenty of challenges are seen. That is the norm in life. However, by and large, American's will find it easier to forget about them in June and July.

A good day
A foretaste of things to come is on March 1, when 3rd lord Mercury and 10th lord Mars combine on top of the natal Sun in the 7th house of the chart and 4th lord Venus is exalted and well placed in the most effective point of the 9th house. To top it off 1st lord Moon will be well placed in the 10th house. A moment to savour.

June 20-June 25, 2009
From the middle of June things begin to get good and serously so from June 20 to June 25. It will be one of the best times of the year, when 4th lord Venus becomes conjunct 10th lord Mars in the most effective point of the 10th house. There will be sweetness in the public life. Meanwhile 3rd lord Mercury, and 1st lord Moon for a few days, will be in Taurus where they are well placed and give expression to indications of the 11th house of income and goals. There will be satisfaction in life.

July 15-July 19, 2009
In the second half of July will also be a good time, when 10th lord Mars and 4th lord Venus will be in the 11th house, while 2nd lord Sun and 3rd lord Mercury will be well placed in the 1st house. Americans will feel good about themselves.

July 31-August 6, 2009
End July and the first week of August will also be a time to enjoy with 10th lord Mars on the most effective point of the 11th house and 2nd lord Sun in the most effective point of the 1st house. Meanwhile, 3rd lord Mercury will be in the 2nd house. The status and enjoyment of American culture will be expressed.

The excellent Jyotish Tools software

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