Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Mars is the planet of war. When it is heavily aspected it can have an impact on the things indicated by Mars, such as troops.

Recently, President Barack Obama vowed not to let Al-Qaeda operate "with impunity" in Afghanistan and said a combined effort was needed to eradicate safe havens for the Taliban and other militants there. To this end, US troops stationed in Iraq are being shifted to Afghanistan. Today, the news is published that the first wave of increased US troop levels in Afghanistan has become active and has already had skirmishes with Taliban fighters.

For those who follow the SAMVA USA chart, it is no coincidence that US military forces are being increased and military action is increasing in Afghanistan. From an astrological point of view, this is taking place as transit 10th lord MARS indicator of the military is conjunct transit JUPITER 6th lord of conflict as well as transit stationary functional malefic RAHU in Capricorn and the 7th house of foreign affairs in SAMVA USA chart. With transit Mars conjunct two functional malefic planets in house of foreign affairs in the SAMVA USA chart, it is no surprise that the USA is sending more troops to engage in a conflict in a foreign country.

Newest US troops in dangerous region near Kabul
Mon Feb 16, 3:23 pm ET AFP – Close to 3,000 American soldiers who recently arrived in Afghanistan to secure two violent provinces near Kabul have begun operations in the field and already are seeing combat, the unit's spokesman said Monday......Several roadside bombs also have exploded next to the unit's MRAPs — mine-resistance patrol vehicles — but caused no casualties, he said. "In every case our vehicles returned with overwhelming fire," Ostehozer said. "We have not suffered anything more than a few bruises, while several insurgents have been killed." Commanders are in the planning stages of larger scale operations expected to be launched in the coming weeks.

The Venus-Saturn period begins on February 17, 2009 and transit SATURN, as 8th lord of obstacles and endings but also easy gains is now in retrograde motion. It will enter the most effective point of the 2nd house of wealth, status and relations with close neighbors on March 1, 2009, at 25° 00' Leo. From that time, Saturn will also aspect the 4th house of natural resources, fixed assets and communal harmony, the 8th house of easy gains, bureaucracy and obstacles and endings and 11th house of income, goals and friends.

The aspect becomes closest in mid May 2009 when Saturn becomes stationary at 20° 55' Leo, within 1° orb of the MEP degree. This will bring considerable strain on the above indications.


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