Saturday, August 15, 2009

Global trend changes in late 2009

In years when the slow moving planets all change signs, as they will do in the last few months of 2009, we can expect major trend changes in the world. Below, the trends resulting from the entry of Saturn, Rahu, Ketu and Jupiter into different signs in the sideral zodiac are described as per the Systems' Approach to Mundane Vedic Astrology. Interestingly, the analysis suggests an emphasis on positive changes in the ways ordinary people live and think.

Increased skill in employment
SATURN enters the sign VIRGO on September 10, 2009. It will remain there until November 16, 2011, when it enters the sign of Libra. During its passage through the sign of Virgo, the indications of Saturn, which include working people, old people, ancient things, cold or thick things, substances mined from the ground, heavy structures and traditonal industry will be influenced by things associated with this sign. Virgo is linked to information, analysis, discrimmination, communication, process control, functional efficiency, reaping, service and health. This combination may be interpreted such that traditional activities, ordinary employment and health services may gain at this time from increased emphasis on the use of information technology, communication, process analysis and efficiency. Employment in such activities may pick up.

More ethics in murkier areas of life
RAHU enters the sign SAGITTARIUS on November 3, 2009. It will remain there until May 4, 2011 when it enters the sign of Scorpio. During its passage through the sign of Sagittarius, the indications of Rahu, such as diplomacy, wine and drug making, sales and activities dominated by material gain, shady dealings and crises will be influenced by the indications of this sign. Sagittarius is linked to guidance, training, organisation, financing, religion/spirituality, progress, optimism, cleansing and growth. The combination of these energies suggest that diplomacy, sales, wine making and traditional shady things will search for increased purpose through the application of more ethical rules, training and progressive approach to management, resulting in more positive solutions. Failures in this regard, will be associated with crisis and strain.

Interest in out of the way things
KETU enters the sign GEMINI on November 3, 2009. It will remain there until May 4, 2011, when it enters the sign of Taurus. During its passage through the sign of Gemini, the indications of Ketu, such as spirituality, change in outlook, separation, isolation, estrangement, seeking, mental health and sudden and violent events will be influenced by the indications of this sign. The sign Gemini is linked to analysis, description, communication, interaction, invention, energy, variety and change. The combination of these things could bring an emphasis on improving the understanding of Ketu type activities, such as movies or books about spiritual seekers or far awy places, increased interest in travel to places considered of ascetic nature or even the remote reaches of space. There could also be suddent and violent events linked to such activites or things.

More meaning in daily life
JUPITER enters the sign AQUARIUS on December 20, 2009. It will remain there until May 3, 2010, when it enters the sign of Pisces. During its passage through the sign of Aquarius, the indications of Jupiter, such as spirituality, the church, growth, guidance, planning, optimism, banking systems, important people, church leaders, captains of industry, judges, advisors to head of state, diplomatic attaches, teachers, children will be influenced by the indications of this sign. The sign Aquarius has to do with ideals, objectives, honesty, sensitivity, action, industry and leadership of non-affluent sections of society. There should be an infusion of honesty and the needs of ordinary people to the indications of Jupiter. At the same time, leadership of non-afflucent sections of society could turn more spiritual.

In the horoscopes of countries where Saturn and Jupiter are functional malefic planets due to their rulership of either the 6th, 8th or 12th houses, their placements may bring problems linked to the above indications, especially if they aspect the most effective point of a house or other planets.

In general terms, after years of focus on big business, high finance and political controversy, the energy of the above transits suggest there is going to be some shift of awareness towards the grass roots or the meaning and enjoyment of life by ordinary people. To some extent, the above noted trends will also be in synch with the developments in the USA as suggested by the Venus-Saturn period operating in the SAMVA USA chart.

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