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Accurate predictions

The many accurate predictions made by Astrologer & Author V K Choudhry deserve attention. This article reviews his key predictions concerning the outlook for the US and global economy made from late 2008, when the uncertainty about the economic outlook was at an unprecedented level.

Importantly, the predictions were based on the
Systems' Approach, which he has distilled from ancient vedic astrology, and the authenic national horoscope for the USA, the SAMVA USA chart, which was discovered and developed by Cosmologer, with critical initial assistance from historical scholar, John T W B.

US economic growth
The graph below shows clearly that the economy began to stabilise and improve in the third quarter of 2009.[1]

After economic growth began to decline in the 3rd quarter of 2008, with accelerating speed through the 1st quarter of 2009, it turned positive in the 3rd quarter of 2009. The economy was thus growing again although output had dropped to a lower level than before the crisis. In the 4th quarter 2009 growth was greater still.

While things remain difficult in many respects, and the transits in the SAMVA USA chart in the summer of 2010 are tough, with unemployment at high levels and the financial industry still struggling, it is generally accepted that he outlook for the economy has improved from August 2009. In part this is related to advances in technology, with leading IT companies like Apple producing one advanced product after the other.

This is consistent with three predictions made from late 2008 by Astrologer & Author V K Choudhry concerning the outlook of the US and global economy.

1. Message #16203 on SAMVA list on October 30, 2008

„The continued impact of transit Jupiter on transit Saturn; persisting influence of transit Rahu/Ketu axis in SAMVA USA chart and then the transit influence of Rahu/Ketu on transit Jupiter shows continued financial difficulties/ setbacks for US upto the end of February, 2009...The outlook is not likely to improve significantly even with the change of the Government. The sub period of Saturn shows that recovery of the financial setback is likely to take a lot of time.“ [2]

2. Message #16490on SAMVA list on December 22, 2008

The economies of the world are influenced by the major economies - USA, Europe, India, China and Japan. The general trigger is the US economy. In the first seven months the things remain challenging for the financial sectors of the world...Things start taking positive outlook from August, 2009, onwards...The employment opportunities are likely to rise in the computer and IT industry.“ [3]

3. Message #17685 on SAMVA list on September 21, 2009

During the Saturn sub period things are likely to improve to a good extent once the persisting transit afflictions are over towards the end of the year. The sub period of Mercury will also prove to be helpful barring some transit influences. The economy will be on sound footing in long run with taking care of the extravaganza like aggressive / risky marketing and huge perks drawn by top bosses of the companies which was prevalent and contributed to the economic setbacks.“ [4]

In addition to the accuracy of the Systems' Approach, as demonstrated with the accurate predictions by V K Choudhry, it is of equal importance that the predictions for the US economy were made on the basis of an authentic mundane horoscope for the country, the SAMVA USA chart (Perpetual Union).

„The chart is based on the event when Maryland became the 13th and final state to approve the ratification of the Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union at 5:00 PM on February 2, 1781 in Annapolis, Maryland. In doing so, the USA effectively came into being as a Perpetual Union.“ [5]

These ingredients are essential for accurate predictions: 1) a reliable method of horoscopic interpretation and prediction, 2) an authentic mundane horoscope and 3) the ability of the astrologer to accurately assess the transit and period influences in terms of the natal potential seen in the chart.

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