Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Rahu: greed and deception

The full extent of the manipulation perpetrated by American businessmen in the economic and financial bubble of recent years that has now burst is being revealed. The timing of behavior characterised as manipulative and deceptive being discovered has been predicted in US national life based on the SAMVA USA chart.
The key feature in the chart to explain such behavior is the placement of Rahu, the Moon’s north node, in the most effective point of the 10th house of public life. From this placement, Rahu afflicts the 2nd house of wealth, the 4th house of communal harmony and real estate and the 6th house of debts. Venus as 4th lord is placed in the 6th house and thus its indications are directly affected by the deceptions.

Deception exposed
The New York Times reports on the latest piece of deception, which took place inside one the largest financial firms, Goldman Sachs[1]:

"Every time you pick up another rock along the winding path that led to the financial crisis, something else crawls out. Subprime mortgages were sold as a way to give low-income people a chance at homeownership and the American Dream. Instead, the mortgages turned out to be an excuse for predatory lending and fraud, enriching the lenders and Wall Street at the expense of subprime borrowers, many of whom ended up in foreclosure.” [2]

The deceptions were extended by willing accomplices, the rating agencies:

"The ratings agencies, which rated the complex investments that were built with subprime mortgages, turned out to be only too happy to have gained by firms that paid their fees — slapping AAA ratings on mortgage packages that were structured to fail.”[2]

A famous investment bank collapsed under the weight of its own manipulations:

“Lehman Brothers turned out to be disguising the full reality of its fatal balance sheet by playing accounting games.”[2]
The story goes on:

“All over Wall Street, firms pushed mortgage originators to churn out more loans that were doomed the moment they were made."[2]

Such deceptive behavior was motivated by greed. Ultimately, the desire for major gains led to deceptive behavior. This pattern of unethical or illegal behavior has been seen on Wall Street before, including in the boom of the 1920s. The main result of the crash, in addition to exposing the fleecing of ordinary investors in sophisticated scams involving the highest rungs of the corporate ladder, is to reduce trust in the financial markets as a means to grow ones savings. [3] Some commentators believe it will take generations to reestablish trust in Wall Street following the flagrant abuses.
The summer of 2010
The Obama administration, with the support of the Democratic majority in Congress, has now announced it is going to enact laws to reform the financial system. It is likely this will be the scene of intense manipulation as transit Rahu will become stationary around 18° Sagittarius and the 6th house of conflict this summer, from where it is in mutual aspect with its natal placement at 18° Aries in the 10th house. Rahu also afflicts the most effective point of the 6th house, it thus aspects the 10th house of the public and administration, the 12th house of losses and foreign things and the 2nd house of wealth and status. These indications will thus feel the strain of this epic battle of the legislators trying to corral the wily businessmen, who tend to rule the roost in Washington.


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