Tuesday, January 8, 2008

A compelling chart for the USA

Below is a summary of the analysis of major events in US history in terms of the SAMVA USA chart. The historical events are examined in terms of three KEY elements:

- NATAL potential
- PERIOD influences
- TRANSIT trigger.

The KEY elements in the following major tragic events in US history are very clear in terms of the Systems' Approach to Mundane Vedic Astrology. The reading emphasises the influence of functional malefic planets for the 20° Cancer rising SAMVA USA chart (Jupiter as 6th lord, Saturn as 8th lord, Rahu and Ketu):

SAMVA USA chart: civil war starts in 1861
Natal potential: KETU (separation, explosion) natally conjunct most effective point of 4th house (home) and 4th lord Venus in 6th house (conflict)
Period: Mercury - Mars
Trigger: transit Saturn (obstacles and endings) afflicts natal Ketu and transit nodes conjunct natal Venus

SAMVA USA chart: the start of the Great Depression of the 1930s
Natal potential: KETU (separation) in 4th house and RAHU (crisis) in 10th house natally afflict even numbered houses
Period: Rahu- Ketu
Trigger: Transit Ketu and Rahu conjunct natal nodal axis (the most painful transit of all)

SAMVA USA chart: the assassination of President Kennedy in 1963
Natal potential: SATURN as lord of death natally aspects 2nd lord SUN, indicator for the leader of the country
Period: Saturn - Sun
Trigger: Transit Saturn exactly conjunct natal Sun

SAMVA USA chart: America under attack - two events

a. Attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941:
Natal potential: affliction of JUPITER (enemity) to 1st lord Moon (self) and affliction of SATURN (obstacles) to Sun as 2nd lord (status of country abroad)
Period: Jupiter-Saturn
Trigger: Transit Jupiter afflicts natal Saturn and natal Sun; transit Saturn afflicts natal Jupiter.

b. Attack on World Trade Center/Pentagon in 2001:
Natal potential: affliction of JUPITER to Moon and KETU (explosion) conjunct 4th house (fixed assets)
Period: Venus-Moon
Trigger: Transit Jupiter in 12th house (foreign matters, secrecy) in mutual affliction with natal Ketu (sudden event, explosion)

There are numerous other tragic events that also give such a close fit.

CONCLUSION: the natal potential of the chart, its astounding astrological match to events and the historical rationale for the moment the chart is based on all make for a unique and truly compelling national chart for the USA.

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