Friday, January 18, 2008

The passing of Bobby Fischer

Bobby Fischer, the former world chess champion, has passed away. The cause of death was kidney failure. His brilliance as a chess player, the controversies that dogged him in later life and death are seen clearly in his chart with the Systems' Approach to vedic astrology.

In his Cancer rising chart, the brilliance is seen through the 1st lord Moon being placed in Aries on the most effective point of the 10th house with an aspect from an exalted 10th lord Mars on the most effective point of the 7th house. With Mars aspecting his 1st house of self and fame and Fischer was anything if not direct and powerful as a person as well as a supremely famous one. Mars also aspected his 2nd house of reputation and 10th house of career, explaining why his fame is based on his technical abilities as a chess player. His 4th lord Venus was exalted in the 9th house of higher thought. Venus gives knowledge and Fischers knowledge of chess was unrivalled. The placement of his 2nd lord Sun in the 8th house of obstacles under an aspect from 6th lord Jupiter in the 12th house showed his conflict and the problems Fischer had with the US authorities. With his Mercury as 3rd lord of speech in the 8th house, there were numerous problems with Fischers pronouncements.

After being granted asylum in Iceland and citizenship in 2005, Fischer was released from immigration detention in Japan and settled in Iceland.
At the time of death, his chart was running the major period of Jupiter and the sub-period of Jupiter, since June 2006. As Jupiter is 6th lord in the chart, it becomes the lord of health and conflict. Jupiter was placed natally in the 12th house of losses and it was through conflict abroad that Fischer gained his world wide fame, during the World Chess Championship in Reykjavik Iceland in 1972, but it was also through his harsh statements and disputes with the US authorities from the 1990s that he eventually became imprisoned in Japan in 2004 due to an expired US passport. He remained in Iceland until his death.
The transits at the time of death were stunningly clear. Transit Jupiter in the 6th house of health (illness) was closely aspecting transit Saturn as 8th lord of death in the 2nd house. In turn transit Saturn was aspecting exactly his natal Saturn in the 11th house. His 10th lord Mars was also badly placed in transit under affliction from Rahu in the 8th house, where it also afflicted his natal Mercury.
May God bless his soul with peace.
"Among Bobby Fischer's many mysteries: Chess champ's own father", CNN - July 7, 2010

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