Sunday, January 13, 2008

More volatility in financial markets

Gloom descended on the financial markets in early 2007. As transits became quite adverse during the year, investors succumbed to bouts of worry associated with losses in exotic US mortgage instruments. This was seen in the SAMVA USA chart as Venus the natal 4th lord of fixed assets in the 6th house of financial stability became highly afflicted. The year 2008 also begins on a sour note.

In August 2007, liquidity on the inter-bank market began drying up and the central banks on both sides of the Atlantic had to step in and inject hundreds of billions of dollars, pounds and euros to prevent the credit markets from seizing up and a full scale meltdown taking place on the stock market.

In October 2007, the uncertainty associated with the magnitude of the losses in mortgage financing weighed heavily on the financial markets. At that time, the infrequent and difficult conjunction of Saturn and Ketu took place in Leo. Well known banks in the UK teetered on insolvency. While the markets and banks have begun to recover, the situation remains volatile. This period of difficulty was successfully predicted by V. K. Choudhry using the System's Approach on the SAMVA list.

After a partial recovery in the early part of December 2007, the stock markets again became morose due to the aspect of Ketu in Leo to Jupiter in Sagittarius, which was hard on financial stocks. The performance of stocks in December was accurately predicted on this blog.

A fresh round of anxiety began at the turn of the new year when the aspect of Rahu in Aquarius to Mars in Gemini became close. Mars rules industrial companies. Accordingly, the losses of share value have been greater recently among such companies. The aspect to Mars peaked for the first time on January 3, 2008. It will again become exact on February 25, 2008 before disappearing. During this time the stocks are expected to remain volatile according to Mr. Choudhry.

Adding to the strain in the month of January is the trinal aspect of Jupiter to Saturn, which will peak on January 21, 2008. This aspect will also weigh on the market.

Given these aspects, the financial markets are expected to remain volatile until late February 2008.

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