Friday, February 8, 2008

The SAMVA Treasure Trove

This last article on the SAMVA blog explains what information has been made available to students of mundane astrology based on the powerful interpretative and predictive Systems' Approach (SA) that has been propounded by Professor V. K. Choudhry since the early 1990s. The primary focus of this blog has been to present to the public the basic material on the newly discovered SAMVA USA chart (Perpetual Union), a truly authentic mundane chart for the USA which help us in identifying future events more confidently. The material will be left here as an archive.

The discovery of an authentic chart for the USA
The first post laid out the case for the SAMVA USA chart (Perpetual Union) as the authentic chart for the USA. The chart was discovered on December 30, 2006 through the joint research effort of astrologer Thor (a/k/a Cosmologer) and historian John TWB. The finding was presented on the SAMVA discussion list on Yahoo on the following day. The discovery followed almost a decade of study of SA and a parallel search for the holy grail of mundane astrology, the authentic chart for the USA. The chart is named after the list where it was discovered, also reflecting the invaluable guidance of Professor Choudhry. It is fair to say that the discovery of this chart would not have been possible without SA. Numerous other authentic charts have been discovered on the SAMVA list, including India, Japan, United Kingdom, Iran, Iraq, Iceland, China and others. The rectification of a mundane chart is one of the most challenging efforts in astrology as often the historical event giving birth to a nation is far from as self-evident as the birth of a child. In the post published yesterday, there was a review of the five main events surrounding the BIRTH of the USA as a NATION. The aim of the article was to remove the long standing confusion about the event signalling the nations birth.

The true birth event of the USA was when Maryland became the 13th and final state to pass legislation to ratify the Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union on February 2, 1781. This event established the requisite unanimous consent for the creation of the new Union of the American states.

Back-testing of the chart against historical events
In intervening posts I have laid out the case for the SAMVA USA chart based on work on the SAMVA list in terms of the many back-tests that have been performed of this chart to verify its ability to astrologically explain past historical events. The events covered include the start of the CIVIL WAR in 1861, the start of the GREAT DEPRESSION in 1929, the BANK HOLIDAY at the depth of the depression in 1933, the ATTACK on PEARL HARBOR in 1941 and on the WORLD TRADE CENTER/PENTAGON in 2001, the CUBAN MISSILE CRISIS in 1962, the ASSASSINATION of PRESIDENT KENNEDY in 1963, the WACO ASSAULT in 1993 and the OKLAHOMA CITY BOMBING in 1995. One blog pulled some strands together showing why the SAMVA USA chart is such a compelling chart for the USA.

Testing the chart with predictions
I have also written about what to expect from future events. There have been a number of posts with accurate predictions about what to expect from financial markets. This is because financial asset prices are easy to follow and offer a good barometer of the state of mind of the investment community. The events recently have not been easy for those with positions in the stock market. The first post was Down days ahead for the Dow describing a prediction made on the SAMVA discussion list on Yahoo. A follow up post was about the prediction coming true. There was one post about how hard the aspect of Jupiter and Ketu is for the financial market. Then there was a further prediction update followed by a new prediction of a little chance of a year-end rally in 2007 and the update on that as another successful prediction. Looking ahead to the year 2008 there was one prediction about political tensions ahead surrounding the National Conventions of both parties in late August and early September 2008. This was followed up with another more comprehensive summary of the astrological events during the year in the blog the year ahead for the USA. As the year opened there was one prediction for more volatility in financial markets in January and February 2008. This prediction was linked to the article on the troublesome transit of Mars in Gemini. The prediction has been realised in spades. A follow up post contained the prediction for More financial market volatility in 2008.

Some attributes of Americans read from the chart
Then there were two posts about some of the attributes of the SAMVA USA chart, such as the observation that Americans as a nation have a WAR-LIKE NATURE. At the same time, there is a HIGHER PURPOSE seen in American life linked to their struggle for a better and more just society. Further such insights are offered in the first article on the SAMVA USA chart.

Miscellaneous posts showing the power of SA
Finally, there were some miscellaneous posts about What is ASTROLOGY?, RULE FOR DICTATORSHIP , The passing of BOBBY FISCHER and a mundane horoscope for JAPAN.

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